1. zh_eco

    Thread CM 12/13 Installing Apps Major Bug [HOTFIX]

    FOR ALL CYANOGENMOD ROMS ! Note : I didn't made this fix ,it belongs to developers who worked so hard to fix a major ROM-killer bug . I'm sharing a fix that was made after long discussions between developers it's a very popular problem so that's why I want to help everybody WHY Hotfix ? this...
  2. A

    Thread Need OOS Camera zip for cm13

    Hi XDAians, I need OOS Camera zip for cm 13. I have one camera zip but manual mode is not working on cm 13. Either manual mode never worked on cm 13 (Correct me if i am wrong) or i have some other zip. If somebody have oos camera zip with functional manual mode which would work on CM 13, please...
  3. R

    Thread New CM13 build

    Update 2 I got success in sultanizing lineage13 (check attachments) , will make dedicated threads when i get time, see you there guys :) This thread is obsolete now... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  4. A

    Thread HELP!!!! my buttons won't work after porting ROM (CYANOGENMOD 13)

    I recently ported a cm rom marshmallow 6.0.1 based rom for my mt6572 device, it was a successful process :eek:, i'm still shocked, after 2 years of porting roms to this miserable device and huge amount of failure it finally worked, :victory: CM is the only rom i was hoping to get my hands on...
  5. D

    Thread Building AOSP using CM device files

    Hello I'm trying to build AOSP 6.0.1 using your CM device files (CM13 has been successfully built for my device, Huawei P8). I'm not too experienced with this so some help is appreciated. Right now I have synced the google repo repo init -u -b...
  6. leokook

    Thread [Help] Flashed Franco Kernel over CM13 Stock and ended in bootloop

    Hi, so short story is. 1. I had a backup of my stock rom that i did using twrp. 2. I flashed Franco Kernel for COS 13 downloaded from his website ( 3. When i flashed i performed a Wipe dalvik cache from recovery 4. Reboted phone, and...
  7. Sofiane omega

    Thread Nokia X CM 13 Add-on Patch

    Hi All Today I Am Back With A New Patch For Nokia X And This Time The Patch Are Not For CM 11 But For CM 13 Yes Nokia X Can Run Android 6.0.1 And The ROM Are Not A Free ROM But Its A Payed ROM I Am Not Who Build It But I Have It And I Can't Give It To Any One But I Have Only A Patch For The CM13...

    Thread [ROM] [MTK6592] FlymeOS6 -

    FlymeOS6 - Review My smart wake for Flyme 6 Marshmallow 2nh3WUCFgr4 Changelog Added Google Installer flyme6 For GAPPS Added Smart Wake , with app Integration in settings Added SuperSU Added Kernel Auditor Added Sony Keyboard Added OTGMounter Added Xposed (now u can install packages...
  9. Sofiane omega

    Thread delete

  10. X

    Thread Latest official NIGHTLY for Canvas A1?

    I missed a few updates for the Canvas A1 and wanted to know if anybody has the last NIGHTLY that was released before CM inc shut down. Please link below.
  11. D

    Thread Deleted

  12. O

    Thread gapps signature verification failed

    moved to appropiate thread
  13. F

    Thread CM13 download link???

    Hey! Has anybody the link for the newest version of CM ROM based on Marshmallow 6.0 ?
  14. S

    Thread [ROM][CM13][PORT] Resurrection Remix 5.7.4 Ulefone U007

    Resurrection Remix 5.7.4 FEATURES -Navigation Bar -Enable/Disable Navbar -Navbar Ring Switch -Navbar Button with FLING, Smart Bar and Pulse... -Statusbar -Brightness Slider -Enable/Disable Show Notification Count -SuperUser Indicator Switch -Carrier Label -Carrier Label Switch -Carrier...
  15. MatoXD

    Thread Totaly bricked Huawei P9 Lite - VNS-L21

    Hello! So I've bricked my phone as said... I will tell you what works and what don't, I need that phone, so please help, I've looked throug whole XDA, but whole XDA and no solution for my phone... So, when trying to boot into system, not even boot works, it just stays at screen "device is...
  16. E

    Thread MIUI animations/transitions on CM13?

    Hi I wanna try MIUI-iOS mixed system animations/transitions for NX rom. Is there a way except decompile/recompile framework-res.apk? Can I implement xml files in CM theme? Does CMTE support it? Does vrtheme method working on marshmallow?
  17. M

    Thread CM 13.0 (UNOFFICIAL) for HTC One E8 Dual SIM by @XTS_Team

    I want to share this ROM that I download from a Chinese page. I am using it on my dual sim model M8Sw without any problems. I am not responsible for bricked devices. TWRP is recommended, but any custom Recovery should be able to flash this ROM. I downloaded it from this page...
  18. J

    Thread Help I need CM13

    I need this version exactly
  19. X

    Thread Help! Need to revert back to MIUI from CM13 !

    Hi , I have to revert back to latest MIUI ROM from CM13 ROM [ locked Bootloader]. I have read other threads too but theres never a clear answer. First of all I dont have any backup of any MIUI roms. I want to do a clean install of latest MIUI build. What do I have? : Alka TWRP, CM 13 with...
  20. S

    Thread Cm-remix mm for micromax aq5000

  21. mihaum

    Thread CM13 camera - memory issues

    Does anyone have a memory (as for RAM) problem with the CM Snap camera. Every time I run and exit camera, almost every app gets killed, including launcher re-drawal. Moreover, I'm working on a QrCode scanning app based on zxing, which after the scan should pass result to the app, but the camera...
  22. XxM4tzexX

    Thread [ROM][LineageOS 13][Marshmallow][unofficial]

    Unofficial LineageOS ROM for Nexus 10 (manta) This ROM is built from official sources of LineageOS. I just compiled the ROM, no development on my side! Since there is no LineageOS for the Nexus 10 yet, I decided to share my builds until there are official builds. I'm planning to update it on a...
  23. S

    Thread SuperSU in CM13 and CM13 based ROMs

    Is there any way to use SuperSU in CM13 or CM13 based roms such as Resurrection Remix? In particular on a Nexus 6P? I ask because I have been using RR for quite some time now but until recently never really noticed the limitations of CM's privacy guard. SuperSU pro has always seemed like a...
  24. RJinxed

    Thread [KERNEL] [GT-S5282] [CM13] Nougat Kernel Backward Ported to Marshmallow

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  25. S

    Thread Use CM13 on N6P with Project Fi?

    Got my N6P about a month ago. I am tired of endless battery drain by Android System and Android OS. Factory reset the phone, tried safe mode to narrow down suspects. Nothing helps. Stock image is just draining my battery non stop. I want to put MM CyanogenMod 13 on this. I have already unlocked...
  26. masong397

    Thread [Guide] ZTE Axon 7 CM13, LOS14.1 Eliminate media audio distortion [Viper4Arise]

    Guide to get rid of audio distortion on CM13 and Lineage OS 14.1 I have told quite a few people in the cm13 thread how to get rid of the audio distortion, I figured it was relevant to enough people that I should make a little guide on how to set it up although it is pretty straightforward...
  27. C

    Thread Install Viper4Android on CM13 with AudioFx preinstalled

    hello today i just installed CyanogenMod 13 on my Redmi 3s (Land) and i find it very nice, but i just need to install Viper4Android rather than AudioFx that is preinstalled on CM13, so how should i proceed to install it properly and get that flawless sound on my Redmi :D:D
  28. skulltus

    Thread CM13 Port animation lags

    Hi! Yesterday I ported a CM13 rom to my Elephone S1. Everything is ok, but the animations (like open, close, status bar pulldown) is very laggy. And the youtube in 720p freezing and I don't know why.. Somebody know how can I fix this problems? Thanks!
  29. E

    Thread [Unsupported][Unofficial] Cyanogenmod 13 for Honor 7 PLK-L01

    This thread is a summery for everyone who is intending to use the unofficial cm13 on his plank honor 7 plk-l01 While we try our best to help out, we provide no official support neither maintaining or developing the release. We only tested it to work on plk-l01. Don't use it on any other...
  30. dn*

    Thread Redmi Note 3 Pro SE / Kate - changing between CM and MIUI

    Hi guys I'm currently on CM13 (official snapshot from August) but I'd like to go back to MIUI Stable to test out a hardware bug I have. I'm not sure how to safely go back in a way that will allow me to then restore my current CM13 build without any issues. - Which TWRP should I use? I've had...
  31. nbock97

    Thread [SHARE][ROM]{land} Cyanogenmod 13 with Nougat Design [2016/12/25]

    First, I only share this rom from miui forum, to let you know about it and to tell you my experiences with this rom. All credits go to O_dinochka from -> So let's start: He calls it a CM14.1 MOD in fact it is a CM13 rom from 21/12/2016...
  32. Shrewdy

    Thread Volte working on CM13

    Does anyone have CM13 working with Volte ?? Coz I saw this video on youtube where the person says to flash few files to get the Volte working on CM13 based ROMS! and I was not sure hence asking.
  33. R

    Thread (Help) Lg g pro 2 boot on charge

    hi, im trying to make my phone boot when i charge it, my phone is the d838 so i have the bootloader locked so no fastboot ... i was looking other threads about this but havent found anything that work with this phone ... can anybody help me ? ... my phone is rooted, has a custom recovery and...
  34. C

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod 13.0 - Last OFFICIAL Nightlies for M7 mirror

    Since CyanogenMod's website and download servers have been taken down and the official snapshot for our device (hosted here) is CM12.1 I've mirrored the last two nighlies I downloaded to my m7: cm-13.0-20161211-NIGHTLY-m7 and cm-13.0-20161219-NIGHTLY-m7 Link...
  35. el7is

    Thread [ROM] cm13 - December Patch 20161224 - A7000 opensproject-By El7is

    Base to K3 Note By Ninad Team AMT. Fixed By El7is Installation instructions : Go To CWM/TWRP Wipe Data Wipe System Wipe Cache Wipe Dalvick Wipe Internal (Optional) Flash The ROM zip From Recovery Reboot What's working: - Dt2w - Led all - Fixed all sensor - Fixed audio call issue - Fixed...
  36. jhakjhuk1853

    Thread Le2 x526 CM 13 unofficial Booted

    Hello guys Without wasting your time youtube video here We have successfully booted cm13 on le2 x526 Its still in development and bug fix stages Expect it to be soon If you want to support kindly donate to our devs i am tester and modder Thanks to: Our Team...
  37. NiloGlock

    Thread [ROM][MM][6.0.x] CyanogenMod 13 for Nubia Z11 Mini [UNOFFICIAL][NX529J]

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  38. A

    Thread Mobile data does not work anymore on my C2005

    I had no problem with mobile data on official ROM but from the day I installed CM 13, I can not using mobile data anymore. First of all, I installed CM 13 beta, then CM 13 stable and some nightly builds. Nothing changed! I installed AOPS Nougat 7.0 Beta2 few weeks ago on my C2005. I had...
  39. C

    Thread [GUIDE] [A2017G] Install TWRP, Unlock BL, Flash Custom ROM

    <disclaimer> I take no credit for anything in this guide. A BIG Thanks goes out to tennear, Unjustified Dev, DrakenFX and Starvirus. They are the ones who figured out the process described below and provided the excellent LineageOS 14.1 ROM. I just wrote this all-in-one-guide because I think the...
  40. Uqbar

    Thread OP3 CM (13-14.1) on a OP3T

    Besides the possible issue with the front camera, would it run as well? Unluckily, CM is still supporting "just" the OP3...
  41. Borizzz

    Thread [ROM] [6.0.1] Unofficial Sandstrangers LineageOS13 - JiaYu S3 [MT6752]

    LineageOS (CyanogenMod 13 formerly) is a free, community built distribution of Android 6.0.1 (MarshMallow) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone. This is the unofficial Build of LineageOS (CM13) for Jiayu S3 (advanced and basic, not S3 plus), with MT6752 SoC. #include...
  42. JohnHorus

    Thread Stagefright fix and Moto Voice together

    Got this device unconcerned about Stagefright, as Moto said it was patched on launch. Well, I'm not sure if they were wrong or if more vulnerabilities were found, but Zimperium's analyzer app says I've got 89 of them! I was looking at CM13 to fix it, as I like using Gravity Box and other Xposed...
  43. el7is

    Thread [ROM] cm13 - November Patch - A7000 opensproject-By El7is

    Base to K3 Note By Ninad Team AMT. Fixed By El7is Installation instructions : Go To CWM/TWRP Wipe Data Wipe System Wipe Cache Wipe Dalvick Wipe Internal (Optional) Flash The ROM zip From Recovery Reboot What's working: - Dt2w - Led all - Fixed all sensor - Fixed audio call issue - Fixed...
  44. XN Logos

    Thread CM13 For LeEco Le Pro3

    *************************LeEco Le Pro3****************************** waiting Time OF CM Lover's is Now Finished, first Build Of CM13 for LeEco Le Pro3 is Released i found this News On a Chines Forum and Here to Share with you, Definition- CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket...
  45. brookemels

    Thread Can't even get a full days usage out of a single charge. (Welp!)

    I'm using official CM13 with the default kernel and settings, but the battery life is atrocious! Thing is, CM usually works miracles for batteries (my older Moto E LTE lasted ages on a single charge). My G2 came second-hand, so I have no idea if the battery is an original or not. My question...
  46. P

    Thread Can't reinstall twrp after accidently updating CM13 to CM14.

    I've been running cm13 nightlies on my OP3. I haven't updated in a couple weeks and last night i got a notification that there was some new updates. Since it's been a while i decided to do the update so i let the cmupdater do it's thing and went to bed. This morning i wake up and was greeted...
  47. T

    Thread ResurrectionRemixOS 6.0.1

  48. sarvesvara.dasa

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1][Unofficial]CM13.0 MI Note Pro LEO + Features - 16.11.19

    Credits: Thanks: Cyanogenmod team project source code Thanks: MoKee, SudaMod provided no attribution, Lunar source code Notes from developer: (some) Please double clear data before the first flash into MIUI8! This would break default theme - you can download new theme! Based on the Polish...
  49. J

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Cyanogenmod 13.0 for Kinzie [Apr. 02 2017]

    Cyanogenmod 13.0 Unofficial Kinzie Port I may stop updating the CM13 since the build is stable enough, to make LineageOS 14.1 more stable is my 1st consideration now. Hi, everyone I'm from Taiwan! After @Arasthel and @Xadro have decide stopped(I'm not sure if they abandon it.) working on...