1. DongSica


  2. N

    Thread [RECOVERY] [CURRENTLY DOESN'T BOOT!!!] TWRP 3.6.1 for Samsung Galaxy Nexus S [crespo]

    After downloading, please tell me if this TWRP works! Thank you! An essential tool for anybody that loves to modify their Android device is a good custom recovery. TWRP has been around since the invention of the wheel back in 1996 and has been providing modders with all kinds of great tools...
  3. N

    Thread I search any rom CM12 Lollipop for Xperia Play Pliz !

    Hello ! Impossible for found a rom CM12 for Xperia play ... !!!! I need install magisk, but i cant flash the zip on TWRP with android 4.1. All time say : Failed (With magisk 7.0 supported 4.1) Iam a noobz on android and i not understand the ADB command ect ... For install manual. So i need...
  4. F

    Thread CM12 to CM14: 3 GB ext3 partition still free but no more app can be installed

    Hello. I guess the following is an almost general CM problem at low ROM space. That's why I post it here... Is there any reason why I cannot install as many apps as the internal memory allows me with enough space? It is about Xperia 2011 (still 512 MB ROM internal memory): CM12: Regular 512MB...
  5. F

    Thread CM12 to CM14: 3 GB ext3 partition still free but no more app can be installed

    Hello. I guess the following is an almost general CM problem at low ROM space. That's why I post it here... Is there any reason why I cannot install as many apps as the internal memory allows me with enough space? It is about Xperia 2011 (still 512 MB ROM internal memory): CM12: Regular 512MB...
  6. T

    Thread XPosed buggy

    Hi, First I'm french so sorry for grammar..... I have a oneplus one with android 5.1.1 / Cyanogen OS 12.1.1 / nethunter (link) My phone is rooted and I have XPosed Installed but my phone bug a lot. I got reboot when watching yt video or playing game ; phone totally freezing so I need to force...
  7. Gautam Maini

    Thread [CM_12.1][Stable][LS-5504]_Lyf_Water-7

    *****First Rom For Lyf Water-7***** CyanogenMod12.1 For Lyf Water-7 Note:-I am Not Responsible For Any Damage That happens to ur device. So Proceed On Ur On Risk ****Features**** *TrueDailer Included *Gapps Included *Boxer Email&Calendar *Snapdragon Browser *Themes Inc. *ScreenCast *QuickBoot...
  8. N

    Thread make: *** No rule to make target 'device/infinix/d5110_infinix/audio/audio.cpp CM12.1

    Hi! I ported the Infinix Hot 2 device tree and vendor files to my BLU Energy X 2, but I kept the name the same. That is why it says infinix_d5110. So, I ran make -j8 otatools and it is telling me make: *** No rule to make target 'device/infinix/d5110_infinix/audio/audio.cpp', needed by...
  9. N

    Thread CM12.1 Build For Unofficial Device Error - "No matches for product"

    Hi! I have the BLU Energy X 2, and I am trying to build CM12.1 for my device. There is no already created device tree and vendor files, so I used the ones from the Infinix Hot 2, and adapted the files to my device., and then I synced the CM12.1 repo. I have also created the device and vendor...
  10. plinkykev

    Thread CM12 standard OTA update - Google Account restore fails (kinda...)

    Hi. Advice / help please. Got a RAZR HD MAXX running "standard" CM12.1 build. Since installing, i've been using the built in "CyanogenMod Update" system to update the builds, doing a wipe before installing. The first few went fine, the "first boot" process offering to restore the data from my...
  11. A

    Thread How to get Volume buttons to wake phone in Lolipop (CM12.1)?

    Edit: this is no longer an issue in CM13.0 snapshot. I went ahead and upgraded and can confirm volume rocker wake (and double tap to wake) work. Hi All I'm on CM12.1 (MT2L03 cm-12.1-20151117-SNAPSHOT-YOG7DAO1K2-mt2) and can't seem to figure this out. I had the volume buttons waking the phone...
  12. K

    Thread Camera apk?

    Hi everyone, i have a question that need to ask about the camera apk. If I use the rom which is not stock rom from official(sammobile) , can I use back the camera apk from the stock rom? For example, i want to use the camera apk from stock in CM12/13. I have no idea to ask who about the problem...
  13. BatDroid

    Thread [[THEME]] [[HOLO CM12]] for cm12/13

    Hey everyone, Welcome to HOLO CM12 thread. This is a complete Dark theme for Dark lovers. Lets see what's in it--- Framework themed UI themed Quick Toggles themed White icons on black background Spinning circle themed And etc. U have to check out by yourself. DON'T FORGET TO REPORT BUGS...
  14. BatDroid

    Thread [[theme]] [[cm12 - 12.1]] mix dark

    Hey everyone, This is a ultra lightweight dark theme for CM12 and the size is only 2MB! I am new to CM12's theme development as I was using KK and there's a huge change between kk and LP framework. I hope u guys will help me by suggesting what to add next. What's themed--- Status Bar Quick...
  15. BatDroid

    Thread [[THEME]] CM12-12.1 (Batdroids LP)

    Hello Sir/Ma'am, Welcom3 to the thread of my first cm12 theme. I am not still familiar with cm12's framework as I just started using it. Oh! Forgot to mention one thing... This is a bad theme/real bad, perhaps worse. I just started it and I hope u all will help me by guiding or telling what to...
  16. E

    Thread horrendous battery life... what's going on here?

    OK, So I have an SM-P600 which I kept completely stock until 2 years after my purchase date (needed the Knox environment for the first two years). It is fully rooted with TWRP and have been running CM 12.1 for ~3 weeks (prior to that I was giving Temasek's CM13 build a go). Over the...
  17. G

    Thread How to start over flashing SGS2

    Hi a bit back I tried flashing my SGS2 with Cyanogenmod12 and it didn't go great. No boot loops or bricking but it was supposed to be an upgrade, a dirty flash (i think thats the term) so I thought ok, I will just do a clean flash by wiping everything buuuut, no go, I tried with the new recovery...
  18. L

    Thread [LP][5.0.2] CyanogenMod 12.0 for S6310

    CyanogenMod 12 Disclaimer Upon flashing this ROM, you have voided your warranty. The developers are not held responsible for any problems or damage that may happen to your device. Please do some research first if you have any concerns regarding the features and bugs of this ROM. YOU have...
  19. X

    Thread CM12/12.1 for ROYSS aka s6310/2/N

    So we (The ROYSS CM11 TEAM) having an argumentation about whether we should or should not make these versions, so our proposed options are 1) only CM12 2) only CM12. 1 3) both CM12 and12. 1 4) none of them go for CM13(note we will still make at least one of CM12/12.1 to get easier CM13, but...
  20. C

    Thread Dirty flashing from CM12.0 to CM12.1 possible?

    It's been a while since I've touched my OPO since I've been using my OPT as my daily. I'm still on YNG1TAS2I3 on my OPO running stock everything. At the moment it is not rooted, with no custom recovery, but the bootloader IS unlocked. I also had xposed installed with some modules but I ran the...
  21. R

    Thread [Completed] Porting cm rom from mt6589 to mt6585

    hey guys can anyone can give me any tutorial about how how a lollipop based same kernel cyanogenmod os from mt6589 to mt6582. I cant find any tutorial on it. I tried to port it but it has been restarting after showing bootanimation.
  22. A

    Thread [theme][cm13][cm12/12.1] ntrl theme

    NTRL THEME CM13,CM12,CM12.1 Its Only for CM Based ROM Download: THEMED: GApps WhatsApp Instagram Path Marshmallow BootAnimation Android N Wallpaper Lato Font Pack ETC SCREENSHOT DETAIL:
  23. flipeicl

    Thread Baseband to SM-A300M

    I tried to install CM12 and AOSP in a SM-A300M, but after flash it show any baseband, I don't know if it is a bug or just a problem during the flash, where can I find others basebands to A3 Duos to try it?
  24. kvrjsoni

    Thread [THEME][CM13][CM12/12.1] Darkwaters [DARK]

    A Dark Theme with blue color This theme mainly concentrates on black as the base and Blue as a primary color Some Screens Download it from Play Store : Here You can find more details there Do leave your reviews and suggestions on the play store or below.
  25. samo_say

    Thread power bank with CM12

    hi , when battery completely drained , i can't charge the phone with power bank , ( but with stock rom it charge normal ) how can i fix this issue please ? thanks
  26. levone1

    Thread CM12 superuser mod without computer

    Since Serajr 'one click' superuser mod only works on stock ROM, you have to use apktool to achieve the same on CM. Here's how you can do it on your phone. Only tested on official CM12 on Xperia Z1c, with a clean flash of /system, (unmodified), but probably can be applied elsewhere, maybe with...
  27. S

    Thread App deleted

    App deleted
  28. mschmiedel

    Thread GT-I9505 not allowing any custom ROM after CM13??

    Hi, Yesterday I "blindly" installed the latest CM nightly without noticing that I was installing CM13... After the install, no Google App was working (as expected). When I noticed I had installed CM13, I tried downloading OpenGapps (all from nano to stock for ARM, -not ARM64-), and none of...
  29. O

    Thread CM 12 installed, Mini Gapps - missing sleep mode with case

    Freshly rooted 5.1.1, installed CM12 with Mini-Gapps using Flashfire. Everything is working fine, but missing the ability to put tablet in sleep mode when closing the case. Is there something I can install to allow this? Thanks!
  30. ThunderSky7

    Thread [Theme] [CM12/12.1/13] BRIDGE Theme [B1x]

    BRIDGE Theme CM 12/12.1/13 Bridge to Awesomeness... Theme Content - Dialer - Contacts - Gallery - Messaging - Settings - Icons - Documents UI - Clock - SystemUI - Frameworks - Themes Toggle Drawer - StatusBar - Themed Trebuchet - Nova - Now Launcher - SoundRecorder - PlayStore - FileManger -...
  31. B

    Thread Help with lg g2 cyanogenmod install Binary error

    Thanks for your help and patience in advance. The only thing i've rooted in the past was my old Touchpad. Error = E: Error excueting updater binaary in zip '/ssdcard/' phone is a verizon lg g2 stock lollipop twrp superuser rom manager after error and...
  32. D

    Thread [DISCUSSION]Cyanogenmod 12 for LG L3 II(E430), what do we have, and what do we need?

    EDIT: We got it! It boots. But some things like RIL and audio are not working, but we'll get this sorted out soon. Official thread here: Hey guys! It seems like Caio has left the...
  33. StaticBlaze

    Thread Please delete this thread

    Foud its duplicate. Moderators, please delete this thread.
  34. I

    Thread How to restore DRM key on Cyanogenmod?

    To install Cyanogenmod 12.1 I unlocked the bootloader. How do I get back the DRM keys so the camera quality is better again? I red [Xperia Z~Z3 Series][EXRxTHS]DRM FUNCTION RESTORATION FOR UB DEVICE | LP ROM WORKING! but it says "ANDROID LOLIPOP USERS( STOCK ONLY )". So how can I fix it without...
  35. Achotjan

    Thread [ROM] Cyanogen(Mod) 12 | XperiaOverlay™(opensource) | Release 1 | 13/11/2015

    Cyanogen(mod) 12 by XperiaOverlay™(opensource) XperiaOverlay™ Project Decided to Release Unofficial Cyanogen(mod) 12 ROM for Xperia ION The ROM is stable for daily use #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, *...
  36. W

    Thread [Guide] [CM12.1/CM12/AOSP]Port Sony Settings Features to your Settings app

    Decompile Settings apk go smali/com/android/settings/ Open R$styleable.smali 1) add below line in [# static fields] .field public static final CheckBoxPreference:[I .field public static final DependOnPreference:[I .field public static final IncludePreference:[I .field public static final...
  37. M

    Thread [Discussion] CM 12 on LG V10, G4 got CM12

    Right now, I have a note 5 and seriously considering buying the LG V10 after seeing the promo of the 200 GB SD card. I am not a developer myself, but do you foresee the V10 getting cm12 since the G4 is getting it. Specs are pretty close (except the second screen of course). I like the option...
  38. sharvinzlife

    Thread Please develop a Custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J700F

    Could any developer please make a custom Rom for Samsung Galaxy J7 will be deeply appreciated ! Please find our device specs below ! Thanks in advance !
  39. E

    Thread CM on S6

    Any chance of having pure Android on S6?
  40. zhalx

    Thread [GUIDE][MOD][THEMING] How To Make Settings become Lollipop CM12 Themes Look A Like

    (Part I) Remove App Icon on ActionBar Prepare - Know how to Decompile-Recompile - Settings.apk Guides - Decompile Settings.apk - go to folder \res\values - open Styles.xml - add on styles.xml above </resources> add this code <style name="Mole.Theme" parent="@android:style/Theme.Holo">...
  41. kvrjsoni

    Thread [THEME][CM12][CM12.1][Dark] Bright Red - Dark CM12 Theme

    Experience the Brightest shade of Red Try Bright Red Best Combination of Black and Red Here are some screens Whats Themed? Framework System UI Status Bar Navigation Bar Browser Calculator Calendar Contacts Dialer Gallery Keyboard Messaging Settings Sound Recorder Google Play Store Google...
  42. ateeq72

    Thread [APP + WIDGET] Simple `CM12+` Softkey (On Screen Buttons) Enabler/Disabler App

    Its just a really simple app that enables and disables Softkeys on CM12+ and CM12 based ROMs On the Go i.e. you need not reboot!. And this app will not work on any other ROM i.e AOSPA,. etc. not tested on Mokee though!. app-release.apk - Initial Release app-release_v2.apk - Add Widget...
  43. M

    Thread Mi 4 rotated camera in some roms!

    I have a weird problem: in some roms like paranoid or cm12 my mi4 shows 180º rotated camera image, this is only happening with back camera. I have no problems on miui, so i think that it must be something related with the fact that mi4 has two possible cameras, samsung and sony. Can i fix it...
  44. B

    Thread Elephone P6000 Pro MTK6753 Information Thread: Root, Recovery, ROMS and more

    General information - P6000 Pro 2gb / 3gb This is a great mid range phone, and packs the performance of larger devices such as the P8000 into a smaller profile. Ideal if you want a responsive device, but don't want the phablet bulge in your trousers. Important: This thread is for the P6000 Pro...
  45. T

    Thread [Apps][Port]Xperia Apps for CM12 and Stock firmwares of Samsung

    Xperia Apps Port DONT SETTLE FOR GOOD DEMAND GREAT Xperia Apps list -SYSTEMUI -XPERIA HOME -XPERIA LIVE WALLPAPER -XPERIA CLOCK WIDGET -XPERIA MEDIA SOUND INSTRUCTIONS -first of all you need to install superuser mod -After that go to recovery flash this and clear cache...
  46. WhiteBoyMcFLY

    Thread [Help] AOSP Roms split screen issue

    I'm having a very strange issue when using ANY CyanogenMod based roms on the D851. It's hard to explain. As soon as the ROM boots, the screen is split vertically right down the middle. One side (right) is lower than the left side of the display. I have experienced this will ALL AOSP roms I...
  47. S

    Thread [Theme] [CM12/CM12.1]DragonForce CM12 Theme

    A DragonForce Theme for CM12/12.1 This is a Dark Based Theme. WHAT IS THEMED # Wallpaper # Lock Wallpaper # Notification # Ringtone # Font # Boot animation # Messaging # Contacts # Phone # Music # Settings # Framework # SystemUI There may be a few bugs as this is the first release Special...
  48. K

    Thread Wifi disconnects in sleep

    When my screen is off for a long time and I put it back on, I notice that my wifi was shut down and needs to reconnect. I was wondering if there is any fix for it as I assume I'm not the first one having this problem but couldn't find a solution. Phone: C1905 ROM: CM12 based BlissPop v2.0 or...
  49. J

    Thread [5.1.1]CM12 For Micromax Hd PLus,A190 And Walton Primo Rx2

    [5.1.1]CM12.1 For Micromax Hd PLus,A190 And Walton Primo Rx2 Finally Real lollipop rom for Hd plus or rx2 Available The second cyanagonmod from me Features *Based on CM12.1 *real Android 5.1.1 *First lollipop for a190,rx2 and mt6591 *All CM12.1 and Lollipop features *Best Rom available *CM12...
  50. M

    Thread [P-3100]Signal issues after flashing CM 11 and then CM12.1

    I basically have no signal ever since I flashed the roms. It says no service. The signal will go when I wake the device and sometimes it comes back when i connect to wifi. It is acting really weird. I dont remember exactly when this happened but I have been overlooking it for a month now since...