1. xosmox2

    Thread Hard-bricked iPhone 12 PRO MAX Clone

    I have a iPhone 12 Pro max Clone, i got it bricked and i tried in the past to flash firmwares using SP flash tool. I dont have a backup of it and the only details i have on it are these : Hardware : MT6580 Model : Pro_Max12 Build number : MRA58K test-keys Build date UTC : 20201202-120059...
  2. M

    Thread Any Custom Rom for Clone S23 Ultra?

    Hi there's Any Custom Rom for s23 ultra clone? I bought this one in a yard sale for 20 bucks hahaha. But the stock Firmware is so bad. I wanna Change it and use the device like retro emu. So...Anyone can help me?
  3. med4u

    Thread How can I clone the firmware of two Android phones with identical hardware?

    I have two Huawei Mate 10 Pro (BLA-L29 / C432) bought new in 2018. The first one has EMUI 12 on it for about 6 months and works without problems, the second one does a boot loop ("Your device has failed verification ...") after the update from EMUI 9 to EMUI 10 few days ago. The update process...
  4. R

    Thread "Snapshot", "Save State" or "Clone" of Android OS

    I'm working with around 100 Android Devices at work and on a weekly basis, I have staff coming to me advising their devices have bugs (calls drop, audio drops, poor battery, buggy performance, laggy performance, etc...). Often, the way to resolve these issues is to just factory reset the device...
  5. lemagedurage

    Thread [TOOL] CloneMyApp - Android APK Cloner

    I couldn't find a straightforward way to clone Android apps, without watermarks and such, so I created to do just that. Features Upload an APK file, choose a name, wait, download the cloned APK The clone APK has a new package name, which allows for installing the clone alongside...
  6. ayeitslit

    Thread (NEW) MT6580 I13 PRO MAX (BRICKED) HELP

    Bricked my clone phone, sp tool gives me brom error, i did not make a backup, still New to this. Any help?
  7. mkorbman

    Thread Clone x98 s500

    Hi, let me describe my need: I have a x98 s500 and I am installing on it our company app, downloading all the content the app requires, and configuring android settings. Now I need to clone this exact setup with our app, content downloaded, android settings onto 2000 exact same x98 s500...
  8. Gunstra

    Thread Android Emulator with Sim Clone?

    Question for you...Is there any Android Emulator that will let me clone my phone (enter my imei and sim card number) so that I can download my 106k photos and videos on the Verizon Cloud? All the emulators I have tried say I need to insert a sim when opening Verizon cloud app?
  9. Floof.

    Thread So, i need help with a iPhone 12 pro max clone (twrp)

    So, im trying to install a custom rom because this iOS skin is laggy and havent found any version of twrp that is compatible with my phone. I tried a few that told me they were compatible with mt6580 and kernel 3.18.19+ but still no luck, when trying to go into recovery mode it sends me back to...
  10. P

    Thread Xiaomi Camera New Features for Merlin

    Hi, I wonder if there is any way to get new camera features like "Long Exposure", "Clone", etc on Redmi note 9. I found a guide that indicates, installing the latest apk via ADB would enable these features on our device. I tried this with no success. Any suggestions?
  11. Ayra Hikari

    Thread How To Guide Clone Any APPS into Dual Messenger (OneUI 3.1)

    How to clone any apps into dual messenger, WITHOUT 3rd party apps. Requirements 1. PC that have any OS 2. Your pc installed adb version 31.0.2 or later How To Clone with PC (Simple) 1. Download AyraDualApps on your PC 2. Make sure you've enabled developer settings and enable debug settings 3...
  12. bthoven

    Thread How to clone from Poco f1 to f2 pro?

    Hi, I’m about to get my Poco F2 Pro (8/256). What is the best way to clone app and data from my Poco F1? Thank you.
  13. S

    Thread Clarification on Cloning and Modding Apps

    Hello. Guys. I have an Educational app. I had cloned it to unlock features for my personal use. Is it legal and safe. [I won't publish/share/propagate to anywhere] and Can the original app publishers detect the cloned app? or the information of the modification of app which I cloned it?
  14. P

    Thread What is the best app to clone other applications ?

    Can someone suggest me some lightweight app cloning application ? It does not have to be free but has to be good. :) Must have for me i a possibility to turn off it from background running, i don't need any notifications from cloned apps.
  15. B

    Thread How to clone an S7 to another S7?

    Hi, Short: How to clone an S7 to another S7? Long: I want to transfer everything from my old S7 to a new S7. Both are G930F. What I did: - full NAND Backup with TWRP to external sdcard - copy internal storage to external sdcard - root and full wipe new S7 - restore NAND backup and internal...
  16. R

    Thread [ANDROID][GAME] Minesweeper Turn - where time does not matter

    Hi guys! as a fan of Minesweeper I developed a clone with modified game system. It is not important how fast the player is, but how good is in identifying safe and mine tiles. After identifying the tiles the player makes a turn. Time does not matter, but number of turns does. The goal is to have...
  17. TomPiXX

    Thread Customize App Twin List

    Hey, on older Huawei devices you were able to add any app you want to the App Twin feature using this method: It doesn't seem to work anymore for the M20P. Does anybody know if something changed...
  18. S

    Thread Galaxy S9 Plus Clone (MT6580) Bricked!

    So we got this phone, was mostly using it for fun since the battery on it was very good (even better than my real s9), I decided to root it. I followed this guide, and after unlocking bootloader and installing twrp everything went down hill. Anyway I don't want to go into the details of my...
  19. GameBuster13

    Thread Galaxy Note 8 Clone Problem

    hi, i have a note 8 clone that i need to bring back to life. Specs: Hardware : MT6580 1/8GB Model : SM-N9500 Build number : MMB29K.G950FXXU1APFO Build date UTC : 20170831-103530 Android v : 7.0 Baseband v: MOLY.WR8.W1449.MD.WG.MP.V23.P8, 2016/07/25 16:07 Kernel v : 3.10.0-2828982 (dpi@SWHC3603)...
  20. V

    Thread Alfawise Tab 7.9 inch, an iPad clone with great performances but....

    Hi all, I've noticed the Alfawise Tab tablet on Gearbest Mod Edit: Selling site link removed. As reviewed by some, this tablet seems great at a very low cost. It has the screen, the sounds, the battery, the form factor etc... Mod Edit: Video link removed for promoting selling site. Sadly...
  21. R

    Thread Huawei - How to activate clone app function

    if this is old news, please forgive me...however... I used to use this method to clone my whatsapp to use with my 2 different lines: however ever since updating to EMUI 5.0.1 this seems to not be...
  22. F

    Thread Hardware key control mode / How to full clone?

    Hi all, The gf's LG G3 took a fritz a few days ago. Been working absolutely fine from new (18 months), but now it comes up with "Hardware key control mode" on power up. I have tried the 3 finger power up to turn off this mode, but it just comes straight back on once booted. I have also replaced...
  23. L

    Thread Extracting TTS from Android

    Hi everyone, I have had OnePlus 1, 2 and 3T. Now I have Nomus S30. So I have had Android from v4 to v7 and noticed this in everyone I had. I am from Lithuania, but I don't like the menu translation on android, so I use English language all the time. I see that I can not choose Voice Output in...
  24. wolfaas12345

    Thread Needed iphone 7 plus clone firmware

    I bought this iphone 7 plus clone and well i had problems with google play so i started experimenting and now i messed the phone up to the point where only thing i can do is flash it using flashtool Info i have Cpu MTK6582 1GB RAM 4GB ROM alps.kk1.mp1.v2.46 i looked for rom a lot but i cant...
  25. romulocarlos

    Thread [HELP] Create a nandroid backup (Xperia C6 Clone/China)

    Hello. So, as I described here, I success got root on this device. Now, I want a full backup in case things going bad. And obvious, a way to restore this backup. I was searching for days for a ROM, but it simply don't exist (yet). This model have an identification (alps l1 mp6 v2 gxq6580 weg l...
  26. S

    Thread How to clone from one N6P to another one -- exactly

    Hi, I might have to send my N6P (64GB) in for service and before I do I'd like to copy its contents onto my other N6P (32GB). I just upgraded and am confident I am still under 32GB of usage. I wonder what the fastest and easiest way to securely copy from one device to the other would be. I have...
  27. blakegriplingph

    Thread [TWRP] Unofficial custom recovery for MT6580-based clones.

    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if your device gets messed up royally, explodes or causes you to go nuts because you couldn't get this thing to work. I'm no expert coder either, but I am willing to fix things as much as I can. I actually did this as there's practically no support whatsoever...
  28. blakegriplingph

    Thread Samsung Keyboard and browser for non-Samsung devices?

    So I got this Galaxy S7 clone a month ago, and I thought whoever made this counterfeit probably forgot to replicate some of the stuff in it like the browser and keyboard, being those two were lifted off an earlier Android version. I was wondering if there are apps taken off similar clones that...
  29. Wiltron

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Full Device Backup and Restore on a PC?

    Hello! I run a computer repair company up in Northern Canada, and I get about 3-5 Android devices a day which are mostly requiring screen repairs. As part of our policies here with desktop/laptop computers and Mac based systems, before any work is done we clone the OS Drive of the machine for...
  30. golokipok

    Thread Change SD card formatted as adoptable storage

    Is it possible to clone/change the SD card formatted as adoptable storage? I recently purchased a 200 gb sd card and planning to migrate the data from my 64 gb sd card. Any ideas how to do it? I tried plugging the 64 gb on my laptop but it was encrypted and it would be impossible to clone it.
  31. O

    Thread How can I copy all my data from a Galaxy S7 edge to a Galaxy S7?

    Hey guys I tried to 'clone' my Galaxy S7 edge to a Galaxy S7, the on board copy tool after startup did only copy a few, I miss basic things (wallpaper settings, app logins and more) What is the best way to copy all the data from one Android to another? Thanks for your help Oli
  32. R

    Thread Problem change WIFI MAC with XT910 after cloning CM12 (safestrap)

    For my company we use quite a few Razr maxx (umts_spyder) and I like them. Unfortunately setting up these devices for every new employee is quite time consuming so I am still hoping that some kind of clone-mechanism will occur. (Quite unlikely, I know). What I am trying now: * installed...
  33. mfmuam

    Thread Download Dual or Multi Instagram

    Someone who needs more Instagram account must be difficult if they always logout then login then logout again and then login again and continiously. Now, a man named "yos4ever" who a member of xda developers has find the solution. He made 5 Instagram can be installed in one device and he say he...
  34. R

    Thread Need Custom Recovery For mtk 6582 Galaxy A500f Clone

    Hello friends.... as u can see in the thread title what i actually want.... a few days ago i flashed twrp recovery official version on my china clone mobile and its not booting properly.... whenever i boot into recovery mode my phone stuck with black screen and after few seconds its reboot and...
  35. modmypod@aayush

    Thread [Completed] [SOLVED][help][need rom+recovery for a mtk 6575 s4 clone]

    SOLVED now SEE THE NEW THREAD ..... Hello, I have a S4 clone which I believe is a cheap ripoff of the original.I ACCIDENTLY :crying: deleted my settings.apk from system/app and now i am unable to access my settings and neither am...
  36. T

    Thread [Q] HTC One M8 Clone ROM (MTK6572) needed

    Does anyone had this model like mine with the same specs? If soo, is there any rom that would suit it? Or does it have similar rom? Afaik the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 has the same specs compared to mine but its soo hard getting them to work (when flashed, it doesn't boot, and sometimes, it has...
  37. s7yler

    Thread HDC Galaxy A5/A5000 (Samsung Galaxy A5 Clone/Replica) 5" IPS HD, MTK6582, Metal Frame

    HDC Galaxy A5/A5000 (Samsung Galaxy A5 Clone/Replica) 5" IPS HD, MTK6582, Metal Frame Unboxing hPIcjMoGUHg Review 2X4x5jRZxdI A replica of the Samsung Galaxy A5, called HDC Galaxy A5. I found this phone on Caymall. The metal build quality is pretty good, but the hardware and software inside...
  38. s7yler

    Thread FOG N4, Advanced S-Pen, MTK6592 1.7GHz, 5.7" IPS HD OGS, IR Sensor, OTG, GorillaGlass

    FOG N4, Advanced S-Pen, MTK6592 1.7GHz, 5.7" IPS HD OGS, IR Sensor, OTG, GorillaGlass MDUSQ7laNBo First USER Unboxing & Hands-on E12P8Y83IWY Full review Find camera samples on my blog page here: FOG = FOCUS ON...
  39. K

    Thread NO.1 N4 Review - Note 4 Clone, 5"HD, MT6582, 1GB RAM, Metal Frame

    The whole review can be read in a nicer format with all pictures in high quality on my blog ;) : The NO.1 N4 (also known as the NO.1 Note 4) is a clone of the popular Galaxy Note 4 with an MT6582 SoC, 5.7″ HD Display, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM. We kindly received...
  40. C

    Thread I don't know what phone i have.

    Yesterday i bought a phone for a very low price, the seller told me that was a Samsung Galaxy S5, but at that price, i couldn't be .. but i bought it anyway. It is in fact a clone, but i don't know what kind. In the information of the phone it says: Hardware : MT6572 Model : G900 Build number ...
  41. s7yler

    Thread NO.1 Plus - Best OnePlus One Clone? HD, KitKat, Hotknot, Smart Features, Theme REVIEW

    Unboxing (Included is also a Flipcover and Hardcase) bP3lv8PIs00 Review (32 minutes) 2IM6cft9YJ8 Camera Samples/Tests (Pretty good camera) s7yler/albums/6100646195872392113 Antutu 5.5 Score: 18.400 The design is very close to the OnePlus One, nearly 1: 1...
  42. K

    Thread NO.1 Mi4 Review - A budget Xiaomi Mi4 Clone

    You can read the full review with all pictures in high quality and the camera pictures on my blog ;): Like the name already implies, the NO.1 Mi4 is a clone of the popular Xiaomi Mi4, but it costs less than the half of the original price. It has an MTK 6582...
  43. P

    Thread [Q] Any custom roms for Micromax canvas 4 plu a315?

    this phone is on sale for quite a few month now but no activity here on XDA. are there any custom roms for this phone? any plans for dedicated threads for this phone? is this a clone of some other chinese phone like coolpad or BLU so we can use those ROMS?
  44. s7yler

    Thread LG G3 Clone 1:1 Circle Cover Test, 5.5" HD 1280x720, MTK6582, KitKat, Knock On [TEST]

    LG G3 Clone 1:1 Circle Cover Test, 5.5" HD 1280x720, MTK6582, KitKat, Knock On [TEST] UNBOXING _L5ZtqJOnIY REVIEW g2VW7bQQ8Rw Camera samples can be found this page: LG G3 Clone 1:1 [REVIEW] Circle Cover Test, 5.5" HD...
  45. s7yler

    Thread [Clone] HDC Galaxy Note 4, N910F 5.7 Inch 720p HD Screen, IR Blaster

    Unboxing frKodskGrEI Full review rmUI6gATNKU Black - newer version 02lSpf-Xcys HDC Galaxy Note 4 specifications: - MTK6582 1.3Ghz Quad-core / Mali 450 GPU - 13MP (8MP interpolated) rearcam, 2MP (5MP interpolated) frontcam - Real 1GB RAM & 8GB ROM (Says 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM) - Real IR Remote /...
  46. s7yler

    Thread NO.1 Mi4 - 1:1 Xiaomi Mi4 Clone/Replica, 5 Inch OGS HD, MIUI, CNC Alloy

    vYfsYfLsOvA UNBOXING VIDEO (No1 Mi4 - Check also the info in the video description) R239UI6On50 FULL REVIEW Camera samples: Battery Test (Non-stop with Antutu Batterytester)...
  47. M

    Thread [Q] What ROM for a Hongmi 1S clone with an MK6582?

    I bought a couple of (what I thought were) Xiaomi Hongmi 1S phones. They work OK, but apparently they are fakes. They are based on an MTK6582 instead of a Snapdragon chip. The problem with them is that when I want to root them, I kept getting error messages (missing scatter). Now I realize that...
  48. s7yler

    Thread Landvo L200G 4G LTE, MTK6582/6290 5" qHD IPS screen, 4.4.2 Kitkat, OnePlus One Clone?

    Landvo L200G 4G LTE, MTK6582/6290 5" qHD IPS screen, 4.4.2 Kitkat, OnePlus One Clone? The Landvo L200G is a budget phone with 4G LTE and a nice design. The design does remind a lot of the one from OnePlus One, but it's not a real clone as the screen size is way different. The specifications are...
  49. R

    Thread [Q] SM-N9006 Speaker (Buzzer) - Spare Part

    Dear Community! I have a problem with my Note 3 clone. My LCD screen was broken, but i found a spare one on Ali*******.com and repaired it, everythings went well except when i assembled the phone i was broke the loudspeaker's connecting pin (ringer, buzzer or call something similar). I tried to...
  50. yos4ever

    Thread [APP] IG Clone - Many Instagram Accounts in One Device --NEW UPDATE..!

    FINALLY, NEW UPDATE.. thanks for all supports. This Apps very motivated me.. so i try to build another... and works very well... thank you for this great apps and big thanks to Me-Nex S for permission. Read his Original Base Apps Thread : HERE please. Just wanna say, this is beautiful apps...