1. Ulumia

    Thread Does anyone have an file left?

    Does anyone have an file left? I want to try the official CM6 for my Desire
  2. E

    Thread [Q][LOGCAT][DEV-HELP] CM6 for Micromax a60 A.K.A ZTE n720

    Here is the logcat of CM6 android 2.2.1 of my device Micromax a60 A.K.A ZTE n720 LOGCAT : Device Dump : PASTEBIN LINKS : LOGCAT : RADIO LOG ...
  3. V

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod 6.3.9a (Android 2.2.1) [08Jun2012]

    Thanks to all the people who have made CM possible on the milestone. Thanks in particular to Kabaldan and Milaq who have carried on developing for the milestone. I've kept the same numbering as milaq. And since he stopped at 6.3.6, I've started the numbering from 6.3.7. Note: Keyboard layout...
  4. nikctsh

    Thread [Q] Boot animation on CM6 ?

    Hi , currently on cm6 Mioze's rom and flashed dark froyo theme , I wonder if it safe if I change this boot animation ? Also what about this (post 124) ? So I just drop the file to replace the old boot animation by using root explorer ? Or I should boot to open recovery and get to somewhere to...
  5. S

    Thread [wip][port\kang] cm7 by sduvick

    Closing post, Diabolic Jr. and HC13 are going to work with the alpha build I had, and I am beginning work on CM7, as I was able to get it booting with windxixi's device tree and some edits. I will open another thread when I have a working and worthwhile alpha of CM7.
  6. nikctsh

    Thread [Q] SBF firmware and Fastboot kernel ?

    What is sbf firmwares ? Is that i need to (flash?) the firmware here after i flash CM6 ? Now i'm using asia version of xt720 (bought from singapore) , a user mentioned about broken rotation issue , due to firmware problem ? And then what about fastboot kernel . If i flash cm6 without touching...
  7. adamz667

    Thread [THEME] Ice Cream Sandwich for Milaq's CM6.3.5 - DISCONTINUED

    Feel free to repost/develop this theme for your own - I'm droping support for it, because I've sold A853 I would like to introduce a theme for Cyanogenmod 6.3.5 by Milaq, which looks similar to Android 4.0. Just apply it by Apply Update option in AndroidianiOR and wipe dalvik and cache...
  8. nikctsh

    Thread [Q] For those who is familiar with CM 6 , PLS PLS PLS HELP !

    Guys , i believe most of you have flash your xt720 to CM 6 , and i'm planning to do so , but this is the very first time i'm flashing a new rom , there is many things that i don't understand , do someone mind to help me out ? 1) i learned that after flashing CM 6 , all SYSTEM APPS will gone ? I...
  9. L

    Thread [Q] App2Ext on Milestone - CyanogenMod 6.1.2 - 0.12

    Hello guys! I have a Milestone and I'm using the CM6 ROM from milaq which is pretty good! It has the scripts to make App2Ext works built in: 05mountsd and 07app2ext. I partitioned my sd card like this: 6 GB to FAT32 and 2 GB to EXT3. Just this and everything works, because I saw the...
  10. O

    Thread [Q] WIFI calling

    Has anyone messed with porting WIFI calling back to CM6?
  11. N

    Thread [Q] Help me guys with cm6 V6.01 (mini pro)

    hey gusys i just installed CM6 froyo V6.01 on my Xperia mini pro and working perfectly now but my only problem is i just can install any application (apk file), and i tried to download from market ,but its not working too :confused: just stuck on installing and my phone freeze then reboot :(...
  12. mrworldwide092

    Thread Transparent settings.apk for cm6

    Transparent settings.apk for cm6 cool :cool::cool: transparent settings.apk i pulled it from Srom Froyo MIUI by stelios97(thank you stelios for ur gr8 work)... req: rooted device with cm6 how to install: backup original settings.apk Download the apk. Put the APK on SDCard copy to...
  13. M

    Thread [Q] How to avoid video recording crash with Froyo CM6 v6.01

    Hi, I installed CM6 v6.1. The camera works well but the video recorder crash. I tried to modify the sd cache size as mentionned on the change log ("if not check sd cache size or cpu speed") but without success I would like to mention that the video recorder worked well on CM6 v5. Any idea...
  14. P

    Thread [Q] [ROM] Cyanogen Froyo CM6 Mini Pro - For anyone with problems updating.

    (Google Translation) (sorry my English is bad) For all who are having problems. I had problems updating from version 4 to version 5. What i did? 1 - I installed the original version of the SEUS (in Brazil ROM 2.1.1). 2 - ROOT with SuperOneClick, installed xRecovery...
  15. T

    Thread [Q] no longer can send GMail, running CM6

    Yesterday my phone stopped sending GMail, seems to be perfectly fine elsewhere, texting, Yahoo!, etc. I believe that a Google Maps update took place yesterday, otherwise no changes. Can't see how that would be related though. I compose the message and press Send, there appears in red text...
  16. J

    Thread [Q]Buttons dont work anymore!!! (CM7,CM6)

    Hey all, i got a big problem. After I had installed CM7, the phone worked very well for a few days, but now I have the problem that all the buttons except the power button dont work anymore after 1-2min after start up. So i asked for this problem in the original CM7 thread, but the solution, to...
  17. Chris95X8

    Thread [Q] Power button same as "go to sleep"?

    I'm running CM6 in Xperia X8. I was wondering...Does the power button just turn off the screen or does it make the phone go to sleep??? I have seen that when I tap "the go to sleep" button on the notification bar, less battery is consumed. Although if I press the power button, more battery is...
  18. S

    Thread [ROM] Cyanogen Froyo CM6-Latest (based on MiniCM) - v6.01

    This ROM is for the Mini Pro only :D Baseband Version : M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015 required Disclaimer: This might harm your device so everything you do you are responsible for. If you follow the instructions you will be fine Ok guys this is another project this is why I opened a new...
  19. C

    Thread [SOLVED] Problems with CM 6 v4 (baseband U20a)

    Hi. I own a U20a xperia mini pro with 2.1.A.0.0.6 kernel, and I've flashed CM 6 v4 on it. Now it shows that my phone is a U20i, and as a result 2G and 3G are not working. How can I fix this? I've read a lot of posts at xda, and I still couldn't come up with an answer. Thanks in advance!
  20. L

    Thread [Q] Continous Reboot with overclock

    Hey guys, I'm currently running CM6, and when I tried to upgrade to CM7, from the version with overclocking and undervolting added, my fone always reboot and lag continously, unusable until i restore using factory reset.It never happened with any previous version of CM7. A couple day back, I...
  21. S

    Thread [Q] MiniCM do not work for me

    Every ROM's with MiniCM, do not work for me. They reboot constantly. When i use CM7 and other 2.3 ROM's they work perfectly..
  22. S

    Thread [Q] Froyo/CM6.1 on G1 is too slow

    When I unlock the phone, it takes literally 15 seconds to get onto the home screen and when I press the menu/all applications, it takes atleast 20-30 seconds to arrange the icons. Is there anything I can do to make my phone a little faster?
  23. zmbutt

    Thread [Q] Guide For CM 6.1.3 V4.5.7 ?

    Full N00b here ... I want to Flash the CM 6.1.3 V4.5.7 on my X10, never flashed any rom before, so I want to know is there any brick proof and foolproof Guide for it ? I read many threads, but still confused, Can I flash it using Flash Tool 0.2.8 (thats the cool tool i found) any Help would...
  24. C

    Thread [Q] SD issue

    So I recently got the "almost out of space" notification and I realized that it says that I only have 2.7 gb total for my sd card (4 gb card). I remembered way back when i formatted a ext3 partition to it for apps2sd, but that was when i was running an older version of Fresh. I have since...
  25. E

    Thread [Q] Disabling Android 2.2 DropBoxManager

    Good Day Folks. I'm a Noob in need of help and i'm hoping the more experienced among us might be able to assist. I have an issue with disappearing phone storage. Over the course of a week I realized that I was losing about 1MB a day. My phone would basically be dormant and I would still see my...
  26. E

    Thread [Q] Disabling Android 2.2 DropBoxManager

    Good Day Folks. I'm a Noob in need of help and i'm hoping the more experienced among us might be able to assist. I have an issue with disappearing phone storage. Over the course of a week I realized that I was losing about 1MB a day. My phone would basically be dormant and I would still see my...
  27. radiohead_freak

    Thread I'd like to see...

    MIUI's Firewall/Traffic and the music with lyrics features on a future CM7 release :) that'd be beyond awesome
  28. lycancowboy1989

    Thread [Q] My Battery is suicidal please help.:)

    ok so i own the sprint htc hero obviously and i keep switching between plain cm6 and blackmod every few months or so. For my Kernel i use Decad3nce-DecaFuct #589 691mhz CFS stable i keep it clocked at 245-691 with collins battery tweak i charge my phone to 100% and then unplug it. screen...
  29. A

    Thread [Q] Aria Wifi

    I have the HTC Aria with CM 6.1.1 installed on it. Since the time I installed CM 6, I haven't been able to connect to the school network. I could do so in Liberated Aria (FRxx) and the stock 2.1 ATT Rom but not in CM6. The thing is, my school has a login page that allows a student to login...
  30. I

    Thread [Q] WhatsApp not working in CM7

    I have recently upgraded to CM7. It's great, but the only problem is WhatsApp isn't working. Everytime I enter my details the application crashes and I have to force close it. Can someone please tell me what I can do.... I have tried Titanium Backup to restore it, however it doesn't work. I...
  31. D

    Thread [Q] CM6 Installation and flashing errors

    I'm running CM6 on my Sprint HTC Hero and cannot update or install any apps from the android market, they all get an error with a random number attached (usually 18) during the installation process. Additionally, I've noticed that when I attempt to flash a new ROM to my phone the ROM says it...
  32. D

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod 6.1???

    Hey guys I understand all the hype right now surrounds CM7 and all the ports for that coming out. However that being said I used to own an HTC Aria and I used to love Cyanogen and all of his work. I was wondering if anyone has any idea if this is: a. Works b. Is still being developed...
  33. jasonevil

    Thread [Theme] Honeycomb Hero V.2 for CM6.1 Stable and CM7v2*updated 4/02/11*

    Honeycomb Hero. It is based off of the honeycomb system dump, which luckily had mdpi folders :D lol I switched out the battery icons for a recolored version of the gb battery icons....the honeycomb battery icons where IMO too large... Includes themed apps for Deskclock Dialer Music Keyboard...
  34. V

    Thread [Q] New Evo with 2.10 HBOOT and 004 hw.. Just want cm6 B2 w/snap!! Help!

    First of all, I apologize if this is in the wrong place or has been answered, but to the best of my searching and hours of tinkering and trying, I have found nothing. I. Just want. CM6 B2 Blue Beast w/Snap v7. I have rooted my evo but it is newer with HBOOT 2.10 Radio 2.15 and 0004 hw version...
  35. Moody

    Thread CM6 old thread. CM6 is now managed by Owain94, go to his thread.

    Owain94 manages CM6 now. You can visit his thread at HERE WHY? I'm getting myself a nice HTC Desire Z ! But I'll stay in touch with Owain94, so that when we find interesting stuff we can share it with each other. I also still can help to develop new things for the rom, I just don't have a phone...
  36. R

    Thread [Q] CM6 Gingerbread theme!!

    Can someone please port over a working gingerbread CM6 theme?? Ive tried to metamorph some, but all of them freeze on the framework and the evo theme cant find the sprint network and says its roaming all the time. It would be amazing if someone could fix the evo gingerbread theme for the epic or...
  37. A

    Thread [Q] Need Help!! First time EVO Root/CM6 gone bad...

    OK....long story short...finally decided to delve into rooting and custom roms. Flashed CM6 yesterday and everything was going great. Then suddenly yesterday evening as I was swiping between home screens on my device everything froze, and I have been trying to recover ever since. Anything I...
  38. F

    Thread [Q] How to downgrade from DangerSPL on ADP1?

    Hello, I was running CyanogenMod 6.x for a while, but my Android Dev Phone 1 just wasn't keeping up (and stuff was randomly breaking such as all camera-related apps force-closing), so I wanted to go back to JesusFreke's 1.5 ROM, which is what I had been using before I started using CyanogenMod...
  39. mic.mayorga

    Thread POSSIBLE SOLUTION CM6 3G slow

    k guys ive been looking at why so many people running CM on their evos have been getting horrible data speeds. i flashed 6.1.1 as well as the v7 kernel from Bnice on this thread: my speeds have been great. i encourage you look...
  40. nique0201

    Thread [Q] [Request] CM lock screen music control flashable zip for fresh rom

    I was wondering if it is possible for someone to package the file in cm 6.1.2 that adds the universal music control to the lock screen. I have the newest fresh rom 3.5 and I use the vanilla lock screen so it should be similar, I just don't know how to make flashable zips or where to begin to...
  41. mic.mayorga

    Thread CM6 Horrific 3G speeds? Sense way better...

    i have sense on my evo again because everywhere i went no matter my signal, the bars on cm6 showed 1-2 rarely 3 never 4 and the 3G was painfully slow. ran tests and i got .1 mbps on cm6, flashed sense to see if my phone was the problem and it got 1mbps, ten times faster? can anyone explain the...
  42. K

    Thread Another Possible Battery Drain Solution?

    We have yet another possible remedy for those of us experiencing wakelock/battery drain issues still. Read about it from someone on the bugtracker. Try leaving your GPS set to on, rather than toggling it. I switched mine on this morning (yesterday, now) and now for the first time in over a...
  43. C

    Thread [Q] Caleb

    Ok guys, I'm a big nooby. I just rooted my phone last night. It was pretty easy to flash the rom and all that, but I'm having a problem. I can't seem to find a google apps download anywhere for cm6. I have the htc hero cdma. Could someone please please please post a link for a download of...
  44. szainmehdi

    Thread [BOOTSCREEN][ZIP] N1/Nexus S Boot animation for CM6.1/Froyo ROMs

    Thanks to Kyouko, we now have a flashable zip of Nexus One/S Boot Animation for Froyo (2.2) based roms (i.e. Cyanogenmod). TESTED ON CYANOGENMOD NIGHTLY HEROC 167 Screens: Again, all credit goes to Kyouko DOWNLOAD: See attachments :) Original Thread: is there anyone who can port over...
  45. S

    Thread [Q] CyanogenMod6.1 has killed Bluetooth and Flash on my CDMA Hero

    I really hope that there isn't a thread that answers this. If there is, I couldn't find one. I flashed CM6.1 a few days ago, and I've found most of the fixes to my problems. I found the marketplace app in the google apps zip, I found the visual voicemail and sprint navigation apks, and I even...
  46. T

    Thread [Q] EVO USERS RUNNING CM6 - Do you miss 4g?

    Quick question, hopefully i'm not being redundant at all :confused: 1. For EVO users who switched to Cyanogen, Do you miss 4g? I know they're working on it now, and it will be out soon, but I'm thinking of switching from my rooted stock rom to CM6.1.1 and that way I atleast have a nand of CM...
  47. c00ller

    Thread [Q] Where can I submit my feature request for CyanogenMod?

    I have a feature suggestion, but I have no idea where to officially submit a request of any sort. In case anyone is interested in my suggestion, here it is. Introduction ------------ Right now, we have the option of showing lockscreen music controls only when music is already playing, or have...
  48. ethan.r.besbris

    Thread CM 6.1 RC2 Gingerbread Theme Port

    I am uploading CM 6.1 RC2 with Gingerbread Theme for those who want it. Will post link when done. Link: Enjoy!
  49. Decad3nce

    Thread [ROM] Mau5 CM6 [Dec 24] SOURCE Source: Kernel: Original Credits: ackprash for the theme ctso for the hdpi overlay wesgarner for the mdpi drawables jaybob413 for the compass(akmd) binary...
  50. S

    Thread [Q] How do I remove CM6?

    I might need to take my phone to Sprint. How do I remove cm6 so when i boot into recovery, it doesnt load cm6.....