1. V

    Thread Car system clock reset after android radio switch on

    Hello, I have an annoying problem. After connecting the android px5 radio with a canbus decoder, it resets the system clock in the car. As You can see on my movie: When I do not connect the canbus decoder - the clock does not reset. - changed mcu - I replaced the canbus decoder with a new...
  2. michele.pinassi

    Thread Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock

    I've bought one Mi Smart Clock. I love this device: so compact, nice and solid design, a 4inch LCD screen, WiFi and BT capabilities. There's "too much google" for me, so i'm wondering if it's possible to hack it and run a custom firmware. Connecting an USB on boot, firstly i got a MediaTek...
  3. Stefanos53


    Hello!!! The Fancy Widgets is the app for clock & weather widget SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD APK
  4. Stefanos53

    Thread [APP] [MOD] [1.5+] FLIP CLOCK

    Hi!!! Flip Clock is the best clock application to put it on the home screen of your phone!!! :) RECUIRES: ANDROID 1.5 (CUPCAKE) AND UP DOWNLOAD
  5. B

    Thread Clock widget center alignment not functioning

    My home screen clock widget alignment is messed up recently. I'm not sure whether it was after an update. The clock doesn't center align anymore neither in dual clock mode nor as a single clock. It either switches to the far left or the right. Is there a fix for this? I have restarted the phone...
  6. V

    Thread Clock resets in the counter after waking up the radio - Mercedes W639 Viano

    I bought an Android 10 4 / 64GB DSP radio, connected it, added cameras and everything works. I coded with Star Diagnose so that it would not take the time from the GPS and the only problem that appeared was the watch in the odometer was set to 01:07 after waking up the radio. When I unplug the...
  7. C

    Thread Question Alarm Clock failure

    If the alarm clock or countdown starts during an application in the background, it cannot be ended. Only a restart will end the alarm. stable 12.5.11
  8. jljtgr

    Thread Clock unable to set alarms?

    I did a bunch of app updates and rebooted my phone and noticed that the alarm icon was gone from the notification bar. I opened Clock and the Alarm tab was completely blank. I cleared the data of the Clock app and instead of being blank, it said "No Alarms". I tried manually adding an alarm...

    Thread Wall clock

    New life for your old devices. From an old unnecessary smartphone or tablet with this app, you will have a stylish wall or table clock. Even if your old smartphone has a damaged touch screen (touchscreen), you can connect a wired mouse (via USB->microUSB adapter) and then install and configure...
  10. J

    Thread Dual status bar - dsb mods for poco F1 (both left and right)

  11. Hamza417

    Thread [APP][6.0+]Positional: GPS, Compass, Time, Sun, Moon, Twilight

    Positional is a location based app that utilizes the phone's GPS hardware and fetches various details of the current latitude and longitude data like Altitude, Speed, Address and similar other information and show it in easily understandable format to the user. Along side this main functionality...
  12. M

    Thread One plus clock on custom roms

    Hi guys, I saw on one plus forum that oneplus 3 supports power off alarm on stock oxygen with its oos clock app. Is it true? If yes, is it possible to install it even on custom roms? Thanks
  13. O

    Thread Missing 'Google Assistant Routine' in the Google Clock app alarm tab

    Hello I am from Europe, Switzerland, and i have a Pixel 5 ordered from Germany. While my Pixel 2 XL since a long time shows 'Google Assistant Routine' in the Google Clock app alarm tab, on my Pixel 5 this is missing. I googled about this problem, but it seems nobody has this issue. I set up...
  14. T

    Thread How do I disable or hide the clock on my Kindle Paperwhite 3 Status bar on top

    Hi all I'd like to hide or disable the clock on the home page status bar. I couldn't find any relevant option in the settings. Perhaps there's another way to get into the device and hide the clock? Thanks vin
  15. alienator88

    Thread [Substratum] AOD ClockStyles

    AOD ClockStyles Via this substratum theme you can change the look of the new Beta14 digital clock 2 and typographic clock, which are my favorite. There are 9 different color choices that will affect both clocks. This will only work if you are on Beta14 or higher since these clocks don't exist in...
  16. A

    Thread OnePlus clock problems oos 10.x.x

    So I have multiple issues with the clock - timers do not pop up when finished, nor does the notifiy take me to the app. I set a timer (either manually or via hey google) and leave the app, and lock the screen. When the timer finishes, the screen lights up, but doesn't take me to the timer...
  17. Goldenmeadow

    Thread Ambient display alternative

    Hi everyone! I'd like to have clock shown on the phone all the time - i.e. ambient display. From what I see, there is only option for new notifications to be shown... What are my alternatives? What's the best app you guys using? Thanks!!!!
  18. wtx1033

    Thread [Q] Alarm volume mutes itself!

    for about a month the goddamn alarm started to mute itself! i don't know what causes this but it already screwed me once. would using another alarm app other than the stock clock solve this issue? or anything else?
  19. sandhu4

    Thread [WLP][4.3+] Fusion Watch Face and Live Wallpaper

    FUSION WATCH FACE AND CLOCK LIVE WALLPAPER Fusion is Fully customizable Aviator style, Wear OS (Android Wear) Watch Face and Clock Live Wallpaper for all Phones. With many more features. ScreenShots: Free Downloads:
  20. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] XPERIA Clock (No Sony Device required)

    You can set one or several Alarms and use any Sound File saved on your Device as the Alarm Signal. The Alarm does not sound if your Device is turned off. The Alarm Time Format displayed is the same as the Format you select for your general Time Settings, for example, 12-Hour or 24-Hour NFO...
  21. H

    Thread Android 9 "Pie" - How to move the status bar clock away from the left side

    Google, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that the status bar clock has to be on the left side because of phones with a selfie camera notch at the top. I have such a phone, a OnePlus 6T, but I always have enough free space on the right side of the status bar, but not enough on the left side...
  22. O

    Thread Hide clock on lockscreen

    Hello, I have a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with miui 10 latest, rooted with Magisk I would like to hide the clock on the lockscreen because I want to replace it with the active wallpaper that comes with LWP LCD Clock app, but I have a problem; See images here...
  23. D

    Thread No Alarm

    Hey guys. Sometimes I have a lil problem. My alarm clock isnt ringing. Doesn't matter if I change the settings. (Battery, Power management) It's not in optimization list. BTW it also persists after switching to revolution OS. It's not often but it happens. I never had this on other phones...
  24. E

    Thread [Exposed Module][Pie] NavigationBar Clock

    A simple module that puts a clock on the navigation bar. I personally use it to get a little more space for the notification icons on the statusbar, using gravitybox to move the clock to the center[1]. The module only puts the clock on the navigation bar when the device is in portrait. The clock...
  25. D

    Thread [REQUEST] Samsung Clock on Lockscreen for OnePlus 6

    Hello guys! AICP has the option to change the clock style on lockscreen. My idea was to make a magisk module to change it into samsung clock. Maybe there is someone with same interests and could also do it?:confused: I don't even know if it's possible... Lol ^^
  26. MatoXD

    Thread Alarm clock volune turning down

    Hi I have this problem, where my alarm clock volume turns down to about 25% automatically. This started happening about 3 weeks ago, at first it got suspicious, then I checked alarm volume before I went sleep that it's full, at the morning when I missed my school I checked and sound was to...
  27. S

    Thread Default clock not showing remaining time while setting alarm.

    Hi, I am using realme 2 pro on latest Color OS stable update. This issue/lack of feature had been since day 1. There is no remaining time popup from alarm clock like it is there in default stock google clock or MIUI clock or any other ROM clock. Whenever I set alarm for a particular time, the...
  28. oneandroidnut

    Thread Move clock back to right side?

    Is it possible to move the clock back to the right side like on oreo and previous versions of android?
  29. S

    Thread Clock App that forces Tablet to stay Unlocked

    I have old DigiLand tablet running Lollipop 5.1, not rooted. I just got a couple of Google Home minis and want to use it to run my Tasker/Autovoice scripts. My problem is that the screen keeps locking. I went into developer options and clicked on Stay Awake, so as long as it's sitting at the...
  30. yoallen78

    Thread Question - Is there a way to modify the clock in the status bar to display seconds?

    My previous phone was a Motorola X Pure Edition that was rooted with Xposed and Gravity Box installed. Within Gravity box, you could modify the clock in the status bar to display the seconds timer along with the hour and minutes. I am wondering is there a build.prop edit that can be made...
  31. I

    Thread Request : Stock digital clock widget modified

    Can anyone take the stock digital clock widget 5X1 and a)change the font to roboto thin b)make it 2X1 c)remove the date ?
  32. he6rt6gr6m

    Thread LG G5 Weather/Clock Widget

    Having come from the G5 to this beast of a phone, there's almost everything I want. But I did love the effect of that G5 Widget. Does anyone know how to port it over? I've tried installing the APKs readily available on the web for it, but all of them crash when I try to use them. Possible...
  33. L

    Thread [APP][BETA][5.0+] WallNot - LWP with Network Status, Notifications, Clock & Battery

    [APP][BETA][5.0+] WallNot - LWP with Network Status, Notifications, Clock & Battery App is no more at beta stage, thread was moved here: CLICK Hi, this is my first LWP app here :mad: I always wanted to have Live Wallpaper with neat customizable style, digital clock, battery status...
  34. wanderer1479

    Thread Clock Weather St. Patrick's Day

    This application will help you to find out information about weather quickly, and it was inspired by St. Patrick's day. If you are the type of person who likes to know everything about weather, and you want it to be available to you wherever you are, then this application is perfect for you...
  35. D

    Thread N8_Clock with Date_battery percent

    Hi, Does any one know of a way to add date to the top clock, and battery percent in battery icon? Preferably not root, just apps customization and ADB hacks. Thanks, Daniel
  36. Jaws4God

    Thread Watchface User Interface and Watchface Combo

    I am not sure if you all are like me.. but I have been searching far and wide for a great combination of quick access interface and also a watch face that was functional but also had a quick and easy way to see the time.. For me I found these 2 work great together: Wear Mini Launcher **...
  37. wanderer1479

    Thread Neon Weather Clock Widget

    Everyone wants to know what the weather is like, and there is nothing better when that kind of information is available at your fingerprints. With the newest Neon Weather Clock Widget app you will have access to the best forecasts for free, and you will also be able to decorate your device and...
  38. Immortalis

    Thread No clock on Ambient Display when notification comes & issue w/ DND

    Hi, currently I'm on OOS 4.5.1 (with all addons as the signature says) and it's working great, but there are two things that are irritating me: Ambient display - when a notification comes, the clock isn't displayed (to see it, I have to pick up the phone). Ambi-Turner doesn't help. The issue...
  39. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Learn Clock's Time to your Kids

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Learn Clock's Time, an application letting you to teach to your kids how to read the clock's time easily with fun. Learn Clock's Time is available on the Google Play Store in both versions : - Free supported by Ads ...
  40. T

    Thread [Watchface] Analog - Your Watchface

    Analog is designed for users to have complete control over their watchface. It is simple and minimal. This watchface is amoled friendly, and is very battey conservative. The customizations make this watchface truly yours; you set it how you want it. The settings are changeable directly from the...
  41. T

    Thread P9 with EMUI 5.0 - Stock Alarm app is suddenly bugged, deleted alarm rings randomly

    This is really pissing me off, I have had this phone for 2 weeks and now all the sudden the stock alarm app has gone crazy. No alarm is shown on the screen or status bar, the sound used was what i have used previously but i have tried deleting all the alarm, deleting the ringtone, clearing the...
  42. H

    Thread Can't apply weather clock.

    I downloaded weather clock on htc themes app, But I can't apply some clock on my htc 10. I downloaded "mountain and lake" theme. This clock looks like htc u11. And I went to" Edit current theme", "Weather clock" and applied what I downloaded theme. My screen clock(?) changed but lock screen...
  43. M

    Thread [APP][Widget][5.0+] Nap Alarm Clock

    Hi everyone, I'm currently developing a app called "Nap Alarm Clock". This alarm app provide various way to help you wake up and easy to take a nap :) You can use it as an alarm (make noise and wake whole family up) or just play ringtone via headphone and wake up only you. Many color style...
  44. mad_g

    Thread How Add Weather Provider in cLock Widget?

    Hello, I am a regular user of CyanogenMod, and now from LineageOS, I have always used the cLock widget to see weather and calendars. But since it starts using LineageOS, there is no way to add a weather provider on the widget. Anyone know how to solve this fault? Thank you P.D.: I have searched...
  45. P

    Thread [REQUEST] Dual clock on status bar

    Hi there. I was wondering if it is possible to create a module that adds a second clock to the status bar. I live abroad, and I used to use xposed for that (there's a module called XDualStatusClock which worked great) so I could have my home country and tmy residence country's time on the...
  46. Flame Red

    Thread Is there a way to change the clock on the Always On Display?

    Folks, I tried searching but I probably am not using the proper keywords. Is there anyway to change the clock on the Always On Display? The Hour is displayed above the Minutes. I would like a more traditional HH:MM all on one line if possible. Anyway to do this on a Rooted phone? Thanks in...
  47. ytheekshana

    Thread [APP] Xperia Weather 1.3.A.1.16beta [New Clock & Weather widget] [17 March 2017 ]

    Today we are publishing a new version of the Xperia Weather application to the open beta! (1.3.A.1.16) This update contains several bug fixes as well as new features, which are all listed below. New Features: - Clock & Weather widget - Our main new feature, as many of you have already seen...
  48. flyer_andy

    Thread How to enable SystemUI Tuner in stock B15 Nougat (root not required)

    Hey case you'd like to access the SystemUI Tuner, you can do so by creating a shortcut to activity "SystemUI/.DemoMode" (see screenshot attached). Activity launch widgets can be added in numerous ways but the easiest in my view is with Nova Launcher, which allows you to add a...
  49. B

    Thread status bar clock AM/PM

    hey xda, quick question I'd like to make the AM/PM in the status bar large. right now its capital AM/PM but its only half the height of the clock font, and I want it full height. Running Insertcoin 5.0.2, Rooted and Xposed. I have only found xposed mods to switch clock from AM/PM to am/pm. If...
  50. daavid1995

    Thread [ZIP][OOS] Center Clock Mod OB12/4.0.3

    CENTER CLOCK MOD FOR OB12 & 4.0.3 I made a ZIP for center clock mod for my privat use & now I want to share it with you. It's only 24h clock or 12h clock without am/pm. Everything is on your on risk & I am not responsible for bricked devices or something like that! Just to note, I am not a...