1. X

    Thread Question [CPU] & [GPU] Overclocking

    Hey heroes of XDA! I have a question, since watching a video from youtube, making a DIY gaming phone, he used a Mi 9, since the Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro/K20 Pro has the same CPU and GPU, i wondered if i can overclock it too the same way he did, but since he rooted the phone to overclock it, i have...
  2. B

    Thread Question How to Cool Down your Galaxy Phone

    First you need from the Galaxy Store the Samsung App "Good Guardian", which is similar to Good Lock, you later install the submodule "Thermal Guardian". This app allows you to thermally throttle the system depending on the ambient temperature regardless what the phone is doing. This is very...
  3. U

    Thread Check CPU load for specific process/app/service

    Dears, as sometimes might happen, my Galaxy S20 is draining battery. With many tools I can see CPU is always around 60%, also when it should be idle. How can I check what process/app/service is hurting CPU? Regards
  4. J

    Thread This app is not compatible with your CPU

    Does anyone know how to bypass this thing? I want to download some game but it doesnt let me download. I've been trying to find a bypass for this but I couldnt
  5. Michael Trávníček

    Thread Monitoring mobile system functions

    Hi I have one important question, I am working on project to school and my purpose is to monitor mobile system functions both on Android and IOS like CPU, memory usage... while using certain applications. Do you know about any method, how I could acurately monitor these things. I tried some...
  6. sonic_boom

    Thread Dropping FPS , VOLTAGE , POWER while playing games

    Hi I have Samsung laptop which has; 8gb DDR3 ram. Nvidia Geforce 630M Intel i5 3210M SSD I can easily play fortine etc however games running smoothly then dropping FPS for some seconds... It's really bad ,here is some log from HWMONITOR (cpuID) any have a clue what cause it and is there any...
  7. RyanCr7

    Thread [Q] What is Schedutil governor and how it works?

    So I've been hearing Schedutil is the most balanced governor for Android phones cause it can handle battery and performance well.I searched it on internet and found some article about it that my brain can't understand. Why is it better and how it works? Can anybody explain it to me or provide me...
  8. T

    Thread Underclock CPU on ROG Phone 3

    So I think I saw this feature in a review where the phone allowed you to control the clock speeds of individual cores of the CPU, but I couldn't find where those settings to tune the processor are. I think this phone could really use some taming of the clock speeds of the processor because it...
  9. I

    Thread Lenovo tab 2 a7-10f overclocked kernel?

    I have this tablet, and it have CM 12. It is quad core 1.3 Ghz, do you know is there overclocked kernel for this tab. I use it for developing apps, but i filled it with many apps, and i want it to last longer. I dont care for overheating or battery, i would much appreciate if there is kernel...
  10. I

    Thread interesting governor with no info on xda (schedplus)

    Does anyone know if schedplus CPU governor in Nokia 5.1 plus is related to "sched" governor in Google pixels?
  11. R

    Thread Battery drain

    Hi there, I'm comming from OnePlus 5T, the one phone where I did found the need to root the device or flash another ROM. Their software is excellent. It's my first week with RP2 and the most annoying thing is the battery drain that I see both when using the phone and when not; I lose around 20%...
  12. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][MOD] CPU-L (Ad-Free)

    With CPU-L you can consult the detailed Specifications of all AMD and Intel CPUs and even those that have not yet been released NFO: Version: 2.2.6 Architecture: arm Package: com.ijsoft.cpul Min: Android 4.1 DPI: nodpi Download: AFH
  13. tekno4ever

    Thread Over Clocking Kernel

    Is anyone working on a kernel to overclock our amazing phone's CPU?
  14. T

    Thread Cpu throttling in eui

    Guys can any one help me with throttling in eui. I am facing this problem in eui and eui based roms and everything is working fine in other roms. Please provide me a solution if you can
  15. rock_poarr

    Thread I found the solution for throttling!!!

    Hi guys. I'm here because I did some edits in Leeco thermal-confs and I got a very good return! Now, in kernel auditor, I can maintain the BIG Cores high speed fixed in 1800MHz and all cores on (and I can change when I want) and the LITTLE Cores high speed fixed in 1400MHz. No more slowdowns...
  16. rock_poarr

    Thread Big cores offline even playing and benchmarking!

    Hello everyone. I'm usign MIUI 10 8.8.23 with illusion kernel 3. But I'm felling lags when using some apps like Duolingo and Quora or playing games. So I checked in Kernel Auditor and it's saying that just one of my big cores are online with max frequency set to 1190MHz. And, for some reason...
  17. S

    Thread [App] CPU Benchmark : Measure the power of your Android device

    Hello, I create that thread to present you CPU Benchmark a tool letting you to measure the power of your Android device with an independent test. CPU Benchmark is available on the Google Play store in two versions : - Free : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.cpubenchmark...
  18. K

    Thread [QUESTION/NEED HELP] maxed out cpu usage (little core) stays at 1593 mhz

    I need help because my phone is maxed out at 1593 mhz which is the max clock speed for the cpu small cluster. The big cluster is working fine. This is NOT a result of KingKernel, it happens on any kernel I run. The cpu usage goes up to 95 or sometimes 100%. I think the task is play services...
  19. luisvalino

    Thread Looking for a nice RAM widget: Any suggestions ??

    Hi, I'm looking for a nice RAM widget and at the same time if you know any one for the battery and the cpu it would be very good. Thanks in advance !!!
  20. josegon30

    Thread Excessive use of CPU compells me to reset

    So, since couple of weeks ago I've been reciving this annoying message from device maintenance asking me to reset the phone. The message says something such as "Some apps or processes are overloading the system (CPU). The device must reset". I started reciving this when I'm watching netflix or...
  21. sonic_boom

    Thread Lg v10 cpu confusion

    Hi guys, recently LG replaced main board for me ( after hale of the screen was blinking and behaving strange while other half working normal.... ,after replacement i have notice that camera was bit laggy na overall performance wasn't the same , so i have installed CPU-Z to see some info .. check...
  22. lanc3lot

    Thread Moto Z2 Play - Processor Quality?

    Hey everyone, i am thinking to buy this phone later this month, but recently a friend told me that its processor it's not so good and it's kind of slow. All the other features the phone has are good for me, but i am bit skeptical for the processor. Any thoughts about it? Ty in advance :) :cowboy:
  23. mdromed

    Thread is it normal? (charging CPU status)

    I have some CPU profiles on SetCPU app and all of them look like to work correctly, except Charging profile (with screen off) because on CpuSPY i can watch a profile (i dont know which) that turns on only 1040Mhz frequency while smartphone is charging, for example all night. It is abnormal...
  24. mdromed

    Thread is it normal? (charging CPU status)

    I have some CPU profiles on SetCPU app and all of them look like to work correctly, except Charging profile (with screen off) because on CpuSPY i can watch a profile (i dont know which) that turns on only 1040Mhz frequency while smartphone is charging, for example all night. It is abnormal...
  25. Thomas.

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Profiler - CPU, GPU, RAM monitoring in floating window

    Profiler Real-time component monitoring in floating window. You can customize layout, its size and transparency. You can set your prefered data format and chart color for better clarity. Supported components: (Depends on data provided by your device) CPU load GPU load RAM usage Network...
  26. vidra

    Thread CPU temperature checker with refreshing

    Hi, I would like to share a simple project that I did last summer with everbody. It was a program thhat checks you CPU temp and constantly displays teperatures (not like lm_sensors that you have to re-run). It is quite simple. Basicaly it reads form /sys/class/hwmon/hwon1/temp and displays it...
  27. Infy_AsiX

    Thread stock CPU GPU throttling performance and modification

    Hello Axon 7 users, I just picked up one a couple of days ago. After finally figuring out the bootloader, bootstack and general stock experience I tested a little bit of gaming. I found that a basic game like Clash Royale heats the battery up to around 42°C already with low brightness and slow...
  28. I

    Thread Petition for Intel to speak up on 10nm and change its philosophies

    https://www.change.org/p/intel-change-intel-s-philosophy-give-us-10nm-already Just something I thought I'd share so Intel may know how we feel about things like NVME Raid keys, rushed responses to AMD, and stagnating in 14nm for another year (will complete 3 years of 14nm).
  29. F

    Thread Custom Kernel for P7 running on B853 (OTA updated from B852 Europe)

    I am looking for a kernel to work on Stock Rom B853 for Europe OTA updated from B852 recently. A kernel which supports under-clocking CPU Frequencies. I don't have root access but i can root for it. Your help will greatly be appreciated.
  30. K

    Thread [MOD][Z3+/Z5/XZ/XZ1/XZ2/XZ3][11.03.2019] Custom thermal mod (FSC)

    Custom Thermal Mod for Sony flagships (FSC) New! The module is now available to download directly from magisk repo Main advantages - Improved overall performance - Prevent aggressive early thermal throttling - Maintain a consistent performance for extended periods of time - Prolonged camera...
  31. K

    Thread [Z3+][THERMAL FIX] FSC™ 4.0 | Improve performance & Reduce heat | Updated 27.06.2018

    [Z3+][THERMAL FIX] FSC™ 4.0 | Improve performance & Reduce heat | Updated 27.06.2018 Faster Smarter Cooler (FSC) .. A well balanced Snapdragon 810 ** Your warranty is now not void. ** ** I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear ** war, You take the full...
  32. K

    Thread [ROOT][Thermal Fix] FSC Thermal Mod

    Faster Smarter Cooler (FSC) .. A well balanced Snapdragon 810 ** Your warranty is now not void. ** ** I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear ** war, You take the full responsibility of your actions ** Update July 31, 2018 This thread is marked as discontinued...
  33. N

    Thread [Q] Thermal throttling preventing use max clock?

    Hi, is there any way to change Thermal Throttling in LE2 X520? It is very easy to reach +60ºC and the GPU/CPU decreases the clock. As you see, gpu drops from 600mhz to 432mhz, and big cpu to ~1.4Ghz or less. I using Kernel Auditor, but its not effective. It would be cool to use maximum power in...
  34. Y

    Thread Does Android prefer cores or clock speed?

    Sorry if this has been asked in the past, but I'm a bit curious. I'm asking in context of the same IPC/Instructions per clock(same processor architecture, so that the actual speed of say, 1GHz is identical). For example, for gaming PCs, its generally optimal to have a 4 core processor, with a...
  35. drago10029

    Thread how to disable CPU cores

    I want to know how to disable CPU cores to save power. It was possible on my nexus 5. but on my nexus 6p and now on my htc 10, I'm not sure if it's possible. I read that it's would need a kernel rewrite or something along those lines. So does anyone know how to do this? I'm running latest...
  36. S

    Thread Artisan interactive governor port

    Hello everyone. Coming from this thread: https://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-xz/development/5-10hr-sot-artisan-interactive-governor-t3580142 A XDA colleague has asked me to port my script to the G901F, but I need CPU-time information. If you are interested, please let me know here, if you...
  37. U

    Thread What are your ASV levels?

    Mine are big:7, little:6 The ASV levels determine the quality of your CPU. These numbers are relevant if you want to overclock or undervolt. How to find out the ASV levels of your phone? Use a root browser and open this file: /sys/kernel/debug/asv_summary or you can check it with Synapse.
  38. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Monitor your device with CPU System Info 64

    Hello, I create that thread to present you a new application I made letting you to monitor your smartphone or tablet accurately. Named CPU System Info 64, the application is freely available on the Google Play Store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ssaurel.cpuinfo64 You...
  39. AbA2L

    Thread Does CPU-Z work on the Mate 9?

    Hello everyone, Are Kirin processors recognized by CPU-Z? If not, what is the equivalent for Kirine processors? thank you.
  40. Vivacity

    Thread Turning off cpu cores?

    Hello has anyone tried turning off cpu cores to save battery on s7 edge? i tried using kernel adiutor but the cores end up switching back on. Is there any kernel available that provides this support? ^ ^ i'm surprised nobody discussed this here yet..
  41. J

    Thread LG G4 overheating and rebooting while gaming...

    Yo guys, I have my LG G4 since a while but this problem is really annoying me. Had two LG G4 and they all did the same. I litterally can't play any games because of that. While i'm playing 90% of the games that are available on the playstore, my CPU is overheating and i feel my LG G4 becoming...
  42. P

    Thread Snapdragon 810 or 815??

    Folks, I just bought one of these tablets off of Amazon after tons of research but the one piece of information that keeps being contradicted is whether this tablet is running the Snapdragon 810 or the Snapdragon 815? Amazon (where I bought it) lists: **** - GSM/LTE Compatible so you can...
  43. kentexcitebot

    Thread [GUIDE] A Potential Fix for High CPU + Battery Drain on LOS/AOSP/OOS 7.x-based ROMs

    I've been seeing constant complaints around the OnePlus 3's development section of the forums regarding an unusual high CPU usage and massive battery drain on different ROMs. These reports are posted in the custom kernels thread. flar2's ElementalX kernel thread (now locked unlocked): [link...
  44. guruleenyc

    Thread System_Server (Android OS) High CPU and Lag

    Model: Galaxy Note 4 Android: 6.01 Rooted: No My phone once again is almost impossible to use due to constant lag and slowness. After using one of many apps to identify what was consuming all my CPU I discovered it was the Android OS process and then I drilled down using top command (Elixir 2...
  45. A

    Thread Snapdragon 810 CPU Throttling!!

    The SD810 Throttling issue has not been fixed yet! .The device is becoming as hot as an iron box :eek: Is there any alternate ways to fix it without affecting the performance? Will Sony fix it in upcoming Android Nougat update? I tried AnTuTu Benchmark and my initial score was about 55000...
  46. Alcolawl

    Thread [Benchmark] Share your Vellamo Mobile Benchmark scores!

    Hey folks! Yeah, it's another Benchmark thread. Except I tend to really like Vellamo when compared to Basemark, Antutu, Geekbench, etc. It's developed by Qualcomm themselves. I usually don't care about benchmarks, but I'm curious to see how other configurations perform on this suite. Vellamo...
  47. swukjay

    Thread Note 3 cpu freqs stuck at 1700 mhz on all stock ROMS works correctly on CM 12.1

    SOLVED.. SEE BOTTOM POST.. My note has a weird problem, the CPUs are sticking on stock ROMs doesnt matter what version, 4.4 5.0 5.1 its always gets stuck at either 1100mhz or 1700 mhz after a few seconds of booting, at first its up at 2200 mhz then after a few seconds it get stuck at 1700 mhz, I...
  48. gahu777

    Thread [Root] [MM] [MOD] Locking cpu+gpu+ddr to max speed

    Version 3.0 install instructions below Aded profiles to put phone in more deep sleep (now my phone consume 1.3% battery per hour when screen off and wifi services like messenger enabled), minimize usage of cpu/gpu/ddr by launcher (it might lag with stock launcher, works great with Nova launcher...
  49. M

    Thread If you could have a updated v500....

    I love my v500 but I also accept the SD600 is getting a bit long in the tooth now. The screen brightness isn't great in todays standards either. I'm tempted by the Samsung Galaxy Tab s2 8" but luxuries like double tap to wake and having the navigation buttons in the correct order make me think...
  50. Mario119

    Thread Nexus 5 CPU is extremely hot

    Hey all, As of about a month ago, my beloved Nexus 5 has been getting extremely hot to the touch. As a result of that, the device is uncomfortable to handle and is dying quite quickly. As this was a factory refurbished I got from eBay, I had no warranty on it. I read a thread on here awhile ago...