1. supersonicsataa

    Thread CCwGTV bootanimations

    Figured these might be useful: the Chromecast with Google TV Enjoy!
  2. N

    Thread [RELEASE] Chromecast with Google TV Bootloader Unlock

    Introduction: This is an exploit chain intended to allow one to run a custom OS/unsigned code on the Chromecast with Google TV (CCwGTV). This uses a bootROM bug in the SoC by security researcher Frederic Basse (frederic). Frederic also did a great amount of work to temporarily boot a custom...
  3. M0rphF13nd

    Thread Accessing external drive formatted to internal on Chromecast wGTV

    Hi, So I've successfully added external (fat32) drive, formatted as internal... But can't locate it in a file manager. I can move apps to it, but if I try migrate data; it just says could not migrate. I want to ftp into it but can only see a 4gb available partition or root. Am I missing...