1. MMD_DEV29

    Thread apps use browser !!

    hello to this post guys . okay . some apps in windows use browsers (you don't need install a browser ) for example whatsapp . when you extract .exe installer file . you see "chrome100.pak" yes😜 that's chromium . developer download chromium .pak ( that's opensource you can make a browser from...
  2. theduodecim

    Thread Android go unsupported chromium pwa feature

    Hello comm, like the title says, my phone Kodak smartway l2 yellow one, runs on android go 10 , im a developper and cant test pwa on Chrome or in other browser that i tested, the flag flags/#enable-desktop-pwas-url-handling Appears on unavailable on this OS. There Is any Solution to this problem ?
  3. F

    Thread Chromium based browsers don’t work on my computer

    Recently I’m having a problem with all the chromium browsers on my pc. As soon as you open one of them, they become unresponsive, can’t close them from the task manager either unless I restart my pc. Only Firefox works on my pc. I’m not sure what’s going on even though a few days ago I installed...
  4. Laicure

    Thread [Released] Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

    Hi Mods, Please delete. Reason: Unnecessary thread.
  5. ink718

    Thread Chromium Browser [Updated weekly]

    Hello, here's the open source Chromium web browser. Can't find it in the play store due to it having nightly updates/builds. I will try my best to give a weekly updated build. Thanks and enjoy. Don't forget to hit the thanks[emoji106] button. BIG THANKS TO andDevW FOR THE APP THAT COMPILES IT...
  6. D

    Thread Deep linking not working

    I have been trying to make this work for a day now and I have no idea what is the problem. I am making a Reddit app for a uni project and after Reddit authorizes the app it redirects to another URL which is then supposed to open my app activity so I can collect the data. Only it doesn't. I...
  7. csagan5

    Thread Bromite DevDB project - Chromium with adblocking and privacy enhancement patches

    deleted, see
  8. bamless

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Snapdragon][CAF] Code Aurora's Chromium SWE Browser with auto-updater

    This is a custom build of Code Aurora's Chromium for Snapdragon. This build aims to deploy the stock Chromium SWE with only few additions. For now the only additions to the browser are: custom icon, custom name, adblock, more search engines. I also wrote an updater app that will search for new...
  9. lexcyn

    Thread [App][4.1+][CAF] Chromium for Snapdragon

    CAF no longer updates the source so this project is in limbo. If CAF ever starts updating again, I will post new builds. This is a Chromium Browser built on the CodeAurora source (optimized for Snapdragon devices). Main changes from source: -added extra webrefiner (adblock) lists...
  10. Ninnix96

    Thread [APP][4.1+] Pyrope Browser for KK and ICS

    MAIN THREAD LINK Pyrope browser now are avitable for 4.1+, This browser has the same functions pyrope, but a white graphic that don't use some material desing libs as pyrope. its based on chromium / swe, directly from the CyanogenMod team Optimized for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™*- Pyrope works on...
  11. Ninnix96

    Thread [APP][5.0+][Chromium/gello(CM)] Pyrope Browser - Browser with integrated AdBlock

    Gello, the developed browser based on chromium / swe, directly from the CyanogenMod team is available for all 5.0+ devices. :D :D Optimized for Qualcomm® Snapdragon™*- Pyrope works on other devices which don't have a Snapdragon™ chip (Web Refiner Module not included) This app is based on...
  12. black.ic3

    Thread [APP] Vanilla Chromium Browser

    This is Chromium Browser for Android. Maybe someone will like it There is CAF version (SWE browser), but i wanted to check original one Builded from source (8 Jan 2016) For 6.0 users: go to Settings - Apps and allow Contacts permisson for Chromium (it's required to login in your Google Account)...
  13. Z

    Thread [GUIDE] Building Chromium for Snapdragon devices

    Due to the apparent lack in proper documentation on building the Snapdragon browser CAF (Code Aurora Forums) has developed, I've decided to take it upon myself to try and build it. You can find out more about it on the Code Aurora Forums Wiki. This guide only builds for m46. To build for m42...
  14. F

    Thread Chromium browser optimised for snapdragon + edge swipe - power saving - adblocker

    Found this on another forum. It's chromium optimised for snapdragon. Runs substationally smoother and faster than chrome. Love the fact that it has edge swipe backwards/forwards which was something I really miss from my iPhone days! Original thread...
  15. !phenom

    Thread JSwarts Browser Snapdragon Optimized Chromium (v46)

    JSwarts Browser on XDA Labs Description from the Developer "Hello, my name is JSwarts - I have been compiling the latest revision of the Chromium browser optimized for Snapdragon processors. Over the last couple of weeks I have made significant improvements to the build process and I have...
  16. klo_lol

    Thread [Q] Compile Chromium apk with AOSP

    With Chromium now available for Android, is it possible to integrate it into AOSP? I'm starting to modify my local AOSP copy by stripping out unwanted Apps, like the Browser because i like Chromium better, but i'm still a noob regarding adding apps. I found this to be a helpfl starting point...
  17. MGREX

    Thread [Q] Is there a Chromium for Android APK?

    I found some build instructions at and some public repo (not google's) at github, but so far no apk. I'm asking because I couldn't find a video or demo of chromium running on android either which makes me wonder if it works at all or just limited to a webview basic mode.
  18. Chromium

    Thread [ROM][July13][KitKat][4.4.4] Beanstalk | Release 6 | bravo

    Info: I am proud to present you with Beanstalk ROM for the HTC Desire. This feature packed ROM is created and maintained by scott.hart.bti, and contains tons of customization from SlimROM and CyanogenMod. This is currently by far the most feature filled KitKat ROM available for the HTC Desire...
  19. CWalkop

    Thread Fixing Chrome once and for all (Chromium Issue)!

    Came here for the main point? Go here and star the issue. If you want to read up, continue on! Okay. Here's the thing: all of us know that Chrome has never been a great performer on Android. That's just the fact of the matter, currently. The only device I have seen that it actually runs well...
  20. CWalkop

    Thread Fixing Chrome once and for all (Chromium Issue)

    Came here for the main point? Go here and star the issue. If you want to read up, continue on! Okay. Here's the thing: all of us know that Chrome has never been a fantastic performer on Android. That's just the fact of the matter, currently. The only device I have seen that it actually runs...
  21. CWalkop

    Thread [Q] Chrome Beta - refuses to download

    Hey all. Has anyone else experienced an issue with Chrome Beta when downloading and multiple browsers are installed? I find that whenever I try to download a file through Chrome Beta when there are multiple browsers installed, it will not download any files properly. If you have not set a...
  22. Chromium

    Thread [ROM][Oct15/13][CM10.1] Chromium ROM | Build 11 | bravo

    Screenshots Features Based on latest Cyanogenmod 10.1 sources Source compiled (not cooked/made using a kitchen or winrar) Modified updater-script Cool system fonts Nexus style boot animation Built in ad blocking Default launcher setup optimized Chromiums Wallpapers app built into settings...
  23. H

    Thread [Q] Stable Chromium Browser

    Is anyone running a stable version of the Chromium Browser on the Bionic Webtop? By stable, I mean fast and does not crash. I have attempted to run Chromium 5, 6 and 10 on WebTop2SD and they all crash with a Bus Error within several minutes of activity or inactivity. Are there any other...
  24. D

    Thread Google Chrome app XDA-forum

    Hi all, i made a very very simple application that is just a link to xda forum for google chrome and chromium browsers. Hope you enjoy! Dave