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  1. K

    Thread [NON-ROOT][Tool] Debloat U11 with ADB (Oreo 8.0.0 — 2.33)

    Guide Debloat U11 with ADB WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Requirements - Windows computer - U11 device with USB debugging enabled (Developer settings) Instructions 1. Unpack the zip file (attached below) 2. Optional: Edit the Inside "files" folder only if needed then...
  2. fgl27

    Thread BLOATWARE remove List-Script for all Quark

    Bloatware: What is it? Bloatware wasn’t invented with the Android phone, but Android phone manufacturers and cell phone carriers have really taken advantage of it. Bloatware is all of the extra software applications that come pre-installed on your Android (in addition to vanilla Android)–it can...
  3. Q

    Thread WiFi and Calls not Working

    Hi, I have the SGS3 with 4.3 I'm trying to install any ROM or a stock ROM, on the SGS3 - SCH-I-535 I don't expect this phone to do wonders. I just need 2 functions. 1. Calls and 2. WiFi But both of them are not working. This Phone is rooted and have safestrap 3.71 installed. Threads I...
  4. vampir74

    Thread [ROM] HTC Desire 500 dualsim CleaNRom

    Hi, Here is the first Custom Rom for the Desire 500 dualsim CleaN Rom v0.99beta Use at your own risk! Based on : Android 4.1.2 / 1.26.401.2 Kernel : Ultimate kernel v6 (Credits go to dummie999 thx) Features : -Rooted -Busybox -Deodexed -Zipaligned -No SENSE,htc music player,htc...
  5. B

    Thread [Q] Starting All Over...

    Good Morning Guys - About 6 months ago, I switched from having an iPhone (Jailbroken, of course) for years to an Android phone. Being a geek, I wanted a new challenge and wanted to play around with the platform. I purchased an HTC One which at the time I thought was the best and proceeded to...
  6. M

    Thread [Q] How do you change text labels in Power Menu?

    I have an i337 and am running Clean ROM 1.5 with MF3 modem. I also have the Xposed framework and Nottach app installed. Today I also installed the 3mint framework with the 2.3 settings app. Everything works great except the text labels on my power menu are incorrect for the 'Power Off' and...
  7. Thibor69

    Thread ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 3.x |CROMI-X UPDATE SOON| OC Kernel | OFFICIAL HELP THREAD ★★

    ★★ CleanROM Inheritance 3.x |CROMI-X UPDATE SOON| OC Kernel | OFFICIAL HELP THREAD ★★ ------- LAST UPDATED ON 12.15.2013 ------ *** READ THIS UPDATE PLEASE 12/15/2013 *** UPDATE READ ME !! I just wanted to let you all know I am in the process of doing a major overhaul on this help...
  8. error_man

    Thread [Q] Stock Android Jelly Bean Rom

    Hi Noobs , :) can anyone help me find a Clean stock Jelly Bean rom that samsung has nothing to do with it? i mean rom that has no touchwiz or any samsung related software
  9. Scott

    Thread [ROM][7/23] CleanROM ACE 5.0 -★| Performance and Stability Never Retire! |★-

    [ROM][7/23] CleanROM ACE 5.0 -★| Performance and Stability Never Retire! |★- CleanROM is targeted towards the user that wants a stock ROM experience with the ability to choose the features and functions they want, demand performance and expect stability! CleanROM is based on the latest...
  10. K

    Thread [Q]Clean Rom for Mini pro in 2.3.5?

    is there a clean rom like [ROM] 2.1.1.Clean.0.0 by pfonck but a 2.3.5 version or just ported from the new 2.3.3 gingerbread of xperia x10?
  11. L

    Thread [Q] A truly clean ROM??

    Hi, I've been searching this forum for quite a long time now (months by now, in intervals of course), and I have not been able to find an updated 'clean/light ROM'. With clean/light, I mean stripped of all unneeded stuff to boot. A true barebone... The only ROM I was able to find, is the one...
  12. H

    Thread [Q] looking for an "naked" ROM [GER] please help me

    Hello, I'm looking for an ROM without HTC Calendar, HTC Messaging and Manila, has anybody a hint for me? thanks a lot Ralph
  13. M

    Thread Very clean 6.5 rom

    I want VERY CLEAN STOCK LIKE 6.5 ROM Infact Stock rom will work also.. m fed up of this manila thing.. its makes HD very slow.. Kindly suggest which Rom shall i use for my hd. i need this for my everyday use.
  14. I

    Thread Where can I find a stock WM 6.5 ROM ?? (either ITA or WWE)

    Premetto che ho cercato nel forum senza successo. Sto cercando una rom senza software aggiuntivi oltre al sistema operativo e drivers di windows mobile 6.5 in italiano o anche inglese. Tutte le rom che trovo hanno un sacco di software che non mi servono e dovrei rimuovere, mentre io ho solo...
  15. I

    Thread Clean ROM with all

    Where can I find Clean ROM (2009-02-27) with all?
  16. D

    Thread Latest build for herald, where to find?

    Hello, A while back i asked what to use as base rom in this thread. I have build a ROM and used it for a while. (It was not stable/good enough to publish). Know i have almost the same question again. What is the latest build and is it available somewhere? SYS, OEM, ROM. I'm using HyperCore to...