1. sparq0

    Thread Question S pen cursor

    When hovering the s pen over the screen there's a small circle showing on the screen under the pen tip. You can change the circle to something else using the Pentastic app (included in Samsungs Good Lock app). Or, when using the built in screen recorder you can tap a button to show a blue...
  2. CreativeGamer03

    Thread [TUT]Custom OEM Boot Splash Image for Windows Phones

    This thread is part of customizing the Windows Phone OS or ROM, which includes altering of the target files and no nothing else. Do not go sideways on this tutorial as you might brick your phone. PLEASE TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. I am not responsible to any damage caused by this tutorial. Also, do...
  3. E

    Thread [APP] Arc Lighting Navigation Bar

    Hey everyone, Nathan here! Today, I'm proud to present my app developed with Symetium Corporation. The app is called Arc Lighting Navigation Bar - PC Style Taskbar and is now available on the Google Play Store. The app allows you to completely override your existing navigation bar and in its...
  4. T

    Thread [APP][5.0+] MIUI-ify - Notification Shade

    MIUI-ify - Notification Shade MIUI 10 notification shade & quick settings. Fully customizable. Download from the Play Store here MIUI-ify provides a smooth, fast and native feeling MIUI 10 styled quick setting and notification panel at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to toggle...
  5. Mikanoshi

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][3.2.1] CustoMIUIzer - Customize your MIUI ROM

    CustoMIUIzer by Mikanoshi Created 12.03.2019 Last Updated 06.03.2022 What is CustoMIUIzer? CustoMIUIzer module contains a variety of mods that will provide additional functionality for your MIUI device. You have to have (Ed)Xposed Framework installed to use these mods. For more info about...
  6. varuntheraj

    Thread Post your Homescreen and may also share the setup files

    please post your homescreen and share your setup files listdown your wall and setup launcher and icon pack this thread is all about personalization please share your comments thoughts , ideas !
  7. D

    Thread BL Unlockable S9 (for warranty reasons) - looking for ways to make the most of it

    So, even if my country is in the EU, both Samsung AND the phone shop refuse to keep the S9 under warranty, if I change the software (meaning root, bootloader unlock, flash kernel, recovery, etc). So what are my chances of making the most out of this phone? Battery life is terrible, but I don't...
  8. B

    Thread Is it possible to remap the alarm slider to open app?

    Hi guys, I am not a developper, but I just saw a review of the new blackberry phone and it had a button you could map to open any app on the phone. I wandered if it was possible to do it with the oneplus 3 alarm slider. I saw that there was a couple of xposed module that gave you more options...
  9. bgibson72

    Thread Home Touch Button mods?

    Is there any way to customize the home touch buttons? I've seen some different ones in various ROM's, but I wondered if there was an independent mod I could flash, or even an app that would offer a variety of themes.
  10. M

    Thread Discussion - Your Favorite ROM

    With MM based ROMs coming out with enough time for people to get used to them, along with LP and KK based ROMs that have been around for awhile, what are people's favorite S5 ROMs? Which ones offered the most robust features? The most stable with limited issues (HD calling, modem issues, wifi...
  11. krishna442

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION]Kali-NetHunter3.0

    I've been using the NetHunter, built yesterday by Renjen-n00b. I really liked the bootanimation. This will work on any 1080*1920 display. Here is the preview .gif Don't mind the quality and watermark on preview. I don't have a pro account. Original...
  12. S

    Thread Icraig CMP773

    Hi, i have this tablet and it is soooo sllloooowwww. I have already done did root it, but now i just need a custom recovery., and then a new rom like Andriod jellybean, anything BUT what it came with
  13. Krowne

    Thread [Xposed][MOD][4.0+][16-04-2021] KMod FWA v2.8.4 - WhatsApp privacy & customization

    KMod FWA v2.8.4 Project without development at the moment. Maybe later it will resume. Thank you for all these years of support. ❤️ Disclaimer: Use KMod FWA at your own risk. Readers, end-users, and downloaders of KMod FWA are responsible for their own actions. Readers, end-users, and...
  14. Harry44

    Thread ROMs and Project Fi

    Good evening XDAers. I just received my Project Fi Sim and Welcome Kit. I love my Nexus, and the openness of roms. Will I be totally unable to use custom roms other than Pure Nexus? Or is there a workaround where I can pick to be either using the Sprint or T-Mobile network depending on where...
  15. S

    Thread [Q] Turn device on by plugging the charger

    I have several Android devices and I'd like to customize them. Normal reaction of there devices when they're off and the charger is plugged is showing battery indicator. How to replace this reaction by any other reaction? The simplest idea is automated booting operating system.
  16. JohnMcW

    Thread [CM11 Theme] J Theme Transmogrifier- Color Your Way- Free [2015/01/26]

    Johns J Theme Transmogrifier for CM11 Theme Chooser Color the J Blue Ice theme any color you want (you do not have to have the J Blue Ice theme) Name it what you want Save apk for future use Developed and Tested on the SGS4 and OnePlus One 5 Easy Steps 1 - Choose Your Color (any color...
  17. D

    Thread [Library] Dynamic Calendar Icon Generator

    Hi everyone, I'm very happy to publish my first library project, Dynamic Calendar Icon Generator. This library generates dynamic calendar icons based on the date selected. This library is fully customizable and the developer can specify the original calendar icon, change font's typeface...
  18. V

    Thread [Q] Alternative to Nottach Xposed? (4.4.2, NC5)

    Hey all. I have a Stock Verizon Galaxy S4 on 4.4.2 (NC5), rooted. I want to customize some simple (minor annoyance) things on my phone. Using a custom ROM is not an option for me (unfortunately), but using the Xposed Framework let me get around that (mostly). I had been using Nottach Xposed...
  19. M

    Thread Updated List Of Best icon packs - which one do you use?

    List of best 20 icon packs - Also post which icon pack do you use! Currently I have been using Moonshine Icon Pack.
  20. M

    Thread [Q] Disable Default Dialer

    If I use ADB to disable the Sony dialer (same process as disabling What's New) will I be able to use my dialer of choice for incoming and outgoing calls or will it just break my phone until I re-enable it? Thanks
  21. dean_fx

    Thread [Q] Changing Icons (STOCK LAUNCHER)

    I noticed that the LG Launcher, allows you to change individual icons, to an image in your gallery. Is there a way to get the android L or KitKat icons individually in an image format so we can set these ourselves? Better yet, has anyone done this?
  22. J

    Thread [Q] Website for personalize andorid

    Hi! Once I had a bookmark of a website. It was full of homescreen of android's phone, and for each one of it there was a tab where the creator says all the widget and the apps he used to do that, and eventually the settings to use for that result. I remember that most of them was using UCCW...
  23. S

    Thread [Q] How to change the look of GS4 notification center to vanilla android/kitkat look?

    Since my Galaxy S4 (Verizon 4GLTE, NC5, rooted) has a locked boot loader and therefore cannot flash a vanilla android rom like Cyangenmod with a custom recovery or safestrap, I wanted to know if there was a way to simply change the material of touchwiz (i.e. - notification center...
  24. ufonek

    Thread [ROM][Single sim]U.F.O DDK[19/10/2014]

    U.F.O 1.32 Single sim deodexed desensed busybox preinstalled SuperSU some system part changed to KitKat style install instructions: Do not forget to make a backup of your current ROM. save zip to sdcard wipe system, cache, data, dalvik install zip reboot phone News: New kernel settings...
  25. Tecior

    Thread SonicMod 8 (Stable)

    Download here Last updated: 10/11/2014 A new, modified version of the official Twitter app, with minimalist colours and thinner fonts. Although this app mod is stable, there are a few graphical glitches here and there. Version 8: This version is much cleaner than the previous...
  26. N

    Thread G Pad Boot animations

    Hi all! I would like to customize my G Pad with a nice boot animation. Do I understand correctly that any boot animation in 1920*1200 should work, so e.g. those for Nexus 10 2013 edition? If anybody has a nice one, please share (ideally with a preview). Cheers, nurunet
  27. Madaditya

    Thread [Tool][Aroma Builder] ◢● Lazy Aroma ●◣ Build an Aroma Installer in just few Clicks

    [Tool][Aroma Builder] ◢● Lazy Aroma ●◣ Build an Aroma Installer in just few Clicks Hi Geeks :cool: Portal Review Add Some Aroma Magic to Your Project with Lazy Aroma About Lazy Aroma: Requirements: Screens : Instructions: Download: Source: Credits: FAQ: If you like...
  28. Enymous

    Thread [Bootanimation] DON'T Miss New APM Editions [Chelsea]

    Hello guys , I back with a new Work .... :D Chelsea Boot animation....:fingers-crossed: It's for HTC Amaze and each device with 540x960 resolution ... It does't have big value so I ask you download and try it I'm Sure U like it , and give me your Idea please , I'll work and be better ... I...
  29. UnknownCloakedMan

    Thread [Boot Animation][Collection] My collection, all screensizes!

    Below, you will find my collection of highly compatible boot animations. I am making each one with the top 3 most common screen resolutions so pick whatever quality you need. I don't mind doing requests if you'd like changes made or want me to try making you a custom one, with text or even a...
  30. wariat

    Thread [APP] Navigation Layer

    NAVIGATION LAYER BETA VERSION With Navigation Layer you can use your favourite gestures in all App STABLE VERSION IN PLAY STORE Join the beta To try Navigation Layer you must: Join to G+ Community Ask to become a tester Go Play Store and Download App Navigation Layer is an...
  31. B

    Thread [Q] What ROM do you use? Show us.

    So I was thinking the other day: "I haven't really customized my Android..I may as well have gone with a iPhone" I had nightmares that night. Anyway, I was wondering what ROMs you guys use and post us a photo of your home screen :) Looking forward to your replies.
  32. htcfresh

    Thread you gotta check out buzzlauncher

    Hey people's, so i found this app called buzzlauncher, and i gotta say it's an awesome app. I've been using it for about a week now and absolutely love it. There are some really nice homepacks a.k.a themes that you can download right from the launcher. This app is very smooth and the home packs...
  33. A

    Thread [Q] Hiding navigation keys?

    Hi there, noob question, just checking - is there any way to hide navigation keys and make the status bar transparent without the root? /I think not/. I'll do a root for this purpose if I have to, but could anyone please navigate me as what to do next? Don't want to go custom rom, so I guess...
  34. L

    Thread New to the Galaxy Note 3 Forums, had ROM questions.

    Hello, I am new to rooting the Galaxy Note 3, I've rooted other devices in the past but haven't got around to doing it with the Note 3 yet. I was really just looking for a recommendation. I want to keep spen features for sure but don't want the bloat and would like to customize the...
  35. remicks

    Thread [FONTS][4.x][AOSP] Collection of flashable fonts for Android 4.x

    -=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=--=-=- Here is a collection of flashable font zips for Android 4.x that I have found and re-packaged for easy flashing. No support will be given, I know these work because I use...
  36. MS.

    Thread [Q] Quick Toggles on Android 4.3

    Hey guys, has anyone tried to customize quick toggles on Android 4.3 GE ROMs? On Sense based ROMs running Android 4.2 we could simply edit /system/customize/acc/default.xml but now this directory is empty for me. Thank you in advance.
  37. Erhany

    Thread [MOD][XPERIA/other] Customizing UXPNXTLockscreen! [10Aug13]

    Hello guys. To re-theme stock UXP Lockscreen's clock/dateview on Xperia I created this topic. But codes can be used on other if you are interested. -PREFACE- Lots of Xperia users use UXPNXTLockscreen but if you bored on seeing same clock/dateview, this is for you. While I was searching...
  38. L

    Thread [APP] Tile Launcher Review (New Revolutionary Launcher for Android)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to raise some awareness about a particular launcher that I have now adapted permanently on my S3 .. It is the Tile Launcher Pro from the Play Store. mod edit This launcher is honestly like no other, as it allows the user to adjust practicality any parameters to their...
  39. misterk267

    Thread [Q] App Backgrounds

    Hello everybody! I am running stock Motoblur .16 at the moment, and was wondering if anybody knows what file to replace in order to change the app background. (By app background, i mean the gradient grey image in the back of apps such as settings). I would like to have this be black, without...
  40. Guitwo2

    Thread [TUTO] Customise Defy MINI XT320 with UOT Kitchen

    Many of you have been asking me how I customize my Defy mini. Well there you go with a tutorial. So first things first. -- Your phone must be rooted -- Somewhere on your computer you have the Android Debug Bridge (adb) and fastboot -- I supposed you know what you are doing so if it doesn't...
  41. Monotoonn

    Thread [Icon Packs] Multiple Icon Packs

    Dear XDA-members, I want to share some icon packs to spice up your Homescreen's. Packs are found on Deviantart and other resources. Some packs contain PNG and .ICO files. For you phone you can use the PNG files. I don't think theres an explanation needed on how to implement these icons...
  42. GreenFuzzer

    Thread [Q] Shortcuts Toolbar

    After doing a Regular Search and Advanced Search and not finding an answer I'm sorry to say I have to ask for help. When we take the stylist out you can have it set so that the "Shortcuts Toolbar" slides out on the right hand side. I'm using Apex Launcher but also have Go Launcher EX, Nova...
  43. I

    Thread Random Wallpapers I Made

    These are just a set of random wallpapers I made using pictures I have taken myself. Just thought I would share if anybody happens to like one let me know :good: They are not great but a start and work well for me with UCCW or minimalistic widgets. I haven't been able to edit them properly I do...
  44. AlanB412

    Thread [Q] Custom Splash Screens?

    Anyone worked out how to change the splash screen on the N7 yet? I've got a boot animation I like, got an awesome theme for Theme Chooser, and everything else is customized to perfection for me. Just want to switch that splash screen with some more self-centered and my N7's transformation will...
  45. wanam

    Thread [How To] Add Customizable 15 Statusbar Toggle Buttons to ICS Roms

    A new Jelly bean how to was posted here. This mod was built by Lidroid so all credits goes to him. Lidroid ported his toggles to LF2 Roms, but sadly it depend on his toolbox framework. I managed to get the needed packages from his framework, i included all toggles source code in...
  46. fachex

    Thread Need developers to customize WM8650 tablet

    I am an IT and not a developer but I have a client I need to customize the cheap WM8650 tablet. The client wants to create a custom ROM that would be "lock". The end user will be only able to access the browser with the client's custom page. After some business transaction, the end user will be...
  47. isaster1

    Thread [Q] Notification LED color controller?

    Can the notification LED color be changed and customized? On my Gnex you could change the color and pulse rate to correspond to different notifications. Is there something similar on the One S?
  48. W

    Thread [Q] customizing ICS navbar button order?

    Hey there. Been looking around a bit for how to change the order of the navbar buttons on ICS, and also add/remove them. I got used to this functionality on my Galaxy Nexus on AOKP b29. I have the navbar set to <back> <home> <menu (persistant)> <search> according to the AOKP chatroom, they...
  49. Talderon

    Thread [REF] -IN PROGRESS- Things the manual should have told you

    Hey all! The below information is for STOCK devices (or ROM's that are Stock and not using a custom launcher) This is a Work In Progress, so if you have any tips that you found should have been in a manual, please feel free to post these and I will add them to the OP. I just got my note...
  50. G

    Thread Customize homescreen and still keep Sense

    are there more people out there which prefere to use htc sense and still be able to customize? I'm using Desktop visualizer but on my Sensation with sense, but what frustrates me is that my custom icons/images never are seemingless. my question to you all is, what kinda apps do you use to...