1. O

    Thread Accessories Bought Skin for my OnePlus 9 Pro

    Got this one from I opted for the full-back one along with camera and logo skins as well. The final price came around Rs. 537 ($7) after some automatic coupon they applied. The packaging is nice too, came with like 4 sets of logo cutouts and in total 3 pairs of...
  2. G

    Thread Question Antimicrobial Clear View Cover not working

    Just got my S21 a couple of days ago. Nice! However I also bought a "Galaxy S21 5G Antimicrobial Clear View Cover" (item no EF-ZG991CBEGEW). It worked fine for 2 days, but suddenly it stopped working. Now, when I close the cover, the display doesn't turn off and it doesn't display the...
  3. Razorbacktrack5535

    Thread Compatible cases for Mi Mix 3 5G

    Do you have any suggestions for me about compatible cases for Mi Mix 3 5G? Thanks
  4. Catmobile

    Thread Original Tab S5e Cover very sticky [ Problem ]

    Update September 2 year 2019 Status: Solved Final edit: Within 5 business days the replacement original Cover for the Tab S5e arrived, and I am happy to tell you it solved the problem. Evenmore, the second heat wave started 1 day later, and this replacement from another production day hold...
  5. S

    Thread Any cases better than the original?

    I browsed through everything I found and nothing so far... Who uses the original case knows what I am talking about when I say: that perfect grip, those rised corners, and that semi-transparent background that showes the phone's beautiful purple ombre back. Transparent cases just look so cheap...
  6. N

    Thread Samsung LED cover - Teardown - [Pictures]

    Does any one of you ever wondered what does the led cover looks like? I mean, from the inside? Well, lucky you are my curious friend. My cover died few days ago, after years of use - actually i think, less than two - So i decided to see why it died. The cover was still detected by the phone -...
  7. Mwyann

    Thread [WIP] S7E Pie Ports - SView Cover Support (Dev Help Needed)

    Hi everyone, I tried some Pie port ROMS and I found none has support for the S View Cover (no sleep, no cover screen). Lastly I settled on BlackDiamond NFE port v4.0, and so I'm trying to add support for the S View Cover which I own. Long story short: I'm trying to make this work by modifying...
  8. M

    Thread Amazon India in-house branded OP7/OP7 Pro Cases - Price error/Sale - @ Rs.104 Found this on r/oneplus Reddit. Bought one flip cover and one transparent one...
  9. M

    Thread BT Audio issue - all Xiaomi phones

    Hi there! I´m wondering about following. If I connect to my car via BT, so I start in this case DSAudio. I see the title, the artist, etc. but I don´t see the neither the album cover nor the timeline. When I connect for ecample my iphone I see cover image and alos the timline. With my Xiaomi...
  10. Gokh

    Thread Clear view cover doesn't lock the screen

    Hello, I have the Clear view cover from Samsung but it doesn't lock the screen when you close it, it stays where you left off. On the S6, it did lock it. Is this normal or im missing a setting to enable this? Thanks.
  11. JerryGoyal

    Thread any good soft cases for oneplus 6 in India?

    I searched and searched hard but couldn't find any decent soft cases for oneplus 6 in India. There are plethora of options for hard cases but not much for soft cases :(
  12. sciurius

    Thread A3: Losing flip cover sensing

    I have an A320-FL with an original Samsun NEON flip cover. The phone detects when I open and close the cover. However, occasionally (sometimes: often) the phone seems to lose contact with the cover. It doesn't respond to opening and closing anymore, and the only way to get it working again is...
  13. K

    Thread Matte silicone TPU case cover BLACK

    This cover is matte, smooth and probably scratch resistant to some point, very grippy. It has cut outs for volume buttons, camera and fingerprint sensor. It covers up to the front of the phone. The case is thick enough to raise around 1 millimeter above the camera, so the camera is pretty safe...
  14. Z

    Thread How do I... turn off display when cover closes on my case

    When I put my phone to my ear the display turns off. When I move it away it turns on. That is GREAT. Now, how can I enable this activity when I open and close the cover of my phone case? My old S4 did this but I cannot find a setting. Thanks!
  15. D

    Thread Real Wood Case now available for OnePlus 5

    Hey guys, just a heads-up: Toastmade finally made a cover for the OnePlus 5. They are made of real, high quality wood and are highly customizable, although a bit costy in comparison to simpler covers. In contrast to typical cases, toastmade covers are attached with a strong adhesive, so it is...
  16. se1988

    Thread Standing Clear View case causing scratches?

    Ive heard some complaints of people saying that the Standing Clear View cover is causing scratches on the screen in the corner area where the circle on the lid of the cover is. Is there anyone here that has experienced this? Also, could you post pictures of the scratches? If you've used the...
  17. 1

    Thread With or Without case protection

    Hi Just want to find out how many people r using OP3T without the case or with skin only/naked. Or anyone use both skin and case.?will the case ruin the skin?:confused: How many people had been regret for not using a case? :D Currently I m using the clear Rinake TPU and I also hv d brand...
  18. A

    Thread quick cover issue

    Suddenly, the quick cover does not lock my phone anymore. When I close it, the screen remains active and when screen timeout ends, instead of turning on the "Always on", the screen shuts off completely. However, if I lock the phone with the back button and do not close the cover, "Always on"...
  19. R

    Thread Do you use a cover/case on your Moto G5 plus???

    Hey Guys, Just needed to know if someone here is been using the phone without back cover. I really dont like using this back cover but am also afraid of breaking the screen. What are your reviews about the build quality? Is it safe to use it without a case??:confused::confused:
  20. S

    Thread how to get black back cover as seen on xda htc 530 main page?

    which desire 530 has the black back cover that the xda htc 530 main page shows? I've seen the 4 screw removal video and would like to try and swap one with my white one. I saw a speckled one on ebay but that is the closest I've come. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  21. P

    Thread A5 2017 - Which case to use to protect phone from breaking back glass.

    Hello, since this phone has (unfortunetly) back cover made form glass and as I saw on drop test, which ended up terribly. So my question is, how to best protect this phone without making it too big? Since this phone is big enough for me. Do you guys have experinece with 3mk arc 3D? Can it...
  22. M

    Thread Pelosi Sandstone Protective Hard Cover

    I searched and did not find a thread on this. I was originally going to opt in to buy the Nillkin slim case but it did not cover the bottom and top parts of the phone.... but this one does! So in case anyone is looking for a slim case, with a great feel to it that adds a bit of grip (due to the...
  23. shantusingh

    Thread Any ultra slim case/cover for moto z play which has cutout for back 16 pins ?

    Hi, is there any ultra slim case for moto z play which has cutout for the back pins. As i don't want the edge rims to get scratched using the jbl soundboost mod, and keeping the phone landscape on a table, etc . Case/cover being so thin and can keep the mod attached to the phone, with of course...
  24. K

    Thread HTC M8 Dot view case for S7?

    I don't know if any of you have beheld the wonder that is the dot view case HTC made for their M8 phone but it's awesome (definitely worth a google). is there anything (other than the LED case that does barely anything) for our S7s?
  25. S

    Thread Official Google Silicone case (made by Google)

    What are peoples experiences with the official Silicone case? I just picked one up yesterday and I am very impressed. Here is a link to a very quick video I made of it. lUhuiBIwkRk PROS It adds little bulk to the phone (19mm thick so it adds 10.5 mm to the phone) Matches the style of the...
  26. E

    Thread Note 7 Official Samsung Lens cover

    Does anyone know where the lens cover that is pictured on Samsung's Official website here can be purchased right now? I've been looking for it and can't seem to find it. Amazon (where I normally turn to) only seems to have the version that is for the S7/S7Edge. Really interested in getting this...
  27. P

    Thread Cover make screen stop and lockscreen

    Hello Everybody, I have a Samsung galaxy s5 mini, and since i changed the cover to one that covers the screen, the screen starts going dark, then lockscreen, even if i didnt close the screen. I bought another cover, and the problem still remains. I tried the xposed module "disable sensors" but...
  28. P

    Thread NFC tag in Flip-case cover to control display (do-it-yourself smart-case)

    Would it be possible to put a nfc tag in a flipcover to control the display of the phone? So using trigger/tasker to turn off the display when the cover closes. Or is the distance from nfc tag to the phone too little to be noticed if the cover is closed/opened? I can imagine that if it works...
  29. mannybiker

    Thread Disable lock screen at each cover close

    Sorry guys, anybody who knows how to avoid to have the screen locked every time the original flip cover is closed? I would like to keep the PIN/Fingerprint option enabled but let the screen locks only after the period of time configured. I am using MM and it seems to me that it was working as...
  30. jinkerz9430

    Thread LG G5 Wireless charger?

    I was digging around on ebay for accessories for my G5 and i suddenly found this type of wireless charger for LG G5 that comes with a sticker and it has a cable on the bottom to transfer the charge from the sticker into the phone. So.... has anyone tried it already? Comment what do you think...
  31. S

    Thread Any smart flip case for Moto g4 plus?

    Hi is there any automatic screen on and off flip case for Moto g4 plus preferably with a window cut out?
  32. Crescendo Xenomorph

    Thread asking about S-View sysfs in kernel source

    To anyone who can help and understand about latest Tw KK kernel source. I'm a Note 3 Exynos (SM-N900) user. Still on latest Tw KK ROM. Could you please help me pointing which source file to change in kernel if I want to change cover type ID? Or maybe the value inside file in system partition...
  33. R

    Thread [Q] Is it possible on Android 6.x to have custom lockscreen and how to contribute ?

    Hi, Since I moved to a custom Rom for Oppo Find7a (last installed and kept: crDroid from jejecule), I do not have my cover window lock screen feature anymore. I have red that Android now in Android M has removed all lockscreen widget so I don t know if it is now possible to set specific process...
  34. F

    Thread Xperia S back cover problem

    Hi, the back cover of my xperia S is loosening. It moves just a bit, but with a soft friction on the hand it comes off. I think the little plastic lock inside are worn .... Is this happened to anyone? How to solve this? Thanks to all
  35. gascomm

    Thread hd6 gen3 cover?

    I've recently picked up a 3rd generation fire hd6 & am struggling to find a decent case for it as it's all about the 4th gen stuff nowerdays. if anyone knows of a source for gen3 hd6's it'd be most welcome. thanks in anticipation
  36. jphilippon

    Thread Regarding Ebay replacement backs.

    I'm looking to switch out my back from bamboo to possibly black leather or a plastic back. Has anyone purchased from Ebay and how is it holding up? Adhesive-wise. Quality issues with the leather? Specific good seller you have found? Thanks for any info.
  37. C

    Thread Pelosi Case and Battery Cover

    Hello I'm a OP user since October 2014, and i never wanted to use a case or something like that because it makes the phone bigger and ugly I Got the JBL pack, but after almost a year of using, i scratched the back of the phone many times so i decided to buy another battery cover and a case that...
  38. W

    Thread [Q] Anyone found black leather backs with no carrier branding?

    Black isn't an option from the BOGO deal. And all of them I can find online on eBay or wherever have Korean or Verizon carrier branding. Is there even a model that exists that has no carrier branding, in which black leather was an option? I'd settle for brown at this point. But even that isn't...
  39. -XperiaMan-

    Thread [WALLPAPERS]-XM- Style cover theme wallpapers !

    Hey guys ! :) Some of you suggested that I make color variations from Xperia Style Cover Theme wallpapers , and here they are ! ;) - PREVIEWS - - DOWNLOADS - Mediafire : Dev-Host :
  40. EvilBetty

    Thread Nexus 5 - Warped Back Cover / Swollen Battery?

    I have a Nexus 5 that has run fantastic until just after the lollipop update. I began to think that somehow this update was responsible for several issues, one of them that the Qi charging had stopped working. I read through all the threads on Qi charging. Different chargers Different USB...
  41. D

    Thread Need help choosing between a few cases

    Hi guys ! So I just ordered a 2014 Moto G. Need help on deciding what case to buy. Do any of you have opinions/experiences on/with the following cases ? I need something thats slim yet protective. These are the cases that I am able to get locally (South Africa) Fosmon Dura-Fro Orzly...
  42. B

    Thread Any site that sales/makes Custom battery covers?

    I'm not looking for a custom case for my note 4, because I don't use cases or screen protectors for any phone I have ever owned. (all of them still look almost brand new after having owned them for over a year) What I am looking for is a website that either sales, or will let me design a nes...
  43. K

    Thread Cases for the Bamboo OPO

    I own a OnePlus One with the Bamboo back and as most people already know, it's actually quite thicker than the normal sandstone black and silk white backs and also a bit heavier. Because of this, most cases won't fit. I already tried putting on a naked clear case but my phone was too thick...
  44. M

    Thread Case w/ screen on when opened Half the price of the official case No overheating Magical wakeup when opened I was concerned about overheating (tablet snaps into plastic mould) but gave it a shot. Thankfully I've had no issues at all. Stand is...
  45. T

    Thread [Q] Problems with SIM Covering Flap

    I have a Brand New phone where the SIM flap does NOT sit flush with the body of the phone. The MicroUSB flap if fine and when viewing the screen cannot be seen. However, the SIM flap can be seen raised. If I push it back in it is flush for around 2-3 seconds and then it starts to protrude...
  46. L

    Thread [Q] Cover/case plug falling out

    Hey all, My z3's plug that goes over the micro usb port (charging) and micro sd card slot continually pops off. This was not happening during my first couple of weeks with the phone but I've noticed since this morning that it just comes of by itself. It seems like the bottom is fairly secure...
  47. T

    Thread Sony SCR26 Style Cover - Very disappointed

    I received my my SCR26 cover from Clove yesterday. Preordered almost 2 months ago, because I thought it looked pretty nice. I was quite satisfied with my Dot View case from my HTC M8, and I would have liked a similar experience from Sony. First of all the display area in the front was nicked...
  48. chrisngrod

    Thread [VIDEO] Galaxy Tab S 8.4 Griffin Survivor vs Samsung Book Cover

    I haven't really made a video in a while since I've been so busy at work. Had to force myself to do this one. Thought it might be helpful if you're trying to figure out which case suits your needs more. Please reply if you have any questions about either of these cases. I have a glass screen...
  49. isko95

    Thread [Q] Cover like xperia z3??

    im wondering if there will be a smart cover window like xperia z3?? i want it too for my xperia Z please somenone reply. the cover is like this: :D

    Thread [Q] Recommendations on battery door replacement

    Hey guys looking for a stylish yet practical battery door replacement. I'm looking for a carbon fiber case that also still has the IP67 rating. Anyone know of a cover similar to this or got one they think is better? also anyone been using a metal replacement do you have issues with signals (wifi...