1. N

    Thread LG G3 D855 Hard Bricked, stuck in bootloop, no DL mode, no Recovery. BoardDiag AP pass, EMMC pass, SDRAM pass

    Hey guys I have a problem with my LG G3 D855 model stucked at bootloop. The deal is that I already tried to short two pins on motherboard and do qualcomm flash with LG BoardDiag tool. Everithung went well AP pass, EMMC pass and SDRAM pass, all good. Succesfuly restore all boot images and...
  2. G

    Thread Must Upgrade from KitKat 4.4.2 to MM

    I have a D855 with KitKat 4.4.2 (10h). It is rooted and (now) has the latest TWRP ( I have never updated from Kitkat because it runs perfectly rock solid. Until now. I have noticed that a number of apps I use on Play Store can no longer be updated. I think they have stopped supporting...
  3. B

    Thread D855 HW Reset and bootloop

    Hello, So here's my problem: After a while of use my G3 crashes at random (I haven't found the trigger yet) and bootloops for a while untill it works again. During bootloop it will just freeze, crash, and reboot again. This happens during the splash screen, the boot animation and even on the...
  4. IzzatJaradat

    Thread I Got a lot of FC problem with my LG G3 ( D855) ( v30n )

    Hello Brothers , I got a lot of FC problem while I'm using D85530n kdz ( Marshmallow ) also sometimes the phone is suddenly reboot ,and I can't downgrade to lollipop or kitkat , I searched on Google too much to go back to lollipop or kitkat for (D85530n), and its not found , I have no solution (...
  5. mythi

    Thread Looking for OEM LCD + Digitizer assembly

    As the title says would love to get a confirmed oem or close to one at least, any links would be helpful! My device is a d855. TIA
  6. draskome

    Thread [Q] Using D855 (EU) in USA on Metro PCS

    Does anyone have info or experience about using EU model (D855) in USA, specifically on Metro PCS which is using T-mobile infrastructure? It is supposed to be used for calls, and also for internet access (3g or 4g (LTE)) Any help is highly appreciated :)
  7. ppajdek

    Thread D855 32GB qnc backup file

    Looking for qcn backup file from qpst and EFS partition backup both from D855 EU 32GB version. Have some problems with wcdma and hope after comparing these file with my own i could solve it. If anyone could post it here or via PM iwoukd be very grateful. Thx in advance.
  8. 4

    Thread After Flashify LG is bricked - Please Help

    Hello guys. I´ve been fighting to root my d855. First, on 6.0 couldn´t root it. So i made a downgrade with LG Flash Tool and all was great. Then i root it with this method and all was good. When i reach the part of use Flashify because Autorec is no longer useful the phone entered in a constant...
  9. D

    Thread [ROM] LOSOS 8.1 - LineageOS On Steroids

    Updated 07.02 / 08.02 2018 Hey Community, i got a used LG G3 and of course i needed to tinker with it. Since i didn't find a rom which fits my needs, i thought i should do my own. I call it LOSOS - LineageOS On Steroids This time actually on steroids XD. Features: -OC to 2.88 GHz...
  10. A

    Thread [HELP] Horrible experience with my D855

    Hi! On 24th of April, 2017 I just bought a bricked LG G3 D855 from a guy who said it was caused by updating firmware while on low battery, died during processing and that's it. Bought it for $60. I've got some experience over bricked devices and stuff, Galaxy S2, S3, S5 and other chinaphones...
  11. A

    Thread G3 D855 Wifi/Bluetooth dead - Alternate ways to get internet

    Sup everyone, I had this phone for 2 years before the wifi hardware died. It's rooted, twrp installed, everything works except wifi/bluetooth. I don't use this phone for calls so no sim card no 3G or 4G that is. So in the long search for alternate ways to get internet I came across several posts...
  12. raghavsharmaxda

    Thread screen slowly fading (a bit different case)

    If you dont care to reply, dont read. except moderator ofcourse. tl;dr- screen black. not overheat .. touch works. even after black fading to complete black..d855... no paper/eraser/microwave stupidity.. Before you say its a common thing and is a repeat topic, let me tell you right away, its...
  13. G

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][D855] CyanogenMod 12.1 / 13.0 / 14.1 Latest + Recoveries MEGA

    A backup made by me before CyanogenMod will shut down their download site. Also here are 2 screenshots attached of the 14.1 last changelogs. DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/#F!MIUVmLAJ!FtwekeiXw27YmVFXtAffWw
  14. G

    Thread F460 model: (1) Is it worth it? & (2) OTA/LG Bridge upgrade to Android 6?

    Hello all, I am a bit confused regarding the status of LG G3 F460 model and its upgrade-ability. I know that European variants have received upgrades, but when I check I see that the Korean version is still on Android 5.1? Does anyone know whether the Korean variant can upgrade to Android 6...
  15. P

    Thread Quickcircle app?

    hello:D i currently run fulmics 6.5 on my d855 i want to use the qc case but i get only one watchface :/ i have downloaded the original v30n kdz an unpacked it. Does anyone know where to find the original quickcirle app so i can replace it? also i have tried the qc view but didnt like it
  16. manuhackzzz

    Thread Root LG G3 Oct 2016 !! Simplest !! NO PC needed (All ver supported) [tested on D855]

    Root Method: via Kingroot App Prerequisites : 1. Phone must be reset . 2. USB Debugging enabled [ follow to enable USB debugging.... Go into settings >> General >> About Phone >>Software Info >> {tap on Build number 8 times untill Developer Options gets enabled} Now go into Settings >>...

    Thread [stock][rom][ v30o ][bumped] [Marshmallow 6.0] [d855] 2017-03-30

    v30A [2017-03-30] [Marshmallow 6.0] Added from the stock v30a base system.img modem.img (v21c) boot.img - bumped rpm.img tz.img cust.img Download >https://mega.nz/#!x4s2BbzK!jqnFPWCk_uYHJjvFNw0zpFejsEAmda4Id9pxoHdqV2s For root > after flashing the zip flash this - makepermissive and this -...
  18. R

    Thread Music player problem

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this. I have installed Bliss ROM 6.4 on my G3 and sometimes when I start a song the volume spikes for a split second and gets back to normal, which is very umcomfortable, obviously :D What can I do to fix this? Is this a bug of the CM...
  19. K

    Thread [URGENT] HELP! lg g3 d855 stuck in download mode after failed attempt to flash it

    hello guys i have a lg g3 d855 i flashed it with android M every thing worked fine until 2 days ago it started rebooting every time i turn on cellular network or wifi so i decided to reset it after the reset it stuck in bootloop so i decided to flash it with custom lolipop kdz with lg flashtool...
  20. S

    Thread [Q] Device reboots after SIM unlock

    Hi all, recently my D855 with v20T (root/xposed) started to sort of randomly reboot. It seems like once the device gets too hot, it's gone. Happens rarely during general usage, often while playing a game, and especially often when starting the camera. But it behaves strangely in general: if I...
  21. A

    Thread Lg G3 D855 broken

    Hi all, Ive had my lg g3 for about 10 months and ive been running various roms, i recently tried to switch to the stock 6.0, i used the lg mobile support tool to try this, it hard bricked after the software crashed after 5 mins, i managed to fix it after a while, i got it to a state of running...
  22. G

    Thread Bricked D855 - LED flashing red & blue

    Hello, guys! I stupidly bricked my D855 trying to install CM 13. It was on Stock Lollipop. Now it only flashes red and blue led. No system and no recovery. This is exactly what I did: 1. root 2. install TWRP 3. reboot to Recovery mode 4. completely format all partitions 5. upload...
  23. dadi11

    Thread [UNOFFICIAL][6.0.1_r68][D855] Dirty Unicorns v10.6 [DU TBO GAPPS]

    About Us: Dirty Unicorns is a project that started out with no name. It was a project that was first based off AOKP back in the early days of Jelly Bean. In the early days it was just a one man show on one device, the EVO 3D. Since then, many others have joined the project and it has grown...
  24. darkguy2008

    Thread [UNBRICK] Force-flash a D855 ROM and LGFlashTool says the model is wrong? Fix here!

    Hey all! Long-time lurker, first-time poster in this subforum (as I have a G3 now). It's late and I'm writing this up here in case someone here has problems with their D850. Long story short: I downloaded CM 13 for the D855 and changed the updater-script and replaced d855 with d850. It flashed...
  25. F

    Thread Hardware Change: G4 Camera into G3 device ?

    My Camera is broken, the hardware is damaged. now thought maybe it ist possible to put a G4 Camera into my G3 d855 phone. On a photo the sizes and the connections look VERY similar... Does anybody tried this before ?
  26. superawesomeme

    Thread Advantage of CM Based ROM over Original CM?

    Noob question here, but what would you say the advantages are of ROMs like Resurrection Remix, Bliss, AICP, etc over standard unadulterated CyanogenMod? I appreciate that they have additional tweaks and customisations but what are the key advantages for you?
  27. tute123456

    Thread Root + TWRP Marshmallow D855 (30b)

    Works 100% in baseband B/C/F/A/D 16/32 for those who installed the 30b.kdz GLOBAL and EUR (thanks la pouniere ) tested by Flashtools 2014 Work fine in 30F thanks GUZGUN Work in 30C thanks massaro38 Works in 30A thanks Rusl1TA Works in 30D thanks bendev.xda Works in 30E thanks linoman8...
  28. J

    Thread LG G3 International Hidden Menu for Marshmallow

    LG G3 International(D855) hidden(Test) menu on Stock Marshmallow *#546368#*855# *#LGMENU#*855# (probably) As warned by atkoj: Do not try to update the touch screen firmware via this menu - it will put it into an unrecoverable state, the only solution is to replace the touchscreen Source...
  29. D

    Thread [MOD] LG G3 D855 Camera Fix by deadman0

    LG G3 Camera Fix by deadman0 DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. When you choose to flash the zip, you took all responsibilities. If you are afraid to flash a zip, make a nandroid backup...
  30. X

    Thread LG G3 D855 Bricked - Broken eMMC?

    Hey guys, I need your advice/help. I have googled and searched XDA for 5 hours total now and I couldn't find a solution, so please be lenient if someone has already answered this question. So I was browing along with my D855 32gb with CM13 on it. Then it crashed, which it did sometimes, so I...
  31. kentax

    Thread Weather app and services Lg G3 Lp 858hk

    Can anyone provide me with stock g3 lollipop weather app and services? Thank you. I flashed some zip and scrued things up. No stock weather to download from lg world
  32. M

    Thread HELP! Fully Bricked LG G3 D855 Blank Screen

    Hi, I think I mistakenly flashing the Fastboot partition with all wrong version of Boot, Recovey and the rest of other partition. Now phone is only turn with BLANK BLACK SCREEN, but USB Connection still active with COM assigned at port 41 (saw under device manager). Anyone have idea how to...
  33. p3r02d3r0

    Thread Several questions regarding flashing ROMs on G3 D855 (coming from HOX)

    Hi all, I have several rather noobish questions regarding flashing ROMs on G3. Yes, I have rooted the device. I'm coming from HOX on which I have flashed crapload of ROMs, so I would like to know some differences, if there are any. 1. Do you need to have absolutely the latest TWRP in order...
  34. oadam11

    Thread [ROM][5.1.1][Lollipop][Unofficial] NamelessROM 2.1 [LG G3][10/25]

    What is NamelessROM? What is NamelessROM ? Simple - NamelessROM is opportunity. An opportunity to have a voice to the development team of the after-market firmware that you run on your device. The main goal of NamelessROM is to provide quality development for android devices, phones and...
  35. Y

    Thread ? D855 Vodafone UK - BRANDED ROM (with Voda bootimage, etc)

    Hi guys, I'm going nuts soon... This is my first LG device and I'd like to get it back to stock on Vodafone. Yes, I know - I should read :p and I DID. What I would like to achieve is the full shebang with all the Voda bloatware and bootimage. I looking for this for 5 hours now and done 3 full...
  36. mo120697

    Thread please delete

    i am little new to our G3... i want to flash miui v7 on my g3 and found on miui page a rom, but only for f400. can i flash this and will lose (LTE?) something or will the device be bricked? Because on The Xperia Z1 we can flash a C6902 HSPA only) rom on C6903 (LTE) and we lost only the lte...
  37. Minux31

    Thread [ROM] [5.1.1] [D855 ONLY] SlimLP MinuxBuild [12/02/2016]

    About this rom For personal reasons and to learn, I started to compile from official sources my android roms for my first Nexus, the Nexus 4. I continue now by compiling different roms for mobiles I own. I hardly change anything in the roms, I just compile standard roms with features for...
  38. bryan2894

    Thread [MOD+TWRP][D85x|F400|LS990|VS985] MultiRom v33e [02-16-2018]

    Introduction Warning! Installation Adding ROMs Using USB drive Updating/changing ROMs Explanation of recovery menus XDA:DevDB Information MultiRom Resurrected, Tool/Utility for the LG G3 Contributors bryan2894, Eliminater74, thewalkingdude Source Code...
  39. sabret00the

    Thread [Q] Invalid Sim Card

    I'm randomly getting a invalid SIM. Sometimes this causes the phone to do this stupid countdown thing and restart. Is anyone else seeing this issue, does any have any idea how to fix it? I requested a new SIM card but it's not fixed the issue in the slightest.
  40. E

    Thread [Q] D855 (Lollipop) incompatible with Android for Work ?

    Hi there, I'm looking for someone with experience with Android for Work on international G3. I've spent a week trying to get it working - and I failed. Phone is running Android 5.0, software version V20h-EUR-XX I did factory reset many times, even recovered firmware using LG tool - but option...
  41. C

    Thread Why does my...

    When reinstalling my LG G3 D855 to default, I can never connect the device ( even with drivers installed ) until I change the COM PORT to 41. Does anyone know why this is so and what those port numbers actually mean / do?
  42. M

    Thread [Q] LG G3 D855 Security Error

    Hey there. I've been using Candy5 for a bit, but kept a nandroid backup of stock. Today I restored stock (was working for a day) but when I tried to restore back my Candy5 nandrood backup from recovery it won't boot, and shows up a LG logo with 'Security error' under it. What may be the problem...
  43. S

    Thread [Q] [ D855 ] CyanogenMod 12 Camera not Focusing

    LG G3 D855 Varient. Camera does not focus whatsoever, Does not work on Instagram, Whatsapp Messenger or any other application that utilizes the camera (including the stock camera app) When I noticed this issue, I immediately updated to the latest build, but no avail. Does anyone know of a fix...
  44. D

    Thread [Q] LG G3 D855 - No network (Service)

    Hello, I have a LG G3 D855 Phone 32 GB, and unfortunately, I cannot get any network (GSM, WCDMA or LTE). Sometimes, when I try to force him in GSM Only mode, I can get network during some seconds, but then I loose connection again. I have reinstalled the ROM several times (KDZ Method), I have...
  45. D

    Thread [Completed] cyanogenmod 12 LG G3 Crash

    Hello I recently installed Cyanogenmod 12 on my D855 LG G3, and everytime I reboot, I get a Subsystem Crash message. Below the error message: DemiGod Crash Handler: Subsystem Crash : Modem (Subsystem-restart: Resetting the SoC) Press key to choose Dload mode or Reboot. 1)Volume Up : Dload...
  46. ScAvEnGeR(PHC)

    Thread [Q] G3 Camera not focusing

    I just got a used G3 D855, the camera isn't focusing on anything. The images are blurred. I tried factory resetting the phone and i also tried google camera,yet nothing works. The ir focus light on the back lights up when using the camera. Please tell me what to do.
  47. schoolsux

    Thread [DISCONTINUED][ROM][STOCK][D855][5.0] ¤O¤O¤ VikingWay v1.2 ¤O¤O¤ [12Mar][V20i]

    Sorry for the short run VikingWay users, but I've completely lost the fun to keep this rom updated. PLEASE READ THREAD INFO CAREFULLY AND GOOGLE ONCE OR TWICE BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. VikingWay is a simple & fast rom that focuses on keeping the greatest parts of the stock experience and...
  48. dudiadudia1

    Thread [Q]flash stock rom doesnt change country

    Hi, I have d855 on lollipop TWP version. I've flashed the kdz file of germany and israel..but in the software info it still say TWN. Even though the version was updated to v20f. Any idea how to change the region/country of the rom? Cause i dont have hebrew on tgis rom. Ps im using thw lg...
  49. LOGMD

    Thread [Q] G3 Modem/Radio [AOSP | MULTIROM]

    A few questions i just wanted to clear up: I have the d855, The latest flashable version i can find of the modem is 20F, does 20H modem exist? or can i extract it from primary and make a flashable zip for secondary? Are modem and radio the same thing? (i.e. affect all wireless comms such as...
  50. K

    Thread [Q] D855 Branding after update.

    I've installed manually 5.0 Generic clean Lollipop on my G3. After few days phone told me there is update waiting. After updating throught PC it installed operator logos, wallpapers etc. Is there any way to update to clean lollipop? Any product code change?