1. S

    Thread PLZ HELP: Android System keeps stopping.

    I have a Magisk Rooted, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975F), stock ROM running Android 10. When I am booted in Root mode I try to open a file in the "My Files" app and I keep getting the error "Android System keeps stopping" but when I try in un-Rooted mode it works perfectly fine. Is there a way...
  2. iffiscb

    Thread Edge panel handle crashes on auto rotation

    I did a factory reset and after than my edge handle crashes every time i rotate screen on YouTube or any app. Tried clearing cache in recovery, also cleared cache of edge panel. But nothing worked. Anyone with solution please?
  3. Purple Blast

    Thread General Camera freezing and crashing solution

    Hi everyone, I wanted to start this thread to show a solution which I was not able to find anywhere else. I hope this helps someone ;) PROBLEM: Lately the camera has began very bad and some system animations as well. This happened after the latest MIUI 13 update. No reset or apps removal worked...
  4. Aki-to

    Thread Question NFC crashes when reading Mifare Classic 1k NFC Tag

    Please, have a look. This issue is persistent across devices.
  5. HMS Community

    Thread Integration of Huawei Crash Service in Attendance Tracker Android app (Kotlin) – Part 4

    Introduction In this article, we can learn how to integrate Huawei Crash service of AppGallery Connect in Attendance Tracker application. So, I will provide the series of articles on this Attendance Tracker App, in upcoming articles I will integrate other Huawei Kits. If you are new to this...
  6. Aki-to

    Thread NFC crashes when reading Mifare Classic 1k NFC Tag

    Does anyone have a hint regarding this problem?
  7. A

    Thread [Q] Magisk Keeps Crashing (NXA8QC116)

    Hi, I have an old Nextbook Ares 8 (Android 5.0), whose bootloader is unlocked and is installed with v2.8.4.0 of TWRP, that I factory reset from its 'Settings' app before doing everything I'm about to explain below. It had SuperSU, but I used its 'Full Unroot' feature then flashed Magisk v24.3...
  8. G

    Thread Question GCam always crashes

    SOLVED: use this version, it doesnt require Google services but the gcam services provider from f-droid is still recommended along with it:
  9. Z

    Thread How to restore 'Open tabs' after android crash

    Hi, I hope you can help me. My android crashed while there were many open tabs in Chrome. Using computer if I look at, it says I have 1628 open tabs (refer to the image) but in the browser on my main PC I have only a few which were opened after the crash. If I look at...
  10. cookieoreo18

    Thread After removing "Phone by google" app, systemui starts crashing constantly and then UI stops working properly

    I want to remove the "Phone by google" app because it is causing me issues on my Samsung Galaxy ace 2 with CyanogenMod 11. I used an app called Root Uninstaller to remove it. But then i started having issues with the systemui crashing and reflashed the CM11 ROM. How am i going to get rid of the...
  11. D

    Thread Android 12 problems

    Hi I got the s21 Exynos. After the android 12 update many of the apps keep crashing. They are all up to date. I cant seem to find any solution to this problem. Am i the only one with this problem ? Cant find any other info about this issue.
  12. A

    Thread Find Device Closed Unexpectedly

    Hi guys, Suddenly my Xiaomi mi 8 is stuck in an infinite loop. It starts as normal, I can enter password, and after 3 seconds a message appears 'Find Device Closed Unexpectedly', then the screen goes black and the MIU logo is shown. And I can enter the password again. The phone is locked, and...
  13. K

    Thread Question Cover screen crashing?

    Hello. After using the phone for some hours, the "tap to wake" cover screen doesn't wake the screen. Neither do the double press on the side button for taking a picture.. Notifications and calls show up like normal. Is this just me or?
  14. G

    Thread MI A3 Random shutdowns

    My phone would shut down at random intervals, several times a day, most likely when it's asleep and not being actively used. Sometimes I can power it back on, but it also happens, that the power button is completely unresponsive and it takes a couple of tries/minutes to successfully turn the...
  15. K

    Thread Xiaomi Mi9 camera problem

    Hello, I have problem with my Mi9 in apps like (google translate, google lens, signal, google duo...) and others app using back camera. It's not possible to use camera in this applications because it's crash directly and the image freez. I tried format and update to miui 12.5 but it's always...
  16. I

    Thread Question Bluetooth keeps stopping

    I have a moto E that has Android Queen Cake and I get this error. Here is a bugreport.
  17. P

    Thread Phone Crashing due to too many files/directories on SDCard

    Hello! My Galaxy S9+ running Android 10 crashes whenever I insert my microsd card containing upwards of 9000 sub-directories and 92000 files. The SDCard is using 330GB out of 400GB. Basically the way this happens is that I insert the sdcard and then a notification displays saying "Checking...
  18. Mizinov12

    Thread Crash on Virtual Space

    Hello, im having a problem I decided to add CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) on Virtual Space but everytime I hop into tutorial it always crashes I also tried other Virtual Spaces but still have the same problem (I red that not all of the apps are not supported on Virtual Spaces) I just want make...
  19. G

    Thread S7 edge not working anymore..., please help !!!

    Hi guys; Well few days ago my s7 edge (SM-G935W8 32Gb) start overheating and crashing and screen freezing and it automatically restart then it work for 5-10 minutes and then same thing again and again (overheat-crash-freeze-restart, overheat-crash-freeze-restart, ........) but now it just turned...
  20. jony285

    Thread Help ! Bootloop even after flashing stock rom.! zenfone

    I have an old zenfone 2 laser ( ZE550KL variant) which i was not using for 1 year. It was flashed with custom rom , groovy android [ Nougat 7.1.2] and i was using it without any problem. two days back i found it in my table, and i tried to switch it on., the phone vibrates, Asus logo...
  21. asheroto

    Thread OnePlus 6t - Settings > Utilities crashes

    Hello, I have a OnePlus 6t with Android 10, OxygenOS 10.3.10. Rooted and has blu_spark kernel. For some reason, my phone started having this bug sometime in the past week or two. Whenever I go to Settings > Utilities, it crashes. It will either just go to the home screen, or say "Settings...
  22. B

    Thread Why does installing a unknown source apk and clicking settings crash? (SM-T307U)

    So I've been trying to bypass this frp google lock on my tablet with samfirm and got it to the point where i can open youtube or google or any of the allowed bypass on it and have been trying to install apks such as apexlauncher and by the time i click on "settings" to allow 3rd party installs...
  23. M

    Thread Developer Options Causes Settings To Crash

    I rooted my Pixel XL last year and everything was working fine until recently. The Pixel connected to my wifi but couldn't get internet access, even though it had an IP address. I was able to verify connectivity using ADB but I needed internet to work normally, so I decided to reset my phone. I...
  24. A

    Thread Question Android Messages app stopped working

    Hello people! The app was working normally, then stopped working, it closes as soon as I tap on it. The last thing I did using it was to turn on auto-fill sms codes for authentication. Fixes I tried: Disable auto-fill, Uninstall and reinstall Android system webview, install old version Messages...
  25. Caprisces

    Thread Instagram unable to start nor get uninstalled

    It's been a week already since i have this problem, but i was using my instagram app normally and tried to open the app once again, since i closed it for a second, but the moment i did, the app seemingly resetted itself and started to configure the language which never did, since it went on...
  26. L

    Thread Intermediate: How to integrate Huawei kits (IAP, Crash Service) into learning app (Flutter)

    Introduction In this article, I will talk about that how Flutter project integrates Huawei kits, and learn how to use them in your Flutter projects. Apps are tested many times before they released, but still crashes are there. There is a Huawei Crash Service to minimize these risks. Learning...
  27. D

    Thread Camera frozen/won't open even after Factory Reset

    Hello dear XDA Members, on my OP 5T I was using the latest official Firmware 10.0.1 when suddenly the main camera froze and since then would not open again. I have tried all recommended things like restart, clearing the camera cache or the whole cache partition and so on. I performed a factory...
  28. minimarX

    Thread Hang when attempting to make calls after reinstall of OS (Galaxy S4)

    First time posting here, I apologize in advance if I do anything wrong. I recently attempted to install manjaro on my phone, but unfortunately it didn't work out, so I had to reinstall the previous OS. Once I did, it mostly worked normally, but phone calls no longer work. Attempting to make one...
  29. O

    Thread [Help] NullPointerExeption on every app with widgets.

    Any app that has some kind of Widget to register, crashes with NullPointerExeption, and has a reference to: This includes ANY launcher, even the system default, so I can only run apps from ADB. I made a logcat of every...
  30. K

    Thread Phone dialer keeps stopping

    Hello all, I recently purchased Galaxy S10 lite, and till now I didn't face any issues. From yesterday night my phone's dialer keeps stopping whenever I try to open it. It just open up for a second and then stops working. I couldn't search through my contacts and not even able to make any...
  31. Toothless_NEO

    Thread Amazon Fire TV 2 (sloane) - Fix SuperSU crashing issue

    Note: Systemless root is not an option on this box due to locked bootloader, do not tell me that root is not an option, because I am rooted right now. I rooted my Fire TV 2 (FireOS with the hardware method using SuperSU in system mode, although whenever I open SuperSU it immediately...
  32. C

    Thread Phoenix Automotive PX6 Tesla Style - Constant crashing - almost same time - everytime

    Hello: Since day one of installing this radio - it's had an odd crash issue. While I don't drive it every day - it seems to "crash" and go dark (back light seems to be on...) and loss of ALL HVAC controls. As this radio replaced any physical buttons. Sony Sync 3 brain seems untouched and can be...
  33. GoJo ^^

    Thread Can't boot any rom after flashing TWRP, help!

    Hello, i enabled oem unlock, did reboot, install twrp, boot it, installed "Disable_Dm-Verity" (not 6.0 or 6.1 which are too old but "03.04.2020" as suggested by some); But then, when reboot, it's looping on the S9 logo! So i did reboot into twrp, wiped data & tried to install another rom : same...
  34. C

    Thread S20 Ultra exynos stock OS stuck in boot loop. Data recovery?

    Hi Guys, As the title says my S20 Ultra has managed to get itself stuck in a boot loop as of last night. I can boot into recovery mode, download mode and safe mode. When booted into safe mode it will stay on the home screen fine. However if i try to unlock the phone to use it, it crashes and...
  35. Mayism

    Thread Coding-free Integration of AppGallery Connect Crash into a Unity App?

    Reference:[email protected]/manual/crash.html 1. Download Unity Hub. 2. Configure the Android environment in Unity Editor. Choose Edit > Preferences > External Tools > Andriod and configure the JDK and SDK paths. You can keep the default paths. Choose Edit...
  36. Mayism

    Thread How Can I Integrate Crash of AppGallery Connect in React Native?

    HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Crash supports multiple platforms. Here’s how you can integrate the AppGallery Connect React Native plug-in. If you want to experience the remote configuration function, see the GitHub demo. Integration Procedure 1. Install the React Native dependency. npm install -g...
  37. Mayism

    Thread Coding-free Integration of AppGallery Connect Crash into a Cocos-based App

    The Crash service of AppGallery Connect provides a simple, coding-free solution for app crashes. It is found that Cocos Creator also supports the Crash service provided by AppGallery Connect. Let’s see how it works.If you want to quickly experience this service, see the demo on GitHub. 1...
  38. B

    Thread App crash / force close java.lang.NullPointerException, help

    Hello everyone, I open this thread here because I know much of the people here have more experience and may be can help with the problem. I have a tablet Chuwi with Intel Celeron (x86-x64) with Windows and now I make dual boot with "Phoenix OS Thunder Lite v4.5 Android x86", every think work as...
  39. S

    Thread Poco x3 Crash

    Hey everyone, My new phone poco x3 crash the game when I'm playing ( free fire ) it happens to me since when I updated MIUI to 12.0.7. Do you have any solution please !! I tried to uninstall the game and I also factory reset my phone but still the same. It's a new phone please help me.
  40. M

    Thread Galaxy Fold Z2 battery dropping to zero from 50%

    Hey fourm, sorry for the long read but if anyone is technically savvy with batteries or voltages/electrical components please read! this might not be specific to a Fold but any device may suffer from what my device is suffering from. I have recently had issues with my Galaxy Fold Z2 and it...
  41. Mayism

    Thread Coding-free Integration of AppGallery Connect Crash in Flutter

    HUAWEI AppGallery Connect Crash supports multiple platforms. Here’s how you can integrate the AppGallery Connect Flutter plug-in.If you want to quickly experience this service, see the demo on GitHub. Integration Procedure 1. Install the Flutter environment. a) Download the Flutter SDK package...
  42. Dynamic07

    Thread AGC- Crash Service (Android)

    Hello everyone, in this article I am going to talk about Crash services which one of the AppGallery Connect services. What is the crash service ? The crash service of AppGallery...
  43. croat.hvar

    Thread Microsoft Surface Duo constant reboots and shutdowns, System Log

    I own 5 Microsoft Surface Duo devices and each and every one of them keeps on randomly shutting down or restarting. Often I close the device to find it asking for a PIN after device was restarted (which didn't happen), or I find devices turned of requiring to power up in order to start the...
  44. J

    Thread GCam crashing with AUX camera on OP5t (ResurrectionRemix Android Q)

    I'm using the GCam version from here (NGCam 7.4), along with the Nik-1.5 config, dotfix v5.7, and "GCam Enable Aux All Device" v2.1, and Gcam still crashes when taking a picture with one camera, then switching to the other (main->aux or aux->main). I can't really find any updated GCam info...
  45. Anubiz_DK

    Thread Random Reboots

    I've had my honor 10 for over a year now,never experienced any issues,not even after updating to emui 10,however recently ive noticed the device restarting itself while not even in use,and these days its starting to sometimes freeze and reboot. Has anyone experienced anything like this, i am...
  46. L

    Thread Camera crash (nightmode) after update EMUI 10.1(123)

    Hi guys, I am writing to understand if I am the only one experiencing the problem. I updated this afternoon after receiving the OTA notification, checking the update's news, I notice with deep regret that the night mode of the camera no longer works.
  47. nitheeshas

    Thread [OP6T] [A10] [ROOT] [LOGCAT] Game(COD:Mobile) crashes randomly.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for such an issue. I'm asking here because it seems like an issue with my device rather than the app, since I could not find similar issues being reported among people I know. After a recent update to the game, it crashes randomly without any messages...
  48. C

    Thread Android 10 Share Crash

    I just got the OTA update from AT&T for my V35 to Android 10. Now, whenever I try to Share from an app and the system Share panel is invoked, the Share panel starts to populate and then crashes and often takes the app with it. The only app that I can Share from now appears to be Firefox, but...
  49. OdlG26

    Thread Youtube Vanced crashing on background playback

    Hi everyone, For several months I have a problem with my phone that didn't exist when I first got it. When I play a video in the YouTube Vanced app or if I play it in picture in picture mode, everything works flawlessly. However when I lock my screen and "listen" to the video, the app crashes...
  50. C

    Thread Repeated freezes, possible SystemUI crash?

    Hi all, I have a VZW P3XL (required for work, otherwise I'd have the unlocked Google version) that's been suffering a LOT of crashes in the last few weeks. Usually it's while the phone is idle with the screen off, but it's occasionally happened while I'm actively using it, too. When it's...