1. enjoycool

    Thread Factory Reset Bricked my Shield TV!

    Since last couple of days my Shield TV was not performing well, so I have decided to do a factory reset. But after I have selected the full factory reset, the device is stuck on this screen since last couple of hours. I have connected the shield controller with USB port and when I press the B...
  2. webharsh

    Thread [Nova, Apex] Add a little circle around app icons

    I made a little theme which adds a circle around all icons in app launchers. Its inspired by folder background in Android N preview. Play Store Link:
  3. TwoMountains

    Thread [Theme][+4.1][FREE] Material Circle

    MATERIAL. INTERACTIVE. ANIMATION THIS IS THE BEST LIVE WALLPAPER IN THE STYLE OF "MATERIAL DESIGN" Tap the screen to create a animation circle. Many animated themes, support multi-touch and vibro-touch, a lot settings and more. :good:Please download the FREE app to support...
  4. C

    Thread Circle view cover

    I bought a circle view for my P8000 and I love it, but I want to know if there's a way to put more faces for the circle. I know there's a way to do it, since there's another one in the Eragon rom . :cowboy:
  5. A

    Thread [GAME ANDROID] Survival Circle

    Drag your finger and advance as far as possible. Do not touch moving objects. Keep running as far as you can and avoid obstacles. Play through randomly generated screens. Try to be the best, test their skills and see who of your friends may set a new record. Show your highest score in the world...
  6. mpiero11

    Thread [APP][WIDGET] Circle Battery indicator

    Hello everyone, I created a circle battery widget. I hope you like it. It is free, but there is a pro version for those who want more customization and remove ads. Features: Shows the percentage of battery in the widget itself and its status. By clicking on the widget displays a window with...
  7. iharryghuman

    Thread ***NEW THEMES added*** [THEME] [CM12 Theme Engine]Circle Blue and Bnw Theme

    Hello all! ***ATTENTION*** Two Amazing themes with circular quick toggles and semi-tansparent Background.. These theme are exclusively compatiblewith. i.e. CM12 Theme Engine.. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- The theme contains: ------------------------------...
  8. A

    Thread [GAME] [2.3.3+] Tap In Circle - a quick and easy game for casual play[free]

    Description Would you make your finger tip strunger, and faster? So join us to train your finger, The only thing you need to do is tap in the Circle on screen of your smartphone or pad. You have 20 seconds. The faster you tap, the more scores you get(in fact there is one score for one tap), If...
  9. Lillo75

    Thread [MOD] [ANDROID 5.0] [D855] Quick Circle Watches

    Hi to all! This is a porting of Quick Circle Watchface to Android 5.0. In this way we can use this fantastic watches with Lollipop without Xposed Module First of all we need to run a Rom based on stock Lollipop (e.g. ChupaChups, AndroidNow, Cloudy etc.) then with root and twrp. Q. How to...
  10. K

    Thread Free Quickcircle case from LG for Canada only!

    Hi guys, LG is giving away 500 quickcircle cases for a limited time only! Seems like they still have a few to give away still: Just use this link to register your LG G3 on their site and they will send you a case free! You can follow the post on their facebook site...
  11. E

    Thread [WatchFace] Circles Watchface

    Hello everyone! This is my watchface that I published on the Play Store: It features an original and clean design, with support for ambient screen (dimmed mode). Future updates will feature more themes with various color combinations, and the possibility to fully customise the interface. It was...
  12. ikromy

    Thread [4.4+] Droid Turbo Circle Widget qHD (540x960)

    Hi All, I've modified motorola droid turbo circle widget to fit in qHD (540x960) from this thread, just flash it through recovery. Tested on Razr M (XT907): CM11 - 4.4.4 Latest Google Launcher from Android L (see attachment) Download Thanks
  13. V

    Thread [APP] [1.2] Dots Eater, impossible game! FREE

    Hello! First of all, I would like introduce my self. I am Victor and I am a spanish developer and I would like present you my first game, one of the most difficult but challenging games, after a few weeks working on a game , yesterday finally I've released it. I am the only one developer...
  14. S

    Thread [Q] Quick Circle with Qi / NFC official

    I bought what I thought was an official quick circle case from a place called wackydot, and while qi works, nfc does not. I have contacted them, they sent a replacement and that one does exactly the same, qi, but no nfc. I believe the sticker is just off, however no amount of me fiddling will...
  15. W

    Thread [Q] Quick circle case for G2

    Hi everyone, As I haven't find any similar thread yet in the forum nor the web, I was looking for a quick circle cover (from G3) but adapted to G2. I've just installed CloudyG3 1.2 and I was wondering that itwould be great to take advantage of circles with my G2 :) If someone found something on...
  16. Ashrockr

    Thread [MOD][21/12/2014]QuickWindow Apps for G3 Ported Roms

    G3 Roms Only Here are some of the QuickCircle Apps which are converted to QuickWindow. Apps included 1.Clock 2.Music 3.Call Logs 4.Phone 5.LG Health 6.LG Message Installation: 1.Go to recovery mode. 2.Flash following files for your rom. For Cloudy G3 2.1 / 2.2 Users 1. Flash...
  17. S

    Thread [TUT]Getting out of any bootloop

    I hate bootlooping, and almost every week I encounter some sort of terrible bootloop, due to modding and whatnot. If you haven't made a nandroid backup (that is so careless of you), then there is still hope, just as long as you have a rom (and gapps if necessary) in your external sd card...
  18. S

    Thread [GAME][2.2+]Draw the Circle!

    This small but exciting game will help you to spend your time. The main idea is simple - tap and hold your finget on game field to draw blue circles, fill the field with circles to specified level and go to next level! Sound easy? Like fun! The limited tries number, enemy red circles and useful...
  19. V

    Thread [TOOL] Create your own circular battery icons with 1% increment

    Hi! This was inspired by KryptosXLayer2 for the BlueCircle battery icons, but I wanted to have my own icons, with the other colors and settings. I too spent WAY too long working on this tool, but the end result is here for you to use and to judge. It's a Windows application, so I apologies to...
  20. P

    Thread [Q] circle lg l9 lockscreen for nexus 5 please

    when i turn off the lg l9 appears a circle then the cell goes black and off.. i want to do that in my nexus without installing another rom..maybe a small apk would be good. can someone help me with that please?
  21. D

    Thread [Q] Add play store to top right of app drawer & Circle home screen folders

    Hi all, I'm looking for a couple of mods that I haven't seen and was wondering if there is one or not. I'm not really wanting to use a separate launcher if I don't have too. 1. Is there a mod to add the play store link to the top right of the app drawer where the settings shortcut is? 2. Is...
  22. M

    Thread [MOD][Xposed] Unlock effect before security widget

    This mod shows the light/ripple/circle effect before unlocking your device. Video: Compatibility: This mod should work on all TouchWiz 4.2 ROMs with the light effect. Tested and/or reported working on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Note 3...
  23. Chris95X8

    Thread [Q] Draw circle + circumference

    Hello fellow developers, In my app I'm trying to create a graphic that indicates a duration. What I have in mind is to draw an outline of a circle and then draw on top of that circle the circumference of the time, based on the 360 degree base. So this looks like a clock. Here's a picture of what...
  24. icomputerz

    Thread [REQ] 1% Circle Battery from Kinda Crap Mods

    Hello, I am running the latest 4.1.2 update on my Verizon Galaxy S III, which makes the Kinda Crap Mods not work propertly, and the mod is not looking to be updated. I have extracted 2 sets of icons, one blue, and the other green, that are the icons required for the Circle Battery Icons, and...
  25. vijaykirann

    Thread [MOD][ARC/S][HDPI](ICS)||Xperia Themer||(21'03'13)

    For those folks who wanna theme their ARC/S here is a application. Xperia Themer HTC (Standalone) Its a flashable zip file ,just install thru the CWM ..and let it do the rest. This is how it looks after its done. Credits: VillainROM Note: Do read the heading properly.This mod is ONLY FOR...
  26. drawde40599

    Thread [Q] circle battery

    Looking for cm10 circle battery mod ( flashable if possible ) for AOKP nightly 4.1.2 ( I use fitsnugly current is 10-21-2012 for Gnexus gsm version . Looking for version without the persentage numbers .
  27. BigBison420

    Thread --> MOD <-- Circle Battery__COLLECTIVE -MESOSPHERE-REMIX!!

  28. C

    Thread [Q] Circle of dead pixels suddenly appeared

    Hi Guys I've seen a couple of posts about this on forums but, I've had a similar thing to a few users now, where I have 2 circles of "Dead" pixels appear on the phone. Seemed to appear suddenly today at work. I've not dropped the phone (today) but, I have had it in my pocket when getting out...
  29. JKenvin

    Thread [MOD] Battery Circle ICS UnOff v4.0.4

    Hi!!! Just a couple of mods for leaked 4.1.B.0.431 fw. Thanks to: hansip87 & special is vr5411 for SystemUI evilkal for battery icons olahoma for Screenshot Screenshot Installation 1. Copy file zip to SD card. 2. Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery. 3. Flash zip package. 4. Reboot. Link...
  30. P

    Thread [Q] Cursor/Circle under finger, can you disable?

    I've just picked up a One X and have noticed that there is a 'circle' overlaid where ever your finger is detected on the screen. This is kind of OK, but I've noticed that rapid dragging in the webbrowser and other programs seems to stutter when this animation is decaying, so I wonder if there...
  31. P

    Thread [Q] Gingerbread lockscreen on ICS?

    I really hate the ICS lockscreen and i was wondering if there is a way to port the Gingerbread lockscreen to ICS, i know there are some apps on the play store that allows me to change the lockscreen, but those waste alot of battery :3
  32. syncopath

    Thread [Q] Root or backup: vicious circle?

    AFter jumping forward ten years and relinquishing my HTC Wallaby for a Samsung Galaxy Note I find myself confronted with a paradox. My Note is crowded with software whose primary purpose seems to be to send my personal private data in great detail to who knows where, all in order to improve my...
  33. E

    Thread Screen feedbacks/issues

    For the current owners, especially for those who are 'extremely' particular about the screen, do you guys any screen related issues? I've been with the Galaxy S1 and S8500, both devices used the first generation SAMOLED screen and I never had any screen related issues on both devices but as of...
  34. Hooolm

    Thread [MOD] CirclesMod for Galaxy Nexus

    So of course I had to get a Galaxy Nexus. After having stared at its unimaginative statusbar icons for a few days, I felt there was a certain, circular aspect missing from its UI, so I took a deep breath and fired up Photoshop. I've kept the style similar to my previous versions of CirclesMod...
  35. SuperAce609

    Thread [Q] Status bar icons

    Is there any way I can get the icons on these status bars as regular widgets or themes? Or can you only get them from custom roms? They look really cool and I'm tired of looking around and not being able to find them :/
  36. L

    Thread [bootanimation] Simple Circle

    just an animation that I've make for my tab Download: Simple Circle Bootanimation original gif
  37. J

    Thread Google+ XDA-Nook Color Circle[Google Enables Sharing]

    Google has Finally released a way to Share Google+ Circles. So now it makes it far easier to Add Each other to our Google+ Circles. Here's some rules to keep the Process Smooth: -Edit Your G+ Profile, Under Your Name Change "a brief description of you to "XDA-NC" or add "XDA-NC" to the Begining...
  38. K

    Thread [REQ MOD] CIRCLE BATTERY MOD for Wolfs GB 4.0.4

    Hi all, I am planning on installing the wolfs GB 4.0.4, i am looking for the circle battery mod for it. Can anyone please upload the same? P.S: I am also looking for the speed tweaks for the same ROM, or are they already ripped in the update...
  39. J

    Thread Google+ XDA Nook Color Circle Website

    Please Post so the thread can remain Visible! Moderators don't appreciate when someone keeps bumping their own thread. A simple "thanks" will do. I know there have been previous Threads for this but searching through all those posts to find people's names is a pain. So what I've done is created...
  40. iHelper

    Thread [Q] Google+ SGS4G Circle

    Hey i was wondering if there is a google+ circle for the SGS4G because i think it would b helpful, since i'm on there half of the time. And if there isn't, maybe someone could start one. Just a suggestion. If no one has the time, then its OK. Just wondering. :)
  41. S

    Thread [Q] circular spot on the screen

    i just bought my galaxy s2 today , but i noticed a strange circular spot on the lower right side of the screen, it is visible in gray or other dark background and is not affected by the brightness settings. should i get it replaced
  42. W

    Thread [Q] WIFI icon with arrows

    I was wondering why some WIFI networks display a grey circle icon with 2 arrows in it. I looks a bit like a synchronisation icon, but the arrows are not placed in a circle but rather up and down. You can see this icon displayed behind the name of the WIFI network in the list of available WIFI...
  43. L

    Thread [Q] Is your camera properly centred on the back?

    Only a weird little thing I've noticed and it doesn't affect usage - I've noticed my camera lens isn't in the middle of the circle :rolleyes: Doesn't exactly matter but it hardly screams quality and precision, etc etc. Will try get a picture up... Anyone else the same? Sorry for the Mr...
  44. J

    Thread Screen Circle problem

    Got my SGSII yesterday only to realize that there is a circle on the downleft of screen. It's very annoying. Went to Telenor today but they had no phones left. Only thing to do now is wait 4 weeks for a new one. Any idé on what this is? Have you checked your own ones?
  45. T

    Thread Brand new SGS2, screen defect

    I just took delivery of my SGS2 yesterday, and I gotta say I absolutely love this phone. Coming from an LG eXpo with WinMo 6.5 and never having used Android, it doesn't even feel like a phone. Plus with all the easy integration with my Google accounts, I've never had a smoother transition to a...
  46. reddcode

    Thread RCMix HD v6.1.0.1 Circle % Battery Mod

    I'm using RCMIX 5.9 superCbatt mod and works great on the new version NO crashes no issues.
  47. maranello69

    Thread [Beautiful Widgets] Circle Battery + ICS Flip Clock Skins

    I always wanted this kind of widget for my home screen, but i couldn't find any out there that fit my exact preferences, so i decided to make one. This is my first attempt of creating some custom stuff for my Android phone, so please be "gentle" :). This skin only works with the Beautiful...
  48. D

    Thread [THEME] Desire Redux ROM - v1.1.1 RC-1

    Dear fellow Redux-Desire rom users, I have compiled some theme update package for Redux ROM v1.1.1 RC-1. NOTE : this is only Redux v 1.1.1 RC1 compatible, and also, as usual, as everyone else does not, i also do not take any responsibility for any errors of yours, while applying this theme...
  49. N

    Thread [Q] UOT Kitchen help?

    After using UOT Kitchen, my lockscreen tabs are messed up. I found the culprit files, jog_tab_bar_right/left_pressed.9.png, and I replaced them with the ones from the stock framework, using apktool, however, the resulting file still had incorrect lockscreen tabs! Can anyone help?
  50. S

    Thread [MOD] [THEME] bravo CM7 Battery Circle Percentage Mod / HOWTO self-made

    Hi All :) This Mod based on [NIGHTLY][ROM][GRH78C] CyanogenMod 7 for vendor Bravo (HTC Desire GSM) and Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen This Mod change only Battery icon You need to flash Valid ROM !!! Make a Full Backup before you flash the Mod !!! Process: - Backup - Flash valid ROM -...