1. C

    Thread help...installed chainfire3d,phone doesnt boot past logo and only have stock recovery

    Please help! I installed chainfire3d and now my phone doesn't boot past s4 logo, I tried factory reset and still doesn't work... I'm running on ok2 5.0.1...if any more info is needed please let me know.... :crying:
  2. jptman

    Thread [Q] What's Chainfire3d and does it Work?

    does that thing makes heavy games run smooth? and where can i find plugins for neo??
  3. S

    Thread [Q] Samsung SGS2 i9100 -- Chainfire3D Market Fix

    I'm trying to get Galaxy on Fire 2 to work with my phone, SGS2. Phone details: Samsung Galazy SII i9100 Rooted ClockworkMod Cyanogenmod-9.1.0-galaxys2 Chainfire3D Pro v3.3, installed via CWM Installed plugins QUALCOMM, NVIDIA, POWERVR Default plugin selected: NVIDIA I have hit Market...
  4. D

    Thread [Q] chainfire 3d cant install driver ' not enough space error'' pls help

    I am using htc hd2 and wana play shadowgun on it. I downloaded its non tegra version.. The game launches fine but it crashes back to home screen after the intro.. So i downloaded chainfire pro .. but when click on install driver . The msg appeared dat " need 1022987 more bytes" ... But i...
  5. jamcar

    Thread [Q] chainfire3D + tegra2

    should i put chainfire on with tegra2 is there a point? pluses? minuses?
  6. A

    Thread [Q] ShadowGun with Chainfire3D

    I wonder if there is anybody else trying out the new ShadowGun game using chainfire3D on our DHD. i ask cause i have some issues. it runs quite smooth but freezes/reboots in 9 out of 10 case during the game play. and i am curious if there are others for which it runs fine and what kernel/roms...
  7. N

    Thread [Q] Is there a plugin for Chainfire3d that allows editing of *default* RGB values?

    Chainfire3d thread (I cannot post to it due to my post count): I love this app and the custom rgb night mode I created. I'm trying to emulate the f.lux settings I'm using on my laptop but I don't see a way to edit "day mode", i.e., the...
  8. arifafzan

    Thread [Q] Sprinkle (Tegra game)

    Does this tegra game (sprinkle) can play on our sensation? using CF 3D or any tools.
  9. alphadog32

    Thread [Q] How Risky is installing Chainfire3D, Also how do I do it in HTC Sensation?

    Hello Guys, I have been reading about Chainfire3D and it sounds really good. I want to try it out to see if this actually does something. Is it really risky or is it hard to install or what? :D.... No Replies Wow.
  10. nikctsh

    Thread [Q] Chainfire work with xt720 (eclair) ?

    Hi guys , i have a rooted xt720 with original rom , eclair . Have anyone tried chainfire on such a device ? Does it work ? How about the gaming experince ? Better (without install plugin) ? Hope for your comments and helps , thanks .
  11. katnapper

    Thread [Q] Lost Chainfire3D after flashing BAMF Sense 3.0 rc4

    Flashed new BAMF SENSE 3.0 RC4 tonight. Went to play some GOF2 which worked great prior to flashing from froyo. Checked chainfire3D Pro and can't get cf3d driver to install. It boots me out. Uninstalled, rebooted, and installed again. Same thing happened. Superuser asked to grant access. Agreed...
  12. Android 17

    Thread ChainFire3D

    Has anyone successfully tried this on the EVO? I haven't seen very many people attempt it, or at least write about it, so I was wondering if anyone's tried it, on what rom, and what experiences they've had with it? Thanks.
  13. ssserpentine

    Thread Chainfire3D used to make THD specific Games Work

    Hi, Are you tired of knowing your Tab is powerful enough to play Tegra 2 specific (THD) games? But you dont pass the hardware inspection? Duh, we dont have Tegra 2! I just wanted to show you this, I did not write any of the programs or software, but by using it I am now playing SamuraiII...
  14. Chainfire

    Thread [Android 2.1+][03.10.2011][v3.2] Chainfire3D [ROOT][OpenGL ES 2.0+]

    OpenGL Configuration Guide So how does one configure Chainfire3D the best way possible ? It is easy if you know what you are doing. By default, you want to enable as little as possible. Basics As stated, you want to enable as little as possible to make apps work the way you want, as the more...