1. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread [ICON PACK] Pebble round - icon pack [for all android devices].

    This icon pack consists of minimal, vibrant and close to stock icons in a round shape, inspired from Pebble icons present in OPPO ColorOS. It works on pretty much all android devices, provided that the launcher you are using supports icon packs. Features: - More than 1180+ Icons - Round icon...
  2. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread [ICON PACK] FuntouchOS 12 - icon pack [for all android devices].

    This icon pack consists of sleek and colorful icons inspired from Vivo FuntouchOS 12. It works on pretty much all android devices, provided that the launcher you are using supports icon packs. Features: - More than 1180+ Icons - Round icon shape - Each icon is 192*192 px in size - Includes...
  3. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread [ICON PACK] iOS 16 - icon pack [for all android devices].

    This icon pack consists of a colorful set of icons, with a linear design and bold colors inspired from Apple's iOS 16. It works on pretty much all android devices, provided that the launcher you are using supports icon packs. Features: - More than 1180+ Icons - Rounded square icon shape just...
  4. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread [ICON PACK] OxygenOS 12 square - icon pack [for all android devices].

    This icon pack consists of minimal looking, rounded square shaped icons with soft shadows and perception of depth from OnePlus's OxygenOS 12. It works on pretty much all android devices, provided that the launcher you are using supports icon packs. Features: - More than 1180+ Icons - Rounded...
  5. DebojyotiChakraborty

    Thread [ICON PACK] ColorOS 12 - icon pack [for all android devices].

    This icon pack consists of 3D Frosted Glass design icons with sense of depth inspired from OPPO's ColorOS 12. It works on pretty much all android devices, provided that the launcher you are using supports icon packs. Features: - More than 1080+ Icons - Rounded square icon shape - Each icon is...
  6. S

    Thread [CLOSED][APP][12+][ROOT] Project Themer - Customisation App

    Welcome to Project Themer Official XDA Post [ THIS APPLICATION WORKS ONLY WITH AOSP 12+ ROMS AND REQUIRES ROOT PERMISSION] Bored of how your Android looks? Themer comes to save you. Project Themer Gives you the abilites; -Changing QS tiles style -Changing Brightness slider look -Taking...
  7. felipepeletti

    Thread {CLOSED} My first icon pack 🥳 - xxxxx Pack

    I'm so happy to announce my first icon pack ever released for you guys. At the time that i'm posting this, there's currently only 1 download... Hope you guys like it 🤩 Check it out at PlayStore: xxxxx Firefly combines glass elements, noise and glow, all in one beautiful icon pack that...
  8. Irugaka

    Thread Customize Navigation Bar button

    Hello, i post this thread because after many search across the internet, i didn't find a solution to customize my miui navigation bar button. I want to replace them by samsung navbar for example. is there a way to do it ? Thank you. (I have rooted phone with LSPosed, custoMIUIzer, gravityBox...
  9. Urveesh Dadhich

    Thread Some Launcher Inspiration from OF launcher.

    Has anyone in here heard about "OF launcher". It was released in somewhat about 2016, but the development stopped a year later. it looked gorgeous in today's terms also. If anyone here does app development check it out and see if he can recreate it for new android versions. Here's the link for...
  10. F

    Thread Best Launcher for 4a?

    I love the pixel Launcher but i want to try something different ,always use Nova but ITS unestable . Any recomendation? I use evie Launcher,only 2 bugs already spotted.
  11. Nyakov

    Thread Install microg UnifiedNlp or GmsCore with unlocked bootloader

    Hi. I have XT1676 model (Android 8.1.0) (Build OPPS28.85.13-6) (Region reteu) With unlocked bootloader. And I want to install microg UnifiedNlp or GmsCore(ultimate goal) to stock rom (with TWRP) I googled a bit but fail to find any coherent information on this matter. Can someone at least...
  12. Akilesh_15

    Thread [App+Magisk Module]ACC - Custom accent colour creator [Android 8+]

    ACC - Accent Colour Creator Introduction Features Disclaimer Requirements References Instructions Downloads TODO Thanks to/Credits Alternate method Shell script XDA:DevDB Information Accent Colour Creator, App for all devices (see above for details) Contributors...
  13. V

    Thread Themes for Total Launcher/Nova

    I am creating free themes for users all around the world, you can't find any themes like these, they are minimal and smooth and battery saving and give your smartphone an unique and awesome look. Just check my themes on this Telegram Channel: Customization Telegram Channel: mod edit - telegram...
  14. C

    Thread Best Oreo ROM with Customizations? (currently planning to go with RR Oreo)

    I'm currently using NitrogenOS Oreo, but I'm having a little bit of issue with Play Store not auto-updating my apps when I charge my phone, and Facebook being wonky. I want to try out Resurrection Remix Oreo, but I'm not sure if it has any known issues, since they don't write it on their main...
  15. MyNameIsRage

    Thread What's your approach to customizing your device with mods?

    What's your way to make your device be truly yours? Me personally, I am a power user and i don't really care about battery life much (1.5 days of battery life is enough for me), and i love to try out custom roms. I always loved the look and feel of pixel devices, especially the product sans...
  16. tanish2k09

    Thread [Kernel][FEATURED] Venom Kernel v3.1 [aio_otfp][MM][N]

    Venom Kernel for K3 Note (aio_otfp) -- Based on Renice kernel source Venom is designed for maximum performance and battery backup. It is made for people who depend on their phone every day. It is feature Enriched kernel which makes your device even better than before. Compiled with UBERTC 6.x...
  17. I

    Thread Possible to change the navigation bar icons?

    I really hate that design. Looking for an option or a theme that changes the navigation icons to the stock ones from marshmallow (hollow icons). Is it possible?
  18. P

    Thread Moto G5's Launcher for any Android Smartphone [Marshmallow+]

    :D**This doesn't void your warranty!**:D **I don't know how you're gonna do this, but if you follow my instructions, then nothing can go wrong** ** But if something goes wrong, then I am not responsible!** :p The Moto G5 comes with some greater improvements internally as well as externally. It...
  19. Ash110

    Thread [NEW][3.0+][CUSTOMIZATION]Murus wallpapers

    Murus Wallpapers provides you with 1000+ HD wallpapers across various topics to deliver Royalty free, Open Source, High-Quality photos for any purpose. You have the option to set any image as your wallpaper, or save it to your device, to use wherever you want, for commercial or personal...
  20. LeeDroid

    Thread [APP] Shortcutter Quick Settings - The Ultimate Shortcut Toolbox! Android 7, 8 & 9!

    [APP] Shortcutter Quick Settings - The Ultimate Shortcut Toolbox! Android 7, 8 & 9! Shortcutter is the ultimate Android Quick settings, shortcut Provider & toolbox giving you instant access to Apps, Contacts, Web Sites, Settings, Actions, Activities, Shortcuts & Services in an instant. It's...
  21. ChahatGupta

    Thread [MOD] [AWESOME PATCH v.1.0] [FOR EVERY ROM]

    Hey Guys, Chahat here! This time for releasing a mod made by me! I've named it AWESOME PATCH (AP) It's a generic mod and can be flashed on ANY ROM. I made it more for my porter/developer/themer brothers. It'll be convenient to flash a zip rather replacing and editing files everytime! ;) But...
  22. salil.bajaj

    Thread [APP]UCCW-Zeta UCCW

    Hey Guys!! I created my first app and uploaded it on the play store! It's a UCCW widget DOWNLOAD HERE
  23. A

    Thread Post Your Homescreens

    Hi, let start and post your beloved Huawei Mate S homescreen. For me: Nova, Zooper Widget and Minimal UI icon Mockup by thislooksgreat
  24. ammyt

    Thread [BETA][APP][5.0+] HomeUX - Homescreens Reimagined | Launcher

    Concept: HomeUX aims to revolutionise the way users interact with their smartphone homescreens. HomeUX provides a simplistic yet highly functional user interface with full integration of Google's Material Design. This is way beyond your typical Android launcher. Here is why you will love HomeUX...
  25. L

    Thread [Q] customisation and roms

    Hi, new to alot of this android business and wondering if people can help me out, I tend to customise my phones to the max and I was wondering the best ways to do this on a rooted xperia z3. Also wondered about custom roms and how to install them or more so the best ones out there (and what...
  26. D

    Thread [Q] Zooper help

    Hello you helpful lot here at XDA I have just started using Zooper widget pro but i have no idea how to use apart from adding existing templates from the play store. My question is how can I create sections to split up the wallpaper i am using. For example the attached picture has an ocean...
  27. A

    Thread [Q] Android Customisations for Young Child

    Hi guys! I've bought an Alwinner A13 Tablet as a Christmas present for my daughter who is 3yrs old. She has been using mine and my husbands HTC Sensations for watching BabyTV and playing various counting and alphabet games, but we twitch every time she drops them...hence the cheap tablet. It is...
  28. nikhil16242

    Thread [AROMA][SENSE 4.0] HTC Desire C Customiser V6

    HTC Desire C Customiser Hello Guys. This is a basic AROMA installer which can be used after you flash one of the sense 4.0a roms available for the desire c atm ( ie Nameless rom and Explosion rom).This MOD allows you to customise your desire C better right after you flash a new custom rom or...
  29. Arjav23

    Thread All Important Root/System Tools

    Here is a list of all tools and apps compatible with our own Galaxy 3(Not s3) You must enjoy these customization apps NOTE: PPL having Any of these phones shud refer to this thread only... If your phone varies from the above 2, I am not responsible for any PROBLEMS caused(if any)
  30. B

    Thread What Makes Your Ace Special?

    Hey I just wanted to start a discussion about Galaxy Aces. What have you done to your Ace that makes it different, you got a rom installed? Added a sticker? Anything! I just wanna see what different things people have done with a budget phone like the Ace and that way everyone can give it a go...
  31. ammar786

    Thread Post Your HOMESCREEN [SGSL]

    I'm starting this thread so that everyone can showoff their creativity in making Awesome Homescreens. I myself put a lot of effort in customizing my Homescreens. While posting your homescreens, please be specific on what you used to achieve it (eg. Name of widget or wallpaper). So ill start...
  32. neroyoung

    Thread [Guide]Complete Android ROM development and essential tutorials ~~ By Nero Young ~~

    Hi, If you willing to learn to build custom ROM then you should have following things Basic Knowledge about handling Command Promt Basic Windows software knowledge PC with all tools properly installed And a mobile with bootloader unlocked This tutorial is for "Windows OS (Windows 7 x64 in...
  33. scoffyburito

    Thread [Q] Home button tweaks?

    Is it possible to change the way the home button acts? I dislike the way when you hit the home button it puts the current app into a background process. Could we change it so like an iPhone the home button fully closes an app when pressed? Sent from my Samsung GALAXY Ace using XDA App
  34. arkedk

    Thread [Q] Where is Wallpapper Gallery app?

    Does anyone know the name of the Gallery Wallpaper app that is standard on the X10? If so can I unpack it and modify it with my own wallpapers, and how? Any info on this is much appreciated.
  35. F

    Thread HD2 home screen personalisation

    hye, everywhere on xda I see nice homescreens, how can I get them myself? I would like to change the background in every tap and maybe set anothe clock... etc. thanx
  36. F

    Thread HTC touch pro 2 customisation

    I looked on the internet how I could change the lay-out of my touch flo 3D interface but I only found manila. when I installed Manila customizer it needed a newer .net- thing.:confused: I'm not confident with pocket pc-programming but how can I instal a working manila customizer? does someone...
  37. psymonjoseph

    Thread Sense 2.5.20113030.0 customizations...

    Hi all - after installing Pisca's, ljankok's, NhatHoa's and Energy's ROMs with the Sense 2.5.20113030.0, and I wanna share with everyone the customizations which work with this new Topaz version of Sense. All of these items can be searched for here on XDA - search is your friend! I put the exact...
  38. W

    Thread Shortcut help...

    I have recently switched from Windows Mobile to Android. On WM I had made my own shortcut that opened up a template SMS with the main body of text already in, and the recipients already entered. Is there any way of doing this on Android?
  39. andrew-in-woking

    Thread ROM Customisation Resources

    Hi All I am starting this thread to publish all the resources I use or have made to customise my HTC Rhodium. The idea is that ROM chefs can use these to customise their ROMs but that they can be used to customise a device after flashing. The first publication is a set of icon libraries that...