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  1. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][ROOT][11+][29/Oct] Classic Power Menu - Power Menu Replacement w/ Wallet, Controls on Android 11, 12+

    Classic Power Menu is a Power Menu Replacement for Android 11+, with the main aim being restoring power menu options (Device Controls & Quick Access Wallet) on Android 12. Classic Power Menu Requires root access to function, it is not possible without root Please read the FAQ before...
  2. h8Aramex

    Thread Ways to control Mate 10 Pro? (hide navbar)

    Dear members/owners! I am considering buying the Mate 10 Pro or Honor View 10. One thing that keeps me from the purchase is the lack of front reader on the Mate 10 Pro. Basically, I have fallen in love with the P10 Pro's front reader's gestures. It's so great to get all that extra screen...
  3. M

    Thread Flyme-like navigation features on Samsung

    I love the style of Flyme on Meizu phones. They use one home button for back, home actions and swipe up for recent apps. I am trying to make the controls on my Samsung S7 like its designed in Flyme. I want to use only my HOME button, single tap for back action, single press for go home action...
  4. NelinhoMarinus

    Thread Setting up steering wheel controls the way i want (ALMOST THERE)

    Ok! So this is what i have so far... BLUE = Volume Up and Down (nothing was done here. worked out of the box) YELLOW = Previous and Next track on Spotify. (also works on stock music app en radio) to make this work i installed "Car Service". Check out this thread for the details on how to...
  5. R

    Thread [APP][4.4+] What's Playing? - Heads Up Music Notifications and Controls

    Hello, I've made an app that displays heads-up notifications for track changes that's compatible with most music player apps. I could use some help in testing with other music player apps. And other feedback is welcome too. Thanks! Description Heads-up notifications containing track info and...
  6. galaxy s4 nutjob

    Thread LMT Pie controls for galaxy s5

    This App Works Great On The GS5 And Looks Great Too. Check it out gesture functions don't seem to be working though. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1330150
  7. D

    Thread permanent lockscreen widget 4.4 KITKAT

    I apologise in advance if there is a thread about this topic already on the forums, I have looked and looked but can not find any. I was wondering if there is a way to keep the stock lockscreen music widget on the lockscreen when music is not playing. Maybe an xposed module? any help/guidance...
  8. boma23

    Thread [Q] keep Music controls on lock screen!

    Hi Anyone got any idea how I can keep or pin the music controls on the lock screen? an app or registry hack or anything? for me this is the single most annoying thing about my new lumia 920 - i used it as a music player constantly, and want to be able to skip without locking, especially if...
  9. C

    Thread [Q] Any good Media Controller Widgets?

    I have been looking for a media controller widget w/ volume controls specifically for controlling pandora. Just like the media app already on the device, except as a widget. Has anyone come across one yet?
  10. O

    Thread [Q] Unable to use bluetooth remote controls after update to JB

    I've tried to find an answer to this question by searching the forums and the internet but couldn't find it. I have an bluetooth car stereo paired to my S3 with telephone and media audio. While running the stock ICS rom I could use the FORWARD and NEXT buttons of my radio to skip to the next...
  11. W

    Thread [Q] Disable all headphone controls?

    I have a Nexus S, and i have a pair of B&W C5 earbuds. My Finance has a bunny that decided to nibble into the headphone cord. Despite thinking they were high enough away and out of the way, that little adventurer found them. Basically it screwed up all the headphone controls, Is there a way to...
  12. M

    Thread A look at FPS touch screen controls

    An interesting new video has (very recently) popped up on you tube talking about the short comings of traditional touch screen controls for playing first playing shooters. The video also shows off a new type of touch screen controls that have just appeared that address some of the issues of the...
  13. E

    Thread [Q] Google Music and lockscreen controls?

    Hey guys, I am currently running CM7 RC0 (kang build) with Siyah kernel. I like using the market google music app because I have the bulk of my music library uploaded. I've noticed the lock screen controls sometimes work for the google music app but success is spotty at best. I removed the AOSP...
  14. M

    Thread [Q] Lockscreen music controls that work with default player (RAY)?

    I recently got a Xperia Ray, and a feature I seriously miss from my Cyanogenmodded X10 mini are the music controls in the lockscreen. Could there be some way to add them without using third party apps, even better if they are integrated in the lockscreen like in Cyanogen? Also, I wonder if...
  15. Q

    Thread Lockscreen Controls for the Google Music App

    Is there anyway to make the lockscreen controls for the default music app work for the Google Music beta app? I don't like widgetlocker, I'm just looking for a way to make the existing lockscreen controls work for Google music app. I'm afraid if it hasn't been done already, it's likely...
  16. A

    Thread [Q] Headset

    Hi I'm using [ROM] AceSMod007 (Sense2.1+3.0 GB | Stable | A2SD+) [STOCK | CM7] [v35 | 03/09, and am happy with this, apart from one issue. the headset controls only seem to work with the music app, and not with any other app which is providing Audio (e.g. Google Listen) This is true both from...
  17. T

    Thread [Q] Use Camera button for games

    Oh hai der. So I was wondering if it was possible to use the camera button for games. if I could use it in games, it would make the controls much better. I would be able to use it in FPS games which would make the experience MUCH better. Even though I know there is an app called buttonremaper...
  18. mrchewbacca

    Thread [Q] Earth and Legend

    I saw a news post a while back on this game... haven't heard much about it, though. It looks like it's going to be similar to an Elder Scrolls RPG type made by the same folks as Crusade of Destiny, I guess. This could be cool, if it is anywhere near as in depth and vast as Elder scrolls. Also...
  19. K

    Thread [Q] Tweaking gesture controls

    Hi , i was just wondering.. Since the LG optimus offers gesture control, could it be possible to tweak this controls? For example, i really like the option to double tap the side of the phone for 'next song' in mp3 player, but this option only works when the music app is 'open'. It would...
  20. A

    Thread Media Button/Control Set-up

    Hi all, Have had my (Australian) Tab for almost 6 months and love it (even if I am an iPhone user atm). One annoyance was that Android doesn't seem to have an easy-to-use software control for music (like the multitasking bar in iOS). Sure, I could use lock-screen controls or home screen...
  21. X

    Thread [Q] Music Control Widget?

    Is there a music control widget that works by simulating headset controls? That seems like it would work for more players, and, it would work for 2 out of three of my music players(PowerAMP, Rhapsody, and Pandora(Pandora might)). It seems like that would be the best option. I briefly looked...
  22. T

    Thread [Q] n64oid problem

    The buttons used to be on the top of the screen, but now the shoulder buttons are in the middle. help.
  23. C

    Thread [Q] Skip and Rewind Headset Controls on Droid X

    I just got a Droid X this week coming from a Droid Incredible. I used a pair of Klipsch S2M headphones on my Incredible to control PowerAmp using the headset controls. On the Inc, I could double press to skip the song and triple press to rewind so I know the headphones are capable of this on an...
  24. H

    Thread Extended Controls Icon

    The Honolulu Team needs you! We are thinking of re-creating the ExtendedControls Logo most beautiful and captivating. If any of you would like to help us in this work can contact us by email or post to this thread. Any help is welcome. Obviously'll give free licenses to the volunteers...
  25. B

    Thread Headset controls - controlling the right app?

    Hi everyone! I use the the headset that came with my Desire to control music while I'm biking to class. Problem is, I want to use Cubed, but every time I press play (or whatever other button) it automatically runs WinAmp. I tried uninstalling that, then it started running Music Mod. I...
  26. P

    Thread Transparent controls in native WM apps

    Hey all, I've been searching for techniques people use to make transparent controls. The problem with windows mobile is that windows always have the CLIPCHILDREN window style set. So you can't grab the contents of the parent window (in WM_ERASEBKGND for example) because it isn't there. One...
  27. I

    Thread Backlight levels : change them easily ?

    Hi, i noticed that automatic backlight is no so convenient: the night, i found the level too bright, so i desactivate the "auto feature" but now to change it, i have to go to start/settings/plus/etc not so easy, if you are outside with a beautiful sunlight and you forgot to increase the level...
  28. D

    Thread D-pad controls in games?

    Hello xda dev members, I was wondering if some of you could help me with the following. On my Diamond I recently installed PocketGBA, and I'm having problems finding a good way to setup the d-pad buttons (left, right, up, down). Up and down aren't a problem but left and right are, seeing theres...