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  1. S

    Thread Please Help me to choose Rom for MIUI Dialer

    Please Help me to choose Rom for MIUI Dialer. i want MIUI Dialer and i flashed chine rom already. but there is many issue with google. No location service on map and Notification issue. Thats why i want to change Rom for Google service and MIUI Dialer. please suggest me which version should i...
  2. Q-Prof

    Thread Question Vivo X Fold VoLTE access in Canada?

    I am currently with Fido for my cellular phone service running a old import( 2016), Huawei Honor Note 8, from Toronto, Canada area, and interested in the Vivo X Fold and this Fido support webpage shows that it should work along with Gishan Canada for Fido APN settings for the Vivo X Fold but I...
  3. N

    Thread Question How to Flash Black Shark Rom

    Hello, i just bought a Black Shark 4 6GB/128GB with the Global rom and I want to flash it to the Chinese rom. I think the chinese version is better in performance and optimization, and recieve better and newer updates, am i wrong? Well, just want to know how to flash my device. Thanks for the...
  4. shafi1885

    Thread MIUI 12.5 Chinese ROM Google PlayStore Stopped Working

    Hello friends, I am new here, getting familiar with XDA environment. The reason I am here is for I faced this problem after MIUI update 12.5 chinese rom. Now, google is no longer working. What can I do to use play store again? Please help me SOLVED, READ THIS COMMENT, CONTAINS ALL OF THEM My...
  5. lukabrassy

    Thread Redmi k30i cn android 11 play service issue.

    I am using k30i chinese rom handset. Recently i have updated android 10 to android 11. After updating i cant use google play, play service, youtube, gmail etc(all of the google service). In get app there was a google installer to install every google app, now there isnt. Ive manually installed...
  6. TheLegend88

    Thread How to flash MIUI11 on the K20 Pro with Locked Bootloader (ChineseROM Only)

    Hy there! I have just managed to update my Chinese ROM K20 pro with locked BL with MIUI11. I'll post you the exact instructions of how to do that. You will need to be on MIUI 10.3.17 Chinese Rom. Step 1 Downloadd the ROM .zip directly on your phone and keep it to the Internal Storage Link...
  7. D

    Thread X96 chinese rom and the GAPPS problem, is it possible to make it work?

    I am still a green beginner when it comes to making a custom firmware but I basically only do it for my personal needs and offer the result for everyone. However, there is one thing really nagging me ith the X96 and that is to get updated GAPPS to work properly and with all Google apps. The...
  8. D

    Thread Find compatible ROM

    Hello XDA Developers i have a chinese phone without name and i want to find a compatible rom can i flash it with a rom made for his cpu? for example: my phone CPU is MTK XXXX can i flash it with a MTK XXXX rom?? and thanks :)
  9. TheXorg

    Thread [ROM][PORT][4.4] FIUI for Moto G

    FIUI for Moto G / falcon Info: FIUI is a Chinese ROM based off of CyanogenMod. The Future Interface UI is made by the AZ Fuga Team! FIUI's concept is simple: Remove redundant features that bloat up the system, maximize functionality, all the while maintaining a gorgeous UI! Known "Bugs"...
  10. A

    Thread [GUIDE]T5388i(HTC Touch Diamond2 Clone) White Screen Solution

    First of all, this guide only for Solonomi's Rom White Screen Bug ;) (Solonomi's Roms : You can only use this solution if your phone can sync with your PC! Necessary programs and files: - Windows XP :) - NetFrameWork 3.5 - Active Sync - T5388i Rom - k3firstaid...