1. T

    Thread [Q] Can't enter in boot load

    I install Android on NAND it didn't work well with me (on the HTC cruise) today the phone stop respond, so i reset it i couldn't enter the PIN i'm trying to reinstall the original rom but i can't enter the boot load to connect it to the PC & flush the original ROM or a cooked one
  2. T

    Thread step by step flush android on htc cruise

    i'm used to download the complete ROM (windows) for my htc cruise, i want to have android on it now but actually i don't know where to start & how can i have some help please? witch radio should i use before that (if it make difference) Where to download the needed files (one that you try & the...
  3. L

    Thread [HELP] Buzzing sound after using keytone during call

    Im using the [Oct 05] Polaris Kitchen v1.4 Multilang - WM6.1 (Build 19965.1.2.3) ROM for a while now. having notice anything until now. ROM Version is 3.13.405.0 WWE Radio The problem is that when I call numbers that has touch tone option, like press 1 for something, 2 for...
  4. salvy.c.83

    Thread [11/03/2010][ROM][ITA][WWE] Megan & MeganLite SERIES WM6.5

    This is an English Forum so post in both languages please,or posts will be delete without warning ! By imfloflo Megan series® GO BACK TO USE YOUR TOUCH CRUISE HELLO GUYS!!! I'm here to present a NEW rom for our Touch Cruise But let's go back to the characteristics of it: This ROM needs Hard...
  5. B

    Thread XDA manipulator on Polaris/Touch Cruise

    Hi everybody, I recently bought a serial-to-miniusb cable on ebay and am expecting it to arrive in a couple of days. My intention is to reset the life timer/call duration on my polaris by using the xda manipulator. I would like to hear your opinion on this. Can I try it riskfree? Will it work...
  6. M

    Thread Upgrade

    Hi all, I just bought a new HTC Cruise or T4242 china model, and the guy who sell this to me told me that the phone has touchflo 3d and i assumed that all the applications that an original HTC would have. Anyway, it has wm6.1 i tried to use the gps and simply the software does not run, i tried...
  7. K

    Thread [htc cruise 2009] Wired Remote Control RC E100 not recognized

    hi i've bought some months a wired remote control RC E100 here is the product description The first time i've connected this to my touch cruise 2 iolite, the audio worked well but not the music control button is it a soft problem or a hard problem ...
  8. S

    Thread USE HTC Touch Cruise as a Headphone with PC

    hye freinds wondering if anyone could make a application to use htc touch cruise as a headphone on PC searched too much but didnt find anything like this Thyankyou
  9. B

    Thread Many HW problems

    Hi, I've got these three problems with my HTC. I've tried different ROMS and RADIO but always the same problems : Rear camera HS (unable to open stream) - Known problem in this forum. Seems to be the motherboard Bluetooth - Can't activate anymore. One morning, I tried to activate it, ans it...
  10. J

    Thread HTC Cruise Totally bricked, REALLY ! (pls help it's a challenge to repair it)

    Hi guys and already big thanks for all you do, Ok , i've been passing my whole day yesterday for repairing this HTC and followed all forums i could but nothing is working so i am going crazy. First point : Im in france and the phone was bought with SFR Second point : You boot the phone and it...
  11. N

    Thread Seems Virus in xda-developers link

    I tried to download custom update utility(modified ROM) so that I can rectify my network problem in my mobile HTC touch cruise.But found that xda link has torjan virus.Is there any other link or xda-developer can help me with some else option. Below is problem description with my htc cruise...
  12. Z

    Thread 3G not working in Brazil!!!

    Hi guys, I own an HTC Polaris, with windows mobile 6.1 (rom by pepe) and I'm having problems on connecting to the 3G network here in Brazil. My mobile operator is TIM, and it uses the band 1800Mhz for GSM and 850Mhz for HSDPA in my region (Ceará). My problem is: there are only four options in...
  13. bally3

    Thread 2D Driver Development Project - HTC-CA & Team P3D go 2D!

    *** PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE INSTALLING OR FLASHING ANY SOFTWARE POSTED IN THIS THREAD *** The software posted here is for TESTING purposes only, Team P3D or any of the posters of software, or links to software on this thread take absolutely no responsibility or liability for damage caused...
  14. sikodemon

    Thread Original Polaris Ringtones

    Hey guys, Can anyone upload and post a link to the original ringtones found on the HTC Polaris/Cruise. Thanks
  15. M

    Thread No 3D Cube in TouchFLO

    Hi all, i have a HTC Touch Cruise and have problems with the cube. The problem is that it is no cube. When i activate the TouchFLO-interface with the Sweeping from bottom to top-procedure it just fades down the today-screen to black and then displays one of the sides of the "Cube". If i sweep...
  16. M

    Thread New LCD for HTC touch cruise problems

    i've recently changed my lcd screen of cruise. The new screen has more brightness than the old one but lesser contrast. Is really dissapointing when you look at it from a small angle. (too bright). I sent back the cruise at HTC representative in Cyprus but they said that these are the new...