1. S

    Thread Is it possible to change CSC on N986B/DS Android 13? [SOLVE!]

    Hey I got Note 20 Ultra 5G N986B/DS exynos I'm from Israel and my phone is imported from Saudi Arabia and its CSC is KSA, I want to change my CSC to ILO for a call recording and other functions There is ANY way to change my CSC? any option i tried won't work, i don't want to root my device and...
  2. G

    Thread Question S21 Ultra Software Update problem

    Hello guys, I need your help. I bought the phone in the US and moved to country Georgia. As I understand because the CSC code changed I can't update the software. My only option is to flash it via Odin. Following the youtube guide, I downloaded Frija and Odin apps, but I am stuck in the Frija...
  3. G

    Thread Unlock call recording on SM-N986U(1) by changing ROM/CSC to SM-N9860 CHC

    Wondering if this is possible and whether US bands / connectivity will be affected?
  4. B

    Thread Question A way to change the CSC on a F936N to get Samsung Pay ?

    I am in HK and bought a grey import Fold 4 which happens to be of the Korean variant. In HK you can use Samsung Pay to store your public transport card. The issue is that because I have HK sim, Samsung Pay shows me the following message Couldn't read SIM card's phone number My CSC is KTC and I...
  5. S

    Thread Question How to enable call recording?

    Hi everyone, How can I enable call recording? I don't have the setting anywhere, but I know it's available for devices sold on my country. My S21 Ultra is apperently from UAE 🇦🇪, and I'm in Israel. Will flashing an Israeli ROM fix this? I remember having this problem with my old S9 and...
  6. D

    Thread SM-N975U1 Signal Issue

    Hello everyone, I bought Galaxy Note 10+ (SM-N975U1). I'm using it in Germany. I found out recently that my Phone is US-Version with CSC Code XAA/XAA/VZW. Is the CSC Code the cause for my bad signal? Can someone confirm it? I searched everywhere, how to change the CSC. But it looks like...
  7. V

    Thread Change CSC/different region note 10+

    Hello, I currently have an SM-N976N. I bought refurbished and live in Ireland. I am looking for a compatible firmware that's not Korean but not having much luck. I can't flash anything in Odin except n976n firmware, and even that didn't seem to get rid of the sky telecom provider bloatware and...
  8. M

    Thread Question XSG to EGY CSC swap using sim card

    Hi all, I have s22 ultra and I bought it from UAE, the CSC is obviously XSG. However I'm using the device now in Egypt and I have an egyptian sim card, I want to change the CSC to EGY so that I can benefit from the options like native call recording which is still working in samsung devices in...
  9. A

    Thread Has anyone managed to change the CSC on the S7 T870?

    I want to change the CSC from ARO (Argentina) to KOO (Korea) in order to get updates faster. I've tried SamFW FRP Tool and I get: Checking ADB connection... Using port SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem (COM3) Enabling ADB... FAIL Changing CSC to KOO ... FAIL Rebooting... OK I've also tried flashing...
  10. G

    Thread sm-G981u csc change

    I get this when i try to change my csc from XAA to SPR, I live outside the US. I'm changing this because my phone doesn't receive OTA update, my current security patch is FVF1 and csc is in this order XAA/XAA/SPR
  11. ryanwalkerr

    Thread Help with Samsung S20 with multiple puzzles

    A person sold me a Samsung Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F/DS Exynos) which later I found out had a host of issues that he was cleverly hiding with software. Obviously he wouldn't take the phone back so I am stuck with a potential brick in my hands. Maybe you guys can help solve the puzzles so I can use...
  12. F

    Thread Question Csc questions

    Hi! I have a few questions regarding CSC on this device (well, S22 in general I suppose): I live in Sweden, so I have the Exynos version with EUX CSC if that matters. I did not insert a SIM on first launch, so I got no "operator branded" CSC/firmware. My software line looks like this: 1...
  13. M

    Thread Question Google Pay Disabling Itself

    Hey Guys, Greetings from Turkey. I just bought the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4, and just as expected, contactless payment systems are absent. I've sideloaded Google Pay onto my phone and added a supported card. But whenever I sideload the Google Pay APK for Wear OS, it gets auto-disabled during the...
  14. N

    Thread Question Manually edit CSC of S22/E (for verizon USA)

    Mostly for built in call recording. I had a S22/U1, I like the formfactor but it has no recording, so then I got a S22/E (snapdragon, india) version which works in the USA on verizon but sometimes signal just drops, and sometimes texts don't go through among other issues (recording is flawless)...
  15. L

    Thread Question Strange media files in csc ITV

    I was trying to see how the home_csc file worked and I found these strange file inside prism.img ITV csc
  16. bojan.1995

    Thread Question Austria CSC AOM and MOK ?

    Hi, I just need to know whose Telecom (carrier) are these 2 CSC codes? Codes are AOM and MOK
  17. theubusu

    Thread Remove carrier branding after changing CSC

    Hello, I successfully changed my CSC from PLS to XEO(unbranded) with the SamFW Tool. However, I still have the carrier boot animation, and the old PLS code shows up as an "AID" code in download mode, and was added at the end of the info in the settings (XEO/XEO,XEO/EUX/PLS). Is there any way to...
  18. T

    Thread Question No OTA's if you change CSC from carrier to unbranded EUX or EUY - S22 series

    Hello everyone. After succesfully changed my branded S22 from MEO (Portugal) for the unbranded EUX two months ago I'm not receiveing EUX OTA's despite it's release. I always tend to flash the firmware through ODIN after 2/3 days of waiting. I know I'm not alone in this matter as I saw other...
  19. Rocket_rl

    Thread CSC change S20 FE SnapDragon (SM-780G)

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble changing the CSC of my S20 FE. When I bought it, it believe all the csc codes were EUX. But when I changed the Firmware it went to CSC SER, which brings russian bloatware like Yandex with it. After trying multiple firmwares with different CSC I gave up because...
  20. H

    Thread Question Changing CSC code on a phone without multi CSC codes

    I have a Z Fold 3 which is stuck on EUX CSC code. I did some digging and the phone is not a multi CSC device meaning that you can't really change the CSC code using SAMKEY as the only available code on the phone is EUX. My issue is that although Google Pay works with my UK bank cards, there's...
  21. M

    Thread Question Change CSC One Ui 4.1

    Hey there. I just got my new S21 Ultra. My S21 Ultra has Hungarian software (XEH) installed with One Ui 4.1. How can I change the CSC to my Region DBT? I alread tried to install DBT Firmware with Odin. i used HOME_CSC and it didnt changed^^ I cannot use Samsung Pay for now^^
  22. alarme134

    Thread Question No provider update (CSC)

    Hello everyone, I live in France and I have a problem. The CSC of my SM-G996B is blocked on EUX so I don't have the firmware update and the Samsung members don't work. I have my sim card in the phone but no update to XEF is proposed to me (even after complete reset and multiple restarts).I...
  23. N

    Thread Help with CSC N986U

    Hello guys! Im about to get my hands on a N986U (Snapdragon) and Im a little confused about CSC's, is it possible to change a N986U to ZTO CSC? I dont know why, but until now I understood that there are some "multi CSC" ROMs, and until now, I never found any N986U ROMs with ZTO ... I do live...
  24. tpkfung820

    Thread Samsung Z Flip F700N changing CSC to TGY possible?

    Hi, I bought the Samsung Z Flip F700N (Korean) but unable to use the Samsung Pay function. Is it possible to change the CSC to TGY (Hong Kong) with ODIN without rooting so that I can use Hong Kong Samsung Pay? If so, which TGY CSC is suitable for my F700N? Thanks!
  25. Drenlin

    Thread G970U1 has the wrong CSC I think - causing issues - how to fix?

    Hello, and thanks in advance for any assistance y'all can provide. I should preface this by saying that I'm comfortable tinkering with software and am technically inclined, but have only a vague understanding of what exactly a CSC code is and haven't flashed anything on a phone since tinkering...
  26. Raflen100

    Thread Question A52s 5G (SM-A528B) Debranding

    Hello is there any free way to debrand Samsung A52s on Android 12 One UI 4.0? I also dont want to trigger the KNOX flag. My current CSC is PRT (Poland (Play)) and I want to make it XEO (Poland). I already tried some methods with phone call codes and none of them work. Is there any way to do this?
  27. I

    Thread Question Z Fold 3 EUX issue

    Hello, "once again" these is an issue with the CSC. This time the phone is buyed from UK but I want to use it in my country (Bulgaria) I've made the mistake to make the initial setup without a SIM and now I am getting EUX/-/EUX/EUX Can someone explain to me these things: 1. What is the...
  28. muab09

    Thread Need help flashing rom on my Samsung device.

    Hi everyone, I bought a phone from a friend, turned out the phone was a Russian version but the was thing is that, it doesn't connect to my local network, sim works fine but whenever I try making a call, it says "not registered on network ". I Googled this issue and finally found...
  29. S

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk Module] A72 CSC Mods

    A magisk module adding some CSC-Mods to your Galaxy A72 systemlessly! Features we normally deserve to get Note: It should only be used on the Galaxy A72 (SM-A725F). Trying on other devices is at your own risk. In case something doesn't work, remove the module. It will revert everything to it's...
  30. D

    Thread Important question for android 12 and samsung firmware

    Hi guys; So I tried to download android 12 for my s21 ultra with odin; my region was United Arab "xsg" but I install Germany firmware ... But my region after install android 12 still on xsg for arab; It doesn't matter only if I could receive security patch and update via "check for update" So...
  31. linhsonla360

    Thread [NOTE 8 HONGKONG] Change csc TGY to XXV

    Hi! I have a question Can I change csc Note 8 Hongkong TGY to XXV? Thank you!
  32. S

    Thread Find CSC code without turning on the device? Flashing S8 in boot loop with Home_CSC, no root

    My S8 G950F got stuck in a boot loop after an update. At first it would try to install updates on boot, then reboot, start turning on with "optimising apps" message but start rebooting again once the app count is finished. Now it shows "no command" after trying to install update on boot and goes...
  33. A

    Thread Firmware, CSC and Samsung

    Hello, I wanted to ask a few questions After a firmware flash with XPG CSC code for example is it possible to change the CSC code to THL and vice versa? Is there really any way to lower firmware to a lower version? If so, what file / path do I need to do this? what is the differences between...
  34. B

    Thread Country/Region, csc code change.

    I'm new to this so please bear with me. Found this helpful and working, It's free and only requires patience and time. So here it goes: 1. Unlock your bootloader (easy for Exynos, just go to developer mode and enable OEM...
  35. F

    Thread Galaxy Watch Active 2 r820 brick (black screen) on august 2021 manufactured watch

    Hello! Warning post for those who has r820 manufactured in august 2021 with stock firmware R820XXU1DUE3 tizen After flashing combination COMBINATION-FT55_R820XXU1ATJ1 screen all black, no image at all, short vibrating when long press power button. Managed to blindly enter wireless odin...
  36. T

    Thread Question How to go Orginal CSC code revert back

    Dear friends, last day I will flash my phone to UAE CSC to Indian CSC unfortunately phone not showing INU CSC,it's shows EUX/XSG (UAE ) ( Samsung members app ,Samsung pay not works) then I again flash via Odin another Indonesia firmwares its change XID/ XSG now works all apps but Indonesia...
  37. M

    Thread DeX missing from Galaxy s8

    Hi I seem to remember my s8 having the ability to enter DeX mode few years ago, now that I actually need it and got a dongle for it doesn't work. When connecting to a Windows 10 with DeX application It only offers file transfer and charging and other standard Android USB connection options...
  38. Jumpkid

    Thread Question A52S 5G (SM-A528B) Magisk Root

    Having a long history of root/mods/custom roms, I recently came across the A52S 5G (Q3 2021 version). An attractive phone, even for those choosing flagships as their daily. The problem with this phone is bloat (lots of it) and lack of CSC-modability (or basically, freedom to fully admin your...
  39. LordStarkovich

    Thread Changing my Galaxy S10 Firmware CSC while updating

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here. What brought me to this forum was the issue of not getting OTA updates due to using a model imported from another region. My device's CSC is SPR (sprint) but my local carrier works on it just fine. My problem is better elaborated here in this other post ...
  40. X


    What is the meaning of 40 in this particular xml tag in csc features. <SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_AUDIO_CONFIG_SOUNDALIVE>40</SEC_FLOATING_FEATURE_AUDIO_CONFIG_SOUNDALIVE> What should be the optimal value? On internet and others phone, they have value 40 but in my smartphone no value is present in...
  41. mavcyh

    Thread Regarding not receiving OTA updates

    It's my first time here, and much of this is new to me. Anyways, I have an S21 (Snapdragon) with Multi-CSC? OYN, XAA/XAA/XAA that I use in Singapore. (SM-G991U) I just learnt that apparently OTA updates are only given after the location of where the device is being used corresponds with the...
  42. A

    Thread [Debranding] * Samsung galaxy s21 * android 11 * possible?

    Hi Is there any effective method for debranding Galaxy S21 with android 11? I have CSC from Play (Polish operator) and I would like to upload XEO. I've tried odin and samkey and despite the "positive" completion of the operation (both applications say so), the Play brand is still on the...
  43. D

    Thread Does flashing a rom through ODIN wipe e-SIM profiles?

    I want to change my CSC from ZTO to BTU and I use e-SIM. I wonder if flashing a rom through ODIN will clean my current e-SIM profile. It's a PITA to reactivate e-SIM on my carrier and I want to avoid the need to go there just to do this. Does anyone know if ODIN will wipe my current e-SIM when...
  44. ferreraiury05

    Thread Install bootloader from other countries

    Hello. I have a Galaxy A01 (SM-A015M) and I want to unlock its bootloader, but I can't do that with Android 10 Bootloader. The problem is that I line in Brazil and we don't have any update, so I thought "What if I upgrade to android 11 with other countries codes?" But I have no idea if it would...
  45. E

    Thread Can US S20FE CSC changed to EU/UK version?

    Hi all thanks for looking into my question. I need the band n78 for 5G so I wonder if changing the CSC can do the trick. Are there any other ways that this can be achieved?
  46. Whiplash7777

    Thread CSC Change On Locked VZW S9 To Use It On Tracfone?

    Good day everyone! I recently got a new phone (Galaxy S21), and I saw that you can bring your own phone to Tracfone, so I gave my Verizon S9 (SM-G960U) to my wife (to upgrade her old Samsung Tracfone phone). We bought and installed the Tracfone SIM card and everything seemed to be working (she...
  47. J

    Thread SM-N976V CSC Change to work with Verizon MVNO?

    I purchased a Verizon Galaxy Note 10+ 5g from ebay last year to use for Total Wireless. Well the phone wasnt compatible with Total Wireless at the time and I had to switch to Verizon prepaid. Now the phone is compatible but I cant add APN's to the device because Verizon has greyed out the...
  48. S

    Thread Question inbuilt Call Recording, CSC or any other method

    Dear All . I recently purchased S21 Plus SM-G9960/DS, Snapdragon variant. I rooted it and installed magisk. Also changed mps_code.dat, omcnw_code.dat and omcnw_code2.dat to ILO but still i couldn't get inbuilt call recorder working . IS there any other ? is there any other stock ROM that I...
  49. R

    Thread Question How do I find the right firmware to downgrade a samsung s7 edge to android 6.01?

    Hi, I'm new here and was wondering how to find the right firmware to downgrade a samsung s7 edge? The Odin guide says: Download & extract the Custom kernel.tar file which is compatible with your device. I bought a used phone that has Android 7.0 G935FXXU2DRC6 Multi-CSC code XME. After digging...
  50. U

    Thread Question Changing service provider software version

    How can this be done? I'd like the stock UK one (BTU service provider I believe?) as currently it's showing as VOD/VOD EUX etc. Will my data be wiped? Is it really worth changing and going through the hassle? I've always had stock firmwares either out the box or flashed on Odin by myself but...