1. I

    Thread [QUESTION] Change type of the device

    Hi! I have x96 air tv box with an android that identifies as a mobile/tablet. I want to change that to android TV to control it via google assistant. Is that possible to change it in build.prop or something else?
  2. A

    Thread Has anyone managed to change the CSC on the S7 T870?

    I want to change the CSC from ARO (Argentina) to KOO (Korea) in order to get updates faster. I've tried SamFW FRP Tool and I get: Checking ADB connection... Using port SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem (COM3) Enabling ADB... FAIL Changing CSC to KOO ... FAIL Rebooting... OK I've also tried flashing...
  3. T

    Thread Question Moto Edge 20 - any rom options to fix the Google assistant button? (CS are unhelpful)

    Hello. I want to know if there's any rom I can try that fixes the problem of having the left side hardware button hardcoded to the useless Google assistant. I'm apparently not alone with this issue but customer service has proven useless, only claiming "the button was not designed to be user...
  4. djsanoliver

    Thread Question Change Baseband or Modem B28a 700mhz

    How to enable 28 band 700mhz and other bands on Redmi K40 Gaming? Is there any procedure to change the modem or baseband?
  5. Shimorin

    Thread Change region R810

    Hi, I bought my watch in Belgium and can't access Samsung Pay here in France so I'm trying to change the watch's region. I know there are a lot of threads about this already but I can't find the files or anything for my R810. I'd love it if you could make it very clear on the exact process as...
  6. StratOS_HTC

    Thread How To Guide Boot splash change

    Greetings. After the existence of initial unlock of bootloader or root the boot splash could be flashed. splash -> /dev/block/sde28 Image is gzip compressed and contains the 1080 x 2400 24 BPP bitmap image. Img is from original rom .41. The zip contains the original bitmap. Feel free to...
  7. J

    Thread Replacing boot animation

    It the boot animation a vital part of starting the phone? Can I replace with another one or make my own animation file?
  8. NanduxXxPV

    Thread Possible way to change Boot Splash

    I finally found out where the (boot splashes) are located in MI A3. Its in the imagefv.elf file found in the stock firmware image. Extract it via 7zip and you get three files named 0, 1 and 2 Just extract 2 file with 7zip and you will find them I have attached the screenshot showing the file...
  9. G

    Thread Want to Change S-Pen Sounds without having to use another app

    The Note 20 Ultra is Great, but I would like to be able to change the S-Pen Sounds without having to install another App or a Launcher. I would likento know where the Hidden Folder would be for the S-Pen Sounds so I can Change the Sound for when it is removed as well as it being put back. If...
  10. M

    Thread Four Custom WatchFaces on Mi Band 4, is that possible?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to the Mi Band 4 and its community. After trying out different WatchFaces on the Mi Band 4, also using different apps, I noticed that when you go into the settings on the Mi Band 4 to change the WatchFace that it's always the fourth one that is being changed. I would love...
  11. Jt380p

    Thread [Petition] Dear Samsung, ditch Exynos and give us at least 3yrs of android updates!

    Please sign so Samsung can see this! Samsung needs to listen to what customers want. If you're on the same boat with me, please sign and share it to friends and/or other threads. Ditch Exynos: 3yr android updates:
  12. D

    Thread Grindr - change icon

    Hi, Has anyone idea how to change an apk icon? I mean the system icon, not Just change it through launcher options. I've tried, following a guide, changing the apk extention ti rar, then unzipped the file, change the icon, re-zipped the folder and re-changing the extention to apk. But the...
  13. tigersaid

    Thread I try to edit in Apk editor but it goes back to before

    Hello there. I'm trying to edit an APK file. I have root access. It's a file in this location /data/user/0/"package"/..... It's 3 lines I'm trying to change, they are URLs. I change the information in root Explorer, in APK editor (edit data, root) and i manage to save it and install the new...
  14. D

    Thread Is it possible to get the old dialer back>

    At first, I was confused. I didn't know what I was missing. But I knew something was wrong. Then I looked at a non-pie samsung s8. And I knew it. The dialer is so much better, because it has your recents on the same screen, while the number pad is an overlay. It's so much more efficient because...
  15. C

    Thread changing ears solves garbled voice

    When i'm in a call the conversation starts okay then the other party tells me my voice has gone all garbled and that they cannot understand me. They ask what i am doing to cause this and i tell them i'm not doing anything and that i haven't moved. Then i switch my phone to my left ear and they...
  16. LuanHalaiko

    Thread [Vince] Which is the best hardware parts for this device?

    As some of you know, my vince got shattered and I'm going to replace the display & touchscreen, I was also thinking to switch my earpiece too becouse I damaged it somehow. So the question is "Which is the best hardware parts for this device?" By that I mean which of the many displays vince has...
  17. B

    Thread Does anyone know how to change the accent color from Orange?

    Is it possible to pick a new color other than the default orange? I probably want a blue or something, but I don't really want to mess with framework apks. Is this yet possible? I did check the asus theme app but I did not see an option for that.
  18. Pubbaa

    Thread Change Default App from Vivo Browser to Chrome web Browser (no third-party apps need)

    Hi Guys! if you are all pissed at the link high jacking on vivo phones, try this. i'm having a v11 pro, pretty impressed by it TBH check the attachment.:p
  19. tempests

    Thread Convert and Flash T-Mobile TP260 firmware onto MetroPCS MP260 phone

    I have a MetroPCS LOG K20Plus phone The id model shows MP260. I am currently using it on the T-Mobile network. However, I want to convert and flash T-Mobile TP260 firmware onto it, so it has the T-Mobile logo and firmware.. What I have done so far is installed the driver and LGUP. I unlocked the...
  20. vok01

    Thread About software region and samsung pay

    Hi! Recently i bought a Galaxy S8 "Duos" (SM-G950FD) in Mexico. I bought it 'cause my job requires one sim card and my family uses another. Today I received it in my house, but... when I started Samsung Pay app, a notification appear asking about download United Arab Emirates software. And in...
  21. GoJo ^^

    Thread Cannot change boot pattern..?

    Hey there, i'm testing the Redmi 4x, i set a boot pattern after encrypting the device as usual, however when i go to security and change that pattern (for another or pin, pass, etc..) i'm still asked for old pattern at boot..! Never seen that on any other devices. How to fix this?
  22. Dr.Anshuman

    Thread [Oreo/Help] How to change SELinux mode to permissive in Honor 7x on Oreo

    Hello friends , i want help to change SELinux mode to permissive. Im using Indian Variant on Oreo Beta. setenforce 0 in terminal command didnt work. Thanks
  23. ViRb3

    Thread [ROOT] How to change MAC address of the OnePlus 5T

    TL;DR: (story in second post) As always, everything you do is at your own risk. I'm not responsible for your phone running away or any nuclear wars. 1. Edit the content of /persist/wlan_mac.bin using a file manager with root access (e.g. Solid Explorer) and change the first two lines to your...
  24. Dr.Anshuman

    Thread [BootLoader] How to Change your bootloader status to "LOCKED"

    if you have unlocked your bootloader status and you want your original 'Locked' status instead of 'ReLocked' status, follow the procedure. 1. fastboot reboot bootloader 2. fastboot oem relock UnlockCode this will ReLock your bootloader 3. switch on your phone, go to developer menu and...
  25. xda_dentex

    Thread [Q] Why am I recently unable to change my own threads' titles?

    It seems that recently, despite the fact I try to change the title of a thread I started, it remains the same. I.e. this one: I'm not able to change its title since a couple of weeks or so. I use to change titles when I update the app. Thanks...
  26. devil.tiger

    Thread Wallpaper changed automatically everyday.

    1.> Wallpaper changed automatically everyday, How can I stop that?
  27. MrElectrifyer

    Thread How do I Change the CSC of my SM-N950N Note 8 Without Rooting?

    Hey guys, I bought the 256GB factory unlocked emperor edition Note 8 from South Korea, but it is still tied to all of SK Telecom's (SKC region code) services, I want to switch it to my local Canadian carrier's CSC, Fido (FMC), without rooting. How do I go about accomplishing this? Thanks in...
  28. plakonn

    Thread mac addres in settings

    is there any way to change mac addres shown in setting (wifi) i dont need to spoof my mac addres i just need to temporary change the addres whats is shown in settings i have snapdragon (last miui 9 rom) if there is method what change showed mac addres in setting and also spoof i also have...
  29. ALAN JO K

    Thread [help] CHANGE BACK TO HI650 FROM VENUS

    So i flashed venus vendor.img for olddroids roms but now i cant install hi650 roms please help me to flash hi650 vendor.img thanks in advance
  30. K

    Thread Fix Wi-Fi MAC address issues(change MAC) - Xperia-L [MM-N]-[All-Custom-ROMs]

    Some old bug! Hi. This issue was my little & old struggle since upgrading to android MM (and now N), that my mac address was changed to "00:0a:f5:89:89:ff" and I couldn't change it to original (or other) in any way. I finally found a simple and ridiculous solution for this issue by the help of...
  31. mauronofrio

    Thread [WINDOWS][TOOL] Language Changer by Mauronofrio

    Hello everyone, this is a small tool that will allow you to install MoreLocale 2 or Pro and give him the necessary permissions all automatically. You only need to connect your phone to the PC, choose which version to install, and after installation, select the language you want. Language...
  32. O

    Thread [Mod]System UI with LTE signal

    Hi everyone I am sharing my system ui here with lte signals I am using. As we know this device have 4g signal bars. This system ui is for SM-G531F only but you can also test on other grand prime models which are 5.1.1 I am 85% sure it will work on SM-G31H Requirments: 1. Root Explorer. 2...
  33. C

    Thread How to change grid size

    Hello everyone, it's a simple tweak to change your home screen grid size by your desire. Modifications were made on Android Marshmallow. Modification is only for stock Huawei Launcher. GUIDE: First of all, device must be rooted. The next step would be to locate two files and edit them with...
  34. R

    Thread 1080p Screen Resolution Successfully?

    Been searching around and can't find anything on how to change the screen resolution of the V20 to 1080p. Because of the second screen and all, it just gets all funky. Anybody know how?
  35. MartinDimchev

    Thread Snapchat and Instagram on Android sucks.. Let's do something to change this!

    Hey geeky people. I was an iOS user a month ago. I was using Snapchat very often. Worked great. No problems at all. Recently I switched to Android (Huawei P9 - btw amazing phone) and this is another world. There are so many problems here on both apps. Slows down the phone when closing the...
  36. C

    Thread New sim card reader

    Hi. I bought new sim card reader bcs mine is broken. Is it easy to install a new one? Moto g xt1032
  37. M

    Thread how do i change my carrier label name ?

    how do i change my carrier label name ?:confused:
  38. T

    Thread Danish weekday names english system language

    Hello XDA. Is there someway where i can set the names for the calendar to be displayed in Danish my native language and then the rest of the phone Nexus 6p to display in english. I tried to google it but could not find any info on this.
  39. Hakosuka11

    Thread [HELP] Moving from a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact to a Moto X Play

    Hi, I need your opinion ... I'm about to change my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and was thinking about Moto X Play 32Gb. The phone i´m using right now is packed with an Snapdragon 801 - 2Gb Ram - 16 Gb of internal memory - 20mp camera and Sony's Android 6.0.1. If you can give me some feedback about...
  40. C

    Thread - solution - dpi change camera and dialer and launcher on mm roms

    Hi... firs sorry for my bad english but I speak spanish not english. So, I have a problem on a Marshmallow roms, I try change DPI to 580 but when I do it, camera and dialer and launcher not change DPI, well, I have a solution ...:o REQUIREMENTS First - They must have xposed on you devices...
  41. P

    Thread Who to change Gouvernor settings

    Hello, I use SimpleGx kernel and I want to know how I can change the settings for gouvernor with this settings: It's from Nexus 6P sections, work on our G4? target_loads - 95 460800:25 600000:43 672000:65 787200:78 864000:92 960000:95 1248000:98 1440000:100 timer_slack - -1 hispeed_freq -...
  42. Paras guglani

    Thread [GUIDE][LP,MM] How To Change Settings Background

    Welcome everyone!!! Here i Guide You to change settings backgroud of your rom Tested On LP Requirements: Apktool Knowledge of decompiling/recompiling Settings.apk notepad++ Process VIDEO GUIDE YfuXFWJ3y6c NOTE : JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP FOR MORE THEMING GUIDES Firstly setup...
  43. maarten2001

    Thread [APP][4.1+][ROOT] Densy - make your dpi great again!

    Densy - change your dpi Download: Densy is an app I developed to change your dpi. I know a lot of apps do that already, but this one is different. It can make your dpi 'right'. By default, Android will use a dpi like 320, which looks a bit weird on 5" screens. The screen's actual dpi is...
  44. nadejo

    Thread whats your next device after s6? and the reasons

    In this thread you can share your experiences with the s6 and give reasons for buying a different phone. got the feeling its about time to change. Im simply tired of touchwiz and samsung not sharing any documentation of its exynos soc other than that s6 is a very nice designed device but the...
  45. deanr1977

    Thread (Guide) How to stop the annoying click sound or change it on Amazon Fire Tv

    How to stop the annoying click sound or change it on Amazon Fire Tv Do you hate or love the click sound when moving around on the Fire Tv? Well if like me you can't stand that annoying sound, I will tell you how to remove that "click" or replace for a sound of your own? This has been tested...
  46. K

    Thread Convert non-removable battery to use on phone with removable battery?

    I had been thinking about this. Is there any way to use or convert or transform those non-removable/embedded/built-in/internal batteries as external/removable batteries? Does the built-in batteries also have the 3-pins like removable batteries inside? Is it possible?
  47. M

    Thread Warranty question

    Hello guys! About 4 months ago I have bought this phone at Darty shop in Paris, where I actually live untill now. For the first time I was pretty familiar with overheating issue, but right now it's going to be annoying - phone becomes hot like a hell just for using FB, for example. So, my...
  48. A

    Thread [GAME][2.3+] Color Change Switch

    Fun and challenging puzzle game colors. Touch the screen gently through each obstacle, the ball changes color at every level. You must follow the pattern of color in every obstacle to continue. Be careful not to go down the wrong color. Avoid colliding with objects of different colors and moves...
  49. B

    Thread Lockscreen clock

    Hi Is there any way to modify stock lollipop lockscreen clock so it will look like in 2012 xperias?:confused: Its a little thinner and has shadow.
  50. Cryceratops

    Thread Change water drip sound on dialer

    Hello, I was wondering if there was a way to change the water drop sound when using the keypad dialer, I know you can turn it off, but I would really like to throw in my own sound file in there if possible. I am on a stock 5.0 TW ROM, rooted. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know...