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  1. M

    Thread Level of interest in maintaining UNOFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 for d2vzw ??

    I've setup a build environment and started generating my own Unofficial LOS 14.1 rom for the d2vzw. The ROM is unmodified , and is exactly what Lineage would normally be making available if the phone was still being maintained. The only difference is that my build is signed with my private key...
  2. Rawb0Ss

    Thread [Q] Sprint SGS3 flashed to PagePlus = Sprint or Verizon roms?

    I have recently acquired a Sprint SGS3 SPH-L710. It was still original stock at 4.4.2, never rooted. i flashed the n2j stock rom through odin, and then I had it flashed from Sprint to PagePlus and it is working okay (still need to get 3g going) Then used cm-autoroot and installed twrp (debating...
  3. S

    Thread [Q] CM11 flash NE1 radio

    I am currently on the CM 11 AOSP ROM, bootloader unlocked and everything, can I simply flash the d2vzw NE1 modem zip from here http://www.invisiblek.org/firmware/d2/ via TWRP? I won't have a locked bootloader right?
  4. jonny30bass

    Thread SIII Custom Splash Screens (LOTS of Colors!) (d2vzw) (accepting requests)

    Here are some flashable splash screen zips if anyone is interested. I did not create the original image nor the software that I used to make these. All I did was upscale it and make multiple colors of it, and then I made flashable zips of them. Oh...and these are not animations. They show right...
  5. vtknightmare

    Thread [Q] Sporadic text sending on d2lte, help?

    Hey guys, So I flashed Omnirom over the weekend onto my SCH-i535 d2vzw using the droidhype 0500614 build [1], the micro-modular pkg gapps[2] and the 040214 build of the BMS kernel [3] along with SuperSU via TWRP I have installed the Xposed framework and have XPrivacy installed as a...
  6. J

    Thread Some sort of brick

    This morning, I was on the current CM experimental build. I decided to flash the latest nightly. It flashed normally. It got about halfway through the "Android is optimizing applications" screen. Then, it shut off. It now boots to the point where the CM guy is on the screen with the spinning...
  7. daimerion

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][AOKP][Kitkat 4.4.4][d2lte]

    AOKP Kitkat Info: I am not a developer as of yet. I am not associated with AOKP and do not take credit for anything. These will be my own personal builds with cherry picks here and there if I see something interesting. I'm simply sharing because I want to. I will build and release as I see...
  8. sgirard1991

    Thread Help porting to d2vzw

    Any devs want to help port this to the Verizon S3? I have tried but cannot seem to succeed... Yes, I know someone did this back in February, but it was just the live demo version... I have been in contact with him and he doesn't seem to want to be of much help. All he said was "It should work...
  9. TheBr0ken

    Thread [ROM][CDMA][JB-4.2.2] Official XenonHD - d2vzw V11.1 [07.03.13][LINARO 13.04]

    Team Horizon presents XenonHD Base : Jelly Bean 4.2.2 JDQ39E : FULL AOSP BASE FROM SOURCE. It's Rockstable,Blazing fast. and now Buttery Smooth too! Issues: Screen flicker I have not had the issue, but it has been said that disabling HW overlays in developers options may fix the screen...
  10. W

    Thread [ROM][4.1.2][CM10][UNOFFICAL] d2vzw

    Let me start off by saying, this IS my first source build, so don't expect me to be able to answer every question/fix every problem. My goal is to make this ROM a smooth daily driver with good performance, while still maintaining good battery life. New builds will be released when I find the...
  11. S

    Thread [Q] CyanogendMod NFC Fix (Solved!)

    I've been using the Jellybro kang of CyanogenMod (10-20121120-SKANK-d2vzw). I had NFC working as recently as the 11/3 build, but when I flashed the 11/5 build NFC broke. I tried flashing a stock JB (deodexed and rooted) rom, enabling NFC and restoring back to my nandroid, but the NFC still...
  12. Euroskank

    Thread [CM10.1] [Jellybro] D2VZW Nightly Kangs

    This is a self-compiled kang of CM10 with cherry picks from CyanogenMod’s Gerrit Instance, most comparable to a CM nightly build. You need not apply if you’re not comfortable with testing out new and possibly broken features. All credit goes to cyanogen, #teamdouche and the coders who submit to...
  13. AdamOutler

    Thread [R&D] Unlock Bootloaders

    Rules: Do not post in here unless you have something constructive to say. "Thanks", "Hey this is wonderful", and any other comments like that are not wanted. They take up space and make it more difficult to find information. I'm requesting that this thread be heavily moderated. In order to...