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  1. alexhorner

    Thread NST/G in 2021 - Guides and Development

    Hi there, Having recently acquired a very cheap and almost new Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, I have been searching around the XDA forum collecting together as much information as I can easily find about the device and what it runs. It is clear to me that development on the device has long...
  2. Mozart_

    Thread Help need links Sony Xperia J

    Help me please. I need working links. I want to update to the official latest version, install cwm, get root, and experiment with the kernel some more. Try different versions. I got the phone for free, in a good condition. I would like to bring it to mind. Yes even knock down to factory...
  3. PetrozPL

    Thread [HTC DESIRE 620G] problem with recovery

    i have a problem while flashing Android 7.12 ROMs for HTC Desire 620g (stock 4.4.2). My problem started with recovery flashing issues. Fastboot mode for this particular model doesn't support recovery flashing. I've dig up other way of flashing recovery - via MTK Droid Tools and MTK SP Flash...
  4. S

    Thread Please help! I need Custom Recovery for [CHM-U01] (Kitkat)

    Hi my friends; I need a custom recovery image (CWM or TWRP) that will work on EMUI 3.0 (Kitkat)... Your help will be highly appreciated.
  5. P


    Hi, I can't seem to find any custom recovery for gionee f205 with mt6739 chipset. So I tried porting similar mt6739 unofficial twrp img but it is also not working. Any custom recovery would be alright. Please help
  6. M

    Thread Gapps not working (Won't install open gapps because rom is 4.3 even though I'm on 6)

    Hi, Hopefully someone sees this. I have a galaxy s2 t989 and I installed cm13 the other day. It doesn't come with gapps obviously, so I put the version recommended on the forums, and it said "Error code 20" "This version of gapps is for version 6.x.x and you are on 4.3". CM13 is android 6.0.1...
  7. MLX

    Thread Convert temporary CWM zip into permanent (modifying boot.img)

    Hi all! I need help replacing stock recovery from boot.img with the one contained in the CWM.zip file. A little introduction: I just want to install CWM onto miy device (Samsung Galaxy Young TV, S5367, Broadcom BCM21553 chipset) which has no CWM/TWRP recovery made. This device have the kernel...
  8. M

    Thread Install CWM over stock recovery

    My friend has a J4+ for which he forgot Pattern lock. its on latest pie update - J415FXXU2BDSP His USB debugging is off, OEM unlock is off. Now, he wants to unlock the phone, but doesnt want to lose data because he has some sensitive data which would help in his divorce case. I thought of using...
  9. phonecapone

    Thread [ROMS] Download Zenfone 2 ALL Variants Custom ROM's / Recovery

    Nice and compiled on one page, no download redirects either! Credits to the developers and the page author. http://theflamingskull.com/zenfone2.html
  10. marinalin85

    Thread TWRP for Samsung Galaxy C5 PRO (C5010)

    Hello! For starter, I'd like to thank you guys for all the help you provide for this site. 1: My gf's Galaxy C5 Pro just got android 7.0 but only for China (Open China) and Hong Kong and after looking into every update since the phone got released, there are no firmware for any other country...
  11. Jay4ü

    Thread [GUIDE][E]Recover your CWM Backups from being MD5 mismatch!

    Hello There Guys !! :good: :fingers-crossed: :laugh: Today, I will share you my issue was being solved by this method. CWM Backup and Restore When you restore a CWM backup, the BAD MD5 mismatch! I recommend ES File Explorer which have more features. Like checking MD5, Image viewer, audio...
  12. E

    Thread Asus Memopad 8 me581c (K01H) ---> Need help installing TWRP or CWM and rooting it

    I need help installing TWRP on my device, and rooting it, i have tried multiple methods, like the useless no pc root tools, and programs, i have trying to root it for a while, but no luck. I have already posted a thread on this, but it didnt worked, or i didnt knew how to make it work. Here (...
  13. K

    Thread Inquiry: Can I restore my phone using someone else's backup?

    Hello, fellow A720f owners. I messed up my Type-C port. While it can still definitely charge, still quite fast at that, the data transfer doesn't seem to work. So, no Odin for me. Luckily, I've already rooted the phone and installed cmw as my custom recovery way before I messed the port up...
  14. T

    Thread Nandroid backup - can't access data.ext “Unexpected end of archive”

    I have a nandroid backup and I want to get some of the files from "data". However, I have two separate files and an empty one: data.ext4.tar (0kb), data.ext4.tar.a (1gb), data.ext4.tar.b (700mb). I figure I need to somehow combine these files, however I have no idea how. Help?
  15. M

    Thread [RECOVERY][D850][Pre-Bumped] CWM Philz Touch 6 Advanced Edition

    Note:- I Am Not The Original Developer Of This Recovery . I Just Downloaded It From The Official CWM Thread And Added Support For The D850 Variant Of LG G3 And Bumped The Recovery . I Only Have D850 Variant Of G3 , So I Tested It For Almost A Month And Fixed All Bugs Or Errors That I Found...
  16. D

    Thread ZTE S7 Blade --- working TWRP Recovery!

    Hello, thanks to Sattarvoybek from 4pda we've got a working TWRP for the S7!!! Install it by dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery or Flashify ... (only if u've got root! ;) ) https://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=697227&st=340 Download...
  17. X

    Thread [APP IDEA] Nandroid Backup Tool

    Hey guys, First of all i'm no developer..( yet ), but as an android user that needs root, I rely on nandroid backups as a last resort of restoration when a phone bricks, and i imagine that a lot of other users do the same, but there was never this AIO app that can get the job done, which is why...
  18. N

    Thread Nexus 4 - kitkat bootloop issues (2017)

    I need help! My Nexus 4 on 4.4.3 is stuck in a boot loop! I don't know how this happened; however the [fix root? (Yes)] option in CWM recovery is missing! and I can't boot into safe mode to uninstall an app that I think might be causing this; (My phone died while I was using Hangouts and the...
  19. W

    Thread [CWM] HTC Desire 526G+ (PLUS) CWM Recovery 6.0

    HTC Desire 526G+ (Plus) Clock work mode reocvery 6.0 Download Here - CWM 6.0 for HTC 526G Plus https://www.dropbox.com/s/z1rerqv0mv0gjhd/CWM6-WAK.img https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7tPZjsQJ1lBM3VpMkJaVTFZYjA https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=529152257862701069...
  20. petjacz

    Thread [Q] C2004/C2005 JB 4.3 custom kernel experience?

    Hello, please write here your experience with custom kernel (ElixER, SmartDeviL etc.) for Xperia M Dual C2004/C2005 if possible with the same configuration like me: JB 4.3 build 15.5.A.1.5 and recovery PhilZ Touch 6.50.6 [Nicki] [CWM Advanced Edition]. Thank you!
  21. Z

    Thread How to install TWRP straight from Samsung's default Recovery option?

    Hi, I have the i9100 device. I just flashed Samsung's default Stock ROM on it, using ODIN and it is booting. I want to know how to install root and then TWRP on this now? The problem is, TWRP is only releasing an IMAGE file and not a zip or a tar file. How do I flash this IMAGE into my...
  22. M

    Thread [OUTDATED] First rooting method for the f3311/f3313

    Edit: this didn't seem to work. Mod please remove this thread.
  23. L

    Thread Lenovo Tab3 8" (2016) Custom Recovery / or any modern Tablet in UK under £100

    Hi Tzul / All, You got me all excited when I saw you had created the custom recovery for the Lenovo Tab3... only to find out that Lenovo have another Tablet called the Tab3 that came out later this year, and it was this one that I was interested in getting. The Tablet has a model No...
  24. A

    Thread [D2302] CWM Recovery for Xperia M2 Dual

    My phone have root access but cwm recovery / TWRP doesn't installing in phone. my phone have latest firmware (18.6.A.0.182). please help me :(
  25. T

    Thread Any CWM/TWRP porting tool for MT6580 but 5.1/Lollipop?

    Even the auto-search after entering thread title returned only threads with 0 replies... So i have some no-brand chinese MT6580 running Lollipop 5.1 - not KitKat. All the automatic and semi-automatic recovery porting tools work only for GB/JB/KK Sadly the MT6580 kernel source was never leaked...
  26. techster69

    Thread [ROOT][TWRP][CWM] Galaxy Core 2(SM-G355H/M/HN)

    POST#1 = ROOT POST#2 = TWRP POST#3 = CWM ROOT TESTED AND WORKING ON SM-G355H. MAY WORK FOR OTHERS, TRY AND U'LL KNOW NO RISK METHOD 1. Download the attached KingRoot.zip file and save it on external storage 2. Turn off your phone, and boot into recovery (Volume Up+Home+Power) 3. Select...
  27. jordanpa

    Thread CWM-Philz Touch Recovery stuck freezes on wipe/format every time [Philz6.0.4.8]

    Is there a known bug with philz and wiping partitions? I cant wipe the cache partition or any partition, The screen continues to load but makes no progress. When I turn off and reset the phone, the cache cant be mounted again due to 'last logs' missing. So If I flash back to TWRP, the cache...
  28. C

    Thread [Fire HD 7 4th gen] ClockWorldMod - How to install?

    How can I install CWM for the Fire HD 7 (4th gen.)? (KFASWI - Fire HD 6 / 7 - Fire OS 5.1.2) My Fire has no recovery at all (if I try to boot into recovery it boots normally) and I can't boot into fastboot either (it boots normally). How can I install CWM? If I try to install TWRP I get no TWRP...
  29. thintin

    Thread MTCC instructions for flashing custom recovery

    Hi. I know there is at least one post with instructions for installing a custom recovery on an rk3188 MTCC head unit, but I just can't find it! I think the search function may be broken as I've searched this forum for the following key words ' recovery, custom, cwm, twrp, clockworkmod' in many...
  30. sharvinzlife

    Thread Custom Recovery for unlocked the boot loader of Xperia T2 Ultra D5322 5.1.1 ?

    I have unlocked the bootloader of of Xperia T2 Ultra D5322 5.1.1, can anyone tell the easiest and simplest way to install the TWRP/CWM recovery and root it ? Found many threads but for 5.1.1 its very hard that we need to downgrade device with 5.0.2 and all. Is there any easy way that can be done...
  31. L

    Thread Installing CWM/TWRP to get xposed framework

    I have a been getting more and more confused the longer I read about CWM/TWRP and my device. Ultimately I just want to install the Xposed framework on the device but in the process of doing this, I've uncovered how much of a noob I am to this. I have a Verizon Galaxy s4 sch-i545 running android...
  32. P

    Thread HKC P776A Android Tablet Stuck in some sort of CWM/TWRP Boot Loop

    Ok I have posted a thread on this before but there was nothing useful on it so I am re-posting. So I have a HKC P776A android tablet (NOT HTC, IT IS HKC) I got it rooted like three years ago and went to install a update for Supersu and I pressed the CWM/TWRP update mode, now my phone is in a...
  33. S

    Thread SP Flash Tool Flashable Backup

    Hei guys, I own a Chinese handphone. Tweaked it so much, soft bricked it numerous times, but I got the stock rom at my disposal anyway so it doesn't matter much. It's cheap so I can actually do some experiments or tested non Play Store, or even suspicious apps on it. However, going back and...
  34. A

    Thread Create Backup on TWRP with broken Digitiser

    Just wondering if there is anyway to perform a backup on TWRP with the top half of my screen being inaccessible, I've tried using the terminal in TWRP but the terminal doesn't locate the backup directory to the SD card and instead makes it the internal storage. Is there no way I can get around...
  35. C

    Thread HISENSE SERO 5 (L691) !!!!--Final Working CWM Recovery---!!!!

    Hi! I finally made a WORKING CWM RECOVERY for Hisense Sero 5. It's still a BETA but it should work fine. I've flashed superSU and made a nandroid using cwm. I'm not responsible for any phone damage!! https :// drive. google. com/ file/d/0BzEIM-7QjR58em11amp0LXpnZXM/view?usp=sharing It would...
  36. I

    Thread [Recovery] CWM v5.5.0.4 for Karbonn A16

  37. D

    Thread How to enable USB debugging on a broken screen using ADB (Permission & Root Issue)

    How to enable USB debugging on a broken screen using ADB (Permission & Root Issue) I have a Samsung Note 2 with a Broken screen/digitizer. So no haptic feedback's. Anyway the USB Debugging is already on and I could use the Remote tools like SideSync, Mobizen & other software's on my old machine...
  38. sumit77seo

    Thread Unable to install recovery

    Hi guys, my phone is Infocus M2 3G and I have rooted it earlier. Now I accidentally removed some services and now getting errors. I want to flash stock rom so it can be like previous one. I installed ADB and fastboot in my system. When I tried the command fastboot flash recovery recovery.img...
  39. Cyber-Logic

    Thread Is there a custom recovery that works with 6.0.1? (N910C)

    TWRP or CWM? I looked around and read that some people ended up bricking their device.
  40. E

    Thread 5.0.1 OC4 to OctOS 6.0.1 ?

    i have rooted OC4 installed on my phone and have i've been reading up on OCTos and their 6.0.1 custom firmware (found a good link too: http://www.teamandroid.com/2016/01/20/update-att-galaxy-s4-i337-android-601-octos-marshmallow-custom-rom/ ) . and now am more confused. it should be simple from...
  41. X-zone

    Thread [Q] What recovery should I use?

    Hi! What recovery do you guys use? :) Regards, X-Zone
  42. Nonta72

    Thread [RECOVERY] CWM Recovery for Hot 2

    Here is a CWM Recovery for Hot 2 both Android One and Standard versions. It's probably useless because we already have TWRP recoveries. Installing with TWRP on Android One version can give your "install process ended: signal 9" error or "error status 6". This recovery can fix these errors...
  43. R

    Thread [Completed] Bricked Mediatek Android

    Hi Guys, I have a very bad problem, recently I have bought chinese mt6575 based android phone. After I thought to make it root adn install cwm, it got bricked, then however I did a full format of it by SP FLASH TOOL I searched for rom but did not get any i tried another device roms but...
  44. B

    Thread [Index] Recoveries, Kernels ROMs for S duos gt-s7562

    How to flash a Custom Recovery from PC or Laptop using ODIN Instructions 1. Download Samsung USB drivers[skip if your device gets detected and drivers are installed] 2. Download Odin 3.07 3. Run Odin as administrator 4. Connect your device with a USB cable 5. Browse PDA and select custom...
  45. T

    Thread flashing cwm via odin

    I have samsung grand prime sm-g530h but the screen is broken and I can't see a thing. I want to see the phone on PC but to do that i have to turn on the usb debugging. After searching through the xda and google, I found out that I have to flash cwm recovery to use adb to turn on the usb...
  46. blakegriplingph

    Thread [CWM|ROOT] Install ClockworkMod and root Alcatel OT-5038A

    Been scratching my head on this one for a day or two, as while Kinguser/Kingroot works on my phone, it just doesn't cut it in my case and I wouldn't want to put my trust on something that's of dubious repute. Not that I am laying smack on the Kinguser team though, it's that I'm more confident...
  47. R

    Thread Any Script to clean kernels in Nexux 5X?

    Hi, in my old Samsung S3, we had a script to load with a Custom Recovery to clean the current kernel before install a new one. Is there any other script like this for our Nexus 5x? Thanks
  48. BadGuy

    Thread [RECOVERY][CWM][KYLEVE] ClockWorkMod for KYLEVE

    Hi, guys !!! Today I will be sharing my first CWM Recovery for totally unique untouched KYLEVE with all operating functions. Version: Stable v1 Credits: I androidlover5842 thanks for trees ;) If you like my project you can donate a small amount of money and give a Click the Thanks...
  49. MSalmanKhan17

    Thread [Completed] [Help] Flashing CWM Recovery

    Hi everyone, My phone is Qmobile Z6, which is the same as Gionee Elife S5.5. Both have the same processor and everything else is same. The phone is just rebranded by Qmobile. I found a CWM Recovery [CWM_Carliv_V6_KK.img] which is ported for Gionee Elife S5.5. Remember, both the phones have the...
  50. M

    Thread [GUIDE]How To Port Different RECOVERIES to Your Device (Easiest and Fastest)

    Lets not talk about blah blah blah and start the guide....:p Things You Will Need Stock Recovery Recovery which you want to port (CWM,TWRP,MIUI,LEWA,,,etc) NOTE :- This Recovery Image Will Be For That Device Which is a clone Device of yours Eg. Devices with Same Processors and No. of Cores...