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  1. Wahyu6070

    Thread LiteGapps Systemless [CUSTOM][GAPPS]

    LiteGapps is an Custom Gapps for smartphones, tablet, desktop, free and open-source software. by providing complete, stable support and several additional features. small friendly complete LiteGapps first release on 12 july 2020 supports android Lollipop Up to Android 13. comes with 5 products...
  2. Nikhil

    Thread [Android 13] [GApps] NikGApps [ARM64]

    Hi Everyone, Here I'd like to Introduce you with my custom Gapps package that I use on day to day basis when I flash a new Rom. As I've observed many people struggling with finding the correct version of gapps to flash, I decided to build a package of my own which lets you flash stable google...