1. E

    Thread Can I crossflash A9200 (A9 2018) to A920F or A920FZ?

    Wanna see if I can do this to get those lte bands. Thanks for any input. Although I don't have high expectations on this. If it is possible, please let me know how to do it...
  2. E

    Thread Cloning LG-G8?

    I have 2 LG-G8 phones and have read about difficulty of crossflashing. Can I clone? One is an model G820UM20r (ATT) and the other is model G820TM20j (T-mobile). I want both to be T-mobile. Can I clone the TM complete phone software onto the ATT model, obliterating its OS in the process, so both...
  3. S

    Thread Lg G8 crossflash

    Has anyone successfully crossflashed the g820n korean version with us unlocked g820qm Kdz? Is it possible? Thanks
  4. netmsm

    Thread [Tutorial] Crossflash, Bypass OPID Mismatched Error

    Hi there ;) Thanks to all other guys here who have made helpful development to tame this beautiful =) To crossflash models other than LG G8 please read post 3. Before asking any question please read the troubleshooting section at the bottom of the page. If you still need some specific help I...
  5. E

    Thread Can crossflash enable n78 in US versions Note 20 Ultra?

    Hi all, I plan to buy a note 20 ultra in the US but because I will soon relocate to UK I wanna know if I can flash the US version to EU or other versions to get N78 5G. It might sound crazy but I actually use Sprint in the US and I wanna get dual sim support while I am in the UK..... So I first...
  6. A

    Thread Any solution to crossflash and open simnetwork on lg v405ua ?

    Hi guys I have that lg 405ua with android 10 and I'm stuck here with simlocked network . my questions is : _Can i crossflash it to android 11 ? And how. if. it is possible _ can i open sim network to be able to use sim card on it ? And how if it's possible Thanks
  7. A

    Thread G8 Crossflashing Guide (Requires root and may have issues on korean + more variants)

    First, here is the link to the TWRP zip I made to crossflash the sprint g8 to Open US 20c: Second, crossflashing is really only useful for two cases: you have an at&t or sprint g8 that you bootloader unlocked for other reasons and want...
  8. A

    Thread TWRP Zip: Crossflash Sprint g8 to OPEN US 20C

    Finally! First of all, this is mostly only useful for those who bootloader unlocked the sprint g8 for other reasons and lost the ability to update because of a lack of kdz support. I would not recommend bootloader unlocking just to flash this at all, except for volte if it is an absolute must...
  9. X

    Thread [Superseded] Crossflash US Unlocked Pie to your Bootloader Unlocked V40

    SUPERSEDED: Go Here Prerequisites: V35 Engineering Bootloader flashed to your device (Stock bootloader will NOT work for this) USB 2.0 (USB 3.x does not work well with ADB or Fastboot) The V40 Pie Conversion Tool Be in fastboot mode before attempting this Patience ADB and Fastboot DRIVERS...
  10. R

    Thread Patched Odin 3.13.1

    For those looking for a modified, modded, or patched odin that is a newer build than all the fake and renamed prince comsy 3.12.3 versions floating around. I patch recent Odin versions to offer similar functionality to the princecomsy; in that it ignores both the sha256 fails and the model...
  11. G

    Thread [Q] Zenfone 2 ZE551ML: will crossflashing to WW change radio bands too?

    Hello all, considering a ZE551ML (the 2Gb RAM model) for purchase from a chinese shop. My question is the following. This shop obviously does not sell the WW version. Would flashing the WW version as per