1. Ulumia

    Thread [ROM]CyanogenMod 9 by htc0097

    Status = Full Stable. Download: see attachments UPD : If you are prompted to update the su binary the first time you run it, accept and choose to install it via CWM/TWRP A supplement from me: this ROM was originally on another forum, but I got permission from the original author to publish it on XDA
  2. S

    Thread [KERNEL] [MTD] [TW/CM9/CM11] [DEV] Watson Kernel (MTD support on Gingerbread!)

    Hello guys, This is a project I was working on for a kernel for our SGY. I made it with a few things in mind: >Improve it's performance >Be universally compatible (after I nearly given up on trying to get a snappier CM11 and after the need for a snappier SGY, I decided to go back to GB...
  3. motolio

    Thread (updated) Last stable official CM9+gapps in one recovery file

    I have tracked down the last "stable" cm build for the TF101(CM9) and combined it with the necessary gapps through a TWRP backup. It is untouched, and ready to be restored. You need to unzip the file and place the contained folder inside your TWRP backup folder. Hope this helps someone. FLASH...
  4. G

    Thread Beating a Dead Horse, CM7, CM9, & CM10, Wanted some1 who used these as their DDriver

    Beating a Dead Horse, CM7, CM9, & CM10, Wanted some1 who used these as their DDriver I know this has been beat to death. I've read most of the latter portion of each thread on these roms, as well as, all the faq's that are stickied. One in particular, had links to videos and was supposed to...
  5. S

    Thread Motorola mb 520 fix cm 9

    Hi, guys i need some information about custom rom cm 9 because a installed but the cam not work or other custom rom good for mb520. thanks
  6. U

    Thread [DEV][WIP][ROM][4.0.4] Unofficial Tom-Tec 7 excellent CyanogenMod 9

    Tom-Tec 7 excellent. This is a telechip (TCC892x) tablet. 7 ich. Specs: A8 processor. ARMv7 rev1 3000 mAh accu. MicroSD/SDHC. Capacitieve, multitouch. resolutie is : 800x480 wifi 1 gb ram. 2,27 gb internal mali 400 vga front camera 0,3 Screenshots cm9: Features: Default cm9 features...
  7. eiPeiDweP

    Thread [Q] CM11 to CM9/CM7/STOCK?

    Is there any way to FLASH back to "CM9/CM7/STOCK" from "CM11" , without ODIN?
  8. F

    Thread [Q] CM9 with INT2EXT+: GooglePlay download problems

    Hallo, I am working with the stable CM9 version and INT2EXT+ on my HTC Wildfire S which you really cannot use without any 'storage expanding' script. Its storage space is so horrible low. So thank you for this solution very much. The mentioned constellation is running fine and fast so far -...
  9. F

    Thread [Q] Common problems of cm9, cm10 and cm11 already known?...

    Hello, I detected the following systematic problems of cm9..11 1.) Skype cannot be started at all. It does not even react on a click of its icon. And no error message appears. 2.) the akku load status is shown incorrect during load process. E.g. after 4 hours load it shows 37% instead of true...
  10. F

    Thread CM9: Skype does not even start

    Hallo, I cannot start the actual Skype version on cm9 (+ INT2EXT+) (Olivier, 20.7.14), which I installed on my WFS today for the first time. I have no explanation, why not. I click the Skype icon but it does not even begin to start. Just nothing - not even any error message!... (it is the only...
  11. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [APP][PORT][CM9] Touchwiz 5 Launcher

    Hi! Today I will share with you an ported version on touchwiz launcher (from s2 ics) which is compatible with this device. This port is based maxx35000 's work. Enjoy! How to install: -Flash the attached .zip in clockworkmod recovery Note: -This package also include touchwiz framework, so...
  12. shevchovski

    Thread [GUIDE][4.0/ICS/CM9][HDPI] Re-Layout Recents Apps UI+Animation Text

    Hey I'm Come Again First, Thanks to Senior Member Adi Aisiteru Reborn , Senior Member evilisto and wong_Anyar Because i'm make this from modifying Guide three people on above :laugh: And Never forget it to X-TREME TEAM INDONESIAN DEVELOPMENT :fingers-crossed: :highfive: 1.Decompile...
  13. shevchovski

    Thread [APP][ONLY][4.0] Launcher Xtrememotion.apk

    Hey Overyone :D I Just want to share my Modded launcher for ICS ROMS Feature 1.More stable 2.Fast 3.Minimalist on RAM Consumtion :laugh: 4.Semi Transparent Drawer ScreenShot On Attachments Files :o Download over HERE 791.59.kb HOW TO INSTALL Just Install manual like apk normally :good: Oke...
  14. shevchovski

    Thread [GUIDE]HOW-TO Holo Light On Settings.apk [4.0/ICS/CM9][4.1/JB/CM10][4.2/JB/CM10.1]

    Hello Everyone's :D Check it my first GUIDE on here ;) How To Setting Holo Light First step 1. Know how to compile and recompile 2. Disable your Signature Verifiication or you can follow this GUIDE GO HERE Thanks To Om dugeriss 3. Now decompile your Settings.apk and edit AndroidManifest.xml...
  15. S

    Thread White marks in place of names in Google maps

    I am experiencing this problem with old google maps (6.14.4) in CM9 rom. It looks as if the places names are striken by a while line If anyone experienced this weird bug, please tell me a solution :fingers-crossed: Well u know, the latest maps doesnt run good on our devices. .
  16. A

    Thread [ROM][L3][CM9] Rayogenmod Project (UPDATED 26/5/2014)

    Rayogenmod is back! A simple, Cyanogenmod based custom Rom 1. Features Rooted SDMerged version Suxsem kernel / SDMergE400 by Gellmar Optimized SecLauncher2 Clean Look LG Bootanimation Based on Official Cyanogenmod 9 (20130929) 2. Download 2.1. New builds Build#3 (RE-BUILD) (SDMerged version)...
  17. B

    Thread [Q] Are there any Odin or Heimdall packages of cyogenmod for the player 4.0?

    Long story short, Even using a custom recovery I am unable to flash any rom Execpt stock, or a modified stock rom (using Etherealrom 2.4 right now) And I was wondering if anyone has a dump from odin or Heimdall that I could use to try to flash CM to my device, weather it's cm9 or cm10, it may...
  18. E

    Thread [Q] No USB Mass Storage notification icon

    Hi, having no problem connect with my SGW to my PC via USB previously, until recently, no more USB mass storage/USB debug icon appear at notification bar. (but charging phone via USB still working and fine) Using -Windows 7 -Samsung galaxy W with Cyanogenmod 9 from acro68. Try searching...
  19. TheFixItMan

    Thread [Mod] [CM9] Lidroid Status Bar For CM9

    Lidroid Status Bar For CM9 This Mod Is For Any CM9 Only My enhanced original CM9 Status Bar can be found - Here Take Note Of The Following Anyone is free to use and develop this with the following conditions you do not mirror the download link or add any ads to my download link on blog...
  20. TheFixItMan

    Thread [GUIDE] Brightness Slider Guide Stock GB CM7/CM9/CM11 - Rewritten Easy To Follow

    Brightness Slider Guide For CM11 See My Guide - Here I have re-written the guide by evanlocked with his permission as some people had trouble following his guide so I'll try to make it simple to follow steps Full credit goes to him for the original guide and steps - All I have done is...
  21. TheFixItMan

    Thread [Mod] [CM9] Transparent Status Bar With Brightness Slider Mod - V1.3 15th July 2014

    Transparent Status Bar With Brightness Slider For CM9 This Mod Is For Any CM9 Only If You Require The Stock Version Go Here If You Require The AOSP Version Go Here If You Require The CM7 Version Go - Here Take Note Of The Following Anyone is free to use and develop this with the following...
  22. MaDaLiNoSt

    Thread [SHARE][MOD][CM9] Transparent Statusbar

    Hi! I want to share with all galaxy mini 2 users, an mod created for Galaxy W I8150, which works also on our phone. I hope that you enjoy it. Original thread:
  23. hnkotnis

    Thread [ROM][PORT][UPDATE] Paranoid Android V1.5 base CM9 beta 4

    PARANOID ANDROID V1.5 RC2 FOR GALAXY Y GT-S5360 TOTORO Ported by hnkotnis Many bugs are fixed now, with base changed to @bieltv.3 's CM9 beta 4 as base. Today I completed exact 1 year after joining XDA Developers. So I am launching RC2 version of PA, which was a bit delayed because...
  24. akhbh

    Thread [ROM] [DISCONTINUED] [ICS 4.0.4] Cyanogenmod 9.2 for galaxy pocket (cori)

    PLEASE DO NOT MIRROR AND DONT USE SHORTENER LINK TO SHARE IT. IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT ME, THANKS BUTTON IS THERE! :P CyanogenMod is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any...
  25. M

    Thread [REQUEST][APP] Samsung Galaxy S4 Messaging Apk for CM9

    Hi folks! Can someone provide me an app like in this thread or a link to download it? If someone could port this app to CM9 that's exactly what I needed. Tried to install on CM9 but gives me force close. Hope someone can help me...
  26. W

    Thread (Aroma) Xperience Kit Kat V4.4 Locked and Unlock Bootloader

    That rom is not create the 100% by me but the developer and me are not responsable for the damage that the phone will have. Sorry my english is not very good.... hehe You need: -Xperia U device(with lock or unlock bootloader) -That rom -CWM Caracteristics: -Based on Slim CM9 Deodex -Add...
  27. A

    Thread [Q] Problems in CM9

    I have 2 problem in CM9. 1. When I turn on bluetooth, phone will reboot, and got bootloop. I have try stock kernel, hurtsky, and honeyx, but problem didnt solved. 2. I cant play Whatsapp Voice Message. How to fix that problems? thx. Sorry for my bad english.
  28. R

    Thread [Q] cant access external SD Card in CM10

    hi, i'm facing a problem with my external SD Card, when i flash CM10 i cant see my external SD card , what should i do?

    Thread [DISCUSSION] CM9 by Percy_g2

    All discussion threads to be posted here and not be troubled with Percy_g2.... If there are any fixes, or you've modded stuff, please post on official thread to help in development but any questions, requests, troubleshootings and stuff to be posted right here! We hope percy_g2 all the best for...
  30. abhi922

    Thread [Rom Discussion] Cosmic Rom for GT-S7562 [Galaxy S Dous]

    hello guys, i ve started this thread to discuss about my new rom "Cosmic Rom" for Galaxy S Dous.... This will be an awesome CM9 styled rom for our phone based on Stock Samsung ICS rom... this will be highly themed rom with lots of Mods in it... some of the features are first time released...
  31. C

    Thread [Q] Droid X Running CM9 Won't Accept a Charge

    Hey there, So after some fooling around with my Droid X the past couple of days, I managed to get it rooted and CM9 for Droid X flashed over. All was going well, until I plugged it in that night, and the battery wouldn't charge. I thought it was weird, so I let it sit there for about an hour...
  32. R

    Thread CM9 CDMA 100% Working

    OK.. here it is 100% working (as far as I can tell) CM9 for the CDMA primoc. IT WORKS WITH THE UPDATED (OTA) Radio & HBOOT. Please do not ask... EVERYTHING works, including USB tethering, bluetooth tethering, wifi hotspot, bluetooth to mono headset (voice !), bluetooth to A2DP, bluetooth sleep...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] fastboot boot.img help?

    Ok i've flashed 100's of boot.img's but i've never encountered this. Fastboot flash boot boot.img sending Phone show the little loading bar. Nothing happens. I waited about 3 minutes and still nothing. So i stopped it. Tried multiple times same thing. Used a different .img same thing. Googled...
  34. V

    Thread [Q] Sola kills some processes on start up, phone can't be used

    Hi guys, I've been using my Sola for over a year now and I like the phone, i got the CM9 build from freeXperia on it (FXP 210 CM 9 PEPPER) with cwm on it and loved it. Two weeks ago trouble began when the phone was very unreliable, it rebooted several times a day, sometimes I noticed that the...
  35. Crewnshaw

    Thread [CM9]Tabbed Settings with swipe, JB status bar, JB transitions.

    Here I come to share some Mods made and edited by me. Mods: -Tabbed Settings With Swipe. -Jelly Bean Status Bar (Updated to work properly with CM 9.2.3) -Jelly Bean Transition Animations. Screenshoots: Installation: -Download the desired mod(s). -Reboot into recovery. -Flash the downloaded...
  36. RicardoQ5

    Thread [Q] MINI CM9, After port Phone.apk FC, Why does it happen?

    Hello guys, I'm trying to port MiniCM9 from LG P350 to our mini. And everything turned out to work well(boot, camera, etc) but when the phone boots up, it keeps saying that " stopped working". I've tried to change phone.apk numerous times, but it's no use. The message keeps...
  37. Viper The Ripper


    PATCHED SERVICES.JAR FILES FOR ALL OF YOU What's it do? Basically increases system performance, better manage the RAM memory usage, reduce lags, force the launcher to not be killed and allow you to use other tweaks in ICS/JB roms as Fly-on-Mod More info here...
  38. S

    Thread [Q] How to enable HD Voice (AMR-WB) on CM ROMs?

    How to enable HD Voice (AMR-WB) on CM ROMs?
  39. Mactavish791

    Thread CM9 low volume

    That would be the problem that the CM9 is not good for recording. Specifically, quietly recording the camera. So when I play back the video, quieter than GB recording. The recording application also recording my voice softly. There is no solution for anything? Is there anything I could increase...
  40. A

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][03/09/2013][PORT][CM9.2] CyanoMatz V2

    CyanoMatz 9.1 ROM V 2 CyanoMatz 9.1 is a free, community built distribution of Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which greatly extends the capabilities of your phone. CyanoMatz 9.1 is based on CyanogenMod Code with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. I...
  41. nogloww

    Thread [Q] Google Play Services not supported

    I am running CM9 on my Kindle Fire. As of a few days ago I started getting a message that said, "Google Play Services, which some of your applications rely on, is not supported by your device. Please contact the manufacturer for assistance." I thought it was because I hadn't downloaded the...
  42. DiegoConD

    Thread [Q] How to odex a cm9 rom?

    I have a pure cm9 rom for my lg p350 and i'm making an optimized rom, i've searched a lot and i didn't find any clear tutorial to odex it, i'll be very thankfull if you give me a little hand :)
  43. CyberScopes

    Thread [ROM][KERNEL][GSM/CDMA][ICS] NexPlay [CM9][4.0.4]

    This is a rom made to contain awesome features and 4.2/4.3/4.4 looks while trying to maintain stability and speed. Features Themed >> - 4.4 Fonts - 4.4 Lockscreen Clock Font - 4.3/4.4 Boot Animation (Google Edition) - 4.4 Ringtones, Notification Sounds and System Sounds + Others...
  44. goateegauti

    Thread [Suggestion]{xperia mini} Cm10.1 with legacy hacks???

    Guys is there any CM10.1 rom built including legacy hacks(not expecting a near near source build). Too many strange looking names of roms(ported)...... Also which rom has the highest benchmarks??? Is 3.4 kernel stable with most of the things working???? Also is rooting possible for mini's...
  45. eexit

    Thread [i9020T][MODS][CM9/ICS] Volume keys cursor control + battery styles

    Hello, I have been using CM 10.1.x for a couple months but I had to downgrade to CM9 for performance reasons and few bugs. I'm very happy with CM9 and I have finally my notifications working. However, a few mods from CM10 are missing and I would like to know if it was possible to port them to...
  46. W

    Thread [18-8-13][cm9][ics 4.0.4] touchwiz 5 s3 ui | build 3 v2 | s4 lockscreen

  47. imgianni

    Thread [ROM][L3/e400][CM9] CyanogenSpeed [Project][30/07/13]

    Hi folks from XDA: This will be a rom to improve in every aspect, battery and performance, graphics not so much because it is low-end, and in my opinion it is best battery/performance. So far I've used (or rather, my girlfriend has used it), and says it has better performance than the first...
  48. LaKsHaY1997

    Thread [Q] Someone please upload CM9

    Can someone please mirror CM9 ? In the CM9 thread there is no download link :eek:
  49. K

    Thread [Q] Broken USB, Broken CWM

    I've read every thread on XDA about the Infuse. I was able to successfully update from 2.3.6 to cm9. Then of course I got greedy and went to cm10. While in CM10 the android keyboard kept FC'n. I went back into CWM and Factory reset, cache, data, dalvik and so on. Then I tried to perform a...
  50. D

    Thread [DEV][ROM][ICS][4.0.4] Unofficial CyanogenMod 9.1 for Pico | 22-06-2013

    CyanogenMod 9 is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0.4 (ICS), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD...