1. H

    Thread [WLP][2.3+] Neon Squares

    Hey there, developers. I have created a live-wallpaper, based on a static wallpaper I made once, and would love to know what you think about it! - I'd really appreciate critical feedback. About the wallpaper: +additive blending for a fancy glow effect; +utilization of the accelerometer for a...
  2. P

    Thread [BR] Want a website? Pedro Design!

    Hello, sorry if I can't do this here. But I want to share with you guys a new concept of webdesign. I'm from Brazil but create websites for other countries too. I'm creating a company of Webdesign and what can I say about it? We create websites with love, creativity and simplicity! We love...
  3. Phoenix

    Thread ||Team Phoenix|| Signature | Logo | Banner | Avatar |

    You might be wondering why i have created this thread as there is similiar thread available here in XDA. Let my Clarify I know there is another thread for the same intention and i am also member of one of them, but as I want to work alone and want to build my own team so i have created this...
  4. T

    Thread Minimalistic Text Widget and Tasker

    AWESOME WIDGETS TO COMPLEMENT YOUR AOSP ICS/JB SETUP! Here are a couple screenies of a few widgets I created. The last three pics are of the same widget. homescreen -- basic homescreen widget. The last row is CPU usage|free RAM|battery temp|up-time in hours. homescreen_messaging -- dynamic...
  5. shantusingh

    Thread Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers For Hox! Best and Affordable!!

    Alrite Friends i bought the Creative D100 wireless bluetooth speakers for my Hox .! ( Bought It For Around $57 - 58 USD ) Just love them!! I am completely blown away by it, have uploaded my recorded video on youtube . Had to talk little loudly with others nearby, while music was playing side...
  6. A

    Thread [Q] USB Speakers - Is it Possible

    Hi guys I was wondering if it was possible to get the transformer to output music through the USB ports. I have a set of portable Creative speakers which have great sound and would love to use them with the transformer. They are powered and receive audio from USB
  7. M

    Thread [Q] Creative X-Fi Go for Android

    Hi everyone. I did a Google search and did not find anything related. As we already know/experienced, the sound quality on cellphones when playing music on headphones/earphones is not that good. Someone might suggest boosting the audio file with pc software or even using a 3rd party app to...
  8. R

    Thread How to install the Android Market on the Zen Touch 2

    Installing the android market on the Zen Touch 2 All files needed are included in the zip that can be downloaded from the attachment. Just unzip it to your Zen's SD card. I got this method to work after messing around with my Zen for most of the night. The steps are what I think made the whole...
  9. Mr. Corny

    Thread [Q] Creative Ziio 7 problem

    Hi guys, I have problem with this tablet. Before Froyo update, it was very slow and some features like Adobe Flash 10.1 wasn't working. After the update, at start everything worked fine, but after few weeks of usage it started to freeze, more and more often. I tried several things like: -...
  10. L

    Thread [Q] Root Creative ZiiO 7" Android 2.2

    Hi, it is possible to root ZiiO tablet with Android 2.2 ? I try with z4root 1.3.0 but is not working Is there any other solutions ?
  11. S

    Thread [Q] Creative ZiiO doesn't appear on adb devices list

    Our company bought new shiny ZiiO 7" to test some mobile aplications, but we are having trouble getting started. 'adb devices' shows empty list, but the device appears on 'lsusb' list (Bus 002 Device 007: ID 2350:0102) and we can access files by USB connection. We tried to set it up using...
  12. M

    Thread Creative Zii Egg and Android - any experience return and ROM modding ?

    Hello, Since the Creative Zii Egg is now available for order in my country and I'm really interested in running Android on it, I wonder if there is already any return of experience about Android on this device... Is there already anyone busy with modding or developping new ROMs for the Zii Egg ?