1. J

    Thread HTC U11. Lets Talk Roms/kernals!

    I've just looked pretty much everywhere online and could'nt see a comparison discussion about Roms/kernals on the HTC U11. Or pretty much any other phone for that matter! So I have questions that need answering. Questions: 1: Are there roms that have better performance and Battery life when...
  2. lightsbee

    Thread Which stock firmware I should download for my device

    Hi all, I have bought new Sony XZ, In the back of device I see AU SOV34 branch. At present it running on android 7.1 Now I want to upgrade it to 8.0 by flashtool. But in about phone, I see it model F8331 and in Service Info/Software Info/Customization Version it's 1305-2218_R2D (Hongkong...
  3. D

    Thread All audio coming from headset speaker after connecting to car bluetooth

    Every so often when I get in my car, the phone starts dialing "100000". After I hang up, all the phones audio is routed through the headset speaker and it takes a restart to get back to normal operation. Anyone experience this? I am on stock ROM, Honda Accord 2018 for the bluetooth I am...
  4. qounik

    Thread Lower Karnel Port?

    Quick Q, Can i install kernel 3.18.19 (MM) rom on Kernel 3.18.35 (N) Loaded device? MT6580
  5. Cannon_Foddr

    Thread Planning to upgrade phone but unsure of 'latest technology' etc

    Firstly, appolgize if wrong thread & I know there's probably many posts asking the same thing... I'm planning to get a new Mobile - after having a Galaxy S4 (stuck on Android 4 since KNOX trip) since they first came out. I'm a VERY light user, only using it for occasional text/calls, the...
  6. juliandik

    Thread WiFi connected but no internet?

    Hey guys, i really need your help!! My HTC 10 is connected to my home wifi and has no internet suddenly. All my other wifi devices work fine. So I dont get why its not working?! Yesterday it worked fine, things I did before I was home again and stopped working: Tethering, being in a...
  7. T

    Thread [Completed] [Q] Root tutor? or Give up? Help! Brain is gonna pop!

    Hey all! In the past I've posted on XDA and have gotten amazing help and direction. I understand this isn't where you post "tech support" questions I'm just giving the backstory and asking for direction as to where I can go to get help. I just can't deal with trying to root my phone anymore...
  8. A

    Thread [Q] confused with flashtool

    do i have to use the latest flashtool ver. to flash the ftf for z1 compact ? or do i have to use the specific ver. for this device ? :confused: please reply ASAP :)
  9. B

    Thread [Q] Weirdest bug I've ever seen.

    Okay so I'm really confused. I just had to get a refurb replacement for my Sprint HTC One because I accidentally bricked it and couldn't get it backed, took it to Sprint, they said it was water damage, blah blah blah. Whatever. So I get the new one in the mail, use it for a couple of days to...
  10. CrisR82

    Thread [Q] Doubts in rooting

    So far I've had only Samsung phones, which were rooted by flashing a zip file through the built-in recovery (containing signed SuperSU). Now I have a 2013 Nexus 7 and I'm looking at the rooting guides and I see bootloader unlocking, flashing custom recoveries and a lot of other things which...
  11. Don Luciano

    Thread [Q] May I take this Z1 offer?

    Hi buddies! Here I am again! :D A friend have the Xperia Z1 C6902, he bought it with $ 290 (only device, case and 32 GB microSD class 10, it was a very good deal :rolleyes: but at short time, a guy "reported" it (he go to Telcel carrier, and report the Z1 as stolen, then they blacklisted that...
  12. Don Luciano

    Thread [Q] Xperia TX or Xperia L???

    Hi guys, I am sooo confused about decide between Xperia L and Xperia TX, both are the same, except for the screen, camera, internal storage, CPU clock and GPU. My question is: Which one to buy? I´m worried about Sony will end support for TX, and the L will not upgrade to 4.3 :( Which one do you...
  13. S

    Thread [Q] confused over g2

    hie i am from india, I know there might be many thread regarding comparison and all. but frankly anyone can help me. I am like confused choosing between LG G2, samsungs4/note3/ HTC one.......:confused: although i am currently using HTC Sensation XE. I want a good camera phone. mine...
  14. Prm593

    Thread Unlocking my bootloader!

    Hi Guys I am thinking about unlocking my Bootloader I am worried and confused so as a last resort i am opening this thread ! Q-- Should unlock my bootloader i have still have 7 months warrenty! I know that you all guys were thinking that this guy is crazy making thread? for this kind of...
  15. S

    Thread [Q] which is the cheap and best buy android mobile

    as i came across many android devices within the range of 10,000 INR i found samsung s duos is leading seller, but i suggested to buy Huawei Ascend P1 am attracted to it due to its display, and better hardware feature compared to samsung. what will be your suggestion on this price...
  16. FantasticalX

    Thread [Q] Anyone know what key feature on this apk?

    Anyone know what key feature on this apk? I found it when i removing some bloatware on my Xperia L. I think it make Sony Xperia L support OTG but i don't sure about it :D. Anyone know? :confused:
  17. N

    Thread [Q] After Using Jelly bean. Suddenly

    Hi, I am not say mistake to jelly bean OS, After a long time of use, mobile network not available, there is no incoming call and out going call. What happen I am confused, Please help me out this situation, I tried my sim with other handset but its working but i try to place all sim card to my...
  18. immortalneo

    Thread [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    There are a lot of people joining XDA on a daily basis, and there are a lot of repetitive questions being asked which clutter up the Development and 'Q & A' threads. Point them here. Feel free to ask or answer questions. The idea of this thread is to get users to help other users with their...
  19. hd_scania

    Thread [Q]3 annoying issues!!

    H-boot *** UNLOCKED *** PRIMOU PVT SHIP S-ON RL HBOOT-1.18.0000 RADIO-3831.19.00.120 Paranoid Android 2.99 in Android 4.1.2 Kernel 3.0.16-HELLBOY [email protected] #201212251747 IMEI 353115057844721 SN HT242TV01623 Ladies and gentlemen, I'm an Htc guy from HK:) However some issues v'bn...
  20. Akshay (Aky)

    Thread [Q] ODEX - DEODEX help needed not difference between them

    Guys, I am newbie here on XDA. So , I wanted to learn some modding / hacking stuff of android. ROM related : How, to Deodex an whole ROM & zip align it like all the modified ROMS are with .zip extension ??? APK & JAR modding : Can , some one please tell me A-Z process of...
  21. Ompalompa287

    Thread Rom Suggestions? Really Confused

    Okay guys, im relatively new here but I'de like to think I know enough to get around and rom properly I'm currently on a RAT Locked Radio (UCLF6) and an ATT ROM ICS (Sky ICS 4.2F) and am looking to switch to an AOSP or AOKP ROM that is very clean, simple, and as stock AOSP as possible. The...
  22. K

    Thread Flashable mods

    Hello I am after: Widgets in notification bar, volume buttons to skip music. I am on paulobrien ROM currently. I have successfully flashed one mod for always visible menu button and 36dpi nav bar by Thyrus. Thank you all in advance for reading and helping me. Regards, Kirior
  23. D

    Thread [Q] <E4GT> Mic Problem

    Yes I did post this in the device specific forum, but no one seems to have any idea. But it has me very confused, So I thought I would bring it to the general community. So I acquired a ET4G the other day from a friend who had dropped it in some water. He did an insurance claim so he has his...
  24. becosemsaida

    Thread Doubts, afraid and don't know how to do it safely

    Ok, i know this must be here somewhere but i just can't find it. Too much time digging i guess.... I'm tired of waiting for samsung to release a solution and want to try something else. Currently i'm on ics with lpy (german stock) so i have the famous problem (already checked). Here's the...
  25. Cherokee4Life

    Thread [Q] Is it just me confused??

    So I got my HTC EVO 4G LTE about 2 weeks ago. I have my HTC EVO 4G (WiMax) for a long time and was a flashaholic (beside the point). I kept my original EVO 4G because I can use it as a backup or an MP3 player (again beside the point). That being said I am on the forums for both phones every...
  26. brandon440

    Thread [Q] Question..I don't understand...

    :confused:I am confused as to why its ok to ask a question such as "What is the best launcher out there?" but when its asked "What is the best ROM out there?", the thread gets reported and locked. They are both based off user opinion. I will not "report" the thread on the launchers because that...
  27. 309041291a

    Thread Why Not Root?

    Why wouldn't somebody want to root their phone? I just don't understand why. I mean maybe they're worried about warranties or wanting to return the phone, but that's all I can think of. Does anybody know why people are so scared to root? My friend just refused to let me root his phone because he...
  28. E

    Thread [Q] Crazed and confused ....

    'Ello all.. Entirely too newb for this! Anyway, I've rooted my infuse 4G ... Seems that - that was easiest part. Now I am just really confused as to where to go from here. I've got Rom Manager premium & Titaniam Back Up free. I've batched using TBU. Not sure if I need other things for some of...
  29. S

    Thread [Q] Help choosing a theme?

    Okay, so I'm really new to this while changing themes thing. I've been looking around these threads for about an hour now, and I'm not finding much thats just wild and out of the ordinary. The couple that I have found are not working. Can anyone suggest a couple themes. I'm lookin for something...
  30. P

    Thread [Q] How to install a Froyo Rom?

    Hi there, I was just wondering how to install a Froyo Rom (With A2SD Support, and 2.1 Android Version). I was wondering about this because they're saying something about "Radio Versions" and I have absolutely no idea what that means. Is it to connect to your mobile carrier? Mine's Virgin...
  31. malvoc

    Thread Sorry! The process has stopped unexpectedly. please try again?

    So I tried to use the Windows phone android launcher that just came out, I made the mistake of setting it as my default launcher then a black screen comes up and I can't exit out of it, it says something similar to my title (windows phone android has stopped unexpectedly or something like that...
  32. S

    Thread My Touch rooted!...what now?

    Hey guys, first of all: great form. This is jam packed with information and I cannot wait to further read up on the massive ammounts of content here. I recently purchased a MyTouch3G. Everyone who knows anything about phones told me the best thing I could do is to root my phone (well worth the...
  33. T

    Thread I'm hoping this is a typo.. Xperia X10

    Here's the original link: In the Screen Specifications, it states the colours are 16,536. That's a little bit low..?
  34. Dking7

    Thread Help to newb

    Hi, I just now got my fist HTC Diamond 2(topaz). It is my first windows mobile phone and I was really excited about upgrading to 6.5, but it is not coming out any soon . However I am little confused :confused: how to do that. So can you tell which rom should I use for my HTC topaz. Please step...
  35. S

    Thread General Q&A

    If you have a problem instead of creating a new thread write it here and someone will help you
  36. devilpera64

    Thread No StartupGif/StartupWav for HTC touch Viva

    hi guys.! well, yesterday i've read an article for special tweaks on the diamond's registry and there was one of this tips that amazed me (i've an HTC TOUCH VIVA) in the registry setting (on HKLM\software\HTC\HTCAnimation) there are two strings (StartupGIF & StartupWav) that allow the htc...