1. N

    Thread [RECOVERY] CyanogenMod Recovery for Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace DUOS

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the products you find here before using it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications...
  2. Stefanos53

    Thread [HELP] MiniCM9 Crash FM Radio

    Hello!!! The Rom MiniCM9 has an fm radio and it sends me the relevant message: The radio is not responding please restart the phone or the application!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  3. O

    Thread Flash stock but still custom rom

    Hi folks , I installed cyanogenmod rom to my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8005) a year ago. It stuck on boot animation. Then I flash stock rom via odin , it passed. But still stuck on cyanogenmod boot animation. Can anyone help ? How can I flash stock ?
  4. O


    I discovered that with the control and this application you can use a mouse that allows you to move anywhere on the device 1 install de apk 2 Developer Options. Make sure ADB Debugging is ON. 3 enter de the and active service 4 3 to activate the mouse in the applications you have to press the...
  5. Millan.SIS

    Thread [Kernel] SiS Kernel ✨️ v2.7 Stable 18-SEP-18 [Pie][Oreo T/NT][Mido]

    As usual, flash at your own risk. By proceeding further you accept that, for whatever that happens to you, your device or anything, you won't blame me or xda. Please read this post thoroughly before posting problems. SiS Kernel ️️️️ Excellent Performance to Battery-Life ratio Supports...
  6. S

    Thread Galaxy tab 2 4.4.2 Rom Help Lineage/cyanogen mod Flashing help.

    Hi. I've been struggling to get a working version of Cyanogen mod or lineage os on my galaxy tab 2 GT-P5113. I've gone through the works and have gotten both os's on the device but always struggle with getting gapps installed. I used the arm 6.0 nano file and installed it with twrp and still...
  7. Sofiane omega

    Thread Nokia X CM 13 Add-on Patch

    Hi All Today I Am Back With A New Patch For Nokia X And This Time The Patch Are Not For CM 11 But For CM 13 Yes Nokia X Can Run Android 6.0.1 And The ROM Are Not A Free ROM But Its A Payed ROM I Am Not Who Build It But I Have It And I Can't Give It To Any One But I Have Only A Patch For The CM13...
  8. Alberto96

    Thread [ROM][7.1.x]Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 Monthly Builds (all variants)

    LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the Android community. It can be used without any need to have any Google application installed. Linked below is a package that has come from another Android project that restore the Google...
  9. K

    Thread [REQ] Truecaller CM dialer.

    Back in the day when nightlies were the cool thing to flash, there was an app that Cyanogenmod released that included truecaller integration. I liked the app because I could get all the facts of who was calling all on one screen. Well that was way back when I was using my Oneplus One. When i...
  10. R

    Thread CM 14 [7.0.1] For Lenovo A536

    CM 14 [7.0.1] for Lenovo A536 by yurapanyuk "I am not responsible for your bricks and please backup first" Instructions: Important :please follow this instruction warning: don't proceed without reading above instruction Language:multilanguage (including english) Details...
  11. DallasCZ

    Thread LINEAGE OS - request for support IDOL3

    Hello, here is the request post by Lineage OS. You can comment and post your suggestion of what device should they support (only one post per user). official lineage OS request list
  12. AlienDrew

    Thread What will Pac-Rom do now?

    With CyanogenMod shuting down and restarting as LineageOS, will that mean that Pac-Rom will start cherry picking it's favorite CyanogenMod features from LineageOS or what? And if that it happens to be that they start getting features from LineageOS, does that mean they will rename Pac-Rom to...
  13. N

    Thread Kernel Source Code Question

    Hi! I have the BLU Energy X 2, and I am looking into building CyanogenMod from source. I have asked BLU for the source code to the kernel, but they didn't have it yet. Is this because there is some sort of grace period (maybe 1 year?) before they can release it? The phone was released in...
  14. K

    Thread LineageOS 14.1 development

    This is a thread to discuss LineageOS for the HTC 10. LineageOS is a replacement for cyanogen I don't own or develop for this rom Post bugs,issues,questions here Source code LineageOS 14.1 thanks to cpalmer(pre release)...
  15. linuxct

    Thread OFFICIAL Wileyfox statement regarding Cyanogen/Upcoming updates

    Wileyfox has just posted the following statement on their Facebook page: (There was no image attached) Source:
  16. linuxct

    Thread [GUIDE][CyanogenOS] Avoid your Cyanogen OS device from getting updated!

    Before proceeding any further: As you may already know, Cyanogen Inc. has shut down the CyanogenMod project, and will end some of the Cyanogen services by the end of this year. However, Cyanogen is still able to supply updates for the elegible devices whose manufacturer partnered with Cyanogen...
  17. G

    Thread your OnePlus 3T delivery-infos & thoughts of the phone!

    hello mates. my thoughts on buying a op3t are yeah.. pretty big focused. i am from austria (u know the little country not far away from germany, not where the kangaroos are jumpin around) i want to know how your thoughts are on the delivery from op is pls also write ur country, how long it took...
  18. JohnHorus

    Thread Stagefright fix and Moto Voice together

    Got this device unconcerned about Stagefright, as Moto said it was patched on launch. Well, I'm not sure if they were wrong or if more vulnerabilities were found, but Zimperium's analyzer app says I've got 89 of them! I was looking at CM13 to fix it, as I like using Gravity Box and other Xposed...
  19. MGREX

    Thread Is the Z2 ever getting official Cyanogen support?

    The Z1 did get it, any issues I don't know about? did the dev who was in charge of Ham switched to other devices?
  20. G

    Thread Official cyanogen mod 14.1 full review for oneplus 2 #rgs
  21. B

    Thread Cyanogen or any other rom for Utok 10Q?.

    Hello, can anyone tell what cyanogen version can i install on this tablet or any other rom ? Utok 10Q Dual SIM 3G Display 10.1" Quad Core 1.3 Quad Core MediaTek 8321 RAM:1 GB DDR 3 Kernel arhitecture armv7I Kernel version 3.4.67 (eng.lyl.1443062668) Android Version 4.4.2 Board mz900 Hardware...
  22. B

    Thread [Completed] Cyanogen or any other rom for Utok 10Q?

    Hello, can anyone tell what cyanogen version can i install on this tablet or any other rom ? Utok 10Q Dual SIM 3G Display 10.1" Quad Core 1.3 Quad Core MediaTek 8321 RAM:1 GB DDR 3 Kernel arhitecture armv7I Kernel version 3.4.67 (eng.lyl.1443062668) Android Version 4.4.2 Board mz900...
  23. M

    Thread TUTORIAL - Installing CM13 on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition 'Kate'

    I recently bought myself a Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition (Kate) for its ability to run an official build of CM13 and, importantly, because Kate offers Band 20 support - a major advantage for UK usage. As you may realise, getting CM13 onto Kate is somewhat more complex than getting it running...
  24. I

    Thread [ROM] Bliss ROM [I9500] [V 6.4] [23/09/2016]

    *This ROM has not been developed by me. Please thank/donate the original developer for his work (link below) Bliss ROM V6.4 Dated : 23/09/2016 Base : CM-MM BUGS :- Test and report DOWNLOADS Original thread link :- Mirror link :-...
  25. G

    Thread cyanogenmod 13 /LineageOS 13 lenovo vibe k4 note

    CM V2.5 UPDATE Renamed to LineageOS 13 v2.5 ** very important :- IF YOU HAVE TWRP PLEASE BACKUP EVERY PARTITION ESPECIALLY NVRAM BEFORE PROCEEDING, NVRAM PARTITION STORES IMEI INFO. SO YOU CAN RESTORE IT BACK IF NEEDED ** (Procedure given in post #2) Good News for lenovo k4 note users...
  26. A

    Thread Wiko ufeel, or Samsung A3 (2016), or ... - please advice before I buy

    Please advice me what to buy. I want an android-without-google phone. With e.g. cyanogenmod, or any other. I am good with computers, and coding, but myself I have no clue yet about Android development. The Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) seems better supported in this forum - so perhaps a fully...
  27. D

    Thread doodle 4 q391 custom roms..

    Upload it as soon i finish it working on cyanogen 13.....
  28. I

    Thread meh nice.. but source?

    Ok, Honor 8 in every page than we open on xda.. but, do we know if they're going to release the source code? so we can get rid of this emui and install CM without too many bug.. do we have some info?
  29. Nyqi

    Thread What about ROMs?

    What about ROMs like Cyanogen, etc. will they be available?
  30. A

    Thread [Guide] [Video] How to install CyanogenMod 12 on Samsung Galaxy S4

    Content removed.
  31. evronetwork

    Thread - Really uncool behavior(WARNING)

    So in the past I've mention that OnePlus One had issues if you try to charge it while it's turned off, the charging led(red) isn't on and I went here to tell my story: Well not much people got...
  32. T

    Thread [BOOT SPLASH] Google Nexus

    Hi Guys Here's a custom bootsplash for you Xiaomi haters ( and those who want to completely rebrand their Redmi 2, Like Me!) But First! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU BRICK YOUR DEVICE! IF YOU BRICK YOUR DEVICE, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS TO RESTORE STOCK SPLASH Requirements Xiaomi Redmi 2/2A/Prime...
  33. Logiel

    Thread Error 255 in TWRP when making a Nandroid Backup

    Hello friends ! So to install CM13 on my tab (GT-P5110) i need to make a Nandroid Backup. Unfortunately, when at 75 % of the backup, the log of TWRP says me : E : createTarFork process ended with error=255 Any clues to resolve this issue ? Thank you.
  34. Logiel

    Thread Error 255 in TWRP when making a Nandroid Backup

    Hello friends ! So to install CM13 on my tab (GT-P5110) i need to make a Nandroid Backup. Unfortunately, when at 75 % of the backup, the log of TWRP says me : E : createTarFork process ended with error=255 Any clues to resolve this issue ? Thank you.
  35. Logiel

    Thread Error 255 in TWRP when I try to make a Nandroid Backup

    Hello friends ! So to install CM13 on my tab i need to make a Nandroid Backup. Unfortunately, when at 75 % of the backup, the log of TWRP says me : E : createTarFork process ended with error=255 Any clues to resolve this issue ? Thank you.
  36. nleco

    Thread Help Google Play Store on Cyanogen 12.1 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    I installed Cyanogen 12.1 on my Samsung Google Nexus. I need help finding the Gapps, mainly just the Play Store. OPenGApps and CGApps don't seem to have them. this phone's platform is TI OMAP4460.
  37. itsmedRb

    Thread In CM 12.1, ES File Explorer Can Not Open A Specific Folder.

    Hey see video. I can not write about the problem.
  38. B

    Thread is there going to be a cyano official rom?

    just wandering if cyano is going to suport the oneplus 3
  39. A

    Thread Help !!!! Volume up button going mad on CM based Roms :(

    Hello everyone, Im on i9300. I dont know why the volume button going mad when I install CM based ROMS ( Official Cyanogenmod too) :( The volume up button is automatically turning up and going mad. This only happens in CM based ROMS. The volume button works normal with Samsung based ROMS. Can...
  40. N

    Thread how to install cyanogen in lenovo A680?

    Hello Im bored by using android 4.2 from many years, i want something new in my device im tired of finding how to install cyanogen in lenovo A680 i dont know from where i can get working stock ROM of Lenovo A680 and i dont know how can i port rom perfectly i hope you can help me !
  41. simonepsp

    Thread Help with CM13 boot loop - logcat included

    Hi, my oneplus one with CM13 (14_06 build) is stuck in a bootloop and I don't know how to solve. Here's what I have tried to do: Wipe cache Flash a previous build Delete the last apps I have installed via adb (pm uninstall APPNAME) The last thing I have done before rebooting is installing the...
  42. N

    Thread It is time, i decided to compile a ROM myself but....

    Hello everyone, I hope to find some help from the Gurus out there. I have a decent amount of knowledge so i decided to compile a ROM from my unsupported device. What is not clear to me is how do i compile a ROM with different android_device, android_vendor and android_kernel sources I'm...
  43. M

    Thread Can't find my OPO on ADB, also reboot loop on lock screen, help please?

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem on my OPO after updating to Android 6.x.x (don't know the exact version, just the newest available update). I've been using 4.4.4. for a long time because of the superior battery life, but I was forced to update because my google play services started to crash...
  44. I

    Thread cant enable wifi on stock or cm roms

    Hi, I have a Samsung galaxy note 4 sprint. I currently was on stock 6.0.1 then i flashed cyanogen mod 12.1. at this point i was happy and what not, but i tried turning on wifi and it stuck on "turning wifi on" I tried factory restoring, wiping both cache/dalvich cache, reflashing, updating...
  45. M

    Thread [HELP] Stuck in Boot Animation

    I encounter this many many times especially on Custom ROM. The problem occur always occuring when my phone turned off because of empty battery, and charged it so I can open it up. This occur always in different Custom ROM. Always got stuck on Boot Animation. The only solution I found is wiping...
  46. Mfsto

    Thread No more CyanogenMod for Zuk Z1?

    It's been almost 10 days since the last CyanogenMod nightly update and the latest snapshot isn't fully functional at all! I can't seem to find any news about our device and this makes me incredibly disappointed... :confused: :(
  47. screwedbyexisten

    Thread Looking for the Awesome CyanogenMod Atom Boot Animation

    There is a video of it here: I haven't been able to find it, and I don't know what it's called / what version of CM its from.
  48. Uqbar

    Thread CyanogenMod?

    Is there any news about? I have read about Ulephone (Helio P10) supporting CyanogenMod. What about P9000?
  49. L

    Thread Stock Camera App on Cyanogen 13 ROM Marshmallow

    Has someone ever ported the original stock camera app on our S5? Which has a Cyanogen Marshmallow rom? If someone knows, it would be appreciated for helping me :)
  50. MasterJack1697


    Hey evryone i have found a method to install truecaller on cm13 snapshot based roms First,i have tested this method only on ResurrectionRemix 5.6.7 and CM13 nightly for Nexus 6 and on cm13 snapshot for Nexus 5 EDIT: doesen't work anymore on RR 5.7.0 and probably on CM13 Nigthly, try on the...