1. P

    Thread S20 Ultra (G988B) Clean ROM

    Hello! I'm looking for a clean firmware for my S20 Ultra. So far I've flashed Polish XEO which was supposed to be bloatware free but it isn't. SM-G988B_G988BXXS6DUBA_R_XEO I want to get rid of providers splash screen, preinstalled Play24 apps and wallpapers. Can you please post me a link for a...
  2. J

    Thread Remove Galaxy A40 bloatware

    I have just acquired a Samsung Galaxy A40 phone. In my opinion, it has one of the best size/price/performance ratios on the market, reason why I bough it. However, one very sad point about it is that there is still no LineageOS or any other custom ROMs to this phone, forcing myself to stick to...
  3. plakonn

    Thread dirt stuck in letters engraved in the ceramic back

    hello. i'm trying to clean back of my mi mix 2s. my phone is white so it's pretty annoying to have dark spot on the back of the phone. the dirt is stuck in the inscription engraved in the ceramic back of the phone (see pictures ). the inner surface of the thin groove that forms the letters is...
  4. G

    Thread /System/app and /System/priv-app; what is what and can be deleted?

    I am using custom rom's for about a year now and am using a script to delete several things I am not using. But for some of the /system/app and /system/priv-app directories I do not know what functionality is behind and if it safe to delete. I have started this thread as a help also for others...
  5. V

    Thread VMi Theme [V4] for All Galaxy Devices: Inspired by the iPhone XS! [Updated 18/9/18]

    Hello Everyone! This is VMiTheme! Inspired by the iPhone XS Features- iOS Alike Icon Pack iOS inspired User Interface iPhone Xs Inspired Nav Bar iOS Alike QS tiles more to come V4 is up, Report any bugs you find! See 2nd Post for Downloads and Screenshots! NOTE The v4 is specific to s9...
  6. skeleton1911

    Thread [ROM] [31/08] Umidigi Z2 | Eragon V 2.0 |20180726 Base| 8.1 |Clean| AOSP Mix

    * Based on latest Umidigi Z2 Base * Android 8.1.0 * Patched Boot.img * Increased battery life * Systemless Root * Ramdisk Tweaks * Bloatware removed * Non recent limits * Memory optimizations * Tweaked for better battery and performance * Support almost 24 hours a day * AND MANY MORE ...
  7. railpressureflip

    Thread Wiped all partitions in twrp, now flashing a rom gives me a bootloop

    So I was stupid enough to wipe all partitions (Data, system, internal storage etc) thinking that I'll do a super clean install of the new update. Now I flash the new file (which I downloaded from the official website), it flashes just fine but gives me a bootloop. I have (or had) root and can...
  8. Androidmarketuser

    Thread [GUIDE] Factory Reset Your Elite ROM w/ microG & retaining clean functionality

    Hello, the purpose of this guide is to show how to retain functionality after doing a factory reset on every ROM. The problem is that the preinstalled gapps may not be working (login not possible), even after enabling and setting autostart in MiAssistant. Therefore some guides (e.g. this newest...
  9. T

    Thread [HOW TO] Remove OEM Bloatware From S8/S8+

    Prerequisites - ADB - Your phone How To - Connect phone to computer - Download Package List - Open Package List and find an app ID you want to uninstall - Type these commands adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0 <package id> So to uninstall the Samsung Keyboard, the command would be this: adb...
  10. J

    Thread [App][4.0+] Utility App: Max Precision, Ad-free, Lightweight( pkg size < 0.08 MB )

    Major Features: 1. Accurate & Max precision in any conversion results. Refer to the screenshots as below. 2. Pure and Ad-free. Not only is the app Ad-free, but it requires almost NO "Application Permissions" at all. As a result, the app is clean, safe, and reliable enough. 3...
  11. Dissambler

    Thread [APP] Ultra Booster - 10x Fast Charger - Apps Booster- App Manager - Cache Cleaner

    Download now Ultra Booster highlights: ? Fast and effective: The advanced scanning system cleans all the junk files. ? Lightning fast: Boosts memory, cleans the cache, and saves battery life... all in just seconds! ? Battery Saver: Ultra Booster kills useless, battery-hogging background...
  12. S

    Thread ROM wanted, clean, minimal, simple, fast

    Hey guys, I am a minimalistic guy. I am using the Superman ROM since I got my S7 DUOS G930 FD in about April this year. It's a great ROM, however, I am not very happy so far. I want a ROM where I know that it is pure and clean. No bloatware, no mods, no special animations and stuff around...
  13. razorsbk

    Thread Question about lockscreen cleaned apps (closed apps)

    Usually after i unlock the phone i see a notification that during lockscreen the following apps were cleaned (closed) in order to reduce power consumption. I dont really want to close my chrome or some other apps every time i leave the phone locked for a longer time, but i can't find an option...
  14. B

    Thread The best app for optimize and cleaner

    thanks my friend for come to my thread. here, I want to ask to all of you about optimize and cleaner app. are all of that app really work for optimize and cleaner phone? if yes, which the better app for it? and if the answer is no, how should I do to optimize and clean my phone? thanks for you...
  15. R

    Thread Internal Storage Clean up

    Hi, may be a noob question, but after flashing some roms (only wipe cache/dalwik,system,data -> not internal storage) i have now under settings > storage : 7 GO used in internal storage with Android System 5.6 Go. Is this normal ? Or shall i do a clean up with either factory reset or flash...

    Thread Which Cleaning APPS do you need? Battery, Cache, RAM, Disk Clean, Virus and Ad Block

    I am wondering what kind of APPs does your phone need to improve its various performances. I used to use all of these. But then I read that the new OS doesn't need them. In fact these apps hurts performance. What do you guys think? 1) Battery saving (e.g. DU Battery) 2) Cache cleaners...
  17. D

    Thread [MOD] [UPDATE] OxygenOS cleaner [V2.5] [OOS4] [ZIP]

    Hi, i want just to share my little script. This ZIP delete some unused stuff from the system, like Google Play Music and all the "test" apps. You can run it directly after a fresh system installation and also if run your full setup and just want to clean a bit up. PS. when there is an update...
  18. R

    Thread Any Script to clean kernels in Nexux 5X?

    Hi, in my old Samsung S3, we had a script to load with a Custom Recovery to clean the current kernel before install a new one. Is there any other script like this for our Nexus 5x? Thanks
  19. jelbo

    Thread Z4 safe to debloat info-spreadsheet

    The stock ROMs are shipped with a huge amount of bloatware, from which I see many processes active when opening a task manager. Let's freeze/disable or uninstall crap we don't need :cowboy: You can disable many apps without root from Android's app manager, but you'll need root for many of them...
  20. B

    Thread Hard reset / Wipe out / Clean ROM install

    Hy guys, I own a L02 and I was switching from developer to standard and then back to developer, mainly using this downgrade solution posted here on the forums. As I did mainly "dirty" switches I have the feeling that something is not quite as it should be. I do not have a lot of problems but the...
  21. Y

    Thread NOTE 5 Port N910F (Completely STOCK)?

    I love the NOTE 5 ports for the Note 4 because they are truly awesome, however I have yet to come across a decent rom that does not have a branded reboot menu, by branded i mean, the reboot menu displays the devs name. Also, the added settings options in the settings.apk. Those are all terrible...
  22. Battlehero

    Thread CM/AOSP based ROM Cleaning Script

    This file can be flashed in recovery, it will remove the bloat that is pre-installed (I know there isn't much). The script will change the region from US to GB in the build.prop It will install: /system/app Google Keyboard SuperSU (the following apps can be un-installed once you boot up)...
  23. mastero9017

    Thread [CM13][CMTE][THEME] Nuclear UI - Pure Material Design [24/05/16]

    Flat, smooth and colorful Material Design theme for CM13/CM12/CM12.1 What's Included/Themed: Support for CM13/CM12/CM12.1/Euphoria/AOSIP/Liquid Smooth/NamelessRom/Illusion ROMs Themed over 42 apps! Themed Framework (switches/checkboxes/styles) Completely new flat Android keyboard Updated...
  24. terirem

    Thread [Q] How to clean my phone's camera optical lens

    I have bought used phone but haven't got the time to check everything. Eventually, I saw pictures had something like rust stains all over them. I thought it was the protective glass, tried to polish it, but eventually, I dismantled the phone's protective plastic (including the camera protective...
  25. erikasnoske

    Thread CM12/CM12.1 permanent bloatware removal (addon.d)

    Original link to the thread Also, I am attaching a zip file, which is basically the same, just also removes a stock gallery. I really hate it and I prefer QuickPic, which is the wayyyyy better: Any problems? Comment below! :)
  26. B

    Thread [INFO] Fire OS App List / Debloat / Factory Images

    PART 2 of 2 - SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION, TWEAKS, RECOVERY, FACTORY IMAGES, TIPS Picture for stock lock screen: ./sdcard0/lock/user-photo/user_photo.jpg ./sdcard0/lock/user-photo/user_photo_thumbnail.jpg Replaced the original JPGs with a black 1x1 px JPG. Change / Replace Lock Screen: I used "Next...
  27. Fant0m3

    Thread Clean All Caches

    I wanted to share a script for cleaning all caches without rebooting to recovery. If this is the wrong place please forgive me or if its already posted forgive me I have never seen it. Just thought it may be helpful to some. :o 1) Download a script manager or if you already have one next step 2)...
  28. K

    Thread [SOLVED] Completely re-stock from 5.0.1 for Edge upgrade

    Solved this one on my own. Went from LolliGPE 5.0.1 with Elite kernel and TWRP, S-OFF and unlocked to stock VZW 5.0.1, S-ON and locked. Here's what I did: 1) Remove developer warnings. Follow the instructions on this thread. Unsure if this is entirely necessary as the next step probably takes...
  29. A

    Thread [Q] Best clean/streamlined ROM?

    Hi all, I may root and install a custom rom on my tablet but just wondering which is the best one without alot of junk that would run quicker than stock Lollipop? I have disabled most of the apps as I only use the tablet for movies/games/youtube, some net browsing. Cheers
  30. T

    Thread [Q] Can I clean my phone screen safely with 99% isopropyl alcohol?

    Wondering if I can safely clean my phone screen with just 99% isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber cloth
  31. T

    Thread [Q] white moto x 2014

    there's a black spot on the back is there a way to remove it? doesn't come off using pencil eraser or rubbing it with my fingas.
  32. I

    Thread [APP] Speed Booster Memory Cleaner

    Speed Booster Memory Cleaner is a simple Android optimizer and cleaner master. If your phone or tablet is lagging or slowing down. You would love Speed Booster Memory Cleaner free that is a processor optimizer and memory cleaner. The app does this by freeing up & clean the wasted system...
  33. wanam

    Thread [ROM][N910C][12 Nov][OJ5 V3.2][Odex][Xposed] WanamLite Clean Stock

    Welcome to WanamLite Rom for Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C. /!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\ /!\ By flashing this Rom you void your warranty /!\ /!\ I don't take any responsibility for any Damage /!\ /!\ Do not try it on any other Note 4 variants /!\ This Rom is a...
  34. H

    Thread [Q] No service on phone

    So I posted this on the general android help section but didn't get much help so I'll post here too: Hi everyone, I have an LG Optimus G (F180K) and I've been using it fine for the last couple years and most recently under the V30D firmware which is KitKat 4.4.2. I've flashed CM11 and MIUI on...
  35. A

    Thread [Q] How do I push zip file from PC to tablet in TWRP?

    I did something stupid and I am embarrassed to say I don't know how to get out of it. I didn't back up my ROM, and I ended up wiping everything. I lost the zip file that I had and now I can't flash it. I am unable to use TWRP's menu to mount the USB. The only option I see mount USB-OTG but it...
  36. HeartBroken

    Thread [APP][3.0+] Simple Torch

    Hey this is another Simple.Beautiful, Lightweight, Ad-Free Torch app. Here is the link to it on Google Play. Please note that it may not work with some devices so let me know if it doesn't and i will try to fix...
  37. B

    Thread [Q] Virginize I9505

    Hello! I've read this post but I'm still unable to find answers. I need to send my phone to repairs because the proximity sensor is not working. I have flashed new modem, new kernel, new rom and Philz Recovery so it's pretty much voided...
  38. joelalmeidaptg

    Thread [ROM][4.4][OMNI][14/05] ♪★● LOSTVIRGINITY V2 ●★♫ Samsung Taste | Sony Taste | AROMA!

    [ROM][4.4][OMNI][14/05] ♪★● LOSTVIRGINITY V2 ●★♫ Samsung Taste | Sony Taste | AROMA! -- Welcome to the Virginity ROM topic! -- Hello fellow XDA user! Welcome to the LostVirginity ROM, a ROM based on KitKat OmniROM with a stock feeling that will blow your mind! I decided to create this ROM...
  39. shaditya

    Thread [Q] Dirty Camera Lens

    I recently got my camera lens replaced from the micromax service centre and ever since that day my phone camera is plagued with dust and dirt getting stuck inside the camera lens. I got it cleaned 3 times from the service centre but they keep saying that we can't do anymore. Is there...
  40. broodplank1337

    Thread [SCRIPT] Proprietary Lib Cleaner (silence logcat spammers with ease)

    Proprietary Lib Cleaner (PLC) Linux shell script that allows you to silence certain lines from chatty proprietary binaries/libs which makes logcat actually readable, instead of it getting spammed by binaries such as mpdecision or thermal-engine. Made with intention to be easily extensible for...
  41. A

    Thread [Q] Why are there no slim roms?

    This is a quick little question. I haven't been able to find a ROM that was just a smooth minimal debloated ROM. X-Note is full of a tonne of crap I don't need and it doesn't look like someone has made a 'stock close to AOSP' ROM. No offense meant, they're just not for me. Anyone have any good...
  42. B

    Thread [GPL] [KERNEL] AeroKernel - 09.03.2015

    Hello guys, let me present to you my Moto G Kernel. Its based upon the stock Moto G kernel source and was build for the stock ROM. The main goal for this kernel is to improve battery life while keeping up a reasonable performance. Features; Added my own hotplug-driver (disabled mpdecision)...
  43. broodplank1337

    Thread [ROM][KVT49L]AOSP 4.4.2 from source (Alpha 01)

    The reason I post my ROM here is because I'm soon starting with a new rom, broodROM KitKat which will also be available for the Note 3, So I figured why not test it on my current AOSP ROM (to see if there is any trouble on compiling, but no!). This AOSP is based on the real Google AOSP, no real...
  44. ColeTrain!

    Thread 4.3 General wiping and preparatory instructions - Sprint Galaxy Note 2 L900 all ROM's

    I was happy as a lark with TWRP. But 4.3 happened and it is a new process. There are variations, here is one way to get your phone and 4.3 to play nice together. I'm on Sprint Galaxy Note 2 and if you are coming to a 4.3 or 4.4 for the first time, or having trouble. Try this first! I give...
  45. GæxD

    Thread [WALLPAPERS] 81 Clean and Beautiful Wallpapers

    Hi guys, this is my wallpapers pack. Sorry if anyone is owner of wallpapers, but I've been downloading randomly and I don't remember the credits. Anything contact me via PM :angel: PREVIEW DOWNLOAD HERE CREDITS: Wallbase
  46. joelalmeidaptg

    Thread [ROM+KERNEL][25/08][ANR6] ♪★● VIRGINITY V14 ●★♫ S5 Taste | Blazing fast | AROMA!

    [ROM+KERNEL][25/08][ANR6] ♪★● VIRGINITY V14 ●★♫ S5 Taste | Blazing fast | AROMA! -- Welcome to the Virginity ROM topic! -- Hello fellow XDA user! Welcome to the Virginity ROM, a clean and fast stock ROM that will blow your mind! I decided to create this ROM since not a single already...
  47. bluflight

    Thread [SCRIPT GT-I9505] BluMak2000 Universal Kernel Cleaning 6.6 by BluMak TEAM

    Hi guys, we are an Italian dev team, and we are here to present us first Kernel Cleaning. We make this script motivated by the need to have a script to clean situation before flash a new custom kernel. If we miss to put something inside script let us to know and we will update script ;) ONLY...
  48. D

    Thread [Utility] CleanFlasher / & Get your phone ready for 4.3

    Some words about my little Script: I would describe myself as a flashoholic and kinda perfectionist. I try a lot of different Roms and to get the best results I always want to start from scratch and have a clean base for the new Rom. So I decided to write a little script that automates the...
  49. Luisit0

    Thread [Q] How do I clean a black One's back??

    So I got a black HTC One and barely 15 minutes after using it, it already had fingerprints. But, that's not the problem... The problem is, no matter what kind of cloth I use (the one that came with InvisibleShield, the ones that came with all my old phone's screen protectors, the ones my old...
  50. A

    Thread [Q] getting rid of apps

    I have pages of apps on my schi535. In 4.2.2 these show as apps you load from the apps page instead of the home pages. I would like to get rid of the ones I don't plan on using again. Titanium and superuser file utilities have not expunged these. Please tell me how to get them completely...