1. A

    Thread How to unlock carrier lock.

    I have a SM-G975U and I wanted to know if flashing the modem of the SM-G975U1 unlocked my phone for any operator. If it is possible to do it, do you think they can leave the files of the modem of the SM-G975U1 to download? the binary of my phone is U7.
  2. blackcoffee4009

    Thread Question flashing global firmware to unlocked AT&T S22

    Hi everyone, I am planning to get an unlocked S22 (AT&T unlocked, fully paid off) from the USA to my country (India). The box says it is following: Model: SM-S901U S/W: S901USQU1AVA7 Even though it is unlocked, i can see the SM-S901U does not support 2 5G bands which are used my in country...
  3. 4

    Thread Carriers for Xperia XZ1 Compact in US?

    If you're in US and using XZ1c, which carrier are you with? I'm interested in carriers that work for docomo/SO-02k models as well as G8441; whether data, or calls, or both work properly.
  4. S

    Thread Only airtel sim card is working . Not a carrier locked phone...

    HELP... Please......... I have purchased a used Google pixel 3. But only airtel (an operator )sim card is working on the phone. Other operators sim card is showing signal but it is not fully functioning (can't make or receive calls,same in the case of text message)but Internet is working fine...
  5. alan_9990

    Thread Huawei, eSIM and Harmony OS...

    Just purchased a Huawei Watch 3. I'd already read up on the single provider in France (my country of residence) that supplies an eSIM for this watch. However, it's not quite straightforward. Am thinking my "issue" is to do with the installed OS (Harmony OS 2.0) or the "health app" on my phone...
  6. _Maik_

    Thread Debrand/Remove Useless Carrier Stuff

    Hey, I'm trying to desanitize my device from the useless carrier stuff. My objectives are the following (Video attached to better explain it): - Stop recommending carrier related apps; - Stop Chrome from opening the carrier page (or even suggest the link as homepage) every time I open it; -...
  7. I

    Thread SM-G975U doesn't detect any update after the April 2021 Patch

    I just got this phone, however I realized it was running on Android 11, not there recent Android 12 that came out. I checked and it's still saying it's updated but it isn't. The CSC code is TMK/TMK/VZW. The base version is G975USQU5GUCH, which is a Verizon/Comcast update. What should I do? The...
  8. UltimateX29

    Thread Always Manual Configuration settings in CDMA carrier companies

    Hi all, I've been having a hard time understanding the way CDMA companies work with mobile phones. In Yemen, there are 4 carrier providers. 3 of which are GSM 2G companies and one which is CDMA LTE company. The CDMA company is called Yemen Mobile. Ever since they introduced 3G internet...
  9. E

    Thread Does the Sprint version of G8X work on Metro by Tmobile if it is described as Unlocked?

    I was interested in using this phone on my network and I don't see any difference in the hardware for the att and sprint versions. Would either work for me?
  10. SyCoREAPER

    Thread Question USA Unlocked vs Carrier (U vs U1)

    I caved earlier this year for an S21 Ultra which I basically got for free from T-Mobile. With that said, it's a carrier branded U-Based Firmware and am downloading the latest U1 now but am hesitant to flash. I've been out of the flashing game for a long time but know what in doing, my question...
  11. D

    Thread How to find unknown carrier?

    Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my question. I got a Panasonic FZ-X1 that works fine, but unfortunately the phone is locked. I do not know who the provider/carrier is from whom unlocking could be requested. I assume it is a carrier from the Asian region, but I'm not...
  12. L

    Thread Need help to enable VoLTE and VoWiFi for unsupported carriers

    Hi Guys, For the past couple of days I have been trying hard to make VoLTE & VoWiFi work for an unsupported carrier(Airtel India). As known Nexus 5X supports VoLTE out of the box for only handful of networks and for the rest there should be some manual way to enable it. I am currently in India...
  13. #mcl

    Thread Unlock ANY Pixel from Carrier

    Hey everybody! 👋🏻 So recently I bought a Google Pixel 4 XL. The thing is that in Europe they are too expensive compared to the US, so I bought one that was from AT&T(used of course). However is that I need to use my SIM on the phone, but of course, the phone refused to allow me to use my SIM...
  14. LordStarkovich

    Thread Changing my Galaxy S10 Firmware CSC while updating

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. What brought me to this forum was the issue of not getting OTA updates due to using a model imported from another region. My device's CSC is SPR (sprint) but my local carrier works on it just fine. My problem is better elaborated here in this other post ...
  15. Hyptex

    Thread Bypass Carrier Activation/Lock

    Hello! Not sure if im allowed to say this buuuut... I have a samsung galaxy a01 that's locked with simple mobile, i went to their official support but they said I need the receipt. The issue is, I bought it second handed so it didn't come with a receipt, which leaves me unactivated. So how...
  16. C

    Thread Same firmware revision but different sizes

    So just out of curiosity I started poking around different CSC versions of the SM-G975F (Galaxy S10+). All firmwares have identical firmware revisions but I noticed that some firmwares are 5.29 GB in size, some are 4.76 GB and some are 4.65 GB. Why is there a difference? If its of any use the...
  17. U

    Thread Question Changing service provider software version

    How can this be done? I'd like the stock UK one (BTU service provider I believe?) as currently it's showing as VOD/VOD EUX etc. Will my data be wiped? Is it really worth changing and going through the hassle? I've always had stock firmwares either out the box or flashed on Odin by myself but...
  18. ghettozo

    Thread moto z xt1650-03 carrier unlock

    just bought a phone off kijiji and when i put my new sim card in it asked for a passcode. its a new sim. i lookeed up getvar all and i get : PS C:\Users\Me\Downloads\platform-tools_Android SDK_R29.0.5-windows\platform-tools> ./fastboot devices ZY223JZD82 fastboot PS...
  19. S

    Thread Magisk module need help testing for China and Korea users.

    The firmware does not contain carrier files for China and Korea carriers. I made a magisk module that installs these carrier files systemlessly. I don't live in China or Korea so I have no way to test this. If you're living in China or Korea, please help me test the module to see if it works...
  20. A

    Thread Unlock 5g with root?

  21. jimmy123322

    Thread [GUIDE]Enable VoLTE on any custom ROM with any Carrier

    The following guide is my article translated into English I’ll tell you how I activated VoLTE on Oneplus 7 Pro. I checked it on the Pixel Experience ROM. What is needed: 1. The ability to read carefully. 2. Follow the instructions. 3. PC. 4. Unlocked bootloader. Now, the instruction...
  22. jimmy123322

    Thread [GUIDE][A11][A12][A13] VoLTE and VoWIFI on custom/stock ROMs with any Carrier

    Activate VoLTE & VoWIFI on custom/stock ROMs with any Carrier Yes, yes, I know that this is not the first thread with activation VoLTE and VoWIFI. But my thread will be more convenient and easier to understand. ATTENTION ! ! ! These methods were only tested with OnePlus 7 Pro. Not 7,8,910...
  23. B

    Thread Can physically changing chips result in different carrier for a phone?

    Hello, Random thought here but a good one. I am an electronic technician and I'm a little into Android but super into it like I used to be due to time constraints these days. What I am asking is, is it possible, and I don't mean physically, I can do that already. I mean software wise to...
  24. U

    Thread Why must I be on a stock ROM to SIM-unlock the phone?

    Hi, I have L720 and recently I stumbled on a thread that essentially says that if I want to unlock the phone I must be on a stock ROM. Does anyone know WHY I must be on a stock ROM and can not be on something else? Does stock ROM...
  25. M

    Thread Android - why does it take SO long to find a phone signal?

    Hi all, I'd be interested to know the technical reasons being this: why does it take my phone so long to find a carrier signal? I work on a cruise ship and I dock in different ports (and countries) every day. The first thing I do (and the rest of the crew as well) is go up to the open decks...
  26. rexendz

    Thread How to enable 4g+ on custom roms?

    I am on LineageOs 16.0 latest nightly build rooted with magisk and I would like to know how to enable 4g+ in my device. My friends have 4g+ on their phones and it was a bit faster than my 4g and I'm kind of jealous. I saw several tutorials on how to enable 4g+ on stock mi a1 and there's a step...
  27. Aequita

    Thread Unable to change mobile network (provider/carrier) [LOS 16.0]

    Hey everyone. I've created a post a few months ago - but after giving it a second look, I think it's in the wrong forum. So here I go again.
  28. S

    Thread GM1910 carrier compatibility in US

    I noticed the supported frequencies differ slightly on the US and China product specs, specifically the GM1910 China model is missing FDD-LTE bands 30 and 71, but includes band 32. GM1910 (China) FDD LTE: B1,2,3,4,5,7,8,12,13,17,18,19,20,25,26,28,29,32,66 TDD-LTE: B34,38,39,40,41 TDS: B34,39...
  29. P

    Thread Root the phone which is locked to carrier

    Hi This will be the first time that I buy a phone on contract (24 month contract on O2, UK). Can I still unlock the bootloader and root the phone although being locked to the carrier?
  30. D

    Thread Help Network unlocking Galaxy tab 4 sm-t337v

    hi guys, i just got this tablet as a gift, and its giving me a headache, its verizon and i want to unlock it so it takes all other sim cards. i have no phone dialer what so ever. and i installed dialer apps but they just stop working! typed : (+30012012732+ on the calculator and something showed...
  31. C

    Thread If I buy a phone in a different country can i use it in my country with another ROM?

    I'm from Europe. If I buy a second hand Android phone from a different country (inside of EU too), can I use it in my country (in Europe) with my carrier (which it will be different than the one on that country) and flash an official LineageOS ROM in my country language. Will the baseband be...
  32. ChriMo

    Thread LTE Carrier Aggregation / Bands Info?

    I'm not able to find "official" info beyond LTE Cat 12/​7 about LTE Carrier Aggregation / Bands Support of RN6P. Especially interested in the Central European situation, as far as I found 3CA (B3+B20+B7+B1) and 2CA (B3+B20/B7, B1+B20) are important to reach high speeds (over 100 Mbps). Other...
  33. e-mtz

    Thread Assisted Dialing can't be turned off.

    I've got the Au Carrier version, Model Number "SCV33". The problem was that the phone came with locked network, but i unlocked it through About>Status>Sim Lock Status by registering my SIM. The 2nd problem which i cant solve is whenever i try to call someone it keeps giving the options "Set...
  34. drago10029

    Thread State of RCS on Android

    So if you haven't heard, RCS is supposed to produce a iMessage like experience for text messaging in android. some features are: -Send large sized files -In app live notifications like (someone is typing) Just to name a few. it seems like this feature is a little bit of a mess since it...
  35. sebastianraven

    Thread Pre-Order Waiting Room

    MODs - Please Delete. Needed to update the Poll
  36. T

    Thread Carrier issue

    Hello, I am located in France, my provider is CDISCOUNT MOBILE (MVNO) / NRJMOBILE). Phone version is CLT-L29 (C432). My issue : I went in Italy, and it was impossible to find a carrier working. I put my sim card on my IPHONE, or NOTE 3, no issue, phone and roaming were working...
  37. distho

    Thread Can you carrier switch on Oreo?

    I have done the other methods of flashing HOME_CSC and changing it in Nougat succesfully, or using the *#23... code. However, I'm unable to find if we can flash or change the Oreo CSC. I have flashed HOME_CSC on Oreo with PrinceComsey but it doesn't seem to do anything. I've flashed Oreo and...
  38. S

    Thread How to update to Oreo with a locked phone?

    Greetings. Not long ago I got a brand new Mate 9 vía a carrier. For that reason, the Software has a Custom version of Nougat build over C605 software version. How can I update my device? What would the correct steps be?
  39. N

    Thread Enable carrier aggregation on Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus!

    Steps to enable Carrier aggregation on Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus Friends, by default carrier aggregation is disabled on our Indian stock ROM. Reliance JIO and Airtel in India supports carrier aggregation. JIO supports on Band 3+5, Band 5+40 or Band 3+40 on ZUK Z2 plus or Airtel supports Band 3+40 in...
  40. sharxbyte

    Thread I did a dumb thing: ANY way to NAND backup without tripping knox?

    I just picked up my phone yesterday via Craigslist( $550 with complete Gear VR, phone lightly used, yay!) and according to my research a: the manufacturer warranty carries from the date of original purchase even to secondhand owners, b: the only way to do a NAND backup is to install TWRP...
  41. M

    Thread Signal issues after changing motherboard

    Hi to all, after change motherboard of my n910f (so it became a n910T), carrier signal became very weak, in every places. Tried with 3 different bl\cp (for 910T). Also the newest. Tried with 3 different ROMs (1 MM 2 Resurrection). Checked the 2 wires inside. Tried SIM with other cells. I'm...
  42. XEROling

    Thread Unlock SIM Carrier- Galaxy S5 (Tested, non-root, Free)

    Hi guys, I know galaxy s5 has been there for a while now but yesterday I tried more than any other time to do this and it worked at the end! Unlock S5 without root *Fully Free REQUIREMENTS: Galaxy S5 (duh?) (Tested by me on G900T + see the "Tested & Working" section) z3x Samsung Tool PRO...
  43. N

    Thread Galaxy S6 Edge - unlocked - carrier locked all of the sudden

    Hi I've used my Galaxy S6 Edge for a few months now. It was carrier unlocked. Today, a message popped up on my phone saying it needs a carrier unlock code. I don't know the original carrier, as I've bought the bought from a stranger. Is there a method to find out the carrier ? Can I unlock it...
  44. suenky91

    Thread G3 won't get signal

    Ho, I have an LG G3, when I put My SIM card (Huchinston 3G) the phone say that there is no signal, I checked the Imei but everything is good, I flashed a New firmware no brand but It won't work, I tried downgrade Too, I tried to edit things insidie the secret menu, I tried to Set sommergono...
  45. inkmars

    Thread XT1254 in Europe

    Hey, I'm planning on getting an XT1254 Turbo. I'm coming from a Moto X 2014. Reasons are mostly battery life. I've only found the XT1254 and XT1250 that are still selling online. I would prefer to get the .54 as I'd like the extra storage. As far as I read over here, the XT1254 is the Verizon...
  46. T

    Thread [MODS] Remove Carrier Labels and Precise Animation Scales

    I recently read about the use of RRO theming for the s8, so I took some practice and made these. I have 2 mods. 1. Hiding Carrier Labels System-Wide This mod basically hides the carrier label (AT&T, Verizon, etc...) from the status bar on the lockscreen and in the notification center (bottom)...
  47. G

    Thread best way to use sprint s8 on att s8?

    Hello, I am about to purchase a used sprint s8. Several questions: 1. I am planning to check the esn against swappa's checker. Should I do anything else to verify that it isn't stolen/locked? 2. Do I need to go through an unlock code to use sprint's s8 in att network? 3. If I do need an...
  48. H

    Thread Does a US Pixel work in Denmark?

    Hi there So I'm thinking about buying a Pixel and I've searched a bit around the net and it seems the phone (bought unlocked ofc) will work 100% in Denmark but it would be nice to hear from someone else from Denmark if it truly does work 100% :) Thanks
  49. N

    Thread Carrier Toast Notification

    Having this issue from the day i bought the OnePlus 5. its not an isue, its just annoying some times. whenever i get an SMS i get like a carrier notification in black blackground on the bottom center of my screen. i also get the notification in the status bar. i dont want the carrier toast msg...
  50. dosangst

    Thread [GUIDE] Uninstall any application with single ADB command ROOTLESS

    I've had a Motorola G4 Amazon Prime edition for sometime now and I was easily able to hide the package that displayed the lock screen ads ( soon after purchase. Unfortunately, when the Nougat update came rolling around, that hack no longer did the trick. So I spent a couple of...