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  1. davidcie

    Thread [Q] Error compiling CM9 on Ubuntu 14.10

    Following many of the excellent CM building guides on xda as well as CM's wiki, I was able to quite smoothly get my virtual Ubuntu to begin building ICS. However, after about 5 minutes of it happily churning out binaries, the build stops complaining about being unable to recognize...
  2. T

    Thread [Q]CyanogenMod 9 Samsung Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690?

    Hello guys, i have a request for all Samsung Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690 devs. Can anyone dev help me port CyanogenMod 9 for my Xcover? How can i do that if it's possible of course :)
  3. Tusnal

    Thread [Q] Samsung Galaxy S2 Camera - Cyanogenmod 9

    Hi Guys, I´ve got my SgS2 working on Cyanogenmod 9, but find the camera app very disappointing compared to the stock one. It was almost as good as a digital camera, fast, more settings, and much better resolution. Can any one recommend a better camera similar to the stock one? Thanks :cyclops:
  4. Rishabh13

    Thread [FIX][CM9][CM10]Music files NOT appearing in Music Players

    WARNING: you need root for this! A common problem with ICS and JB Stock as well as ROMs is that the music isn't appearing in the music player. This is caused due to presence of a file ".nomedia" in your music player folders. Up until now, you either had to use inbuilt music player ES File...
  5. V

    Thread Cyanogenmod 9 with ncx kernel

    Hi everyone, This is not a question but this is the answer. I saw that someone asked is the battery life good with ncx kernel and cm9 on our HOX. I flashed it yesterday and my first impression was the smoothnes of the ROM with the kernel. Let me just say that I am using max CPU 1200Hz and on...
  6. Lennox Alexion

    Thread [APP] Google Now [ICS]

    Not my work! Just sharing the links and the instructions.. Google now for ICS based ROMs (tested on CyanogenMod 9.1 build#9) pPqliPzHYyc The Thread Requirements: You must be on Ice Cream Sandwich. Rooted Device A deodexed ROM You should be running a custom recovery like...
  7. M

    Thread Can't receive incoming calls

    i have successfully built from sources cm9 for my g5, only problem is that i can't receive incoming calls: the screen goes black, then in lockscreen; on the other phone i can hear that the other phone (my g5) is busy; i have tried to change from umts/gprs, reinstalling the rom, rebuilding the...
  8. HTCDreamOn

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION] CyanogenMod 9 Bootanimation, in a neat and tidy flashable zip! :D

    Hey! You may have seen my ICS Pattern lock post, I'm back again with something more conservative. I've...
  9. E

    Thread [Q] Stuck on boot loop [E:can't mount]

    Hello, Last month I installed my I9000 CM9 using CWM recovery, today I decided to give my brother's phone a go doing the same. He didn't have CWM recovery, so we had to flash it using Odin, after a few tries we managed to do this and now the phone starts in recovery mode. In recovery mode...
  10. W

    Thread [DEV][ROM]Unofficial CyanogenMod 9 for many Boxchip/Allwinner A13 tablets

    I created cyanogenmod 9 rom for Manta mid08, but it should work with other tablets with Allwinner/Boxchip A13 SoC. Rom status: six alpha Basic functions and hardware: Sound Works Headphones Works Screen Works Touch Works HW/3D Works ADB Works SDcard...
  11. chui101

    Thread [ROM][CM9][ICS] OFFICIAL CyanogenMod 9 for LG C800/MyTouch Q/Eclypse

    CyanogenMod 9 for the LG C800 (T-Mobile USA MyTouch Q, Bell/Virgin Mobile Canada Eclypse) What is Cyanogenmod 9? CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock...
  12. O

    Thread how to sync friends along with 'contact numbers' from facebook?

    i have cyanogenmod 9 running on my lg optimus p500. On cyanogenmod 7.2 i had contact sync on facebook which allowed to sync all my friends with contact numbers from my facebook. But on 4.0.4, facebook dont have any sync option. i heard google took away that useful(to me very useful) feature. So...
  13. S

    Thread Bootloop with Nova

    hi so i was running NOVA HD 1.0.3 and i wanted to update to 1.1.0, but i didnt know if there was a different way except for flashing to i opened a post on XDA and got respone:"yes, u can just flash over the older version, if u dont wipe data all files will be saved" (thats what it said in...
  14. C

    Thread [ROM][NIGHTLY] CyanogenMod 9 Sprint Galaxy S III(d2spr) Nightly Discussion

    Feel free to discuss about anything pertaining to the nightlies churned out by the build bots. PqYGi8QQU6I Link: Dualboot CM9 and FakeCWM You may have a better experience with dualboot CM9-on-EMMC, which allows you to keep your standard ROM intact while you play with CM9 nightly builds...
  15. MaxFTW

    Thread [ROM][ARC/ARC S]Cyanogenmod 9 RC1 Official! - Amazing Video CM9 RC1 overview. MUST SEE AND SUBSCRIBE! ;) - CM9 RC1 is available! Amazing CM9 RC1 ROM is available! Arc users! We have finally anticipated! Thanks, CM Team!
  16. B

    Thread [Q] How to install Youtube

    Hello fellow users of XDA, I recently downloaded Cyanogenmod 9 for the Asus transformer prime and I also installed the Google Apps Package. However, there is no Youtube app in the app drawer and I cannot seem to download it from the Google Play Store, is there anyway to get Youtube back? Any...
  17. mrmad23

    Thread [ADDON] [ROM] MrMaddon 2.5 /1X: SS3 Addon w/ TouchwizUX|1Xream SandWiz 1.1

    MrMaddon S3 Addon// 1Xream SandWiz ROM Why? with releasing their long awaited S3 we wanted to give to as many people as possible with the release of an addon pack for the HTC One X. As some may have already known, we have published some addon packs for the Nexus and S1. We are going to...
  18. TechKidTarek

    Thread Aokp vs Cyanogenmod 9 vs WebOS vs others

    i would like to see what is the most used rom for the touchpad and which is the least used. and the pros and cons of each one
  19. Ron G

    Thread [ROM][4.0.4][ICS][IMM76L][BETA 9]Unofficial CyanogenMod 9 .1[PecanCM]

    CyanogenMod is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0 (ICS), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. Disclaimer: #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices...
  20. L

    Thread [Q] Enryption ot working

    When I try and sync my tp running cm9 alpha 2 with exchange server it requires me to use encryption now that it is available on android. On previous versions of android I didn't have to do this since it wasn't available. I'm okay with doing this however encryption never works, and thus I can't...
  21. WEM97

    Thread [Tutorial][SystemTheme]Metro UI System Theme by Brobot175

    This thread is for the people who wish to have this system theme on their nook Color. I take no credit for any of the files here because none of them are mine. All due credit is given at the bottom. *Note: Assume almost anything to do with your device on this thread requires root access! If you...
  22. goutamniwas

    Thread [WIP]Cyanogenmod 9 for galaxy y - WORKING ON THE SOURCE COME BACK LATER

    cyanogenmod 9 for galaxy y(based on cm9 beta 7 for mini(android 4-ics)) need testers and devs , if you can help me just pm me, the test versions are released through pm's development team: *Goutamniwas *Dreamboxuser *Dranzer006 *Hcdfroyd247 *Feras.rehman *DQiB *Thatgrass *Sgy.creed...
  23. V

    Thread [CM9 ICS 4.0] Mods, Themes, Add-ons, Apps etc. support

    Created this thread to keep the development side free of spam. And giving some noobs support and confirming what works with this port and what doesn´t. :rolleyes: I´m going to start of with this theme:): 5.9.1 Version bootloops use older versions! I can confirm that this theme is working...
  24. I

    Thread [DISCONTINUED] imilka's CyanogenMod 9 v03 [IMM76D/4.0.4]

    *** disclaimer *** This is UNOFFICIAL CM9 build compiled using galaxys2 branch This build IS NOT SUPPORTED by CyanogenMod team Please, do not ask anything or report bugs directly to CM9 team members, they're not responsible for that - report anything you will find to me This is just clean CM9...
  25. goutamniwas

    Thread Icecream sandwich(cm 9) for galaxy fit beta 4

    cyanogenmod 9 beta 4 is the latest version for galaxy fit,and the developers galaxyics team have done an exceptional job in making this rom good for day to day use .you can get the rom and install procedure here dont forget to click thanks
  26. R

    Thread [Q] Building cyanogenmod 9 Nigtlies on Galaxy S2

    Hi, I have a question about building cyanogenmod 9 nigtlies on Galaxy S2. I have followed this guide to the letter. But I have a problem in the final part ". build/ && brunch galaxys2" at the "&& brunch galaxys2" part. I have repo synched the ICS branch of the repository. I don't...
  27. bradman117

    Thread [BOOT ANIMATION]-CyanogenMod 9!!

    CyanogenMod 9 My friend just gave me this. Here is the CyanogenMod 9 (CM9) boot animation for you all! GIF animation!: Click Here! Root Explorer method: 1. Put the the on your SD card 2. Open Root Explorer and copy to /system/media. 3. Reboot your phone If...
  28. SecFry

    Thread [Ended][ROM/DEV][CM9/?][05.08.12] CyanogenMod 9 for EVO 3D (5+2, 5+5 - 99% - try it!)

    ROM discontinued. Follow CM10 thread #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this...
  29. M

    Thread [DEV] CyanogenMod 9.0.0-RC0-GT-S5570-GalaxyICS-KANG-beta7 [Latest update: 08.04.12]

    Hi! This topic is about real ICS development for Mini. This topic is only for developing at this moment! Please, keep this topic clear! I'll answer only for questions about developing or CM9 for Mini. About others, please write to me at PM! IF YOU WANT TO USE MY WORK, YOUR WORK MUST TO BE...
  30. AKDMA

    Thread [BOOT ANIM] NEW Official CM9 Boot Animation download, Smooth, All Screen Resolutions

    Here you go guys, I made my first ever boot animation today, it's the official CyanogenMod 9 animation from the official youtube video. This is a much smaller file than the 60mb versions in the other thread. There's no visible loss in quality and the result is much smoother. These are 4-20mb...
  31. E

    Thread [ROM][KANG][IMM76L][v01.01] Non-official CyanogenMod 9

    Hello you all, Here's a non-official CyanogenMod 9 beta ROM which is almost fully working on our wildfire. /!\ WARNING /!\ this ROM is currently BETA. Important things work, there are still things that doesn't work and the device is suffering slow-downs If you can't stand that, make sure you...
  32. navjot94

    Thread CM9 Tweaks

    I've been using the CM9 Kangs (found in this thread) and I was poking around the forums and stumbled upon this: I tried the transparent status bar and it worked :) (Screen shots attached) I'm in the process of trying the 4-way...
  33. lupohirp

    Thread [UNOFFICIAL][DEV/GEEKS-ONLY] Cyanogenmod 9 (Android 4.0.3)[BETA4][KANG TEST BUILD]

    IT'S TIME TO BRING SOME ICY BISCUITS TO OUR BELOVED OPTIMUS ONE!!!!!!:D This is cyanogenmod 9 compiled from source :) What works: Full HWAcceleration Bluetooth 3D(??????) TESTT ITTTT :)))) Sensors( tried accelerometer) Electron Beam OFF Audio GPS(????) GSM JIT Offline charging Another thing...
  34. jenablinsky

    Thread [TOOL]Stock SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk restorer![ONLY ICS][SGS][I9K,I9KB]

    Stock UI Restorer by jenablinsky This is a CWM-flashable .zip that restore your stock (depending by base ROM) SystemUI.apk, framework-res.apk or framework.jar (and more, depending by MOD). It's useful for those who have installed, for example, PerkaMOD (only teamhacksung) or Graphic Tweaks by...
  35. jokersax11

    Thread [Ics] unofficial cm9 by jokersax 8/23/2012

    This Kanged CM9 Alpha build is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 4.0 (ICS), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. **Disclaimer** * these are alphas so understand that means things are broken * * I am...
  36. M

    Thread [Q] Can you put a complete noob's mind at rest?

    Ok, so I have a Nexus S, not 4G just the I9020A. Up until now I kept stock Android on it, and the most creative I got was using ADW launcher EX. After seeing ICS and waiting SO long, I just had to have it, I can't wait on Google anymore. Anyways, I have a few burning questions 1. I'm running...
  37. dustookk

    Thread [Q] about CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 13 by KalimochoAz

    Everything going great in my i9023 but it seems the screen does't go to sleep at all:confused:
  38. valedelu

    Thread [Q] CyanogenMod 9 for Galaxy S port for i9003

    Hi all, is available for the Galaxy 9 CyanogenMod based on ICS, my question is... is possible the porting to our device? Can someone tell me how to port the i9003 drivers to the CyanogenMod 9? I know how to build a kernel and rom. Please help me.
  39. R

    Thread [ROM] [WIP] [Beta] Ice Cream Sandwich Beta 1.0 [12/9/2011] [AOSP]

    I figured I might as well start a new thread for this since we have taken over the development and maintenance of this Rom. We couldn't have made it nearly as far as we have without these people (listed in no particular order): -Protekk -aeroevan -twistedumbrella -grouper -palmercurling...