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  1. M

    Thread [Game] Sudoku Classic!

    Play Sudoku FREE! NO Annoying ads!!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Sudoku is very popular puzzle game. Sudoku is a very popular game and is a logic puzzle which trains you brain. How to play Sudoku? Sudoku is a Japanese puzzle game. It's based on numbers logical placement. The goal is to fill 9x9 grid with digits so...
  2. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][ROOT][11+][29/Oct] Classic Power Menu - Power Menu Replacement w/ Wallet, Controls on Android 11, 12+

    Classic Power Menu is a Power Menu Replacement for Android 11+, with the main aim being restoring power menu options (Device Controls & Quick Access Wallet) on Android 12. Classic Power Menu Requires root access to function, it is not possible without root Please read the FAQ before...
  3. E

    Thread Huawei golden weekend has...

    Started, a tonne of the products have come down hugely in cost! https://www.clkmg.com/Huawei/xdad
  4. A

    Thread [GAME][4.0+] Minimal Bubble Shooter - Classic arcade game with minimalistic design

    Hi Folks ! I released my new game Minimal Bubble Shooter. Minimal Bubble Shooter is a remake of the classic Bubble Shooter, with a minimalist design. I should even say that it is extremely minimalistic! Pure black and white. Well... here is my take on this classic game. Feel free to give me...
  5. D

    Thread s3 classic r770 booting problem

    Hi! I have a problem with my gear watch. If the watch is powered off will not power on again, only showing boot screen and then closing in few seconds. But every time if I start it with the know sequence of 2 second pressing home then guick let go and then again 2 seconds pressing ans so on...
  6. alexjzim

    Thread Replacement OEM straps?

    Does Huawei offer the 22mm hybrid straps anywhere online for purchase? In reference to the Watch 2 classic. I really like the hybrid leather/rubber style, and I want to get the black version. Thanks!
  7. Z

    Thread [GAME] [4.1+] Memory Plus

    Upgrade your brain with the game "Memory Plus". A classic game in a new guise with a lot of different pictures. - More than 280 interesting drawings and 19 different categories. - Different levels of complexity. - Two game modes. The game is suitable for children and adults. Develop your brain...
  8. H

    Thread [ROM] [FACTORY] [FTMA] [R770XXU2BQC2] Samsung Gear S3 SM-R770

    WARNING!!! ONLY FOR SM-770 This is the default version!!! Functionality is very limited. It allows you to reset all the settings and lock !!! It is possible to reset the CSC, you must install this version, and then without any CSC file. Flash at your own risk!!! Sewn on the instructions...
  9. L

    Thread [APP][FREE][GAME][4.4+] The Gem Hunter is a classic rocks and diamond game.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=leekeechild.org Your mission is to collect enough gems in the caves and escape. Sometimes you encounter flying enemies. If you drop a butterfly with a rock, it becomes precious stones. Also use them to break down brick walls. The amoeba grows...
  10. F

    Thread [Free Android Game] Kill The Snake - https://youtu.be/40tSxuhngEs

    Second life for all time classic game. Snake is almost 40. It was cloned many times, but core rules remained about the same... Kill The Snake takes modern approach... The goal is to make the snake shorter and shorter until it completely disappears. • The snake is navigated using swipes. •...
  11. Bill720

    Thread (Idea) April First alternative site design

    I was just wondering if the administration had ever considered doing an alternative site design for April first? I had seen this done once many years ago on the Miniclip forums where they turned the forums over to a user for one day and had the site converted into "Roastmaster's Awesome forum of...
  12. P

    Thread [FREE GAME 100%] Pikachu Pokemon 2014 for WindowPhone 7 - 8 (Beautiful and additive)

    Sorry everyone, because the topic duplicate with other topic, please see the thread below http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=47830153#post47830153
  13. T

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Jack N' Jill - A retro one button platformer

    Jack N' Jill is a retro one button platformer. Help Jack find his way to Jill in 60 levels spanning over 3 different landscapes. You control Jack only by tapping the screen and performing moves like jumps and wall jumps. The game has retro music and monochrome pixel art graphics which were a...
  14. bilalz400

    Thread [GUIDE]Root Qmobile Noir A2 Classic

    Today I will tell you how to root one of the quite hard to root phones Qmobile Noir A2 Classic WARNING: - I am not responsible for bricked phones - This tutorial will remove all data from your phone! Be sure to backup your phone book,messages,etc - This Tutorial is for Qmobile Noir A2 Classic...
  15. A

    Thread (Game)Snake Blaster --- My First Android Try

    Snake Blaster is classic snake game with a twist. In this game you have to eat blocks to grow, but as you eat a block(Black Dot), a mine(Red Dot) appears. You have to avoid the mines and eat the block. As you cross the levels, walls come across as a barrier. Difficulties increase as you cross...
  16. I

    Thread [Q] Classic settings Menu Size in PACman ROM

    Is there any way to leave the settings menu in classic size in the PACman ROM or in the Paranoid Android? I'd like to test this Roms But I Really dislike the size of the menu. sorry my grammar... :o
  17. L

    Thread ..

  18. A

    Thread [GAME] [FREE] Dots and Stripes

    Dots and Stripes Dots and Stripes is an easy and fun game for two to four players, who can be people or android (IA). The main objective of the game is to control more territory on the Board than other players. Board is divided into boxes, dotted by pointing the intersections. Each player...
  19. gascomm

    Thread [boot animation] retro football inspired Bar-Scarf boot animations

    RETRO FOOTBALL BAR-SCARF INSPIRED BOOT ANIMATIONS remember the good old days with a classic bar-scarf inspired boot animation declaring your love in a style your grandad would appreciate. retro.bar-scarves.000-011.zip pack infinite scrolling club colours which roll from top to bottom of...
  20. M

    Thread [APP][2.2+] ToonToob - watch vintage and classic cartoons!

    Watch your favorite classic and vintage cartoons using this app. It uses YouTube content to play the videos on your device but doesn't use the YouTube app! Either use the drop down menu or swipe left and right to get to the different categories. If you have more recommendations on cartoons to...
  21. T

    Thread [FREE][GAME] Snake 3D Revenge

    THWACK Studio is pleased to announce its first release: Snake 3D Revenge – a free-to-play, new, three-dimension look on the classic game. Snake 3D Revenge includes funny story which takes the player across five different worlds with varied environments. Each of them contains four levels...
  22. Ventus_zx

    Thread Remove classinerd from moboot?

    SOLVED delete this thread
  23. R

    Thread [GAME][2.1+] Paper Hangman

    Download from Google Play Store Hangman a classic but addictive game. Thousands of words and a very beautiful interface will amuse you and enrich your vocabulary. "A timeless classic, this version of hangman nails the pen and paper experience. Smooth, simple and as much fun as you remember"...
  24. N

    Thread Classic ringtones

    http://www.beepzoid.com/old-phones/ I just wanted to share these ringtones I found online. I use to cut my own ringtone from songs (was an obsession for a while), then I decided to keep it classy. Enjoy!
  25. jessesse

    Thread [THEME] Classic Pink v1.0 [Classic v1.0 Supermagic ]

    This is a Pink Theme for Tommy Tomatoes Classic Supermagic v1.0 I want to say Thank you first to SteelH and also ALL of team Derp for letting me use some of their pngs from Project Deep Pink Next I would like to say Thank you to Tommy for making such a super magic Rom!(also Android Utility)...
  26. cmonsterf50

    Thread [MOD] Splash Screens for TT's EVO Classic

    Here's a few Splash Screens I made up specifically for Tommy's EVO Classic ROM. Click the picture to download the file. Rename the zip to "PC36IMG.zip" and flash via hboot. Thanks for looking.
  27. S

    Thread [Q] [REQ] Sidekick 4G Theme?

    I've been looking around on xda for a while but I haven't found much so here it is.. Is there a way someone could make a Sidekick theme to look like the older Danger OS (is that right)? I'm mostly looking for a way to make my SK look exactly like the older ones, including the was the menu is...
  28. S

    Thread [Game] Gravity Wins 2.0 (new Design, stronger AI)

    . Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=de.andlabs.gravitywins Appbrain: http://www.appbrain.com/app/gravity-wins/de.andlabs.gravitywins App Description Connect 4 is an enjoyable classic, but now, thanks to Android technology, you can enjoy Connect 4 with an interesting twist...
  29. S

    Thread [RINGTONES] 20 Classic Ringtones [CWM package]

    This is a CWM package that contains 20 ringtones made using theme songs from classic cartoons, TV shows, movies, video games and the ringtones from the Classic Mobile Phone, the Nokia 3310,converted into .ogg format. Some files have been obtained through the internet as mp3 files others have...
  30. P

    Thread Awesome Apps that are no longer in the market...

    A friend of mine wanted an old game (like 4 months ago?!?) that I used to play since he got his Dinc. I found out it is unfortunately no longer available in the market for some reason :( Well, I looked through some old titanium backups I did back in september and found it! It's called Galaxy...
  31. daktah

    Thread old 1.6 slide up app drawer for 2.1+?

    any way to give 2.1+ roms the old slide up app drawer from 1.6? i think its alot cooler than the tap to open one we have now
  32. April32

    Thread [Game] 15touch - The classic 15 puzzle for windows mobile

    Hi Dears! 15touch - Put all 15 pieces to their places using one empty field. (may use your internet connection) Free game for Windows Phone from April32. Features Touch interface Original design Three levels of difficulty Nice sound Free See: Our website: April32.com Our twitter...
  33. G

    Thread VPN (PPTP) with WM6.1 classic (non-touchscreen)

    I would love to setup VPN - PPTP on my HTC Snap (WM6.1, non-touchscreen). I am able to create a new VPN profile with server address, user name and password, but I just cannot get it working. 1.) what should I choose in the inputs "connects from:" and "connects to:" at first I have chosen...
  34. copenhagen

    Thread Classic - Titanium Today Toggle (for NON TF3D/Manila Devices)

    Thanks in part to NoPluginsToday- I developed a reliable back and forth toggle; from classic to titanium and back... no more start-> settings-> personal-> Today-> Items-> CheckCheckCheck-> OK. Just one tap. Requirements: 1. The script assumes you have NoPlugingsToday and Mortscript installed to...
  35. copenhagen

    Thread Classic - Sense(manila) - Titanium Today Toggle

    What it does: This mortscript allows you to toggle from WM5 style (classic) to Titanium to HTC Sense (manila) and back. Just ONE screen tap changes today flavors. !!Non HTC Sense Manila devices - check my sig for a non manila version!! Requirements: 1. The script assumes you have...