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chat heads

  1. NeonOrbit

    Thread [App][Patch] Messenger Original Chat Head on Android 11+ [Safe] [Self-Update]

    [No-Root] - [For All Devices] - [Self-Patch Available] A clean way to bring back Messenger chat head for non-rooted devices. -> [Safe] -> [Open source] -> [All features are working] -> [Tools to patch new update yourself] Notice: If your phone is rooted, you should follow this rooted method...
  2. NeonOrbit

    Thread [XPOSED][MOD] Enable Messenger Chat Head on Android 11+ devices

    Module: ChatHeadEnabler About: On Android 11 and higher, Facebook Messenger won't let you use it's Chat Head feature. Instead it uses Chat Bubble feature, which has a lot of bugs. This module will bring back original Chat Head feature. -> [Safe] -> [Open source] -> [All features are working]...
  3. J

    Thread [Project] Chat Heads For Any App

    IMPORTANT: You need these for this to work: Tasker AutoNotification AutoTools You know how some apps allow you to create floating bubbles (chat heads) when you receive a chat from one of your contacts? Would you like to have that available for all chat apps? Check it out! XFzB8XFeaxY Import...
  4. Jawomo

    Thread [APP] quickReply - Reply from notifications or use chatHeads like in facebook!

    It4aetELdqU quickReply lets you reply directly from system notifications like in Android 7 Nougat. You can also use floating chatHeads like in facebook for whatsapp, telegramm and many others! Plus you can use voice replies or send direct predefined replies! With quickReply you can easily...
  5. S

    Thread Gecko Dialer - Popout Dialpad

    Gecko Dialer puts your dialer at the top of your screen. With Gecko Dialer, you can place a call, while reading the phone number in another app. Kudos to the guys from Tooleap for their SDK that I used for creating the floating dialer window: www.tooleap.com Use Gecko Dialer to see your recent...
  6. Tooleap

    Thread [APP][2.2+] Tooleap SDK - Create Floating Apps

    Tooleap SDK Make your app start floating above with Tooleap's floating UI Tooleap is a free SDK that enables Android developers to easily create a floating widget (a bubble) that floats at the front of the screen above any other app. Along with the side-screen that slides-in when the user taps...
  7. C

    Thread [Q] Facebook Chat Heads in Full Screen

    Hello there, I got the Note 3 N9000Q version and I'm still trying to figure out a few things. On my previous device (HTC EVO 3D), I downloaded an app called Smart Statusbar so I could swipe down to reveal the notification bar when in full screen mode and chat heads would appear with the...
  8. acylus

    Thread Anyone developing a SMS app similar to Facebook Messenger?

    I love the Chat Heads feature and I want to use it without going through Facebook (privacy reasons) for normal SMS.