1. V

    Thread Question How to install Huawei apps

    Does anyone know how to install Huawei apps for any Honor device? I mean in particular Huawei Mobile Cloud where can I enable backup of my photos, files, documents, petal maps and so on? I was searching for an apk but there is none...
  2. Gunstra

    Thread Android Emulator with Sim Clone?

    Question for you...Is there any Android Emulator that will let me clone my phone (enter my imei and sim card number) so that I can download my 106k photos and videos on the Verizon Cloud? All the emulators I have tried say I need to insert a sim when opening Verizon cloud app?
  3. astifan

    Thread Development Introducing Windows Universal Tool

    Hello, I would like to introduce a new app I was working on for years The app called Windows Universal Tool or W.U.T as shortcut Overview: WUT was started as cloud client for W10M Community Group, and by time enhanced and extended to be a very advanced & powerful tool. Features: ⦁...
  4. E

    Thread 7 weeks deep

    Google drive? and storage. So I've been utilising Huawei cloud for the past 6 weeks, Please see my previous post 6 weeks deep. Looking at the eco system and the easy sync of the kit its crazy, So i've logged into my Huawei tab & logged my wife in for the experimental purpose to see how it...
  5. d4m4g3

    Thread [Q] Cloud Backup and Call Volume

    This P30Pro is pretty great, but I found two things that stand out... In a bad way. 1) This phone has Cloud backup function but its settings are useless. I Disabled gallery backup (it clearly says Disabled) - it's still backing up the gallery - which is a major privacy problem. It also saves...
  6. M

    Thread Huawei Cloud

    Hi, everything is working fine with my P20 pro and mediapad m5 except for one thing... Huawei cloud, in particular doesn't sync anything. Let me explain, if I create a contact online on cloud website I can't see it on phone or tablet... I've tried to move all contacts on sim too and...
  7. nyttliv7

    Thread Gallery Cloud function

    Ok, I know that Lg Cloud Hub is integrated to the Gallery and how to activate my cloud accounts. Does anyone know how this really works in the background? Is it syncing automatically? I installed the OneCloud app and signed in via settings/accounts. And without doing anything else, all my...
  8. J

    Thread could not find any setting options for backup cloud and frequency in my WhatsApp

    Hi, On the interface of my WhatsApp, "Settings > Chats", when I tapped 'Back up chats'( Refer to screenshot as below ), there would not pop up a window for backup options such as "Back up to Google Drive" option as well as backup frequency. It just showed a 'Backing up messages' window. Refer...
  9. J

    Thread WhatsApp - could not find any setting options for backup cloud and frequency

    On the interface of my WhatsApp, "Settings > Chats", when I tapped 'Back up chats'( Refer to screenshot 1 ), there would not pop up a window for backup options such as "Back up to Google Drive" option as well as backup frequency. It just showed a 'Backing up messages' window. Refer to...
  10. WaPeR32

    Thread Looking for an app like Infuse (iOS)

    Hi! I'm looking for an app to watch movies or TV shows that I previously uploaded to my Google Drive account. In Android I can do that with an Explorer like ES Explorer but it's only an explorer and the built-in player can't play most of the codecs nor I can't use a "open with" to open the...
  11. texaslittleangel

    Thread Samsung Cloud Photo Recovery

    In need of some expert help finding photos stored in the Samsung Cloud. Short story: I fell last month and broke the screen on my phone. Given that I have Samsung Care I called to obtain a replacement which was delivered to a store this past week. I backed-up everything while in store to...
  12. K

    Thread samsung backup unable to perform automatically

    had this issue a while back but it was acknowledged and fixed by samsung with an update but shortly after the update it started happening again where the automatic backup to the samsung clooud doesn't automatically perform and I have to do it manually when the notification comes up that it...
  13. R

    Thread Nextbit servers are shutting down March 1st 2018!

    So its happening.
  14. <<CodeMaster>>

    Thread Onedrive 100GB promotion with S8

    I have become used to the 100GB cloud storage with Onedrive on previous Samsung flagships, but now it seems like it is no longer offered :( Anyone else here disappointed with this, or is there any way to claim the 100GB? Any alternatives that offer large amounts of storage?
  15. K

    Thread samsung cloud backup not performing

    anyone else having issues with samsung cloud? I have it enabled to backup automatically but it never does and I have to go in and do it manually. all the settings are fine and my wifi is also fine but it never does it automatically? I'd say it may be another bug which will be fixed with an...
  16. K

    Thread Samsung backup keeps failing

    though in the first couple of days of owning my S7 everything was backing up perfectly, I noticed a couple of days ago that my backup to the samsung cloud wasn't working, I've tried to do it manually but it fails every time and doesn't progress at all - it only attemps to start but all parts of...
  17. J

    Thread Who wants Samsung Cloud

    Haaaa, FU Verizon. 1. DL Quick Shortcut maker 2. Search "Cloud" 3. Tap 4. Make the shortcut 5. Go to the bottom and tap backup & restore 6. Uninstall Shortcut Maker and enjoy your...
  18. Geeks Empire

    Thread [Tutorial] Developing Cloud Base App [GoogleCloud][Android]

    In this Tutorial I try to explain general aspects of Cloud Computing & Cloud Concepts & Authentication You will learn What is Cloud & If already know basics of Android Programming, you will be able to develop your Cloud Base App after reading carefully this guide. If you want to design &...
  19. P

    Thread Problems with crashplan on Raspberry pi 3

    I'm trying to get Crashplan to work on a Raspberry Pi 3 to back up some mounted hard drives. I am currently using as my primary guide, as well as trying to put together the Headless Computer setup that's stated on Crashplan's...
  20. A

    Thread Cloud Print via Port Forward?

    Does anyone know of a way to use cloud print by merely opening up a tcp port on your lan for the local printer? And then the app/software would send the file to the cloud and then the cloud to the printer via firewall/public ip address. Google Cloud print only works with physical machines...
  21. J()KER

    Thread [Resource][Cloud] Moto E 2014 (Condor) All Firmwares in the cloud.

    Hi for those who are in trouble finding the Moto E Firmwares
  22. J()KER

    Thread [Resource][Cloud] Moto G 2015 (Osprey) All Firmwares in the cloud.

    Hi for those who are in trouble finding the Moto G Firmwares
  23. J()KER

    Thread [Resource][Cloud] Moto G (falcon) All Firmwares in the cloud.

    Hi for those who are in trouble finding the Moto G Firmwares
  24. walda

    Thread [APP]! - Transfer text between devices (mobile &amp; desktop and back)

    [APP]! - Transfer text between devices (mobile &amp; desktop and back) Welcome to ! The simple way to transfer text between your devices. Mobiles and desktops. Desktop ↔ Mobile | Mobile ↔ Mobile | Desktop ↔ Desktop +++ What is It is a...
  25. wifesabitch

    Thread [Q] Streaming Music From OneDrive?

    Microsoft has Groove Music that can do this, but it's probably the worst music player on Android. Can't believe they released an application like that. No landscape mode, can't fast forward or rewind, it's a mess. Google Play Music is not good, because they don't play my files. I get...
  26. Kevin M

    Thread How to remove your data from Verizon Cloud

    Well I was foolish enough to not disable Verizon Cloud as soon as possible. And it backs up pretty close to everything. Including contacts and texts. This isn't Galaxy S6 specific but I'm posting it here for fellow S6 edge people. Mods, if you'd like this moved elsewhere please do. Here's how to...
  27. M

    Thread [Q] Samsung Cloud (Sync and S-Health) servers down?

    Hi, guys. I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F. I backed up my Call Logs and SMS (Samsung Cloud) + S-Health data onto my Samsung account, and after that I have done a factory reset. Afterwards I cannot sync anything: the Samsung Cloud sync gives an error: "Failed to complete download due to...
  28. M

    Thread [Q] Restoring older HTC Backup file

    Hello. I'm using HTC Backup app and I never had any problem with it, but this time it overwrited an older backup with a new one which I don't want because I changed a lot of things in my phone since the older backup, the worst part, it appears that the new backup overwrited the older one. Is...
  29. X

    Thread [App] [4.1+]FE Private Cloud invites you for Beta-Test! Updated on Sep. 5, 2016

    Hello everybody, We are excited to let you know that Private Cloud feature is offically launched in Google Play, you can download it from: Let us know your feedback about File Expert anytime: [email protected]
  30. C

    Thread [App][4.0+]cloush - multi cloud share

    File sharing another way! Use the cloush app, to easily, safe and fast sharing files or entire folders with your mobile. Get it for Android and iOS, or just visit Features Share large files or even entire folders at lightning fast speeds Save yourself the trouble of having...
  31. I

    Thread [Q] Encrypting data on device before sneding it to cloud

    With all the data I'm giving to Google (and other cloud services) is there a way to encrypt it? For example In google calendar I've started putting details of doctor appointments and I've recorded some calls which get stored on Google Drive. How can I make sure Google (or other cloud providers)...
  32. LaxHoss

    Thread [Q] What cloud service do you use?

    So, what cloud service do you use? Just one? Maybe one for pictures, one for everything else? Let us know which, and let us know why! (:
  33. C

    Thread [Q] Latest HTC Gallery update [CLOUD]

    Hy, anyone saw that the new gallery update brings "Browse your photos and videos in the cloud" functionality? Now I sure dont see any option for this but at night I got a notification from Coud that "duplicates has been deleted"... I dont know where I can find this features, but I sure dont...
  34. T

    Thread [Q] Cloud app

    I'm new to android (was a windows phone 8 user ) i want to know if there's an app like cloudmesh for android ?
  35. F

    Thread [Q] line call recorder

    Hi, I'm looking for a call recorder that records the line itself, and not tries to record the call through the mic (which usually results in poor quality and low volume). I know the SGS5 has this feature built in, but I want an app that starts the recording automatically, maybe for selected...
  36. mcbyte_it

    Thread [Q] Automatic App Data backup to the cloud, like iCloud?

    I am looking for an app that will backup my App Data to the cloud, something like iCloud for iOS. I don't want to backup whole apps, apk, just app data, so that in case of emergency, I can change device and restore, and i am as before. Can somebody suggest apps? I found DataSync, but it seems...
  37. ChefChaudart

    Thread [Q] new smart category

    Hello, What about a smart category for everything concerning cloud storage ? ( Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Wuala, OneDrive ...) And/or NAS storage ? Cheers
  38. tabp0le

    Thread Offering Free Mirror Service/Dev Storage

    Hey guys, I'd like to offer free mirror service for projects relating to the G2. Mirror is without ads and through a dedicated ownCloud server. Offering public/private/password protected storage. Please pm me for an account! :laugh:
  39. A

    Thread CloudNotifier Send your iPhone Notifications on your Galaxy Gear !

    Hi guys , Compatibility between Galaxy Gear and iPhone has never been possible until now. Thanks to CloudNotifier you can send all yous iDevices notifications to your Galaxy Gear using the cloud ! You can now enjoy the power of your Galaxy Gear even if you have an Apple Device. But it does...
  40. M

    Thread [Q] Disappearing storage memory after CWM

    ROM 4.4.3 Just updated via OTA, rerooted and wanted to do full backup via TWRP which was gone (boot to stock recovery) despite showing installed in rom manager. So i installed CWM recovery via rom manager and started backup (3,5gb storage free) - backup was stopped due to low storage so I...
  41. S

    Thread [APP] Free media sharing application ShareON

    Hi, This is SPIKA We would like to introduce direct media sharing application called ShareON Video. It will make you live in digital life~ ShareON Video uses a device to device direct media sharing technology. It is designed with emphasis on sharing media contents like video, photo, and...
  42. SharpnShiny

    Thread [Q] Turn Off Cloud Storage for Games

    Hi I seen a hack for this in the registry before, but I cannot find it now! Every game that I open up spends about 20 seconds at the loading screens, I guess that's retrieving save data in the cloud. It's a waste of time and I don't need solitare saves stored in the cloud for other PCs...
  43. chmurak

    Thread [Q] Pictures/videos backup to the cloud.

    Hi lads, I've been using google+ to backup taken pictures and videos, have to say , it's quite reliable . (especially when set to upload only when connected to WiFi). We all have heard stories about stolen phones and users that got them back cause thefts were talking pictures of them self (or...
  44. mahg

    Thread If you own an Android, you have 36 TBytes free and synchronized

    I opened time a go a thread where you could get 10 TBytes free and synchronized: Tencent was behind this service and its eternal rival Qihoo countered with a service that allows you to obtain more than 36 TBytes. Also free and also with...
  45. Double44

    Thread [Q] Device app/sync between two devices?

    I'm trying to find a one-way solution to sync 'app' & 'data' between 2 devices, and possibly make a full backup if ever needed. I cannot get an idea of what each of the apps below do without downloading each one and making a mess. I was hoping some of you could shed some light. Considering...
  46. C

    Thread [APP][2.2+][FREE] Cloudy Torrent for Android and PC

    Google Play: Site: How it works: Open torrent/magnet in the Android device and will be downloaded on your PC! We love simplicity Contact: [email protected] Follow us...
  47. mahg

    Thread 10 Terabytes synchronized and free!!! And now in English (Updated: 200214)

    If you own an Android device, you can get 10 Terabytes completly free and synchronized. I doubt there is something similar out there. Tencent (do you know QQ?) is the company behind this 'aberration' and there are no tricks nor referrals. You simply need to register an account and install the...
  48. W

    Thread Best Closet Organizer App?

    Does anybody know of a good Closet Organizer App in which you can take pictures of your clothes for easy access and outfit planning? I've seen a few in the app store, but I was hoping others out there could tell me what their favorites are so that I don't go and load my whole closet into an app...
  49. darkguy2008

    Thread [Q] Free app + data backup to dropbox/box/etc. ?

    Hey guys! I'm looking for an app to do what titanium backup does (put app + data in a bunch of .tar.gz files) but to also upload them to dropbox or some cloud storage. I need it to be free because I'm not allowed to do payments through the play store so paying for an app is a no-go for me...
  50. R

    Thread 20GB Free Storage (not dropbox) - worth a try

    Hello everyone, New storage company trying to compete dropbox or Google or Microsoft cloud. Now offers 20GB Free Online Storage vs. dropbox offers only 2GB opening an account. When subscribers get 15GB and computer applications are downloaded more 5GB storage. Company name is In...