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    Thread Reverted from COS12 fingerprint/ face unlock bug

    Recently reverted from ColorOs12 build to original Oxygenos 10. Had the auto rotate bug, fixed it. Now fingerprint, face unlock, and ambient gestures are broken. Anyone have suggestions on getting back to fully stock? Already tried MSM tool with no luck.
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    Thread Question Color OS on Red Magic 6s Pro

    Hello everyone! Hope to have some news or guidance on this. I had recently a few months ago bought a red magic 6s pro ghost and it's amazing. I love this device and it's great, however, let's face it the software could use a little tweaking and improvements as the hardware is impeccable. I...
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    Thread General Vote your favorite ColorOS 12 feature

    Still excited after the ColorOS 12 global launch, already tried most available features. How about you? Whats your favorite so far?
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    Thread How To Guide [How-to guide] Omoji on OPPO ColorOS incl. APK

    Hey there OPPOers, it’s Eric from OPPO ColorOS here 😎 I’m going to introduce you to our all-new #Omoji feature! Omoji? Yes! Omoji is our 3D animated emoji feature that is being introduced for the first time on ColorOS 12. Boosted by OPPO’s industry-leading Face Capture algorithm, Omoji allows...
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    Thread General Android Phones Privacy. Is it more secure than previous versions? View on ColorOS 12

    Recent reviews of Android 12 have been enticing me to check back to current changes. Personally, I enjoy Androids (nearly) full customizable & unlockable ecosystem, but the thought of being invasive by customized setups has always haunted me. I wouldn’t describe myself as paranoid, but with...
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    Thread General OPPO ColorOS 12 update plan

    Hey Fellas,have you been able to update already?