1. visioner_vs

    Thread Question Rattling/crackle in the speakers

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a pixel 7, I noticed that at maximum volume, sometimes you can hear some kind of crackling from the speakers, similar to a metallic rattling. If you make it quieter, it seems to pass, surprisingly it does not always happen that way. There is music where...
  2. TecM

    Thread [CLOSED] Phone damaged heavily, remove the screen protector and apply another one?

    Hello, I got a Samsung Galaxy note 3 recently as a hand me down thing from my sis but the Crack on the phone is really irritating me when using the S pen as I just keep feeling the crack, here's a desc of the damage: Crack on Bottom Left, screen protector exposed but looks a bit too thick in my...
  3. I

    Thread MDZ-16-AB bootloader unlocked

    I unlock the bootloader of mdz-16-ab by disassembling uboot and write the cracked instructions back to the box using 'mw' command in uboot. I've only cracked r454 firmware virsion(android 6.0). And I'm looking for someone who have a UART cable to do more tests on this work. My final purpose is...
  4. mlgmxyysd

    Thread [TOOLS][MOD][SCRIPTS] MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool

    Welcome to MlgmXyysd's Qin F21 Pro Unlock Tool Powered by MTK Client @ Bjoern Kerler. A tool to crack Qin F21 Pro BootLoader without erasing userdata. Screenshots Usage View README in the ZIP ! Remember to keep the backup properly, they are needed for relock or OTA. EULA Downloads...
  5. A

    Thread Required "Out of the Loop" Patched MOD #Game

    As only 342 people have reviewed so it's not that popular.... hence We won't get mod on internet. We need an Android Geek to patch the app!!!:D Playstore link: There is only one category(FOOD) open. So only task is to...
  6. Sab3elbromba

    Thread Help! Cracked glass on my 7 day old phone :(

    So I cracked my front glass under the bottom speaker exactly on the 8th day of owning my new pixel 2 xl :crying: Thought about selling it as is but I would lose so much money also a screen replacement will set me back at least $200 without labor (Plus it's not available in my country) I tried...
  7. L

    Thread Screen gone black - known problem

    I just replaced the battery on my S6. Putting it back together I broke the sim tray. I ordered another but it took a month to arrive. During that time the phone was plugged in most of the time and was working fine. When I put the sim in, the screen went black. The two touch-capacitors below...
  8. Bruce666

    Thread Genuine / spare parts for U11?

    Hey guys When I woke up after last party I noticed that my U11 bent! There's red spot on the screen and frame is bent. No cracks. So... I'm looking for spare parts like: new LCD, new frame and new back glass, but I can't find it. Do you guys know where can I get them? It's not necessary to...
  9. takertx

    Thread Physical Drop & Scratch Resistance Report

    Hi everyone, The Essential company claims that the phone is very drop and scratch resistant thanks to the premium materials used in the phone, but sadly there are no official Essential drop tests available anywhere which is mainly due to all the problems Essential seems to be having with...
  10. B

    Thread Cracked screen - options

    I've just dropped my watch - landing face down and it's cracked the screen, resulting in nothing but lines and colour warping. Just wondering if its economically viable to get the watch repaired. Have only owned it for a few months so I'm feeling very annoyed! Cheers.
  11. J

    Thread Separating the Glass, Digitizer and LCD

    Hi there everyone, I bought my Nexus 5X with a cracked screen off eBay when I got it. I lived with it until a side drop cracked it further today, and it's now much more noticeable than before. However, it's just the glass that's cracked - from what I can tell, the LCD and digitizer are...
  12. XN Logos

    Thread [Tool] Ultimate Read write flash mtk, Spd, Qualcomm unlock, Lock network, sim, Frp

    ******************Miracle Box ******************* This Is only for Personal use, I am Not a Developer of This Box, this is Developed By a miracle Team Hit Thanks:good: For This Crack- Features- Features for MTk[all Devices]- Read info Read Write format repair baseband...
  13. C

    Thread Possibly broken Proximity Sensor? Screen always goes off when calling

    Hey guys, just yesterday I got my phone back from repair (I cracked my screen, nothing was working then). Here is a photo of my old screen, which had a hole right below the upper loud speaker: I think it might be that the drop broke the sensor, and not the repair itself?!? Using an app like...
  14. S

    Thread Bcmon , Reaver HELP M4 Aqua

    I own the M4 Aqua and today i tried installing Reaver for Android and bcmon using the start warm stop scripts. I followed all the instructions correctly and when i tried to crack a WiFi network an error popped up . The error said that the version of is 32-bit instead of 64-bit...
  15. J

    Thread Cracked my Nexus 6p screen. Any experience with those who replaced it?

    How can I tell that the screen the third party repair center is using is Gorilla 4? Where can I buy online genuine screen? And is it true as I read online that since all device parts need to be removed to reach the screen it will be impossible not to have after repair marks or dents? Thanks in...
  16. T

    Thread cracked airdroid or activation code?..

    hello guys...i'm using airdroid for my s4 but it will expire you have any cracked version there or activation code so that i may still use airdroid for a long time?..i really like this app...hoping someone may help...thanks in advance guys...
  17. B

    Thread Cracked the glass part of my screen, is it worth repairing?

    I know that these threads exist for other phones and such but couldn't find one for my s3 that fits the current timeline. I dropped my phone from my pocket while walking and only cracked the glass part of the screen. Touchscreen works fine, there aren't any damages done to the actual screen...
  18. soko3

    Thread Need some advices before buying Z1c

    I want to buy second-hand Xperia Z1 Compact because it's price is 50% of new one. Can anyone tell me some common hardware issues, and something i should pay attention at before I buy this used phone? And what about that "self cracking screen" problem that many people talks about? Thanks in...
  19. C

    Thread Screen cracked itself on N6

    Hi, everybody, So I'm writing here to share my grief about my N6. Long story short - screen cracked by itself on 2nd day of use and I'm being strung by Google and Motorola so far. It was my second day of using the phone. Installed all my apps, copied music, books, app files. Was pretty happy...
  20. S

    Thread [Q] Broken digitizer, need to recover digital evidence

    My mother's phone has an audio recording that needs to be recovered before a court date, but the digitizer is broken and the screen is locked. ROM is stock, recovery is stock, bootloader is locked, usb debugging is disabled. I know how to crack passwords / pins on android with a variety of...
  21. L

    Thread [Q] What to but, ACR122U or SCL3711?

    Hi! I have been looking a lot in cracking a Mifare Classic 1k card that is used for a transportation system in sweden. The thing is that I've tried to find a way to us emy phone nfc reader but I can't get it to work. I have now started to look for a recommended nfc reader and I find that ACR122U...
  22. eezergeezer

    Thread Z3 Screen crack Notification Bar workaround

    I have had the Z3 for around 4 months now.. The glass is rubbish.. The back cracked without any drops or damage. It was on a sideboard and suddenly a crack appeared I dropped on kitchen lino the other day and the from top corner cracked . Now the top of the touchscreen is unresponsive. Is...
  23. GedBlake

    Thread [Q] Flaw, fracture or potential screen crack; Should I be concerned about this?

    Hi, guys... After spending fours years tinkering around with budget to mid-range Android devices, last month I decided to treat myself to a top-of-the range, flagship device... and four weeks ago I bought (off contract) the HTC One M8. And I am absolutely delighted it with it:)... it is truly...
  24. B

    Thread Screen wont turn on

    So one day after working out I took out my phone from my pocket and basically the screen wont turn on at all. upon further inspection it looks like that there is a very VERY minor scratch UNDER the screen ranging from right above the home button from the left to right corner. it is barely...
  25. C

    Thread Hairline crack on the side of the phone

    I purchased my White 32BG N5 on the 31st of October, probably the very first batch. It has always been in a case. Yesterday I took it out to clean out the sides from dust as the case is a pretty thick one and the openings allow dust to get in. I noticed a hairline crash that goes from the SIM...
  26. B

    Thread [Q] Need to regain access to a previously-stolen password locked Galaxy S III

    Okay, so it's a bit of a long story but there's a woman I work with who had her virtually-new Samsung Galaxy S3 stolen by her recently-split husband last year. We all knew it was him, but we had virtually no evidence, other than it's disappearance. Anyway, so this woman recently was in his...
  27. K

    Thread Pattern & Pin Remover [CWM] [2013-12-06]

    Imagine enabling Pattern or Security Pin on your android phone and then you forgot it completely, most will have to reflash stock just to be able to use your phone again. So I decided to make flashable zip file, just place the zip file on your internal sdcard, flash via CWM. After flashing you...
  28. T

    Thread Samsung Forgot Password

    i'm having my phone friend's and he forgot his password i tried rm/data/system/gesture.key and the other methods but keep getting 'permission denied' anyone can help? i'm using a mac with sdk installed Thanks!
  29. N

    Thread [Q] Cracks behind screen?

    So I'm not sure how these happened but I've been noticing some (what looks like) cracks in my screen. The odd thing is I've never dropped this one (as of yet) and the cracks are only visible when I'm in a dark place and the color over the "Cracks" are black or dark grey. Does anyone have any...
  30. D

    Thread Let's see the damage!

    I just wanted to see if anybody has actually cracked the screen yet, or even really damaged the phone. I watched some drop tests and it looked amazingly durable. How has yours held up (add pictures if possible)?
  31. K

    Thread [Q] how to REPAIR broken glass?

    So i've been looking for a new glass ( +screen of course ) for my broken glass nexus for days and days ... from china where all non original about 45 euro, i founf also a new original one here in italy where i live for 75 euro ... but an used nexus s can be found at 120 Euro ... So i just...
  32. LewisGauss

    Thread Screen cracks for no reason!

    An hour ago, I was using my phone, surfing the web. While I was scrolling down, a sudden crack sound appeared, I was shocked. I saw a big crack! It starts from the top of the phone, near the earpiece! Then I immediately went to the nearest Sony Authorised Seller. All they said was "your...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] Home button.

    My home button cracks when I press it, I think it has some dirt inside but I don't know and I can't remember if it's like that since the first day or not. Is that happening to you? Thanks
  34. h3lluvaninjuhneer

    Thread [POLL] Damage or No Damage when dropped (Yes/No)

    This poll is only for those who have dropped their shiny new GS4 or for those who have experienced screen damage without a drop incident. Please respond whether your phone's screen cracked/shattered or if it had no damage at all. Also, please state below if your phone is in a case, and if so...
  35. Quinny899

    Thread [GUIDE][IDEAS] Protecting your app from the main piracy circumvention methods

    There's a few easy methods anyone could use to crack the protection of your app that you worked very hard on, and in the same way there's methods to stop this from happening as well The first one, the big one, there's the app "Lucky Patcher". What this app does is patches the dalvik files to...
  36. J

    Thread Cracked Camera Glass. Another build quality issue?

    I've had my One from Rogers Canada since launch day last Friday. I've been reading all the issues here about the build qualities of this phone. Mine has a hair gap on the top and the screen also rises slightly at the top edge. I've decided that these were ok and happily used my phone with great...
  37. K

    Thread Crack in silver Frame

    Hey i have a crack in the silver frame of the S3 what can i do? its over the usb-port greetings
  38. T

    Thread Hairline crack on G'Nex - Samsung won't fix

    My four month old G'Nex has a tiny hairline crack on the screen. I have attached the same pic I sent Samsung. It makes the screen look very dirty, but that's just because of the high level of illumination - I do actually take very good care of my phones. I've contacted Samsung at several...
  39. shahravi94

    Thread [Q] Broken Screen- Cheap replacement?

    Hey guys my one x took a tumble and the screen is cracked all over. I called htc usa and they said it'll cost 200 dollars to fix. I do not have that kind of money but it breaks my heart to see that beautiful screen cracked. Have you guys managed to get it replaced for cheaper anywhere in the USA?
  40. E

    Thread [Q] Dropped Phone Terrors

    I just dropped my Nexus not 10 minutes ago, from about 3 feet up or at pocket level it didn't successfully slide into my pocket and fell. There is a crack on the top right hand corner of the screen that spreads across to about the middle of the left side. My touch capabilities are not working...
  41. H

    Thread Defect - Plastic around the screen cracking with light use.

    I was cleaning my 9 months old Galaxy Note today, and noticed micro fine cracks, (THREE OF THEM!!) around the plastic that is surrounding the screen. I never dropped it or handled it rough. It was always in a protective case, with a screen protector. Here's a photo of mine: There is a similar...
  42. L

    Thread So who are the first to crack that glass on their brand new Nexus 4's?

    So who are the first unlucky soul to drop their brand new Nexus 4 and crack it? And what surface did it land on? I'm still waiting for mine to appear from the google cloud (aka thin shipping air), but I am sure I'll end up cracking mine before a month have gone by ... In preparation for...
  43. S

    Thread [Q] Help - no display, deice works, need contacts

    Hi guys. So my GF has this Samsung Galaxy S (Sprint Epic SPH-D700) ... I think I've got the right section. (EDIT: nope. ty kennyglass123. sorry about that :/) She drops her phone, display stops functioning. However, the device still works - touchscreen is responsive, boots well, etc. The only...
  44. G

    Thread Cracks appearing on back case.

    I noticed yesterday small cracks appearing round the edges of the openings in the white back of my S3. I've emailed Samsung to see what they will do about it but thought i'd see if anyone has had issues like this. I dont take the cover off my phone very often and i'd say it's been off less...
  45. thomcrowe

    Thread [Q] Screen Recommendations

    My screen cracked this weekend on my AT&T HOX. The LCD appears to be fine, but, from everything I've read, it will need to be replaced too. Does anyone have a recommendation of someone to buy the LCD/Screen Digitizer from? There are a ton of choices out there, but I want to make sure I get a...
  46. Z

    Thread A (horrible) phone repair experience with AT&T / Samsung

    Within a month of buying my white Note last March, I noticed a little hairline crack in the bezel around the volume rocker. I didn't pay it much attention because it wasn't very noticeable, but then move forward to July and I have 2 additional hairline cracks, one at the headphone jack and...
  47. K

    Thread [FREE] Cracked Screen Joke

    Fool your friends and show them broken screen or make them broke it! Just activate this app and shake your phone. Wow! Your screen is cracked! Most realistic screen crack effect application on Android Market! Now you can use phone as usual before delayed crack pop up...
  48. regunus

    Thread Cracked screen... Twice!

    Ok. I'm begining to feel that this device simply doesn't love me at all. I got my first N7. The next day, I was walking (my N7 was in my bag)and the leash of my bag was cut (for unknow reasons). Bag goes down, N7 screen cracks. I had no case for it... Same day, I'm buying a new one since I...
  49. R

    Thread Holding my S3 makes a "crack" noise

    First, my phone works fine.... this is not a big deal but it bothers me a lot. A couple of weeks ago I noticed when I was holding my S3, lightly squeezing the edges or the back cover, the phone was making a sound like it's not well assembled.. like it is loosen... (like a low "crick" or "crack"...
  50. B

    Thread [Q] Hairline crack, screen is dark, boots fine

    My display seems to have cracked in an odd way. As you can see, there is a hairline crack, but I can't feel it with my thumb - either it hasn't breached the surface of the glass or its in a layer beneath it. The phone boots, but the screen is 100% off. I get touchscreen response, as it...