1. matteool

    Thread Semi bootloop 10x then Android start / Magisk's fault

    Hi, I've got the G6 a few days. I come from a perfect G5 with no problems. I installed the Fulmics ROM, But when I reboot the phone, it repeats for so many times the LG logo and then it starts Android after 10/15 minutes. I found that if I put Magisk in core mode this does not happen If I...
  2. rock_poarr

    Thread Big cores offline even playing and benchmarking!

    Hello everyone. I'm usign MIUI 10 8.8.23 with illusion kernel 3. But I'm felling lags when using some apps like Duolingo and Quora or playing games. So I checked in Kernel Auditor and it's saying that just one of my big cores are online with max frequency set to 1190MHz. And, for some reason...
  3. sosukeaizen

    Thread [Frimware][Stock][7.0] SM-J701F Core

    I haven't seen any stock threads, so I'm sharing some external links that allow people to download the stock ROM/frimware for their device(s): Link 1: Link 2:
  4. porcha18

    Thread [TWRP] [Recovery] [ROOT] [3.1.1-0] Samsung core prime qualcomm version

    #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  5. munlicar97

    Thread [MOD] Black & Red SystemUI

    Hi all! Here's a little mod I did for the Galaxy I8260 Core! Enjoy! How to install: •Must have root! •Download SystemUI.apk from the thread •Go to system/app •Owerwrite the existing SystemUI.apk with the modded one. •Set the permissions to rw- r-- r-- (The phone may lag, but do it somehow)...
  6. R

    Thread OpenVPN Issues with SHA512

    My new pixel is having an issue with SHA512. See the screen shot for my error message. The configuration works on my nexus 6 without issues. Same with windows. Anyone else know what the problem might be or how to fix it. I tried a few different clients some would say they connected but in the...
  7. S

    Thread Sim 1 not detected[Samsung Galaxy Core i8262]

    I have a samsung galaxy core i8262 was recently trying out a custom rom but it had a bug which doesn't support RIL so i moved bak to original samsung stock rom but now the rom doesn't detect sim in slot 1 and acts as a single sim phone please help:(:(:( it is related to some software bugs...
  8. R

    Thread [KERNEL] TouchWiz Core [SaberMod 4.9.4]

    TouchWiz Core Kernel - I9500 Only TouchWiz ROMs! If You Want To Install On AOSP ROM Use This: Trebor Kernel Or LWK. Features: Better Performance Less RAM Consumption Better Battery And More! Compiled With: Lastest Firmware Lastest SaberMod 4.9.4 Pipe Flag 03 For Large Performance Boost...
  9. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-S820L) TracFone Won't Boot

    A friend of mine has a Galaxy Core Prime from TracFone that won't boot past the carrier logo. I have no idea if the phone was messed with, but I need an Odin package for this phone if there is one anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  10. hlabbad

    Thread How to delete system files while i'm rooted?

    Hello everyone, i have a rooted phone GT-I8262 and i used to delete the system apps before by ES Explorer or root explorer, though i'm now facing a problem with a file that i can't delete, it says you have no permission to do it, this app is called (DU battery saver) each time i uninstall it...
  11. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread Samsung Music Player for Core 2

    Guys i tried to port the Music Player from SM-G5308W LINK TO THE FORUM and i can't, this is my logcat, i hope anyone could help me, I really want port this to the Galaxy Core 2, but i don't have success, so if anyone can help me, or better, if anyone can port it, it would be great ! *Samsung...
  12. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread LogCat Music Player from SM-G5308W

    Guys i tried to port the Music Player from SM-G5308W LINK TO THE FORUM and i can't, this is my logcat, i hope anyone could help me, I really want port this to the Galaxy Core 2, but i don't have success, so if anyone can help me, or better, if anyone can port it, it would be great ! *Samsung...
  13. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [MOD] Google N Preview 2 Emojis for Galaxy Core 2

    GOOGLE N EMOJIS For those who want the new Emojis o Google, here you have. First you have to download the last Google Keyboard from here: Google Keyboard V5 1) Install the Google Keyboard as a normal apk. 2) Install vía CWM or TWRP Android N Emojis (Attached here) 3) If not all the emojis...
  14. C

    Thread Trapped in Download Mode [Possible Brick]

    Hi everybody, Yesterday my friend and i were trying to upgrade his Samsung Galaxy Core (GT-I8260L) from official stock jellybean 4.1.2 to kitkat 4.4.4 unnoficial. We rooted it succesfully, installed Super SU, and BusyBox. Then we downloaded a TWRP file to flash it through ODIN. the flash was...
  15. V

    Thread [Q] Corrupt? Hey peeps. I tried to root my Core using Kingoroot, and I've apparently corrupted my ROM. It is able to boot into download mode. Help me, and you get a thanks :P
  16. moralesnery

    Thread [Q] Moto G running in quad-core mode all the time on Android 5.1?

    Yesterday Francisco Franco posted this where he says that on Android 5.1, the Nexus 6 is running all the time in quad-core mode. This is possible at kernel level. As far as I know all Moto G 2013 are quad-core too. So, it´s possible that this can be adjusted also for Moto G when Motorola...
  17. FedericoPeranzi

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Stock Music Player

    Hello, i started this thread becouse I want the original Samsung Music Player for the Samsung Galaxy Core 2 SM-G355M/H becouse the official firmware don't have this Music Player, the stock is the Google Play Music, so if anyone can port, or help to port will be wellcome! This is the Music...
  18. R

    Thread [Q] Change WCDMA frequencies to 850Mhz

    I currently live in Argentina, and I bought this Galaxy Core Duos from the USA. When I first tried, I noticed that just GSM/2G network was working, and after doing some research, I found out that I have to change the WCDMA/3G frequencies to 850Mhz. I've seen on the Internet that you gotta...
  19. TatataUlloa

    Thread [ROM] RemixRom v1 S5 Style

    Hello, people. Then I bring them much time and learning one rom check for the model 8260 that this so forgotten by developers, the style of Galaxy S5. This rom is partly a port of rom SamyKat by the user pepmat, so here most of gratitude towards him. Remember, rom only for GT-I8260. Features...
  20. Crimson88

    Thread [Q] Root for Core Advance (GT-I8580)

    I can't seem to find the root for this model, is it available?
  21. eltitanero

    Thread Source codes for I8260/I8262?

    Surfing on the internet i found that. I think it can be source codes for Galaxy Core and Core Duos. What do you think? I8260: I8262...
  22. prameenson

    Thread Update about to role out.

    Hey Guys, there is a good news for all of Galaxy Core Duos GT i8262 users. I had sent a mail to Samsung inquiring about the next update version of android of our beloved core. So here follows their reply... Your question Hi, I am currently using Galaxy Core Duos, GT i8262. I was wondering that...
  23. Ryuinferno

    Thread [GAPPS][Android 4.3][20130821] Latest Gapps Package (Full/Minimal)

    Hey there! So Android 4.3 has been out for quite some time and I can see that more and more custom AOSP builds are gradually migrating to 4.3 too...:)...and due to copyright issues, AOSP builds can't include Gapps (Google Applications) into their ROM package, so users will have to scour around...
  24. pvkiniyan95

    Thread [Q] galaxy nexus 1.8 ghz dual core....

    Did anyone note the 1.8 ghz dual core spec for the galaxy nexus in the CPU-Z app....i thought 1.5 was the highest....????
  25. espionage724

    Thread [Q] Dual-Core? Or 2 CPU's?

    I've read conflicting information about this, but I was wondering, what type of architecture does the Processor(s) in the Nexus 10 use? Most places list it as dual-core, which I'm assuming just means 2 cores on 1 chip. Some places and people mention 2 separate CPU's (as in, 2 separate A15...
  26. MaxFTW

    Thread [Q] New phone - best quad core model

    Hey, guys! I am owner of Xperia arc S (and developer of Jelly Sandwich, btw) and want to buy another phone in November. Of course I will still have arc S for development and other stuff, don't worry. :) I am thinking of one from these models: HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Optimus 4x HD...
  27. cjoliver

    Thread [DEV][DAEMON] - CoreControl RC3 - 12/07/31

    Hi All, I like to know what my CPU's/Cores are doing, and not only knowing, but controlling. So i created this little deamon to control my cores and frequencies/governor. It waits for screen on/off events and then sets the Cores online/offline as to your config and then locks them in place so...
  28. Crwolv

    Thread Where is the RAM?

    I dont understand why company's are concentrating on processor amount,dual ,quad? ITS RAM that is so important, put 2 gigs in a dual core phone it will fly! any comments by devs on this would really help:) thank you:confused:
  29. U

    Thread Linux Kernel 3.3 is out: integrates core Android parts

    * Kernel Newbies * LWN article on merge: the KN post says the "ashmem" part did get added after the article was published. * Kernel 3.3 source From the assorted news stories online over the past few weeks, it would seem that this is core functionality: but assorted drivers and power-saving...
  30. D

    Thread [Q] Galaxy Note or Quad Core?

    I really want to get rid of this atrix. I love the fingerprint sensor and all that but i think its time for an upgrade. The software on the phone is dying because i think the last update for it just started to roll out on soak, and it is just starting to lag ALOT. I am either in this looking...
  31. H

    Thread [Q] Two recoveries

    Now i have tried installing cwm through rom manager and successfully installed it, now if I go into the recovery mode through rom manager it shows the new recovery but if I go into the recovery mode through the combo (volume up button home button and power button) it goes back into the old...
  32. D

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy Nexus OR Quad Core Phone

    Im deciding between getting the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon or a quad core phone. I was originally 100% going to get the Nexus but now that it is only 16 gigs and no expandable storage, I dont feel so safe getting it. I like the whole concept of the cloud but what about when your on a plane or out...
  33. imneo1

    Thread No Dual Core Cpu support yet ?

    Still can't find any indication that IceCreamSandwich (Android 4.0) supports dual core cpu :confused: We all know that any kernel already supports smp so it should't take so long for Google to make android OS support it too... If...
  34. || Acer ||

    Thread Considering a tablet, want suggestions!

    Hey guys, so tomorrow is my birthday and my grandparents said they'd be willing to buy me a tablet. Thing is, I don't know which tablet I want. I'm highly considering the Galaxy Tab 10.1 since I love Touchwiz UX, and looking at the reviews makes me even more confident. However, I'm not sure if I...
  35. P

    Thread [Q] Removing core components of a Galaxy S

    Hi ya folks, this is the only place i could think to go for help with this. I have a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant (the one from t-mobile). I just recently switched to Verizon and got the Experia. Anyway I want to turn my vibrant into a strict mp3 player I looked for a rom to do this and was unable...
  36. L

    Thread [Q] Is my phone only using one core?

    After running a Quadrant Standard benchmark test, I looked at the "System Information" tab. Under the "CPU" heading it reads "Cores: 1." (See attached screenshot) Is my phone firing on all cylinders or is it only using one core? Does a dual core chip only register one core at a time when it is...
  37. markomarkogame

    Thread Nokia phones with Dual core processors

    [I]Ever since Nokia and Windows phone 7 combined with the contract a lot of rumors were going around the internet. Latest one is Nokia dual core processors that will be offered in future devices. Nokia Windows phone 7 dual core interesting read, gotta say if they come with Dual cores its...
  38. Harvick_29

    Thread [Q] Question running AOSP 2.3.3 [03/01/2011]....

    Good evening/morning. First I'd like to thank AOSP and everyone else that has contributed to the 2.3.2 Gingerbread ROM. It runs great, haven't had any problems running at 768mhz and I just love it. Thanks for all your hard work! I do have a question it possible to run Sprint's...
  39. CTR01

    Thread Nvidia quad core cpu and 12 core gpu...WTF?!?!

    here it is folks...this is what i read... yeah its cool and good for all the innovations but battery life? if decent battery life...
  40. K

    Thread [Q] [Core Cell DHD V0.3] on Movistar mexico can't get internet to receive data

    yep just that , in winmo no problem just set the APN wich is: user: movistar pass: movistar but in android i only got the E Edge with the arrows but looks like only send data but no receive, because the up arrow(red) blinks but the down(blue) just blinks once and no more, i...
  41. I

    Thread [Q] Modifying Nook Core App

    Hi, I'm wondering if it would be possible to modify the core nook app that organizes all books and everything and enables reading books? I really like it and would like to remove some of the things (like the B&N Store etc..) and customize it for my community's needs. Is the source available and...
  42. K

    Thread [Q] Windows Phone 7 Keyboard Sounds On Gingerbread Keyboard?

    Love the Gingerbread keyboard, one problem. The sound is terrible! Would it be possible to replace the sounds in the Keyboard with those from the Windows Phone 7 Keyboard? I'm running Core Cell V1.4 with Buzz OC 1.5.1 kernel V1.06 if you need to know, so is it possible? And if so how do I do it...
  43. K

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth problems on Desire HD

    The bluetooth on my phone no longer works, could someone help me? I'm running Core Cell V1.1, with Buzz OC 1.5.1 Kernel 1.1.1, if you want to know a anything else just post a comment, but if possible help me find out what out is?
  44. M

    Thread [Q] re-enable Voodoo?

    I have flashed "" and I want to use the Project Core. So I downloaded the "disable-voodoo" and flashed that too. I opened up adb shell prior to flashing the disable and found "/dev/block/mmcblk0p4", meaning Voodoo is enabled. I flashed the disable and ran the...
  45. M

    Thread TCPMP vs Core player

    what are the major differences between The Core Pocket Media Player(TCPMP) & core player,i know one is free & one is paid :) bt whts the major difference?
  46. M

    Thread TCPMP vs Core player

    what are the major differences between The Core Pocket Media Player(TCPMP) & core player,i knew one is free & one is paid :) bt whts the major difference?
  47. D

    Thread [ROM][MULTILANG] 09-08-10| 3.04|21911|23673|24622 CleanEX ROM Series - Simply perfect

    CleanEX UDT Series The Ultimate Clean and Fast ROM's Follow us on Twitter | Don`t miss the latest news or any new releases ! Welcome to the CleanEX UDT Thread :) Our ROM's are compatible with all known HD2 models: US|EU|Asia. As long as you follow the guidelines below your flash...
  48. R

    Thread [req]Help on debugging/altering the Android core software (Launcher,Email etc)

    Hi, I am trying to build my own Android images, which I can do fine on my system by following Google's instructions. I have built the latest source tree and can run it in the emulator etc no problems. What I want to do is alter some of the core apps to add/remove features to suit my needs. I...

    Thread wat?????!!!! the Acer is %15-%20 faster than the HD2 both are very fast compared to current devices but the acer plays the video clip @ %262. HD2 plays the same clip at only %228. considering that both have the same CPU and considering that the HD2 had dedicated 128 video memory...
  50. D

    Thread TP2 and Orb with Core Vs Win Media

    I have Orb running at home and have used it with TCPMP in my Mogul for two years with no problems. TCPMP does not work on the TP2, so I upgraded to Core Player, but the Core player (which works fine for video files on the device) plays audio files that I orb, but crashes everytime I try to...