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    Thread Development [ROM][AOSP][13.0][xaga][UNOFFICIAL][GApps] AfterLife Project v2.0 [Sinners][27/09/2023]

    AfterLife Project 13 for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] About AfterLife Project AOSP AfterLife Project is a custom ROM project based on AOSP which provide both Vanilla and GApps Variants. * Your warranty is now void, maybe? * We are not responsible for anything that...
  2. A

    Thread [HELP] Almost bricked Galaxy S8 (bootloop but hope)

    Hello! The other day, while using it, my GS8 suddenly froze. As nothing happened for a few minutes, I forced it to reboot, but it did not, he got stuck on a bootloop until it completely stopped working (impossible to turn it on again). When I got home I charged it, and achieved to reboot it but...

    Thread Development [ROM][AOSP][13.0][xaga][UNOFFICIAL][GApps] DroidX-UI v1.5.3 [LimeDust][23/09/2023]

    DroidX-UI 13 for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] About DroidX-UI AOSP DroidX-UI is a Custom ROM Project based on AOSP with touch of some customizations and some cool stuffs in order to maintain stability and also to provide best out of the box. * Your warranty is...
  4. LazyTechNerd

    Thread Any Custom ROMS/Recovery for Galaxy J7 Sky Pro SM-727VL?

    Hi there. I have had this J7 Sky Pro for a while now which is locked to TracFone. It has an OEM Unlock option in the developer options though. I've been getting tired of having so many Samsungs with a lot of bloat, whether it be from Samsung or the carrier. I want to get rid of this. Are...
  5. D

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Stuck in Fastboot After Attempting to Install ArrowOS on Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro (elish)

    Hey XDA community, I need some help troubleshooting an issue I've encountered while trying to flash ArrowOS on my Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro (elish). Hopefully, someone here can shed some light on what went wrong and how to fix it. Background: Device: Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro (elish) Unlock: Used official...
  6. YNisirat

    Thread Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, What's the Best Custom ROM?

    Hello 👋 I'm new here, I have Samsung Galaxy S6 lite 2020 version and i want to make the most use of it... The device feels laggy and sluggish lately and i thought why don't i install a Custom ROM to improve performance? I want you to recommend me the best Custom ROM to improve the device...
  7. userpascoal

    Thread [ROM][13.1][UNOFFICIAL][Liber] ArrowOS for Motorola One Fusion+

    ArrowOS ABOUT ArrowOS an AOSP based project started with the goal of keeping things simple, clean, and organized. We added features that will be helpful in the long run, while aiming to deliver smooth performance and longer battery life. WEBSITE - GITHUB -...
  8. A

    Thread Rooting a budget Galaxy with no Knox (A14)

    Hi everyone, I recently got a Galaxy A14 4G and I'm wondering if, since it doesn't support Knox anyway, it would be possible to root it and perhaps try out a few roms too without any irreversible "damage". Meaning that if I ever ran across any issues, I could just re-flash stock and relock the...
  9. F

    Thread oneplus nord ce 2 lite CPH2409 custom rom...

    Hi there I m looking for good privacy oriented custom rom for oneplus nord ce 2 lite but didn t find nothing, lineage os not support this device... some info like graphene os for pixel but for nord ce 2 lite? thank
  10. S

    Thread Question a32 5G (mediatek) Project Treble

    Hey has anyone tried project treble roms with the a32 5g? I have the a326b and I was wondering theoretically it should work because the treble info app says its supported and there is a version of twrp for this phone, but im not sure and don't want to brick my phone (its my main and im like 14...
  11. C

    Thread Stuck with no OS on Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 sm-t210

    Hi, I'm new here lately i've been trying to install a custom os on "Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 sm-t210 " After wiping data with TWRP none of the roms could get to install. Now I'm just stuck with Reboot screen and cannot connect to the device via USB (even with samsung USB drivers installed) so I...
  12. ZG089

    Thread Hello I want to create a team of custom ROM developers!

    I want to make a team of ROM developers to make a custom ROM for oppo a5s, the source code is published in Github and the phone's bootloader can be unlocked, the phone can be rooted too ! We will start working on this ROM in January 28th Who will join the team ? (Note : i am accepting members...
  13. M

    Thread Question Custom ROM recommendations

    Is there any stable working rom out there? I'm thinking about the unofficial lineage OS is it still that good?
  14. eightbitgiraffe

    Thread Some "std::out_of_range" error with Fastboot on Linux

    I have a feeling this may be an issue with the fastboot that I got from android-tools on Artix Linux (it's the same as the Arch package), but every time I run (sudo) fastboot flash system (LineageOS GSI).img, it gives me this C++ error. terminate called after throwing an instance of...
  15. Sam90595

    Thread Redmi 12 5g / Poco M6 pro 5g (sky) rom!

    When i get a custom rom for Redmi 12 5g / Poco M6 pro 5g (sky) 🫣🫣🫣!
  16. ananjaser1211

    Thread [ROM][OneUI 5.1][Galaxy S9/S9+/Note9 Intl/Kor][G960X/G965X/N960X]FloydROM Build 18.0 [9/22/2023]

    Welcome to FloydROM For the Exynos9810 Series for Exynos9810 - S9 / S9+ / Note 9 Introduction : Build 18 Notes : Thank you everyone for your awesome support on the initial release, Build 18 comes with alot of improvements, fixes and requested features, you can dirty flash and update normally...
  17. D0CT0RFATE

    Thread Development [ROM][AOSP][13.0][xaga][UNOFFICIAL][GApps] Spark OS v13.7 [15/09/2023]

    Spark OS 13 for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] About Spark OS AOSP This is an AOSP based rom with many customizations, mainly focused on stability and most of all, smoothness. ROM is always up to date with AOSP by including the latest security patches the moment they...
  18. O

    Thread 64 bit ROM and TWRP needed for A10 !

    In 2023, A10 has android 11, but we cannot install & run 64bit versions of app on it. I hope you get it, my poor English. But anyway, please help us. 🙏 Our main goal is to run 64bit of apps on it. This device has 64bit processor, but the system is on 32bit mode. I don't know what exactly it is...
  19. marinetto

    Thread Custom rom BQ

    Hi everyone. I´ve just unlocked the bootloader of an old phone. "Bq aquaris u2". I would like to install a custom rom for this device, but ui can't find anyone. I don't know what to do. Does anyone know where to find it?
  20. M

    Thread Data Always Encrypted even after dm-verity

    Hello, hope you all are fine. I want to know how do I stay decrypted? What I do, whenever i flash custom ROM I flash magisk and then dm verity. Still my data partition gets encrypted for which every time I want to change the ROM I have to back up my 50GB internal storage data and then transfer...
  21. Matyas66055

    Thread Infinix HOT 20I Custom Rom

    I don't know where to put this in which topic. Hello, I own an Infinix Hot 20I, a small question, can I get a custom ROM for this phone? I already have root etc. (I'm only missing TWRP, or something to install a custom rom + that custom rom :D)
  22. F

    Thread No mobile data after flashing lineage 20.0 (Moto g6 plus, evert)

    I flashed lineage 20.0 on my Moto g6 plus via ADB sideload. After that, my mobile data says: no connection. I thought maybe the /persist partition is full but I checked it. There are no /persist/cache/recovery partition. (See post...
  23. S

    Thread Gigaset GS 185: Kind of OS error. No recovery or fast-boot

    Dear potential helpers, two years ago I wanted to flash a custom ROM onto my Gigaset GS 185. Like I know myself, I did something wrong, but can't remember what I actually made. 1. PREHISTORY Mainly my work was based on this Github page I wanted to update this phone to a newer android version...
  24. vukasinstiv

    Thread Question I deleted system and now my phone is bootlooping

    Basically i downloaded twrp unofficial and deleted my system rom then i downloaded pixelexperience recovery and in fastboot said "fastboot reboot" instead of "fastboot reboot recovery" i have tried holding volume up + power but it just wont boot into anything its just bootlooping and because it...
  25. ItSurajx

    Thread [ROM] [STABLE-EDITION] [13] [lavender]PixelExperience[AOSP]

    PixelExperience Stable Edition for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7S (lavender) What is this? PixelExperience is an AOSP based ROM, with Google apps included and all Pixel goodies (launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation) Our mission is to offer the maximum possible stability and security...
  26. R

    Thread I'm newbie, need help with custom rom installation

    Dear everybody, I'm very new in this and have little of experiences. I have some knowledge with ADB and writing programs for Android but for emulators only. Now i have a bunch of used phones: Samsung J7 prime, Samsung J7 pro, Samsung S8, Samsung Note 8 I tried some methods from google but not...
  27. Midnight _king66

    Thread Stuck in Bootloop because of fastboot oem lock

    Hello Guys, I know I messed up but please help me out here So, I was running Corvus OS on my Redmi 7 device and I wanted to lock bootloader for some reason. So what I did was use cmd to do this command "fastboot oem lock" :- I know I shouldn't have done that without actually flashing the...
  28. D

    Thread Question CPU Clock Stuck at 2.5Ghz in prime (x2) core

    Hello ~!! I take CPU clock limitation on custom ROM. I bought the china internal version of Redmi Note 12 Turbo and installed many custom ROMs like MIUI-based rom (EU, ELITE) and AOSP-based rom (crDrdoid and many others) But one problem is that when I installed these custom rom and tried to...
  29. I use Arch btw

    Thread Looking for a custom rom

    Hello guys I hope every one is fine I am looking for a custom ROM (GSI) or any thing lightweight and customizable for SM-A137F/DS and there is a method to flash it without TWRP i couldn't find one for this model i have root also Any suggestions?!

    Thread Question Any CUSTOM ROM for honor 50?

    I recently bought a enw honor 50, but I didn't like the stock rom. So, I am looking for a custom os that I can install in my phone.
  31. Lmao2.0

    Thread Help me with my oppo f5 phone

    hello guys I'm from Vietnam, I have this phone from my mother after my old phone broken because of my cousin. This phone is fk broken and its glass is already broke. It run on android 7.1.1 and slow af even when I watching tiktok I'm here to asking you guys to make me a rom for this phone, I...
  32. RMX3370

    Thread Development VoltageOS 2.8 [EOL] Android13 [ROM] [bitra] [unofficial][22Sept 2023]

    VoltageOS 13.0 | Tiramisu for Realme GT Neo 2 ABOUT Greetings, interested users! You have reached the gateway of a simplistic, no frills pure AOSP experience that will not let you down in getting through every day uninterrupted by inconveniences, with just the right dab of customizations. Be...
  33. Lmao2.0

    Thread [CLOSED] Oppo f5, pls help me make a custom rom for it

    hello guys I'm from Vietnam, I have this phone from my mother after my old phone broken because of my cousin. This phone is fk broken and its glass is already broke. It run on android 7.1.1 and slow af even when I watching tiktok I'm here to asking you guys to make me a rom for this phone, I...
  34. bibin123

    Thread soft brick- boot loop - partition write protected

    hello guys, Im having a zenfone max pro M2 , lately my phone power off automatically after asus logo appears, and phone does not enter stock recovery. i tried to flash custom recovery (both twrp and orange fox). both attempts failed. partition write protected command coming after image package...
  35. K

    Thread Custom rom or not?

    Hello everyone, I have owned a Oneplus 8 IN2013 for a long time. A few years ago I opened the bootloader and used root. Through an update, the bootloader was still open but the root was gone. Consequently, I have the last few months also no root used and also not missed. Since I am now...
  36. D0CT0RFATE

    Thread Development [ROM][AOSP][13.0][xaga][OFFICIAL][GApps] DerpFest [Tango][24/09/2023]

    DerpFest 13 for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] About DerpFest AOSP This is a small project based on AOSP. We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to inspiration of...
  37. MrBurgerCZ

    Thread Question Custom rom, 5 hours of SOT and custom kernel on Sweet

    Hello guys. I have been using PixelOS on my Redmi Note 10 Pro for 4 days now. But I'm annoyed with my SOT. It lasts only 5 hours. I found that some custom kernel can help me with this. But on the PixelOS website it says I shouldn't use custom kernels. So I would like to ask: 1. Is only 5 hours...
  38. SamkiaVTK

    Thread bootloop samsung galaxy a5 2016 (sm-a510f)

    I was trying to install Lineage OS, I followed this tutorial , so I installed twrp (from this link : TWRP) and flashed it via odin. Everything was fine till now, but when I tried to install Lineage it threw error 7, I found some solution to it - wipe internal storage, so I did it and there the...
  39. Mattew611

    Thread [Question] Lenovo YT3-850L custom rom

    I have a old Lenovo YT3-850L from 2015 (With unlocked bootloader and Unofficial TWRP ) ( and i would like to put a custom Rom in It, bc With the stock Rom Is very laggy. I couldn't find any custom...
  40. W

    Thread Question [HELP] Odin says "PASS" but it stays at the "Samsung" logo

    So i want to install TWRP recovery so i went to the download menu and installed TWRP from the official site with Odin 14.4, on Odin it says "Pass" after around 4sec but on the screen there is no text (the green text when you are downloading) and when i try to reboot i'm stuck with the "Samsung"...
  41. Elias000

    Thread Alps S22 Ultra Custom Rom?

    Hi, i bought a fake S22 Ultra from aliexpress and i want to ask if Theres a way to put a custom Rom on it. I didnt find something related to that question on the Internet. Im From germany so im sorry for my Bad english.
  42. FloppiTuna

    Thread Best Fire TV for custom ROMs/rooting?

    I'm looking to replace my Fire TV 3rd Gen (the Pendant) with a newer device, and am curious which one out of the many would be the best for installing a custom ROM (like LineageOS), or rooting. I've always found Fire OS to be pretty clunky and frustrating, and would much rather have an...
  43. C

    Thread Best phone brand in 2023 for custom ROM support ?

    Hello, I am planning on changing my 4 years old Redmi 5 for a phone that would have a good custom ROM support. I am looking for the best brand when it comes to phones that allow good custom ROM support. It seems One Plus is out of the question now, and there doesn't seem to be many brands that...
  44. D0CT0RFATE

    Thread Development [ROM][MIUIMod][13.0][xaga] BeastUI v 2.0 [ROG Edition][31/08/2023]

    BeastUI (ROG Edition) for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] What is BeastUI? BeastUI is an aftermarket modified Android Operating System based on MIUI and focused on performance. * Your warranty is now void, maybe? * We are not responsible for anything that may happen...
  45. neobuddy89

    Thread Development [ROM][13][OP11] crDroid v9.9 [Official][26-Sep-23]

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the value-added features that you'll love. Features...
  46. SpaceXplorer13

    Thread Custom ROMS on Samsung Galaxy SM-T595?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SM-T595 (Tab A 10.1 inch, 2018 iirc) and I want to install custom roms on it. First I thought of trying out Windows 8.1 but found that there's not really any way other than emulating, so now I'm thinking of custom Android ROMs that are optimised for tablets, like Lineage...
  47. D0CT0RFATE

    Thread Development [ROM][AOSP][13.0][xaga][UNOFFICIAL][Vanilla] Legion OS 5.0 [25/06/2023]

    Legion OS 13 for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] About Legion OS This is an AOSP based project that is set to show its power in Battery, Performance and Customization without compromising security. Unleash the beast in your phone with the top notch performance that...
  48. D0CT0RFATE

    Thread Development [ROM][AOSP][13.0][xaga][UNOFFICIAL] crDroid v9.7 [13/07/2023]

    crDroid 13 for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] crDroid is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device also attempting to bringing many of the best features existent today. * Your warranty is now void, maybe? * We are not...
  49. D0CT0RFATE

    Thread Development [ROM][AOSP][13.0][xaga][UNOFFICIAL][GApps] PixysOS v6.3.1 [03/07/2023]

    PixysOS 13 for the Redmi K50i / Redmi Note 11T Pro(+) / Poco X4 GT [xaga] What is PixysOS? PixysOS is an after-market firmware based on Android open source project. This firmware comes with a combinaton of simple, light weight and minimalistic design. It contains some of the best handpicked...
  50. L

    Thread [Q] The best Custom ROM for gaming

    Which is the best Custom ROM for gaming? I'm on Nameless AOSP (Android 13), and it's nice for standard mobile gaming (PUBG Mobile, Arena Breakout, COD Mobile etc) but I would to know if there is a better ROM for gaming on OnePlus 8T