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  1. andixlm

    Thread [MOD] CRT-Off&Fade-On Screen Animations

    Hello! Here is the CRT/Fade Animations on screen on/off made by me. There are flashable zips for both variants of the phone. Download and flash the right one for your version via CWM/TWRP and wipe cache, then reboot. If you want to include this mod into your ROM just credit me. Only for...
  2. J

    Thread [Q] How do i disable CRT-off animation in Google Play Edition Rom

    How would i go about disabling the CRT-off animation on bigxie's google play edition rom (4.3)? It's driving me 100% crazy. EDIT: Figured it out. Decompiled framework-res.apk and changed config_animateScreenLights in res/values/bools.xml from "false" to "true". Recompiled and did an adb push...
  3. E

    Thread [Q] [Request] [mod] CRT animation.

    So, i've looked this up. Apparently in framework-res.apk there is bools.xml, and in that there is just one word to change to enable the neat little CRT animation from other devices. <bool name="config_animateScreenLights">true</bool> change true to false. Unfortunately, i have around 500...
  4. ViktorKaEL

    Thread [Mod] [E610/E612] [Flash] CRT effect on B4/B4.1 CM10.1

    Hello, now I will share a little mod you make to cm10.1 to apply the famous effect on our terminal CRT TV with Pecan ROM, but I've only tested on 4.1 Beta 4 and Beta not assure their operation in other Betas, but still I will be adding to the following versions. Many use Xposed, but if you want...
  5. TopDroid

    Thread [MOD][JB/CM10.1][4.2.2] Vertical CRT-OFF Animation

    Vertical CRT-OFF Animation Features: This is a port of Vertical CRT-OFF Animation originally created by evilisto. Installation: 1. Download the zip file 2. Reboot to recovery 3. Flash the zip file 4. Reboot Downloads: Download
  6. K

    Thread CRT?

    It will also give the effect of CRT on i9500 & I9505 again? Or is this no longer possible in the Stock Samsung Rom?
  7. jimzmaycry

    Thread [REQ] CRT ON mod for galaxy note 2

    hay i have seen there are LOCKSCREEN CRT OFF mod out there, but i dont see any LOCKSCREEN CRT ON mod .. is there posible to make one?is there any devs can make it?im just curious..i think there many people want to combine CRT OFF with CRT ON..it would be awesome :laugh:
  8. T

    Thread [MOD] CRT Off Animation for v20a

    Hi Community. I tried this on the version 232-10. I dont know if this works on the other versions too but I guess it will be the same framework-res, because the versions only differ in unlocking the bootloader(as far as i know). DO A BACKUP OF YOUR ORIGINAL FILE! Instructions: 1...
  9. wanam

    Thread [Kernel][19 Jul][N7100-N7105-I317][2.7] Adam Kernel

    I got the idea to build this kernel from Perka thread for GS3, thanks to him. -This kernel works only for Samsung 4.1.X ROMs- /!\ Flash it at your own Risk /!\ The main goal of this kernel is to keep it stable and close to stock. It contains a few CPU and Memory optimizations for better...
  10. Winb33

    Thread [mod][jb][ma1] •torch•crt off•ink effect•vol skip•3way reboot•mwc•aosp lock

    [MOD][JB][MA1] •TORCH + CRT OFF + INK EFFECT + VOLUME SKIP SONG + 3WAY REBOOT + MWC+ AOSP LOCKSCREEN• Hello All ! :highfive: In this 1 click pack you have : - Torch on Lockscreen (Available on both by pressing home button) - CRT OFF Effect - Volume Skip song (on lock) - 3 Way Reboot -...
  11. G

    Thread [Q] [Request] Modded phone + CRT

    Hi, I'm on rooted stock I9100 ICS 4.0.4 LPW. Can someone direct me or send me a modified phone.apk and contacts.apk with: 1. Non increasing ring tone. 2. Call recording. 3. Noise reduction off. 4. Bigger caller contact picture. 5. Unlimited joined contacts. Also, is there a way to enable CRT...
  12. heavy_metal_man

    Thread [Q] Sound at boot and crt animations?

    hey guys :) long time android user, new to my nexus 7 (32gb wifi) i have just flashed to sgt7 latest and i am so far loving it :) i have 2 quick questions about the nexus 7. Does anyone know how to: 1. add sound at boot for boot animations? 2. add crt animations? any help is muchly appreciated...
  13. S

    Thread [MOD][XXELL5][JB 4.1.2][ODEX/DEODEX] 1% BatMod + ExtPowMen + CRT/TV-OFF

    Use everything here on your own risk and hit THANKS BUTTON if you like my work!
  14. hlubepet

    Thread [q] crt-off for xxlsj ??

    Hello, maybe Im blind, but please CRT-OFF effect for XXLSJ ? Searched a lot but not found anything.. thanks
  15. s3.Zeke

    Thread [ROM] Zeke's Rom v.1.2 [9/19/12] Options

    Zeke's Rom v.1.2 Code Name: Options This is a Stock LG2 Based Rom for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III. Rom Features: V.1.2 LG2 Stock Based Rom Rooted Deodexed Zipaligned Debloated Awesome Beats 3.0 (First ROM!) Superman Superuser (First ROM!) Google Ears (Transparent) Apollo Music Player...
  16. H

    Thread CRT off for UCALH1

    Does anyone have CRT-off for UCALH1 by itself? Not looking for a whole theme, just that one animation baked in. thanks
  17. transce080

    Thread [MOD] CRT Animation for Captivate Glide I927

    Big thanks to kennethpenn - for this wonderful Enable CRT Animation in Gingerbread guide CarpeNoctem - for (OsiMood's) update-binary and install-script reference material Brut.all - for apktool blast0id - for easyFLASHABLEzipBUILDER and of course everyone who put in the work to build the...
  18. S

    Thread [DEV][HOW-TO] Enable CRT-OFF and CRT-ON in S3 Stock ROMs

    Use everything here on your own risk and hit THANKS BUTTON if you like my work!
  19. S

    Thread [MOD][ALF2/ALF6/BLFB][ODEX/DEODEX] 1% BatMod + ExtPowMen + CRT-OFF-ON or CRT-OFF-ONLY

    Use everything here on your own risk and hit THANKS BUTTON if you like my work!
  20. Tungstwenty

    Thread [FIX][ICS][Stock ROMs and derivates][08/07]CRT-On and CRT-Off effects

    As reported in multiple places on the forum, stock ICS ROMs do not come with the CRT-Off effect available, although the code is there and lots of existing mods already exist to be able to turn it on. The implementation, however, contains a glitch and every once in a while the full screen image...
  21. vivekkalady

    Thread [DEV]CRT Effect For Stock ROMs[Electron Beam][GT-S5360]

    CRT EFFECT for Galaxy Y stock/Custom ROMs Hi Guys, I am trying to port CRT effect to Galaxy Y.For those how don't know what CRT effect is can view the video.This is a test version so don't expect it to work on the first time.I need some testers for the CRT effect. Instructions the file is...
  22. C

    Thread [MOD] [LG P500] CRT Screen Off for Optimus One

    Hello All. Here are the framework-res.apk and build.prop files for the Optimus One, Stock 2.3.3 firmware. All you need to do is replace those files and you will get the CRT ScreenOff effect I used the post by Skynet28, modified a little to only use adb commands. This was the first thing done...
  23. nacho129

    Thread CRT EFFECT Off for LPQ?

    CRT EFFECT Off for LPQ? for deodexed Roms! Thanks!!
  24. sheraro

    Thread [Q] Any CRT-Lockscreen for '42 (2.3.4) firmware ?

    So the only CRT-Lockscreen-Frameworks available are for '184 and '145(2.3.3) here I'm not so ready to cook a flashable-zip from (Framework.2.3.3+SystemUI.2.3.4) so is there any new methode :confused: I searched in the Ray-forum but they're also in the same situation
  25. LOGMD

    Thread [Q] Fade out CRT Animation?

    Im using Wanamlite 9.2 and it (and other roms) have the tv screen off CRT animation... is it possible to have a smooth screen fade to black animation? or does anyone have a tutorial or information on how to make your own? Many thanks :)
  26. WyldOne91

    Thread [Q] CRT animations for ICS?

    I recently updated my Sensation to ICS, and I already love it, but I do kind of miss the CRT off animation. Does anybody know how to make a flashable .zip for just the on or off CRT animation? I personally don't really like the on one but I love having the off one, so if anybody could help me...
  27. AshtonTS

    Thread [Q] CRT Lockanimation?

    Is there any way to manually enable the CRT Lockanimation? I've tried editing the bools.xml of a decompiled framework-res.apk file however that didn't work. I read somewhere that I have to edit services.jar but I have no idea where to begin. Anyone have any experience with this, any ideas at all?
  28. D

    Thread [MOD] Add CRT animation to your ROM

    1: Decompile framework-res.apk using something like apk manager 2: Edit the file \res\values\bools.xml 3: Change value of bool name='config_animateScreenLights' from 'true' to 'false' 4: Compile framework-res.apk 5: Push new framework-res.apk to your phone with root explorer or adb push...
  29. D

    Thread [MOD][ICS ROMS][XXLP2/XXLP6/XXLPB/XXLPH] CRT animation

    So I managed to enable the CRT animation for XXLP2/XXLP6/XXLPB ICS 4.0.3 CREATE A NANDROID BACKUP before trying.. JUST IN-CASE **** HAPPENS! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PHONE THAT MIGHT SELFDESTRUCT DUE TO ANY FAULTS! Made CWM Flashable zips for installing and/or...
  30. _JKay_

    Thread JKay Deluxe v13.6.1 for XXLB1/XXLA6/XXLA4 [12-02-26]

    This is a minor mod. It's purpose: Speed up access to settings and applications. Stay true to original design. Small, simple, fast without battery drain. How I think Samsung should have made it It only needs a supported rom (odexed or deodexed) and a kernel with CWM support. Before posting...
  31. S

    Thread [THEME][JVU][2.3.6] ODEXED/DEODEXED BatMod + ExtPowerMenu + CRTOff + Modded Icons

    Use everything here on your own risk! This MODs will not break the Browser! . . . Here you can find modded files for different ROMs and for ODEXED and DEODEXED ROMs dont mix it up!
  32. Y

    Thread [Q] Best ICS rom?

    Hey guys, im new to all this rooting and rom stuff, so sorry if this is really basic stuff. I want to root and put a custom rom on my droid inc 2, and I think I understand how to root now. Now, I'm trying to decide on a ROM to flash after i root. I absolutely hate sense, and think its really...
  33. D

    Thread CRT Flipping Your Screen?

    If you're like me and your screen keeps flipping/inverting on your note using a ROM with a CRT on/off animation, than you can use any launcher that adjusts the orientation of the phone automatically to fix as long as you don't have a security lock on your home screen. It worked fine using...
  34. I

    Thread CRT Screen Lock Animation

    Hello bro's and friends can someone develop a perfect and lag-free mod of crt screen lock animation mod for OUR GALAXY NOTE????? Or anyone knows how to do it?????Explain it????? I think that this is appropriate section to post this question here as it is a part of android development. Also i...
  35. I

    Thread [q] crt screen lock animation?????

    Hello bro's and friends can someone develop a perfect and lag-free mod of crt screen lock animation mod for OUR GALAXY NOTE????? Or anyone knows how to do it?????Explain it????? I think that this is appropriate section to post this question here as it is a part of android development. Also i...
  36. RandomKing

    Thread [MOD][CWM][EH17] CRT-On Animation

    EH17 - CRT-On Mod Download Here This is compatible with the EH17 AIO Mod INSTRUCTIONS: - Flash this in Clockwork mod - wipes dalvik cache, so it may take a moment to boot DESCRIPTION: Once you flash, you will have the CRT on animation to match your CRT off animation just like many EI22 roms...
  37. error666

    Thread Battery mod + CRT OFF + CRT ON

    I made a framework-res.apk file for my own use to include 1. battery percentage mod 2. crt off effect It wasn't planned as the official release or something alike so I haven't tested it extensively. Again, it was just for my own use and I decided to share. The file is based on official...
  38. K

    Thread [REQ] CRT screen off animation for x10mini 2.1

    I love CRT Screen off animation on Gingerbread. Is there anybody to make CRT screen off animation for x10mini 2.1Eclair? I'm considering rom up because of this.(I don't wanna do this x() Please somebody make crt animation with my attatched frameworks
  39. androidino95

    Thread CRT On/Off animation WORKS

    Just wanted to report, on CM nightly #256, CRT on/off animation works. Note: To get it fully working, flash Roboto font pack (don't know why, but it works). :)
  40. E

    Thread [Q] CRT screen-off animation for non-CM7 roms - SOLVED!

    :cool:Hi guys, I'm a newbie here on XDA. I've just installed the non-CM7 (AOSP) version of this ROM from this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1335987 Since it's not a CM7 ROM, there's no CRT-like screen off animation. Is there a possible way to enable it? TIA! :D
  41. ajzak

    Thread [Q] ST15i .368 framework-res.apk

    Can someone upload framework-res.apk from ST15i_4.0.A.2.368__GENERIC FW. i want to pull out CRT animation and put it in .42 FW
  42. Selim873

    Thread [Q] Screen-off animation?

    I've used Froyo on my old phone because it never got Gingerbread, my Play has 2.3.3 and I just realized that it doesn't do that cool CRT screen-off animation. As a matter of fact, it also didn't come with Sony's Xperia launcher, I know that you can download it from here, but it has a lot of...
  43. vivekkalady

    Thread [DXKP9][MOD] Different MODs [I9003]

    Hi Guys, These Mods are for Samsung Galaxy SL i9003 - DXKP9 Firmware It contains Extended Power Menu CRT Effect 1% battery Animation Rotating Dialer & Phone 14 Toggle Status Bar camera MOD (Camera.apk is working but Not Tested Because My battery is Still at 76%) Extended Power Menu With...
  44. thibaulb

    Thread [Q] Liberty ROM Question

    I have a questions for the folks here that use the Liberty ROM. I dont know exactly how to describe my problem, but I will do my best. With the liberty ROM, there is a CRT screen effect when you hit the lock screen button on the top of the phone, once you hit that button the phone then displays...
  45. R

    Thread [Q] Turn off CRT Animation on Eclipse 1.2

    Is there any way to turn off the CRT animation on the Eclipse 1.2 ROM? In previous ROMs I was able to do this by simply turning off window animations. It seems like that is no longer the case. I have gone through and set all these settings as follows: Settings>Display>Animation=No Animations...
  46. C

    Thread Xperia CRT Animation

    Is there any way to have the CRT animation back..its way cooler than the animation in 2.3.4..i have search with this method but can't find any that is made for xperia ray..i'm afraid that if i use the other mod that the phone would turn into a bootloop machine or something..is there any...
  47. M

    Thread [Q] Battery and CRT only for EP3HA?

    Is there a mod for battery and CRT animation only for the EP3HA leak? I don't wanna change the color scheme of the phone. thanks!
  48. zimphishmonger

    Thread [MOD] Adding CRT On\Off Animations

    Found this in the transformer thread, thanks to DSmith6374. Decompile using apktool or apkmanager (which utilizes apktool) and then... find bools.xml in res/values of a decompiled framework-res and then find this line <bool name="config_animateScreenLights">true</bool> Should work...
  49. D

    Thread [Q] CRT effect

    Did a search wasn't all that helpful. What I want to know is how would I go about getting the CRT effect onto my D2 with official gingerbread update.
  50. agnew

    Thread [MOD/ROOT/DXKH2] framework-res.apk for CRT effect only

    Hi all, This is the framework-res.apk for DXKH2 with CRT effect only I have been looking around for such mod but have not found it anywhere and decided to mod it on my own. I followed the instruction here by bruflot so its all thanks to him. This requires root and works on either odexed or...