1. D

    Thread AASpeechToText: an app for entering voice commands in languages not officially supported by Android Auto

    Hi all, We created a free open source application that allows you to enter voice commands for navigation and contacts on Android Auto, for languages that are currently not supported by Android Auto. The problem is that the google assistant in android auto is only supported in the following...
  2. kenshinta

    Thread Question "Contact doesn't exist" bug on Contacts app

    I'm getting this bug with the Contacts app on 12.5.15 Global (which I assume is stock Google). To reproduce easily: *choose a contact with no photo; *edit to add a photo; *view same photo it will error put with "contact doesn't exist message" Any solution? Is this specific with the 10s?
  3. L

    Thread Question Lost Universal Search On Pixel Launcher Pixel 6

    Did any of you lost Universal Search on the Pixel Launcher with Android 12L beta? I realized when I went to look up a contact by swiping up from the search bar on the home screen and when I typed a letter none of my contacts were popping up. I used to swipe up and start typing the first letter...
  4. H

    Thread Strange 'unsubcribe' contacts in google contacts

    This is in my google contacts. - Where are they from? - Is it a security threat?
  5. A

    Thread Problem syncing contacts to my google account

    Hello, I'm facing an annoying issue trying to sync my contacts. It all started when they were not syncing with my Google Account (GA) automatically. I tried to do it manually without success either. Hence, I moved all contacts to the phone memory, removed my GA, restarted the phone, and added...
  6. M

    Thread How can I export contacts from POCO X3 NFC to PC ?

    I can't find how to export all contacts to PC. The user manual is just childish stupid ! This must include all data (Name, phone numbers, etc) Must I connect the device to a usb port or wifi and upload to cloud ? Are they located on simcard or somewhere inside the device ?
  7. S

    Thread Question Google contacts not syncing

    Hi Guys, i got my x60pro+ yesterday, updated it to the latest PD2056_A_1.13.7, and i cant have my contact synced to the device. in my google account sync settings, i dont have an option to sync contacts. nor the google contacts app shows any contact. i checked through the system apps, and i...
  8. dereck_br

    Thread How To Guide [App][Google Contacts] How to sync Google Contacts in MIUI 12 CN

    Hi everybody, I will describe the process that worked on my Mi 11 Ultra with MIUI 12.5.4 (CN version) to enable Google Contacts Sync and I was able to sync my contacts from my Google account with my Mi 11 Ultra. Download Google Contacts Sync and Google Account Manager (Stable versions) Stop...
  9. C

    Thread Package associated with Google Contacts sync?

    Hi, got a LOT of help from xda since my S4 days, but first question here. I've recently updated to OneUI 3.0 and loving it. But this time, I decided to aggressively disable packages. So I got a list of packages to disable from a forum and edited it to my needs. It was all good, but I just...
  10. Y

    Thread Contacts storage draining battery and heating up phone

    Hi. So ever since i got the poco x3, my phone has been feeling uncomfortably hot. Its warm to the touch when unused and uncomfortably HOT with light tasks. Upon delving deeper saw that the Google Contacts Storage process (part of Android Core Apps) is taking most of the battery. Thus resulting...
  11. SkyKOG

    Thread Contacts missing on Google

    Hi folks! So I've been using the Huawei Mate 20x for about a year now and all was good! I accidentally dropped my phone and damaged the screen. Though the phone turns on, I can't do anything as the screen is pitch black. I set up my old iPhone only to notice that none of the contacts I saved...
  12. M

    Thread Huawei Cloud

    Hi, everything is working fine with my P20 pro and mediapad m5 except for one thing... Huawei cloud, in particular doesn't sync anything. Let me explain, if I create a contact online on cloud website I can't see it on phone or tablet... I've tried to move all contacts on sim too and...
  13. W

    Thread Which Dialer/ Contact Manager app for OnePlus?

    Howdy, Just moved to OnePlus, excited to set up the phone. :) What dialer / contact manager app do most of you use? The default? On my previous phone I had Simpler installed, but not sure I'm in love with it. Wouldn't mind an app that lets me back up contacts without sharing all the data with...
  14. E

    Thread Missing contact info on incoming calls

    Got a weird one here for you guys. My ATT Note 8 will not display the contact information when someone calls. If I do not answer the phone it will display a notification that I missed a call from that person (displaying the name). I have checked everything I can think of. I've tried rebooting...
  15. vonDubenshire

    Thread Samsung Contacts + Google Contacts\SMS\email - syncing issues are getting annoying

    I have never minded using both Samsung and Google's services since the system-level apps for Samsung cannot always be uninstalled. I have found many Samsung apps to actually be better than Google's, especially with the OneUI update and some of Google's in a mess, but right now I am reaching a...
  16. erkange

    Thread my contacts app shows more contact than i have?

    I selected to show only exchange contacts in contacts app. I have 1178 person in windows outlook software's contacts part. But google shows me 1748 contacts and many of them without phone number etc. How i can get rid of these unnecessary contacts?
  17. Lifear

    Thread Google Contacts App - Link contacts

    Can anyone please explain me how i can merge multiple contacts with the Google Contacts app? According to, i should tap the hamburger menu and use the suggestions. But the suggestions area is empty for me. For example, i have the same...
  18. Y

    Thread Issue with Call ID

    Is somebody facing some issue with the caller ID when receive a Call?. When some contact call me its only displays the number, no the contact name, but when i call un register it appears the contact name. Is this related to contact app? Or Google issue? I already deleted data of Contacts app and...
  19. F

    Thread How do I recover contacts from index?

    Android 6.0.1 I've deactivated my sim card. Seem that all contacts were in there. There is nothing in Contacts app, but all of the contacats are in index (I can search for them via Phone app). Is there any way to recover those from index?
  20. moore.bryan

    Thread Google Contacts Sync Never Completes

    For a few days now--about three or four--my contacts have refused to sync. I did all the "stand on one head and wait for the full moon" "fixes"--e.g., disable auto-updates, clear data, reboot, clear all caches via twrp--without success. I've also tried Beans and OpenGapps, as well as complete...
  21. D

    Thread Google Contacts not syncing!

    I am using an old Moto E Otus, running LineageOS 14.1 with Open Gapps Pico. I have Magisk with Xposed installed. In this setup, everything works fine. But if I try to flash any other version of Gapps, whether micro, mini or even aroma, Google Contacts don't sync. Everything else is working fine...
  22. Pariah24

    Thread Problem with Google Contacts sync

    My Contacts have been refusing to sync for over a week now; the circular arrows showing the Contacts sync stay visible all the time, and the sync date/time does not update. All my other accounts are working, it's just the Google contacts. I've tried clearing various caches, removing and readding...
  23. G

    Thread Possible bug in stock SMS app

    Ok, so this has happened a few times now. I get a phone call which I don't answer and let go to voice mail. So, I get a missed call badge on the phone app icon, and a similar one in the contacts app icon. If I go to the dialer, the phone app badge disappears, but the contacts app one doesn't...
  24. X

    Thread .vcf not importing all the contacts

    First of all, Hello guys! I wanted to share a problem that I'm facing with. My cousin had a some oldy samsung duos phone(cant remember exact model). So he used it for business. He has over 3400 contacts in it. He got a new phone, and now he asked me to transfer his data, documents etc to the...
  25. H

    Thread TA-1000 Contacts

    TA-1000 not using standard Google Contacts. Despite it is automatically sync from Google Contacts but stocked in a slightly different format. If I restore SMS-Call Log from another Android phone using SMS Backup & Restore Apps, some lines of the call log show only phone number but not caller...
  26. B

    Thread No Contacts

    Hi Everyone. I just purchased a Verizon LG V30 VS996 and I have been installing all of my apps and setting up phone. Last night I removed a bunch of apps using ADB that I thought were not needed (im sure most were not), but I realized this morning I have no contacts in Google Contacts. I...
  27. Shaamaan

    Thread Sync contact images with FB / other social media and store as account info

    I've got an S8, but this problem might be "Android generic" as well... I've got one Exchange, one Google account. I'd like to sync the two, so that all my contacts are in BOTH places. While I was doing this, I also wanted to update the contact pictures with whatever my contacts have set up on...
  28. ctbearz

    Thread Contacts disappeared after removing a recently added secondary Google account

    Seems like most of my contacts, which were saved only to the phone internally, has disappeared after I removed a secondary Google account (my brother's who borrowed my phone). Weird thing is, if I search for the contacts, they show up, even ones that are not part of the call history. So, it...
  29. Z

    Thread Solution! Contacts not downloading to device

    Just noticed that despite Google syncs ALL my contacts are on Google ONLY. At least the phone is saying that there are no contacts in the device. Soo how do I force a download into my phone from Google? Should be straight forward but nothing seems to work... Thanks
  30. K

    Thread Contacts problem

    Hello everybody, I have the following problem with the U11 dual sim: In the "Phone" application, it is displayed the whatsapp account info of a person instead the info from google account. In the contacts, the whatsapp contacts are unchecked. The accounts are merged so that there are no...
  31. S

    Thread Firefox set image as to Contacts. Bug, or not smart enough?

    So earlier today I was attempting to grab an online photo of someone to associate with a contact so I don't accidentally reject the call (I tend to just let people I don't know go to voice mail). So I looked up the number with Firefox/duckduckgo, found the photo I wanted, did a press/hold and...
  32. Nimadroid

    Thread MOD Flashable [Google Calling Experience]

    Download And Flash This Zip In Recovery To Get Full Google Call Experience Tested on Z5 7.1.1 XZ 7.1.1 One Plus 5 Changelog V 1.0 Initial Release V 1.2 Updated App Mod To Reduce Size Of Apps V 1.3 Patched Google Dialer
  33. B

    Thread Fix Some Google Contacts Missing or Disappearing Due to improper Sync

    Well, you may not have experienced it but it took 5 years before I experienced it. First I experienced that my Google contacts total of 1000+ reduced to 800+. That didn't look a big deal until the 2nd happened all my Google contacts reduced to 4. It happened to my friend two months before mine...
  34. O

    Thread The Samsung contacts app started randomly linking contacts

    The Samsung contacts app started randomly linking contacts which now have synced back to my other contacts provider i.e. Google contacts. I only noticed when I got a call and my phone showed me a contact name different to the person actually calling. I then edited that contact, went to manage...
  35. S

    Thread Merge contact manually from different account

    I was SONY user since Xperia X10, Sony has the option to merge contacts from different account manually even the name are different. Is there any option to do that in Honor 8? There is an option for auto merge but that merge option is not smart for same name of different people or for same...
  36. 3llomi

    Thread [APP] [WINDOWS] VCF Manager V1.0 BETA

    Intro i have made a Simple Windows Application that Helps you Managing Some VCF Contacts [UPDATE] 19/07/2017 V1.1 BETA Released What's New? Added a New Method To Show Contacts in VCF Explorer with Automatic Decoding Feature Added Encoding Feature in Decompress VCF and convert it to vCard v2.1...
  37. X

    Thread Stock Contact App Exporting 0 KB contacts.vcf File [SOLVED]

    Hi everyone, I've only run into this issue on the OnePlus 5 and have never encountered it before. I'm running it on the 4.5.1 stock ROM, rooted with SuperSu, and with the Beta TWRP set up. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to quickly try this on their own devices to see if it's also an...
  38. R

    Thread Contacts app crashes when going into details

    So I just updated my phone to 7.0 via flashfire using this method: Everything appeared to have gone smoothly, besides my contacts app crashing every time and only when I go into the details of any of my...
  39. HaohanWendy

    Thread Unfortunately, Phone has stopped

    Please help my samsung galaxy a8 duos (2015)( sm-800f ) got a problem when dialing/receive call an error message show " unfortunatly, phone has stopped " but it's still calling without displaying incallui !!! So without incallui displayed so i cannot accept any call !!! Already wipe...
  40. A

    Thread Google contacts sync has stopped, why is it even doing anything?

    I have a Note 2 running OctOS M, which is based on CyanogenMod. I don't want my contacts sync'd to Google, and I have had contacts drop out during backups and restores over the past year or so. While mentally berating software devs during my troubleshooting process, I have disabled Google...
  41. B

    Thread Stock OTA messed up Contacts app?

    Not completely sure if one of the recent OTA updates is responsible for this. There's been several updates in the past month. I have a completely stock 415. Never rooted this phone. Suddenly my stock contacts app is messed up. Android version: 5.0.2 Software Version: D41520e Contacts Version...
  42. Z

    Thread telephone number displayed in SIM properties - read from contacts stored on SIM

    Hi, I have a dual sim phone (AOSP 7.1.1 based Vernee Thor) and I have a small issue with my SIM cards. It is more or less just a cosmetical issue and not a functional one ... nevertheless annoying and probably of interest for more then just me, since it is related to a generic issue with SIM...
  43. wtx1033

    Thread [Q] Get contact picture from Google+ or Google contacts

    many people i have, have a google+ profile. and many of them have themselves as their profile picture. can i somehow make LG G3 contacts app to retrieve them?
  44. DroidXAce

    Thread Delete/Hide applicaton Contacts from Huawei ?

    Hello, There is a way to remove / hide the Contacts application from Huawei (I do not like it) to replace it with that of Google? It is not possible to disable the Contacts application (such as the Phone application). Thanks.
  45. K

    Thread adding facebook contacts to contacts app

    any ideas how to make my facebook contacts appear in my contacts app guys? I mainly want it for the birthdays so that they show up in my calendars but can't figure it out as adding a facebook account doesn't have the option to sync contacts
  46. K

    Thread Syncing gmail birthdays to calendar app

    trying to bring my birthdays from all my contacts to my phone is proving no easy task. though I have my gmail setup and all my contacts have downloaded and the birthdays are showing in each individual contact, I can't get the birthdays to appear in S planner. I have events in my calendars in...
  47. E

    Thread Fast Dialer - 1-Click-On-Image dialing app Fast dialer is a 1-click dialing app! Just one click to make a call, or long click to send SMS, open whatsapp window or launch a call with the speaker on! "Fast Contact" option - call your favorites from the...
  48. E

    Thread Fast Dialer - 1 Click to Call Dialer++ is a new dialer app, which focuses on your favorites friends and family images. With this app you can build a collage of photos, and use them as a fast dialing method. If you don't feel like talking, with...
  49. A

    Thread [APP][4.4+][ROOT] Contacts Sync - sync your address book contacts

    WARNING: This app requires a rooted device. It's recommended to backup your contacts before using it. I personally recommend backup to Google account, as it offers to undo changes easily, and I think it backup even photos quite well. Background Seeing that the only app that allows to sync your...
  50. Alexjrbr

    Thread [MOD] Google Dialer and Contacts for Marshmallow/Nougat (June 20, 2017)

    m New Google Dialer and Contacts There's nothing better than have the Google Apps on your device. This mod switches the AOSP's dialer and contacts, by those provided by Google, bringing the new resources that only Google can give us. Working perfectly in custom ROMs based in Marshmallow...