1. xXWeresXx

    Thread [AROMA][ROM] CriskeloROM [v1.0][SM-T110]

    Hey Guys, i present you my CrskeloROM for Galaxy Tab 3 T110. Why? Because my Mom need a cheap Tablet with a great Performance also i Present you my ROM. The ROM is the Best ROM for the model T110! Fast, Battery Friendly and Great! Try This and Enjoy ;) Android 4.2.2 Based on...
  2. xXWeresXx

    Thread [AROMA v2.4][LB&UB]CriskeloROM v7.6 [Android 4.4.4][.118][07/09]

    No Bugs :D Locked Bootloader Way 1. You must install 4.4.4 with Root and CWM. If you don't come from 4.4.4 then - Install Offical 4.4.4 Firmware. 6903 Firmware - Root Your Device - Install CWM Copy my ROM on your Internal SD Card Install My ROM with Wipe/Factory Reset...
  3. xXWeresXx

    Thread [AROMA][LB&UB]CriskeloROM v7.3 [Android 4.4.4].283 Firmware[19/01/2015]

    ## CriskeloROM v7.3 ## AROMA Choose: + Kernel - HoDor Kernel - Zombie Kernel b2 + Performance MOD + Grafic MOD + Latest Google Play Services + Latest Play Store + Faster GPS ## CriskeloROM v7.2 ## + Fix Latest graphic issues in Call Menu ## CriskeloROM v7.1 ## + Fix...