custom recoveries

  1. monsiu

    Thread I made an Android App where you can get all custom ROMS and Recoveries!! (Custom-RR)

    Hey fellow software enthusiasts, I have always taken a keen interest in custom ROMS and the aspects of flashing and playing around with them but i have always wanted a single place to get all custom ROMS and Recoveries in one place. Introducing CUSTOM RR What can you do in the App? 1...
  2. Arm1nas

    Thread Question [Request] Custom recovery for Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

    Hello, it would be great if there was a custom recovery for this phone.

    Thread [TUTORIAL] How to install your first custom rom on Galaxy S7

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
  4. Yuyugnat

    Thread Question Custom recovery for Nubia Red Magic 6 ?

    Hey, I'm looking for a custom recovery for my phone which is NX669J. I have to mention that it's a A/B partition phone.
  5. N

    Thread flashing recovery successfully but not booting into recovery

    Hi there! i am facing an issue and that is i am having the current image (boot/recovery) have been destoryed and can not boot, but I am able to boot into fastboot with power + volume buttons and i am able to flsah recovery as well i have tried three recoveries twrp, orangefox, and stock and...
  6. ElderStray

    Thread Need Help Installing Custom Rom Vodafone Smart Tab 3G

    Hi I have been searching the whole internet for days and got these results: Soft Bricked tablet The problem is, the custom rom provided in the link above has everything I need...
  7. N

    Thread Universal custom recovery

    Hi, I'm kind of a noob when it comes to rooting devices (I've done it, but only with tutorials I can't do it on my own). Recently I got stuck with my device as I can't find a custom recovery for it. My question is, is there a universal custom recovery for all smartphones or some kind of...
  8. N

    Thread Honor 20e custom recovery and ROM

    Hello, I have Honor 20e phone for some time now and I recently set my mind on rooting it. I managed to get my bootloader unlocked with HCU tool but now I'm stuck because I can not find firmware or custom recovery so I could root it. If anyone has any information to share with me (some...
  9. shivam_k

    Thread Samsung A2 Core(SM-A260F)- Is there any custom recovery or custom ROM available for this device?

    So, I was searching for a custom recovery to install on my Samsung A2 Core but couldn't found one. I've also searched for a custom rom to install on the device because the android version(Android 8.1)installed on that device doesn't have enough features like dark mode, samsung themes etc. Can...
  10. emoboy (Official Name!)

    Thread [Report] TWRP for degas

    I can see there no reports about the latest TWRP for Tab 4 7.0 Well if you are installing zip(s), flashing ROMs, Rooting and Wiping, you are a general user don't use TWRP above v2.8.0.1 (the best version) I tried v3.0.2-0 it can't mount anything so it can't wipe anything and it can't install...
  11. R

    Thread Micromax Funbook P310

    Here is the Stock Rom for Micromax Funbook P310. *But Flash this at your own risk. I have no guarantee that it might work. You are solemnly responsible for anything that happens to your device because of this process.* Here is the Link...
  12. I

    Thread [Q] Cyanogen Recovery has no backup/restore options

    I just installed Cyanogenmod. In the recovery there's no option to backup or restore (and the apply update always fails the signature verification). All I see on the recovery screen is Reboot system now Apply update] Wipe data/factory reset Wipe cache partition Wipe media Reboot to bootloader...
  13. gdjindal

    Thread [GUIDE] Unlock Bootloader and Flash Custom Recovery L90 D410, D405n, D405 [CWM][TWR]

    THIS GUIDE IS ONLY FOR L90 D410, D405, D405n First of all, This is not my original work. I am just sharing this GUIDE for easy Bootloader Unlocking and flashing Custom Recovery to L90. Root Access required to Unlocking Bootloader and Flashing Recovery. If you are already rooted then go on...
  14. DJBhardwaj

    Thread [Compilation] Flashable zips of Recoveries (Update-Jul 28, 2013) [Nexus S-crespo]

    Hey folks, Looking into this very section, I find most of the custom recoveries lost long into previous pages. Plus not all of them offered flash able zips. My intentions here at this thread is to provide you people with flash able zips of all the custom recoveries available till date for the...