1. W

    Thread How do I enable adb debugging and otg with a black screen and no otg cable?

    Hello, I just broke the screen of my OnePlus8t Verizon network unlocked phone. The computer I previously linked 8t with also has a broken screen. ... Rains it ..... My Phoe has some important information in docs and screenshots I need to get. I just turned off ADB debugging thinking "Oh I...
  2. wuseman

    Thread How to launch usb debbuging from adb

    Hello. I have tried to get usb debugging popup enable via various tools in windows. For example when I have recovery my phone, i enter welcome screen in setup wizard, press on emergency button and then i type *#0*#, and then the windows tool can open usb debugging dialog, how could this be done...
  3. M

    Thread Delete unnecessary partitions

    Hi hi, I have a mobile with Android 11 when flashing my own room it is recommended to delete: fastboot delete-logical-partition produ fastboot delete-logical-partition product_a fastboot delete-logical-partition product_b I haven't found any but maybe they have a different name. Are there...
  4. Rejerf

    Thread Disable app via TWRP recovery

    Hi there, I'm having trouble to find respective command to use in updater-script which would disable an application when running installation in TWRP recovery. I'm aware I could remove the app files/folders, but would like to try first disabling it. Is there such an option?
  5. V

    Thread need help about twrp

    guys anyone know fastboot command to flash twrp where phone automatically boots in twrp after flashing recovery image. it is a single command not other fastboot reboot command. Due to virus attack I lost my all data in laptop and all the info about redmi 3s which I had saved, gone with it. also...
  6. Vordx

    Thread How to install / get back uninstalled Apps (APKs) with ADB.

    A lot of people searched for a way to uninstall bloat or APKs using ADB because a lot of OEMs don't allow uninstalling many of preinstalled apps. Tested on Pie and Oreo. BUT most of the articles if not all of them ( couldn't find any article saying otherwise ) say that after using the command...
  7. BillyMumphry

    Thread ADB Push/Pull simple guide

    ADB Push/Pull Simple Guide To Push a single file from PC to Android, in this case a, you must place the inside the same folder as your ADB and Fastboot files. Right click anywhere inside that folder while holding the shift key down to open the cmd prompt and run these commands...
  8. Beakhole

    Thread [Help] Execute a shell script from updater-script in recovery flashable zip?

    I'm trying to create a flashable zip that executes a shell script when it's flashed. I figured that the Edify Script command was this: run_program("/path/to/shell/script/"); I've tried this in my flashable zip but it doesn't work. Am I using the wrong command? Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Beakhole

    Thread How to execute a shell script from the updater-script of flashable zip?

    I'm trying to create a flashable zip that executes a shell script when it's flashed. I figured that the Edify Script command was this: run_program("/path/to/shell/script/"); I've tried this in my flashable zip but it doesn't work. Am I using the wrong command? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. fred_gaou

    Thread [Completed] [HELP] 'adb reboot bootloader', I need feedback

    Hi, I've just reported an issue about a batch using adb commands. Please, go to see my post where I report the issue and give me some of your enlightenment about it. This can be summarize in one question: On win 8.1 x64, is it normal that the adb reboot bootloader command process keeps...
  11. D

    Thread [New/APP] Root Task & App Manager - Manage your device with unique root commands

    Root Task & App Manager will help you to speed up, clean and optimize your device. Unlike any others task managers, Root Task & App Manager can find user or system running services, background apps and foreground processes which you can easily manage with multiple unique root commands and...
  12. P

    Thread [Q] "Simple" bluetooth question: Disable Automatic Connection or workaround?

    [Q] "Simple" bluetooth question: Disable Automatic Connection or workaround? I am looking for some way to prevent every phone in the house from trying to connect to a bluetooth speaker or receiver when it's turned on. the devices in question all run Android 4.4.4 stock unrooted Motorola...
  13. WastedJoker

    Thread How to automate adb push commands?

    Hello, I want to run the following sequence of push commands: adb push /sdcard/DCIM C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\DCIM adb push /sdcard/Download C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\Download adb push /sdcard/Pictures C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\Pictures adb push /sdcard/rcb2 C:\Users\me\Downloads\adb\rcb2 adb...
  14. K

    Thread [FREE][APP] CONSOLE WP8 - Shell Dos For Windows Phone 8

    CONSOLE WP8 UPDATE: 1.8 - 2014-12-23 03:10:00 I'm excited to announce today the 1.8 update "WP8 Console" - Added new command: [shortcut] to create tiles (shortcut) on the home screen link to a file - Added new command: [set] to create / edit environment variable - Adds new command: [tree] To...
  15. E

    Thread [Q] fastboot boot recovery.img on hboot 1.56

    Just got my One back from warranty repair. Looks like they either gave me a new main board or updated my device, I'm on the latest Bell 4.19.666.8 with hboot 1.56. I figured I would get a full nandroid backup of the phone at stock 4.4.2, but I can't seem to get fastboot boot to work. Don't want...
  16. danis1997

    Thread superuser command list

    hi i want to make a superuser command list:) anyone how know commands can post it here. chmod - give especific permissions to an specific file cat - look at, modify, or combine a file. You can also copy files with this command by "reading" it to another file instead of to the screen. cd -...
  17. danis1997

    Thread [Q] Superuser Command List

    hi i want to know if exist a list of the SU commands :)..i think it will be very useful to have it
  18. T

    Thread Terminal Command Bible

    I've ben gone for a while after working on my app2sd script (unfortunately I wasn't able to completely debug it, but kudos to devs that got it working for different devices) and I thought it would be nice to list some of the interesting commands I used to put the script together and eventually...
  19. DXP2

    Thread [Tutorial] How to Ping a website from Android phone

    I do a lot of things with network maintenance, diagnostics, and security on my PC. I found pinging a site to test my latency from my SG3 was useful, testing when/where I get the best latency on my mobile data network. So without further a due, here is a short, simple but thorough tut 1.)...
  20. Arjav23

    Thread Voice Command for G3

    Hi all You all know that Voice Command is just a virtual assistant on galaxy S series I am planning to share this app with you all At the moment there is one bug when music is selected. You will experience a fc then Nothing else as far as i know Please report any bug if You do find it...
  21. T

    Thread Kindle Fire Stuck in TWRP 2.2

    Hi, My Problem: My kindle fire is stuck in twrp. There are no backups or roms. When I do a Normal Boot, it just gets frozen at the kindle fire boot logo. When I try to mount the USB storage (cache & sd card), my computer can't find it. I do have FireFireFire on it and I have manageed to get...
  22. P

    Thread Modem AT Command: AT+IMEIRDWRITE

    hello, while I was trying to use some at command to change my IMEI I found out that exist the following command within the one supported in the i9000 modem command subset: AT+IMEIRDWRITE the problem is I haven't been able how to use it. Does anyone know something about it? Either google...
  23. N

    Thread [Q] Script or Command for Power menu

    Hi, I would like to know what terminal command can I use to invoke the power menu for my phone (the one that pops up when you hold the power button) I am using latest CM 7.2 on my EVO 4G. Thank you in advance and sorry if I am posting in the wrong section.
  24. despotovski01

    Thread [Q] How to get output from adb?

    Hi guys! I'm working on a program in VB.NET which involves pushing files to phones. I know how to execute the commands from inside my program, but I'm struggling with the output. I can't get the output from adb. By output I mean the result of the function, for example, some error message or...
  25. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread [tutorial] creating terminal command shortcut on home screen

    to create terminal command shortcut you will need these apps 1.script manager widget file explorer now creating shortcut:- 1. open es file explorer 2. create a folder naming "scripts" 3. open scripts folder 4. create a simple .txt file and write only one command in it...
  26. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread [tutorial] creating terminal command shortcut on home screen

    to create terminal command shortcut you will need these apps 1.script manager widget file explorer now creating shortcut:- 1. open es file explorer 2. create a folder naming "scripts" 3. open scripts folder 4. create a simple .txt file and write only one command in it like...
  27. brandall

    Thread [CLOSED] [APP][4.1+][V1.3.7] Saiy | Your Open Source Virtual Assistant

    Welcome to Saiy... Install - Mod edit: Broken DL link removed. For those of you visiting this thread as subscribers to utter! you'll know the history well. A promising release, active development and then silence..... Please accept my apologies - if you don't know that 'sometimes life gets in...
  28. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread [Q] any terminal app which can create widget or short for command

    can anybody tell me about any terminal app which can create shortcut or widget for commands like if i want to reboot my device then i just need to tap on that widget or shortcut to reboot my device
  29. A

    Thread [APP][free]Linux Cheatsheet.

    Update: App hss been updated to version 1.5! Its now more smooth more fluid, more correct and more interactive! Hello, friends. Recently I had to deal with more than one Linux noobs. They're mostly of the same kind - excited about the new environment but intimidated to see the terminal and...
  30. E

    Thread [Q] open MXvideo player with command

    sorry for my bad english!! Well, basically I want to open an MP4 file from the terminal (CLI), I created a script that downloads via megaupload and using software decoding with MXvideoplayer I can play the file at the same time it is downloaded, my question is, how I can open MXvideoplayer from...
  31. drumking

    Thread Help with Samsung Replenish SPH-M580

    I have root and installed busybox. I'm trying to use Terminal Emulator to remove some unwanted .apk files. I used this command su mount -o rw,remount /system rm -f /system/app/Browser.apk The response is rm failed Read-only file system Is there a step I'm missing or wrong command...
  32. G

    Thread [Q] command line calling

    Hello everyone, I am a PhD student in Stockholm, studying VoIP technology. I am in the middle of writing my dissertation, about command line calling. As I'm doing my researches, I've already found some very interesting research material, such as this page...
  33. okmijnlp

    Thread [Iris] Upcoming Features

  34. otnos

    Thread voice command - speech recognition

    where can I find a list of voice commands that WP7 recognizes? I used to have MS Voice Command on WM 6.5 and really enjoyed it. I find speech recognition on WP7 limited and not well documented. :confused:
  35. okmijnlp

    Thread Anyone getting offline voice commands to work?

    Has anyone got this to work on their Samsung Galaxy S2? Thread Here: Thanks!
  36. I

    Thread [Q] can't get cmd file to read on command prompt

    Alright so heres my question. I'm trying to revert back to 2.3 instead of 2.3.4 using this method and so far i'm doing good BUT I can't get the command prompt to read the hack-vivow.cmd file (see snap shot) and to my understanding i am...
  37. S

    Thread [Q] Set Alarm via Voice Command

    Whenever I try to set an alarm via the stock Voice Command app I am told that "set alarm feature is not supported." - even though the functionality is mentioned in the help section. Is there a way to get this to work, or alternately, is there other software that will do the job? The google...
  38. Evil.2000

    Thread [Q] No command prompt on tricolor bootloader

    Hello everyone, i'm trying to get into the bootloader to play a bit around but i do not get a Cmd> prompt. What i do is: - insert battery - push Vol down and power -> the tricolor bootloader appears - i plug in the usb cable -> my linux says: usb 1-5: PocketPC PDA converter now attached to...
  39. X

    Thread [Resolved] [Q] Trying to revert to stock Rogers HTC Dream ROM but stuck

    So I'm using the xda wiki to try and unroot my phone and revert to stock HTC Dream Rogers ROM. I'm particularly stuck at this part: run 'fastboot flash nbh rogers_1.89.631.1.nbh' I...
  40. C

    Thread [Q] Fastboot commands only give menu - please advise.

    Every time I try and run a fastboot command... it just shows the fastboot help menu. "fastboot devices" = menu "fastboot recovery c:\recovery-en-goapk-0630-1029.img" = menu all i ever get is: -------------------------------- Fastboot version 1.0 usage: fastboot [ <option> ] <command>...
  41. D

    Thread [Q] Milestone android 2.2 Froyo Rooted, wpa6 problem

    Hey, I've got a problem with my Milestone, wich I upgraded to 2.2 Froyo and rooted. When I try to flash Roms in recovery mode. It says can't open /chache/recovery/command. I found a topic were a guy speaks of a problem with the RUU Rom. I don't know wich ruu rom i've got and where to find the...
  42. E

    Thread [Q] Terminal Emulator Problem on HTC Inspire

    Im using an HTC Inspire, i was following the video on how to root your HTC Inspire with bubbys method everything was fine until i got to the command for Terminal Emulator. i first was told to do /data/local/tmp/rage then hit enter. but when i hit enter nothing happens. Help! im i doing something...
  43. Childofthehorn

    Thread Street Beats - a New way to Search your Music, help crowd-sourced research!

    STREET BEATS!!!! Thought I would post some progress on the collaborative project between my BF (Stev-o) and myself on our Android Music Program!!!!! *Also can be found on my Blog at* This program need some more rework and a UI....however most of the functions are...
  44. N

    Thread [Q] ADB shell commands in .bat

    I am on aospCM's rom for my Hero and as such the market has some problems. To fix it, s0be found a way to do it. The commands are such: I don't need step 3 since the directory exists. Since I am flashing nightlies (or near nightlies as the case may be) typing all of these commands gets super...
  45. Dante of the Inferno

    Thread [Q] Voice Control

    We all know about apps like Voice Actions and Vlingo, but are there any apps that can open NON-GOOGLE (and Twitter and Facebook) apps? Instead of opening Media Player, is there one that will open, say, Winamp or Springpad? You get the idea.
  46. A

    Thread [Q] Has anybody been able to make voice dialing through a bluetooth handset work?

    This has been bugging me since September and when I rooted and ran a custom froyo ROM I thought it would have been fixed. I am currently running Nebula ROM (1.0.7) and the voice dial/command still only works by holding the search button and it takes in audio through the phones mic even when my...
  47. tehseano

    Thread [Q] Can You Wipe Dalvik Cache via command in update-script?

    I've searched, but most of the posts are either asking "how to wipe it via adb" and then the thread gets sent into a different direction, and isn't directly answering my question. I have an that just does all my wipes in one click, rather than having to wipe data/cache, then system...
  48. P

    Thread [Q] [Request] 2 commands for an app: copy a number to sim & reboot

    Hey guys ;) as you see, I'm requesting here 2 commands for an app I'm working on :) really looking forward to get answers by you ;) pottkopp
  49. J

    Thread [Q] voice command

    hey is there a way to configure the voice command on a tp2 to b used for the entire phone rather than just certain programs and actions? for example i'd like to use voice command for almost every thing on my phone is that possible can i get some help?
  50. a-son

    Thread [APP] Muspelheim - Pull-push-delete files/mount/remount/Install apps

    Hello It was pretty hard to send/receive files, mount,remount to and from Android Mobile Phones (developed against Galaxy S) while in debug mode so i have made a application to do this. Visit mainsite Features *Reboot to recover/download and reboot buttons. *Send or...