1. NanduxXxPV

    Thread [ROM][A10][UNOFFICIAL]Corvus A10(21/04/18)

    NOTE: THIS IS ONLY FOR A10 FIRMWARE, DO NOT FLASH ON A11 FIRMWARE UNLESS YOU WANT A HARD BRICK Standard Disclaimer:- * Your warranty is... still valid? * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please...
  2. sermah

    Thread Custom Icon Shapes for Android 10+?

    Hi, I haven't found anything similar about my problem yet. Android 9+ supports such things as changeable fonts, accent colors and icon shapes. But sadly, it is a predefined set of overlay apps. These apps have unusual manifest, have no code and contain stuff inside resources. I tried...
  3. NanduxXxPV

    Thread [ROM][A10][UNOFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix 8.6.7(21/03/20)

    NOTE: THIS IS ONLY FOR A10 FIRMWARE, DO NOT FLASH ON A11 FIRMWARE UNLESS YOU WANT A HARD BRICK Standard Disclaimer:- * Your warranty is... still valid? * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please *...
  4. A

    Thread Any setting or module that allows screen to be turned off by double tap?

    How can I customize my phone to turn off screen by a double tap somewhere, like at the top on the notification bar? On my old phoneI could do this and I think it may have been an option in Gravity Box. I know there's the option to turn off the screen when double taping an empty area on home...
  5. vanshksingh

    Thread LineageOS 18 (Android-11) How to install SM-J8

    /* * Your warranty is no longer valid.(or it isn't ? who am I to judge) * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, broken touchscreens, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features...
  6. vanshksingh

    Thread HavocOS How to install SM-J8

    /* * Your warranty is no longer valid.(or it isn't ? who am I to judge) * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, broken touchscreens, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about...
  7. ThePiGuy3141

    Thread [FLASHABLE] [MOD] Dark Pixel boot animation & logo for Moto E2 2015

    ¿hola esta animación funciona en surnia con lineage os 17.1 android 10 ?
  8. Typhus_

    Thread [MOD][APP][ROOT][MAGISK]MiA3 Mods for stock Android 10 ROM

    OP has been updated. Now, not only the protection that automatically disables gestures navigation on 3rd party launchers as been removed but, also, we can now set it up on Settings without the need to change to default launcher in order to enable gesture navigation. Added, as well, 3 battery...
  9. A

    Thread [Magisk] Eu+Evg Mod for weekly firmware from

  10. A

    Thread [Magisk] Eu+Evg Mod for weekly firmware from

  11. A

    Thread Eu+Evg Magisk Mod for weekly firmware from

  12. A

    Thread Eu+Evg Magisk Mod for weekly firmware from

  13. el0xren

    Thread Additional Features for Samsung Devices

    Here you can find how to enable additional features to Floating Feature, Build.prop, Csc Feature! I am not responsible if this bricks your phone or causes thermonuclear war and ends the world as we know it. You have been warned. Hit "Thanks" button instead of replying it to thread, it will...
  14. YASANdev

    Thread [APP][7.0+] YASAN Launcher - Minimalist launcher powered by AI ?

    Get YASAN Launcher on Google Play Store YASAN Launcher is an intelligent & smart home screen replacement that uses artificial intelligence and a minimal user interface to let you perform your daily tasks faster and easier. The apps on your home screen are picked by the AI and change...
  15. Doomkopf

    Thread [MAGISK] Ubuntu Font for Android

    Hey guys, recently I discovered custom fonts on android for myself. I became aware of it's aesthetics and importance, and started to be interested in fonts. At first, I wanted to install Google Sans instead of Roboto, but then I found the official Ubuntu Font and instantly loved it. You can see...
  16. mouhannadsukkar

    Thread [MOD] Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G Smartwatch Rom Customization

    I looked for any mod I can use with my ZeblazeThor Pro 3G but unfortunately, I didn't find anything, so I decided to do it by myself (I'm not a programmer) It takes some time to finish so please if you want to use just press Thanks button and give me credit if you want to share it anywhere else...
  17. Mkami

    Thread Is there more ROMs?

    I recently purchased an tab S4 just an update from my previous Samsung tablet. I was wondering is there more ROMs for this tablet or ROMs currently in development? I noticed theres like 2 ROMs for this tablet. I have a note 8 and I'm currently running deluxerom on and it, and I really enjoy the...
  18. msohail_7

    Thread [APP][ROOT] Custom FP Icons

    Customize OnePlus 7ᵀ fingerprint icon as you want through the app. - You can set the color and transparency of enabled and disabled FP icon. - You can set any image you want. It should work on all OOS versions. Reboot is needed every time you change the icon. Download>> OPFP Control App Few...
  19. T

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Tile Shortcuts - Quick settings apps & shortcuts, with real app icons

    Tile Shortcuts - Quick settings apps & shortcuts Quickly open apps, shortcuts & websites, directly from your notification shade with icons that fit in perfectly! Download from the Play Store here How is this app different to other similar apps? Other apps do not use the real app icon in...
  20. V

    Thread Themes for Total Launcher/Nova

    I am creating free themes for users all around the world, you can't find any themes like these, they are minimal and smooth and battery saving and give your smartphone an unique and awesome look. Just check my themes on this Telegram Channel: Customization Telegram Channel: mod edit - telegram...
  21. N

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Alertify - content (only) based Notification sounds

    Alertify plays a sound alert upon receiving specific Notifications from other apps based on keywords within the notification. Get customizable sound alerts for notifications (only) when: a specific person out of a whole leaves a message in a group chat your name is mentioned in a notification...
  22. G

    Thread No Google Lens shortcut in stock camera

    Hi, as said in title I'm trying to figure out why the stock camera app on my XZ Premium lacks of said shortcut into the mode selector even though Google lens app is installed, some users stated that in their devices is present so now I'm asking if someone that has the shortcut can post...
  23. G

    Thread Hey, show your homescreen (be appropriate please)

    Show us your homescreen. Here's mine(I like it simple): *Pixel Launcher Q, *Stock oreo icons, *Wallpaper from "Wallpapers HD" app on playstore,
  24. mrnovanova

    Thread Good Lock 2018

    Hey guys Just thought I'd start a discussion for all the Good Lock fans here. Good Lock basically gives you the ability to customize your Galaxy phone even further, it's almost like being rooted in some cases. If you're not familiar with here's a cool video...
  25. P

    Thread EVR_AL00 – light review and heavy customization

    I got the Mate 20 X from Italy, delivered two weeks after order on November 12 for € 829, VAT and 2-years warranty included. It is a nice silver device 6/128 (don’t need more memory). My first hands-on impression? I was shocked. I had pure Chinese phones before (Huawei and Lenovo) and I know how...
  26. P

    Thread How can I make my XT912 run a bit faster? (LineageOS Android 7.1.2)

    Good afternoon. Just a couple days ago, I installed official LineageOS 14 (Android 7.1.2) to my mother's XT912. However, it goes a bit laggy most of the time. As I'm on a Custom ROM, I want to know if someone found a way to make the phone go a bit more smoothly.
  27. J

    Thread Vinyl Carbon Fibre Skin - Customizing the Motorola One Power

    I have just applied this Vinyl Carbon Fibre Mobile Skin on my Motorola One Power. It is Available from Amazon in Sheet form ( 24 X 24 inches) and very cheap. Easy to fix. Aids in giving a rich look to the Phone and making it slip-proof. The Online Info (On Amazon) says: "StickOn skins display...
  28. S

    Thread Battery life in time on the status bar

    Is there anyway to do this? I know most phones if not all show in battery settings estimated time left to empty. Could that somehow be piped to status bar and replace the percentage?
  29. Saswata Chakraborty

    Thread Replacing Boot Animation Without Rooting

    Can someone check if this method works to replace stock bootanimation without rooting the device? Disclaimer: I am not responsible for bricking device or bootloop. Also, note that modifying /system will break OTA update. So, please try it at your own risk. 1. Download any bootanimation and...
  30. Saswata Chakraborty

    Thread Superhero Boot Animation For Nokia 7 Plus

    This one is probably the best boot animation I have ever used. A combination of Marvel and DC comics characters, it is a must-have for any Marvel or DC fan. It has almost all the popular superheroes like Batman, Superman, Flash, Captain America, Ironman, Hulk, Wolverine and many more. Just try...
  31. H

    Thread Mi A2 Customization Question (Folders & Icons)

    Hello Everyone, I just got this phone about an hour ago. I am installing all my apps. It looks really nice. But I am unable to make folders in it. I have two questions: 1. How do I create folders? Not on the home screen, I found out how to do it. But after tapping on the menu. The screen where...
  32. Y

    Thread Several requests

    I'm running Nougat crDroid with Magisk & TWRP for reference. Are there things that let me: Automize Notifications(i.e. dismiss 'Google Play has installed x' notifications after 5 seconds) Let me swipe away any notification there is Enable a very slight palm rejection at the edge of the...

    Thread [Theme] WipEout Xperia Theme

    This is my first theme, a theme mostly inspired by the anti-gravity racing game series "WipEout" :) What is WipEout? The theme uses some pixel-ish colours for the UI as I feel that fits the "WipEout HD" game scheme well. Check the attachments for screenshots and the APK!
  34. Crix.Ful92

    Thread LG G7 Experience - IconPack v1.0

    ------LG G7 Experience - Icon Pack------ Hi, we are Cristian (18 y.o.) and Leonardo (23 y.o.) and we are from Italy. Today we are glad to launch our new IconPack inspired on LG G7 icons. IMPORTANT SEND ICON REQUEST TO MAKE US IMPROVE THE ICONPACK SOME SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD (PLEASE RATE...
  35. Seveilith

    Thread [APP] Oxygen Slider

    Hi, This Xposed module allows you to customize the alert slider's behavior in OxygenOS. A while back, OnePlus decided to merge the framework of OxygenOS with HydrogenOS which rendered my similar application (Notification Slider) useless, at least in my opinion. The drastic internal changes...
  36. H

    Thread How to change status bar height?

    I've got an Essential Phone (7.1.1, Magisk + Xposed) and I'm trying to to change the status bar height. Here's a stock image of what it looks like at default dpi. I was able to use use the window manager (adb shell wm) to offset the status bar upward, but that's not a complete solution. Anyone...
  37. S

    Thread Help us to create the best Android TV BOX launcher!

    Ugoos team launched a new chapter of building common Android TV Box launcher, which can be a better alternative for Your device. Standard TV Box launchers are not so suitable to use it with RC and different air mouses. Ugoos Launcher main target is to be a strong alternative for TV boxes with...
  38. DarkAlpha.Sete

    Thread [No-Root][Fonts][EMUI 4.x & 5.x] Request fonts & Step by Step Guide to make your own

    [No-Root][Fonts][EMUI 4.x & 5.x] Request fonts & Step by Step Guide to make your own Fonts for EMUI Important Information Screenshots of the fonts posted by me Only the fonts that have the Bold style "naturally" will have their title in Bold. Using custom fonts on EMUI 5 If...
  39. I

    Thread Customize Hangouts Theme/Color with Flipster

    I have been using flipster xposed module to change appicons. I want to change the following things in google hangouts but so far I did not find the correct resources. It would be nice if any themer could provide me the names of the necessary resources that I need to change to make my desired...
  40. C

    Thread How to get rid of Knox Customization?

    So I recently purchased an S7 Edge. While I was resetting the phone, I accidently chose the option wherein I let Knox customize the phone with the Belgian Red Devils theme. This starts from the bootscreen to wallpapers to pretty much a lot of things. Now, I've managed to change the wallpaper...
  41. G

    Thread [PRO] For italian mk16i users: need latest ICS sony stock rom with ITA customization

    As the title says, I'm searching for the latest ICS stock ROM (4.1.B.0.587) with ITA customization (not central europe!) Actually the ROM is not on the sony servers anymore... Is there somebody that downloaded it with PC companion at the time and (still) has it stored on its computer? Anyone...
  42. TK Studio

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Low Battery Alert Remover

    Low Battery Alert Remover Annoyed by the 5% and 15% Android low battery warnings? Then this app might be perfect for you. It automatically removes the low battery alerts. Download it for free here: Don't forget to...
  43. juyel92

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] [YAMAHA EDITION] Yamaha Edition Bootanimation for 720p devices

  44. Venyw

    Thread [SOUND MOD] Dolby Atmos for Grand Prime All Variants !!

    How to Install Dolby Atmos : Step 1. Copy the downloaded file in your device. Switch off your device & boot into custom recovery and flash the zip. Step 2. Reboot your device. Disable Sound alive in apps manager and disable the NuPlayer in developer options. Now launch Dolby Atmos & on the...
  45. Lars124

    Thread [THEME][CMTE][TEMPLATE] CM Theme Template by Lars124

    CM Theme Template by Lars124 - Theming made easy | Noobfriendly - Create you own theme in just 5 steps This template includes theming codes for several system and third party apps. For example for the action- or statusbar. You can modify their colors and styles by changing the colors.xml and...
  46. K

    Thread [TOOL] Sony's Theme Creator

    Sony's Theme Creator Hello XDA! We are the team behind Sony's Theme Creator tool - a tool that makes it easy for seasoned designers as well as for beginners to start making themes for Xperia devices. A lot of people here on the team regularly visit XDA for one reason or another, and have been...
  47. Z

    Thread Alert slider options?

    Is there any custom ROMs or tweaks out that can change the functions of the alert slider? I would love to have one for silent, vibrate, and ring. I am not really a huge fan of the priority and silent options that are available now. If there isnt anything out now, I think it would be awesome to...
  48. thalada

    Thread What happened to the Sony Dev community?

    What's up guys!! I think i am finally gonna settle with this awesome device till the end of this year at least :o Everything is perfect to me, except the partial 4k display. I have read some work around the forums, still it's a WIP. When i purchased my first Z series mobile, the xZ it had a...
  49. O

    Thread Cool home screen for Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge

    Check out my video to see my home screen and how to get it. It's for the guys who like Material design but also want customization and functionallity! If you enjoyed make sure to Like, Subscribe and share! Thanks!
  50. Neil_Armstrong_

    Thread [Q] Mod / tweaks relative to Quick Toggle personalization ?

    Hey, I was wondering if I could find a way to make my statusbar & quick toggle looking like my Z2 see the screenshot ;) What I need most is the first line with 2 quick toggles Wi-Fi and replacing Bluetooth by the button "activate 4G" (sorry for bad english wish you'll understand :/) I'm...