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  1. Stefanos53


    Hello!!! I need help to xperia x8 cyanogenmod 10 4.0.1 unofficial rom!!! From the first moment I put this rom it is not fast at all. (It is slower than the official one) That's why I want to put a booster application to make my phone work faster!!! Can you suggest me something?
  2. garfnodie

    Thread [SOLVED] What recovery should I use with CM 10?

    I got bored today and decided to pull out the old N7, 2012 version. I update recovery to TWRP, installed CM 12.1, realized this tablet crawls with any version of Android other than shipped version, so I went and got CM 10 and GApps for JB, wiped and flashed them back on. I didn't see...
  3. axxx007xxxz

    Thread Guide: how to install CyanogenMod 10 [Xperia E]

    How to install CyanogenMod 10 on Xperia E NOTE: Flash the ROM on Jelly Bean, not Ice Cream Sandwich. Download the ROM from here If you want also download the Gapps (Google's apps) from here Copy it (or them) in your SD card Power off your phone Connect at your pc in fastboot mode (USB + Vol up =...
  4. B

    Thread [Q] Removing hardware keyboard shortcuts?

    Hi, does anyone know how to remove the hardware keyboard shortcuts? For example, when I push I and E on the keyboard at the same time when typing it opens up the Phone dialler program. I'm on Cyanogenmod 10 if that makes any difference. I have had a look in settings and can't see anything...
  5. KeiranFTW

    Thread [GUIDE] How to: Install CM10.2 on LOCKED bootloader [Xperia SP]

    Disclaimer: I am not to be held responsible for any actions that you take by following this guide that result in harm to your device. Sony devices are almost impossible to brick. pre-requirements: You're going to need the following things: Flashtool CWM Xperia SP Package .266 4.3 kernel .257...
  6. C

    Thread [Q] Xperia play touchpad issues

    After installing CM 10 the touchpad stopped working, but unlike similar issues the circle (O) button still works. I tried fixes like modifying the bulid prop same as this thread stated but no avail. I have also tried installing CM9...
  7. MrGezz

    Thread CyanogenMod 10 for LOCKED bootloaders(Discontinued)

    CyanogenMod 10 for LOCKED bootloaders(Discontinued) This is CM10 for locked bootloaders. Base on FXPCM10 #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm...
  8. JiMiTVAiDYA

    Thread Better ROM Fusion from two ROMs for Sony Xperia E Single with CyanogenMod 10

    You can find so many nice ROMs for Sony Xperia E Dual but it is very difficult to find the perfect ROM for Sony Xperia E Single since most of the developers are using Sony Xperia E Dual. So here I'm posting how to get the CyanogenMod 10 on your Sony Xperia E Single ! There are two very nice...
  9. B

    Thread [Q] fixed status 7, but cm install still aborting

    Hi, I am trying to install a new version of CM. I have however encountered a status 7 error which I have fixed by editing the updater-script in the zip file. After trying to re-install I don't get a status 7 error anymore, but the installation just aborts. Here is my log file if anyone can help...
  10. B

    Thread [Q] fixed status 7 at cm install, but still not working

    Hi, I am trying to install a new version of CM. I have however encountered a status 7 error which I have fixed by editing the updater-script in the zip file. After trying to re-install I don't get a status 7 error anymore, but the installation just aborts. Here is my log file if anyone can help...
  11. AnonFBI

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod 10 for Allwinner a13 [08/28/13]

    Hello, i just created cm10 for allwinner a13 tablets (EVB versions) Android 4.1.2 I compiled cm10 source and I made a custom kernel Features: - CyanogenMod Features - Expanded desktop mode - Init.d Scripts: -- ZipAlign -- Internal speed fix -- Perfect Mounts -- SQL Optimize -- Auto setup...
  12. C

    Thread [Q] Can I dirty flash from 10 to 10.1

    Hello. I'm running the stable build of cyanogenmod 10, and am thinking of updating to the stable of 10.1. Can I just do the dirty flash instructions to update, or do I need to do a brand new clean flash, and start over. I've used the search bar, but can't seem to find anything specific to this...
  13. V

    Thread [DISCUSSION] CyanogenMod 10 | Sony Xperia E/J/Miro/Tipo

    I have been monitoring the CM10 Development thread for quite some time and what I see is everybody is spamming so I decided to make this Discussion thread to reduce the spam on the development thread! Development Thread by FXP - You can...
  14. azureus139

    Thread [Q] Cyanogen 10 messaging has started splitting sms please help

    I have a rooted phone into which I have installed the CyanogenMod 10 Messaging App. All was working fine but then it started splitting long texts when sending and not connecting long texts upon receipt both of which it did previously. I know there is a 160 character limit but the sent record...
  15. P

    Thread [Q] problem

    Hey guys, i have a big problem and i really need your help :( I am in Cyanogenmod FXP218 and about an hour ago i decided to upgrade it to FXP219, last time when i tried to install FXP218 it gave status 7 error i solved it by clean install but this time i flashed before copying...
  16. Ysleiro

    Thread Can't SIM unlock One S on Cyanogenmod 10

    I put cyanogenmod 10 on my HTC One S. I sent the phone to my cousin in DR (Dominican Republic) upon arrival we realized I made a big mistake. I didn't SIM unlock the phone. I went online and found a website that does it for cheap: I got the code, sent it to my cousin, and he...
  17. nagenderjeet

    Thread How to upgrade the LG G2x P999 to Android 4.1.1 JB via CyanogenMod 10 (Unofficial)

    Hi All! Recently, while surfing through the ocean of ROMs for my LG G2X P999, I came across this ROM. Couldn't find any link related to this on XDA. So thought of pointing the G2X owners to this link:
  18. Chrissyboy101

    Thread [ROM] Lolfisch v1.0 for the Jiayu G3N

    Welcome to my thread for the Jiayu G3N, the new release of the G3 with the s501 chip. I have ported GThrill ROM v3.0 to the G3N. GThrill is based on Cyanogenmod 10. It is Jelly bean 4.1.2. There is currently no theme support, but I'll look into that in future builds. Details of the GThrill ROM...
  19. M

    Thread [Q] Install Fastboot Driver to flash kernel

    Hello everyone. I am trying to flash my Xperia Mini Pro to a current 4.1 CM ROM. I am using this howto: But i am stuck at step 3 because I cannot get a driver installed. I've tried the following: Installed flashtool and...
  20. D

    Thread [Q] Sense camera and gallery

    Is there anyway i can get the sense camera and gallery on my cm10 rom?
  21. X

    Thread [ace plus][4.1.2]rom compilation cm10

    Full credits go to ( amanmehta007 ) ( parudthz ) TheWhisp for being AWESOME LATEST DOWNLOAD: Mod edit: Download link removed LATEST GOOGLE...
  22. bilal_liberty

    Thread [Rom][4.1.2] ParanoidAndroid

    Note For paranoid settings you will need to install super user first through recovery aka root ur phone. Credits For this work all credits goes to u-ra, me, Elias96 and jonah1234. Do click on thanks button of all of us if you liked the progress of our work.
  23. bilal_liberty

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][Discontinued] Unofficial CyanogenMod 10

    Note: Cyanogenmod10.1 is released and so all the work is done on that so this rom may not get any further updates or development.... Screenshots:
  24. abshake

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod 10 & One V

    Hello Frnz, I just want know if cyanogenmod 10 is suitable for One V or not? I've been to cyanogenmod’s official website n they say it does not support however, many ppl claim to otherwise. Help would b much appreciated
  25. K

    Thread [Q] Unable to Hard Reset on CM 10.1 /w Encryption

    EDIT: Screw it. Odining stock and seeing what happens. *shrugs* So if anyone points me towards an existing thread. I did search. CyanogenMod Hard Reset, CM Hard Reset, CM can't reset, etc. If there is something out there I missed. Sorry. ANYWAYS! So I want to get off of Cynanogenmod...
  26. D

    Thread CF3D Drivers problem (Samsung Skyrocket)

    Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and the other day I tried installing the CF3D Drivers for my phone. But apparently, Chainfire doesn't really work for JB and I'm running CM10. I installed it and the phone rebooted but now I can't get passed the Samsung logo. I downloaded a fresh CM10...
  27. educk

    Thread [ROM][JB][CM10] by ErikMod-HardCore v2.1 -development stopped-

    First of all, all credit goes to ivendor because these ROM's are based on his work so if you like my ROM please go to invedor's thread and press the thanks button. These are also my first custom ROMs. From 14.01.2013 my ROM's will come in 3 different versions. Users may choose the one that...
  28. iptux

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][JZO54K][STABLE]Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 for Xiaomi MI-ONE[DISCONTINUED]

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.2 (JB), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices...
  29. C

    Thread [Q] Sprint Gnex Voicemail issues

    Hey all, have a quick question. Been using Cyanogenmod on my Gnex for about 2 weeks now (running 10-20121125-nightly-toroplus) and I've noticed that the voice mail icon doesn't show when I've been left a msg. I assume that it's because I'm running a nightly build that hasn't had that item...
  30. ShadowCodeGaming

    Thread [GUIDE] Returning to stock from a ROM with new partition scheme

    Here are the steps for going back to stock: Download your stock firmware from (Registration is necessary, but is free) Download the ''FlashProgram'' from samfirmware (Odin + PIT) Unzip firmware, so you have either 3 .tar/.md5 files or 1 .tar/.md5 Unzip the...
  31. Notorio

    Thread [Q] My Wifi Speeds Are Atrocious! Soultions?

    Running on Cyanogenmod 10 12/3 Nightly. Ok here's my conundrum. My router has up to a 300mb/s burst & my speeds haven't suffered on any other device except my phone. The odd thing is the fact that my wifi is listed as having 72mb/s speed. See screenshot below... Here's the kicker: A speed...
  32. H

    Thread Cyanogenmod 10 Car Dock Audio

    I have this car dock: And when I try to use the dock, audio comes out of the speakers on the phone, not through the car. What can I do to fix this?
  33. lecongdon

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 10.

    Welcome to an unofficial (Nightly), CyanogenMod 10 JellyBean release! From CYANOGENMOD Link Download: (Update 12/2012) (More Update: Google Apps: More...
  34. Rishabh13

    Thread [FIX][CM9][CM10]Music files NOT appearing in Music Players

    WARNING: you need root for this! A common problem with ICS and JB Stock as well as ROMs is that the music isn't appearing in the music player. This is caused due to presence of a file ".nomedia" in your music player folders. Up until now, you either had to use inbuilt music player ES File...
  35. N

    Thread [Q] Screen sometimes won't come on w/ CM10 stable

    I can't remember if this happened with the build I was using before (month 2) -- I think perhaps one or two times, but I'm not 100% sure. However, more recently it has been happening quite a lot. Sometimes the phone will just simply not turn the screen on. There's not even any backlighting...
  36. R

    Thread [Q] CyanogenMod 10 Stable v.s. Asus 4.1

    Hi, My Infinity is unlocked and rooted and I noticed that CyanogenMod 10 is now stable for Infinity. I Still have the JB version Asus distributed OTA and no customisations. My question is - How do they actually compare? - When I look in Google, I still find articles where things on the Asus...
  37. P

    Thread [Q] Very poor battery life

    Hi! I just got my Xperia Mini Pro (a week ago). I immediately flashed it with CM10 #146 and overall I'm satisfied with it's resoponsivness and performance. The only thing that worries me is horrible battery life, I just charged it this morning and now, about 6 hours later (20 mins of talking...
  38. G

    Thread [Q] CM10 and AOKP - Internal, SD card and USB storage mapping broken

    I've got a Samsung Galaxy Note n7000. I've hopped around a bit, but recently I've tried to move (back) to JB based CM10 (nightly) and also AOKP (JB Milestone 1). For both CyanogenMod and AOKP, I quickly came across the issue that most apps can't see any storage folders. This includes...
  39. N

    Thread [Q] Want to undervolt CM10. KT747 kernel not working?

    I wanted to undervolt my CPU a bit to hopefully get a better battery life. Especially now that I've gotten a tablet (Nexus 7, so nothing to sneeze at) I'm using my phone as a Android device a little less and most of my gaming on it allows for some very low CPU speeds anyway. So to that end, if...
  40. Uqbar

    Thread [Q] WiFi only tablet for CyanogenMod 10

    I'm doing my choice in the other way around. I want CM10 also on my tablet to come, just like I'm running CM10 on my two smartphones. I don't know yet which one I'll buy. I only know I'd like to have a cheap, WiFi only, 7" or 8" tablet to run CM10. I also know that cheap tablet are very often...
  41. ametarasu

    Thread [Q] Can Cyanogenmod 10 sync twitter/facebook contacts

    Hi, Does Cyanogenmod 10 sync twitter/facebook contacts? In my One X contact sync is enabled for Facebook, google, whatsapp and linkedin, but no for twitter. In Settings > account > twitter sync is enabled. EDIT: I was wrong about Facebook contact sync. Even though its listed under the accounts...
  42. tobitege

    Thread [FAQ][CM10][Kang] for Bruce2728

    FAQ for [ROM][CM10][Kang][Pyramid][RC][4.1.2] This is a FAQ for users who would like to start (or just have) with Bruce's amazing ROM and run into issues. The development thread is frequently seeing already-answered questions, frustrating many others and drastically blowing up the thread...
  43. N

    Thread [PORT] [ROM] [JB] [4.1.2] PARANOIDANDROID v2.2 [CM10Hybrid] UPDATE 2012.10.22.

    What does work: Probably everything what works in miroslav_mm jb build. Paranoid settings For change paranoid setting Open system/etc/paranoid/propeties.conf edit and everything work fine ( root need) You can open paranoid setings for check dpi sizes and than you can saefty edit propeties.conf...
  44. A

    Thread [DEV][JB][Samsung Galaxy GT-I5510]Unofficial Cyanogenmod 10

    This is it folks. The unofficial Cyanogenmod 10 by Ajay D. and Ajay Al. ! Built from source and it is fast ! Screenshots : Working: Partially working : Not Working: Forever broken : How to flash : Credits : Refer to this link for freeing up space : Link P.S : This is far...
  45. Jay-kesrwani

    Thread [Q] Is it worth unlocking my bootloader ?

    I'd unlock my bootloader straight away but only if it doesn't void my warranty .. i still have about 7 months in it . I have a rooted xperia S , eager to install cyanogenmod 10 M2 cuz it gives me android 4.1.2 while being stuck now with 4.0.4 ... So is it worth unlocking the booloader ? i...
  46. raziel23x

    Thread [ROM][CDMA][BOOTMENU Versions] for RAZR-RAZR MAXX CM10 by STS-Dev-Team

    [ROM][CDMA][BOOTMENU Versions] for RAZR-RAZR MAXX CM10 by STS-Dev-Team Credit: Dhacker29, Hashcode, Whirleyes (for his awesome work with Bootmenu), everyone who donated to make this possible :P Cyanogenmod 10 Preview (beta - nearly ready for daily use) Remember: These are beta versions...
  47. B

    Thread [Q] Fried my GPS, not working at all on any roms.

    I was flashing between CyanogenMod 10 nightlies and DrewGaren's Jelly Bean roms, wiping data every single time and always doing a clean flash when I noticed on CyanogenMod 10/05 nightly that the GPS wasn't catching any satellites at all. It doesn't seem like it's even trying because the GPS dot...
  48. L

    Thread [Q] [Help] Bootloader Loop don't know what to do!

    I have been using Cyanogen Mod for years now and have never had issues, When I saw a Official Nightly of CM10 for my SGH-T989 I figured I would flash it. I did what I always do, 1. Created Backups for phone. 2. Used Darkside Superwipe for Both Phone and Cache 3. Installed CM10 with the...
  49. TRuth14

    Thread [Q] Which CM10 rom should I use?

    Which is better CM10 between Modpunk and Benjamingwynn ? Modpunk : Benjamingwynn : ohh and Dudeman1996 too : I'm looking...
  50. hhlong89

    Thread Cyanogen teams announced CM10 M "monthly" and "stable"!

    As the tittle, CM team announced a CM 10 M ROM to Xperia S and Acro S. They said that more "stable". But now don't have dowload-file! You can view source or find anything here! And can we hope to a "less-issues" rom? :confused: :angel: :victory: