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  1. S

    Thread Question Exploring S22+ LDU IMEI repair

    Due to some facts in life, I bought an S22+ LDU (SM-S906B), thinking that it just needed to be flashed. I flashed it but nothing really changed. After sometime I realized that my CSC was WWD when I had flashed an SER firmware. Later I realized that I had to check the repartition option in Odin...
  2. S

    Thread Is it possible to change CSC on N986B/DS Android 13? [SOLVE!]

    Hey I got Note 20 Ultra 5G N986B/DS exynos I'm from Israel and my phone is imported from Saudi Arabia and its CSC is KSA, I want to change my CSC to ILO for a call recording and other functions There is ANY way to change my CSC? any option i tried won't work, i don't want to root my device and...
  3. DarkMatterMatt

    Thread SM-R835F (Galaxy Active 2, 40mm LTE) change CSC to activate Samsung Pay

    Hi, I've just moved to Australia and am trying to activate Samsung Pay on my Galaxy Active 2. I believe that this can be done by changing my CSC to XSA (Australia), or anywhere with Samsung Pay (e.g. XAC/Canada, BTU/UK). I'm not worried about losing LTE functionality (although obviously keeping...
  4. ydagana

    Thread Question SM-S908U1 with XAA/XAA CSC, network issues outside USA

    Hello and hope you guys are well, and I apologize if my post is lacking any info or in any way as I'm still new here. I have an SM-S908U1 with XAA/XAA CSC code, I hope someone can help me with which CSC should I patch it with to fix poor network issue (poor quality call, poor network signal and...
  5. Jose21NC

    Thread help with my samsung SM-N950U (Note 8)

    Hello! good morning, I have a Samsung Note 8 SM-N950U, which I wanted to install a custom ROM to get out of android 9, the problem is that the OEM unlock option does not appear on my device, I tried to change the date and update but It has not worked, I tried to change the CSC of ATT that comes...
  6. H

    Thread Question Changing CSC

    Hello Everyone, I am moving permanently next month to USA, while checking with the operators, I found that my device "S22 Ultra" is incompatible with their network. They suggested to trade it, they will pay me 411$ maximum for my device, which is ridiculous. My phone Model: SM-S908E/DS CSC is...
  7. srikanth.addala

    Thread Question Changing CSC for free using SamFW Tool | No Root required! - A brief guide!

    As the title suggests, I was able to successfully change the CSC on my factory unlocked (unbranded) Fold 3 - F926B/DS bought in Germany with OXM firmware having Android 13 & one UI 5.0 from EUX to INU csc using SamFW Tool v3.31 in hardly 2-3 mins. Kindly note that I also looked into other...
  8. P

    Thread Never received an OTA update - how to fix?

    I have had my A21s (SMA217F) for over 15 months and have never received an update. The checker always says that my software is up to date, although the current version is dated January 2021 and I know it should be more up to date than that! It is the same connecting to a computer for...
  9. D

    Thread Question Change CSC from XAR to EUX

    Hi, I just got a new Galaxy Tab S8+ (SM-X800) from in the US. For some reason it got Cellular South (XAR) CSC. I want to change to a European one (ILO is slow, so I want EUX). I just want to check whether there are any difficulties making the switch from a US to an EU CSC? It's not...
  10. bojan.1995

    Thread Question Austria CSC AOM and MOK ?

    Hi, I just need to know whose Telecom (carrier) are these 2 CSC codes? Codes are AOM and MOK
  11. A

    Thread Changing CSC of S20 (SM-G980F) to enable native call recording

    Hi, I've upgraded to S22 and quite easily enabled native call recording using SamKey's CSC change to SEK. Is the same possibility on S20 (SM-G980F, Exynos, CZ distribution)? Or what is the proven way to enable call recording? (I'd like to avoid fw flashing and keep all the current phone data -...
  12. Rocket_rl

    Thread CSC change S20 FE SnapDragon (SM-780G)

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble changing the CSC of my S20 FE. When I bought it, it believe all the csc codes were EUX. But when I changed the Firmware it went to CSC SER, which brings russian bloatware like Yandex with it. After trying multiple firmwares with different CSC I gave up because...
  13. F

    Thread [Tool] Samsung **** Your FRP - FRP Removal Tool [Updated 5/5/2020]

    Super simple to use will work for most Samsung devices with emergency dialer access. Lots of tools trying to charge for this its free for everyone. • Install drivers • Select modem from drop down menu • Run & Follow instructions • Works for Android 7,8,9,10,11,12 • Does not require root or...
  14. N

    Thread Help with CSC N986U

    Hello guys! Im about to get my hands on a N986U (Snapdragon) and Im a little confused about CSC's, is it possible to change a N986U to ZTO CSC? I dont know why, but until now I understood that there are some "multi CSC" ROMs, and until now, I never found any N986U ROMs with ZTO ... I do live...
  15. I

    Thread SM-G975U running on the wrong firmware for carrier

    I have a situation now. When I first got this phone, it was stuck in a firmware that is not from TMK/TMB. Here is what I have vs what it's intended because I don't get any updates since I am stuck on the April 2021 update. It had a Metro By T-Mobile SIM inserted which converted the CSC to TMK (I...
  16. I

    Thread SM-G975U using non-TMK/TMB firmware with TMK as CSC code...

    I have a situation now. When I first got this phone, it was stuck in a firmware that is not from TMK/TMB. Here is what I have vs what it's intended because I don't get any updates since I am stuck on the April 2021 update. It had a Metro By T-Mobile SIM inserted which converted the CSC to TMK (I...
  17. Raflen100

    Thread Question A52s 5G (SM-A528B) Debranding

    Hello is there any free way to debrand Samsung A52s on Android 12 One UI 4.0? I also dont want to trigger the KNOX flag. My current CSC is PRT (Poland (Play)) and I want to make it XEO (Poland). I already tried some methods with phone call codes and none of them work. Is there any way to do this?
  18. M

    Thread How to change the service provider software version? S20 (SM-G980F)

    Hello guys! I have a sim unlocked Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F) from Orange Romania and I want the new update (Android 12 and OneUI 4) and to get rid of the pre-installed apps from Orange. Apparently it is a known fact that some mobile network operators tend to postpone the new firmware updates (which...
  19. B

    Thread Question Change csc

    bonjour, depuis que j'ai installé la dernière mise à jour sur mon samsung A32 (sm-a325f) je ne peux plus passer d'appels (appel d'urgence uniquement). J'ai changé le firmware avec odin mais le csc ne change pas et j'ai toujours le même problème. s'il vous plait, est-ce que quelqu'un a des idées...
  20. B

    Thread sm-n986u1 usa note 20 ultra lte speeds turkey

    Hi guys; my friend buys note 20 ultra(sm-n986u1) and have some low lte speed ithink problem is different lte bands but i dont know. we live in Turkey. We how to increase lte speed. it's possible to change csc to turkey or different methods. Thanks.
  21. U

    Thread Question Help to clarify doubts about CSC changing with Samkey

    Greetings folks, i have been reading a bit about changing the csc of the phone, I own a s21 Ultra G998B version and its branded with a owo rom, i live in Chile, and the Claro company of course is not up to date with the otas, and also i want to flash a clean rom with no bloatware. I read that...
  22. D

    Thread Change CSC for dual-SIM device

    Hello, Hello, I am a UK resident. I bought a Note 20 Ultra 5G, as a grey import, from Singapore. My device is dual-SIM, and I believe the UK version is also dual-SIM(?) I have tried the 'trick' of typing: *#272*IMEI# into the dialer. I can see an option to select the UK/BTU, but it's single...
  23. GSamkh

    Thread Stuck on Android 9 and One UI 1.0

    Greetings, I am a new user here. I just bought Galaxy S10e and I really like the phone, but the problem is that I ordered it from USA (I live in the Republic of Georgia). Originally the phone was from AT&T, but the seller had it unlocked for any GSM carriers and it works fine with my Georgian...
  24. J

    Thread Question How Change CSC Korean Z Fold3 SM-F926N?

    I just bought the Z Fold3 from korea its unlocked but it has the annoying korean bloatware i would really like to change the CSC from SKC to KOO please help :(
  25. V

    Thread CSC change on samsung galaxy watch active 1 sm-r500

    Hello i have a samsung galaxy watch active 1 on tizen oneui 2.0 software version R500XXU1FUD1 i want to change the csc to get samsung pay but i cant find the needed files i can only find combination file for tizen 4.4 and i cant find any tutorials on how to downgrade form tizen 5.5 to...
  26. A

    Thread Debranding Samsung Galaxy s21 - android 11 - possible?

    Hi Is there any effective method for debranding Galaxy S21 with android 11? I have CSC from Play (Polish operator) and I would like to upload XEO. I tried odin and samkey and despite the "positive" completion of the operation (both applications say so), the Play brand is still on the phone...
  27. AJ Dahal

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G9500) CSC - China (CHC) to Hongkong (TGY)

    If you have Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G9500) CSC - China (CHC) variant phone then you wont be able to use all the Google or various social networking sites features. so simply change the firmware to Hongkong (TGY) but remember one thing whenever you are trying to change the firmware make sure the...
  28. Zelenkov

    Thread Unable to update galaxy watch after downgrading tizen

    Hello guys, I changed the csc to XAR using sdb and Odin to flash my watch with the older tizen os. And now whenever I try to update my os it tells me that this is the last update found ... I have the galaxy watch 2018 42 mm model, SM-810 What can I do ? Thanks in advance, And best regards, Alex!
  29. I

    Thread Changing CSC on the SM-G991B/DS model

    Hello, I bought my S21 device from Singapore but I live in Egypt, I tried changing my CSC or service provider to EGY in order to unlock call recording through flashing Egyptian firmware with no luck even though I have an Egyptian SIM card inside. Any suggestions? I tried the code *#272*IMEI...
  30. A

    Thread Unable to change firmware on note 20 ultra

    Hi, im unable to change firmware on my samsung galaxy note 20 ultra. Currently its UAE. I have downloaded srilanka firmware, successfully flashed it using odin. But when the phone is started it showes still on UAE. Kindly help or guide me on this issue.
  31. Mosaababazid

    Thread Will I receive OTA updates?

    Today I changed CSC (Galaxy Note 10 Plus) from DTM to DBT using Samkey. After that I flashed Firmware DBT via Odin.But I am afraid that I will not receive OTA updates in the future. I'm not sure Samkey really changed the CSC! But after i pressed Change CSC my phone restarted and then it was...
  32. Mosaababazid

    Thread Will I receive OTA updates after changing CSC?

    Hi :) I have the Galaxy Note 10 Plus (DTM > Telekom-Mobile) "Android 10" One UI 2.5 I have a problem getting updates late from Telekom-Mobile because my Phone Branding is (DTM). That's why I'm thinking to chang the CSC to DBT so that it gets updates first. My question is, will I receive OTA...
  33. A

    Thread Change CSC from TGY to XTC

    Hello guys, I need to change my SM G9750's CSC from TGY to XTC for my to be able to have access for network priveleges such as VoLTE and VoWifi Calling, I also want to have access with the benefits for Samsung members. PLEASE HELP! I tried to download Odin and xtc firmware but it is not...
  34. W

    Thread Change of USC

    Hi team, Upon dialing *272*IMEI#, I have received a screen where I can change CSC. I am attaching the screenshot. My question is can I change the CSC from ATT to either USC or XAS? If so what is the difference between USC and XAS? Nee some expert advice. Also if I change and something happens...
  35. A

    Thread Will I need to flash BL (BootLoader) when flashing a Pit file using Odin ?

    Hi XDA, I did a lot of research on how to change the CSC code on my brand new Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F). I have a couple of questions before I flash the stock firmware from Why I want to change the CSC code: The phone is bought in Denmark, and comes with Customer Specific Customization...
  36. LysolPionex

    Thread Gear VR On International Phone (SM-G930F) | CSC Change Needed?

    I have the S7 international (SM-G930F) and recently got the Gear VR. My wife has the S6 international (SM-G920I). I plugged hers into the Gear VR and it installed the Oculus apps perfectly. Both of our phones are rooted. Mine does not install the apps, but instead says it has a network error...
  37. S

    Thread [Q] No cellular signal after flashing roms

    Hi, I'm worried because I may have broken the phone's cellular capabilities. I've flashed a couple of roms with CMW installed (including SparkDroid, Tecno). After flashing a CSC file using Odin I managed to get some CSC-codes back (they were blanc at first): Orignal, Firmware's, Active...
  38. V

    Thread [Q] [SM-T520] How to check current CSC?

    How to check current csc or change it to another on SM-T520? I did install NEE firmware, but I doubt csc didn't change? When I accidentaly booted to original recovery, It said csc changed to pmt or something like that.
  39. Chalao

    Thread [Q] [I9500] Regionlock, Root, CSC-Change (INU/INS to MBC) & Knox with 4.3?

    Coming from the Note 3 (SM-N9005) I have a few questions as I want to get a S4 (I9500) after I read all sorts of threads and posts but couldn't find definitive answers: I want to buy an unbranded I9500 in India (INS or INU) which will be running on I9500XWUBMG5 or earlier firmware I assume...
  40. D

    Thread [SOLUTION] Change CSC Code completely from SER to your country's code

    Hi everybody, I used soralz thread (here) but it didn't work for me, so I did these steps and it worked; now I share this tutorial with you! :D NOTE: In this tutorial, I will use "THR" as Samsung Country Code, "IR" as ISO Country Code, "fa" as Input Language code, "fa_IR" as Display Language...
  41. V

    Thread [Q] CSC in recovery, differente from firmware CSC

    After some flash (4.1.2 PHE, PHN, BTU and now ITV) on my S3 GT-I9300, ITA NoBrand, everything is OK. I was happy for the MH1 PHN version, but it seems like the modem was not good here in Italy... I was not able to surf on the internet very fast... everything seems to be ok now with the ITV...