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  1. K

    Thread Need EDL / Testpoint BlackBerry KEYone BBB100-2

    I have a smartphone that I need to recover data from, I can't find information anywhere as to the EDL points on the motherboard. Can someone help? I attach the photos.
  2. L

    Thread How should I use Wipe in TWRP?

    Hello everyone,I am new to xda.I have some questions, please help me. Into twrp.When i open the wipe.There are two buttons "Advanced" and "Format Data".And "Swipe to Factory Reset". When I turn on the Advanced Wipe, there are a few more checkboxes. Dalvik /ART Cache, Data, Internal Storage...
  3. D

    Thread Unknown application consumes mobile data

    For some time I have discovered an unknown application on my cell phone that consumes mobile data. This application cannot be deactivated or uninstalled, it only appears in the list of applications that consume mobile data, nor does it offer details of what times it connects, only the...
  4. t-ryder

    Thread [QUESTION] USB-C cable no ADB connection

    I got the original USB-C to USB-C cable for my Kebap on my charger. On the PC with Windows 10 on a very new MSI motherboard I used some cheap USB-C to USB cable for everything regarding my smartphone. Now I felt that the old cheap USB-C cable was a bit too short and got a pretty good looking...
  5. brumbrumak

    Thread Asus4max/SamsungA10s loosing data connection&no updates

    Hi all, I'm facing the problem with both phones (Asus 4 Max/ZC554KL and Samsung A10s/A107F). The signal is full, shows 4G, even the arrows, BTSs all around (almost the city centre) but the data connection keeps disconnecting. As long as there's a data transfer (downloads, online radio), it...
  6. elfarto

    Thread Data Service is automatically switched to eSIM1, even when forced not to

    I have a SM-N985F Note20Ultra, i recenty purchased a GoogleFi subscription and set it up using eSIM, (shows up as eSIM1 on the phone) my phone already has a normal SIM (SIM1) from my standard carrier. Under Settings|Connections|SIM Card manager i set Mobile Data to SIM1 , after a while or after...
  7. K

    Thread Help! plz Data 0mb after phone updated, TWRP is working, data recovery with Dm-0?

    Hi My Poco F2 pro, rooted and encrypted (sadly) decided to auto update, when it flashed in twrp, after reboot I couldnt even mount Data, so I tried to change the file system, but still 0mb, tried try decryp with no luck I reseach about it, and found that I could dump the dev/block/dm-xx (I...
  8. Eric-Mod

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Google Account Syncing not working using Mobile Data

    Hey folks, just got my X60 Pro+ from china. This is a really nice device, really like it so far. But I'm having trouble when setting up my Google Account, I can't seem to sync them using mobile data. Turning my WiFi on, it syncs my EMails automatically and so on. I really searched the entire...
  9. B

    Thread Maxell Maxtab tablet wipe data problem

    Hi! Help me please, beause i can't unlock my tablet. I forgot the password, but it's the smallest problem. I go to "Android system recovery<3e>" mode, but in there i can't choose the "wipe data/factory reset" option because the tablet don't have volume button, just a power and a home button. I...
  10. W

    Thread Help! My S8 stuck on "Samsung Galaxy S8" logo and bootlooping

    Hello everyone, Good day for you all I have Galaxy S8 SM-G950FD it run on a stock ROM and I love this phone, yesterday I was using WhatsApp until a company sent me a message asking when is the best time for me to attend their job interview. Suddenly the screen phone broke, it went restart and...
  11. Brickstin

    Thread Black, broken screen! Plz Help

    I am in desperate need please: I have a XT1625 I dropped my phone and the Circuit for the display got ruined, I tried another scree - no dice.. DEbugging is enabled by default, but Im pretty sure the Bootloader is locked.. I cannot see the screen.. I have been trying to figure out a way to...
  12. C

    Thread S20 Ultra exynos stock OS stuck in boot loop. Data recovery?

    Hi Guys, As the title says my S20 Ultra has managed to get itself stuck in a boot loop as of last night. I can boot into recovery mode, download mode and safe mode. When booted into safe mode it will stay on the home screen fine. However if i try to unlock the phone to use it, it crashes and...
  13. T

    Thread Gboard will not delete certain learned words and names

    I type in Arabic (phonetically though) and have certain phrases and names that I tried to delete by: 1- Deleting all learned words in advanced settings 2- Deleting app cache and data 3- Uninstalling the app The only way to get rid of them is by manually removing them and deleting them...
  14. C

    Thread OnePlus5 Data Recovery

    Hi, I'm stuck in a boot loop of my OnePlus 5 (A5000, product name msm8998 - msm UFS) with stock rom. Also stock recovery and bootloader locked, secure boot: yes Already tried: - Button combos (Volume up/down while starting, forced restart (vol up+power)) - In Stock Recovery Mode i can...
  15. A

    Thread Wait until your device is fully rebooted before opening apps [REWARDED]

    Hello friends! I need a lot help. If I fail to repair the operating system and work as before, I am impetuously interested in recovering at least the data on the /sdcard (internal phone storage) because I HAVE NO BACKUP and I need that data lke the air. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (Ginkgo)...
  16. F

    Thread wiping data partition makes internal storage un-decrytable to twrp recovery

    hello, As I face some issues with my rom thought to do a fresh start by resetting the data partition via orange fox recovery which bases on twrp and try to flash another rom. but once I wiped the data partition recovery could not decrypt the internal storage data on the next boot. honestly...
  17. M

    Thread LTE Carrier Aggregation Limitation on FE

    Has anyone had issues with carrier aggregation on the fe? I have a Verizon UW version and after using it now, I have noticed that signal check app and the debug info menu never show 4 carrier aggregation, I only get 3 carrier aggregate and if I take my sim out and put it in a note 20, I...
  18. Fdraco10

    Thread Encrypt Data Pocophone F1

    Anyone can Help me, I have install TWRP on my pocophone. For mistake I don´t flash DFE and now when I decide boot on recovery, have the surprise that recovery say Encript Data, How can I resolve this? Need help!!:crying::crying::crying::crying:
  19. alebcay

    Thread Phone loses mobile data after a few hours

    So this is something I've noticed happening on my Moto G5S Plus for a few months now. I was using Pixel Experience 10 without any issues up until mid-March, when I started seeing this issue. I would have perfectly good LTE and other mobile data when starting the phone, and usually I keep it on...
  20. fruity101079

    Thread network + wifi issues and random reboot

    Hello My wife's phone has some serious issues that make the phone unusable. For no reason apparently, suddenly the phone is losing network, wifi and 4g, it's losing it after some minutes of use. And sometimes it randomly reboots.the same, we do nothing and it crashes. Really strange. so I tried...
  21. Mighty

    Thread Phone totally dead after shutdown

    I recently flashed evolution x on my phone, and then after using it normally it shut down, now when i try to switch it on it dosent and i get a black screen and ALL MY DATA IS GONE. I went into redowolf recovery only to see that all the data is gone which might be the problem because of which it...
  22. cdysthe

    Thread No LTE data with a new Motorola G Power on Sprint MVNO

    Hi, I just ust got a Motorola G Power (from Amazon) to be used on a Sprint MVNO.. I have four other lines with this MVNO, all Motorola phones working well. But the Motorols G Power will register but I'm not getting LTE since the APN's are locked on this phone and you can not add new ones. You...
  23. P

    Thread Wifi and Mobil data not working, just Bluetooth, how to fix?

    Wifi and Mobil data not working, just Bluetooth, how to fix?
  24. ptit developer

    Thread [Help] Be able to install OTA with loosing Root and Data

    Hi, I have a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Global with : - Bootloader unlocked - TWRP v3.3.1-0 (lastest) - Magisk Manager v7.5.1 (lastest) - Magisk v20.4 (lastest) So I am rooted and want to keep it (with my data). ^^ Problem: I am still on MIUI v10.3.3.0 and can't install OTA because it makes me reboot...
  25. GoJo ^^

    Thread Can't decrypt DATA after flashing lineage..?! HELP

    Hi there, so i just made a backup of RealmeUI, wiped cache/data/system & flashed Lineage 16. Not only it didn't want to boot system after reboot but now when i get into TWRP, i'm not prompted for my pattern, i land directly on main page and data is all encrypted : Not sure what went wrong...
  26. DeMozz

    Thread Data lost every 5 minutes since April update

    Hello guys, I'm facing a big issue, since the April Update, my pixel lost the data every 5 minutes. (i have a [X] mark on the LTE icon). All i need to do is to toggle airplane mode on/off for get my data back for around 5 min. Did you guys know how to fix that ?
  27. G

    Thread REQ: Unshrink data partition

    Hello! Not sure if this has happened, but I think my data partition has shrunk. My device (s10e) used to show 107 GB, now it shows ~ 15.7 GB. Is there a way to un-shrink data partition and restore it? I have TWRP at the moment. Was about to install LOS17.1 but stopped. Reason: I did the stupid...
  28. O

    Thread mobile data not working

    Hi all, I did an update to MIUI 11.0.4 this morning and once completed noticed mobile data is no longer working. I re-ran an update over the top for 11.0.4 and this made no difference, tried turning off and on, aeroplane mode on/off etc no difference. Sim tried in another phone and its fine...
  29. E

    Thread EDI-AL10 Data Problem

    I have quite an unusual problem with my Huawei Honor Note 8 EDI-AL10. On the Surface it boots up OK, functions OK and you would not know there are any issues. The Bootloader is unlocked via DC-Unlocker code (confirmed by software) and the phone is rooted (confirmed). I have TWRP installed via...
  30. N

    Thread How to Recover Files After MSM?

    Hi all, I bricked my OP6T with a ROM update and had to run the MSM tool. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost all my photos. However, I have imaged the partition using the below shell commands and plan on using a recovery tool to get the images back. However, will the data be encrypted? Is there...
  31. 1

    Thread Recover data

    I was copying files into my pc, and i pressed delete for the selection but it deleted the whol folder (camera) is there a way i can recover the data? Any specific guaranteed software? And my phone is not rooted
  32. T

    Thread Need help migrating data from google pixel OG to note 10 plus

    I had the original Google Pixel XL running Android 10. I upgraded a few days ago to a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + because the battery on the Pixel was dying. I was going to fix it myself but a lot of posts I read regarding replacing the battery I saw people mentioning how it took them around 3...
  33. B

    Thread Help why do videos keep freezing/buffering

    Right this has been the only thing that has bugged me with the mate 20 pro the phone constantly buffers/freezes when trying to watch vids either via twitter or youtube. I've a fibre connection 38mbps is it huawei's app settings which are causing it? It's def a WiFi problem as the vids play...
  34. Xadus

    Thread Data Issue in Custom ROMs

    Hi all, I tried almost all pie and 10 ROMs for 5Z and they all work great. However, in all my flashing endeavors, I had data issues in some ROMs; like the data won't work at all, even after setting up the correct APN (RIL works perfectly fine). Interestingly this bug (don't know what to call...
  35. D

    Thread HELP! Recover Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Data

    The phone suffered water damage and it's all green, I believe the digitizer is now broken for the whole 80% of the bottom screen or so because I can't enter a password or anything. I can pull down the quick menu and turn on the light, but after swiping from the middle of the screen to top then...
  36. iPollesion

    Thread Any ROM without Telemetry/Background Network Connectivity?

    Hi folks, I've been offline for a while from the forums - does anyone know if there is a ROM which basically doesn't have anything on it with telemetry or background network traffic for Google services or anything else, obviously other than the phone calls or texts. Anyone have good...
  37. X

    Thread (Guide) Get TWRP Working with Data Access on Stock [UPDATED]

    Thanks to seadersn and SGCMarkus, Markus's new TWRP makes things extremely simple now. What you need: SGCMarkus's TWRP fstab.judypn with forceencrypt set to encryptable. magisk and the .magisk file Instructions: 1. Follow the instructions to boot and install TWRP on SGCMarkus's TWRP thread...
  38. katbastard

    Thread Grandfathered unlimited data/text only sim in newer phone? Tmobile

    Ok so I have a great grandfathered 25 bucks a month sum card that came with a tablet from t-mobile. It's one of the unlimited up to 50gb then might throttle durning peak hours. I have been using it in a prepaid unlocked us cellular note 5 and get 3.2 download and 5 upload. But if I have a...
  39. A

    Thread Retrieving data from locked device

    My brother passed recently. I am in possession of his s9+ and want to either remove the lock screen PIN (preferable) or just retrieve the pictures (if all else fails). This is very important to me. It is a Verizon phone.
  40. jvs60

    Thread Issue with data while using Poweramp

    Whenever I use Poweramp to play music data seems to stop working. Mobile and wifi doesn't work until I reboot. This is a weird issue that i never had with any previous device, and I've been using poweramp for years with numerous devices. That's why i think the phone is the issue, not the app...
  41. AeiT

    Thread App and data recovery trough download mode

    Ok I decided to post here as its general section. The problem is with my Galaxy S9+ that failed OTA Pie update whole topic is here https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s9-plus/help/brick-one-ui-update-causes-brick-t3938799#post79716487 Im on stock firmware, non-rooted. The phone is currently...
  42. TopCoolAndroidApp

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] File Manager: Device Memory System Data Explorer

    File Manager Device Memory System Data Explorer to search, find, create, move, cut, copy, paste, delete, cleanup, erase, remove, rename, move all Android device data files in file system
  43. R

    Thread Mobile data never really turns off but shows disabled.

    I'm having this issue where once I boot into Android and I disabled mobile data and use WiFi, everything will work as intended. If at some point I enable mobile data and wait a few minutes I can disable WiFi and mobile data yet a data connection is still available. Icons show up as being...
  44. K

    Thread Help! Device data is damaged.

    Hey. Recently uploaded by miflash the latest global dev (previously had aex and pe) and after restarting it appears several times the message "the device's data warehouse is damaged, the device is not secure". Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  45. Chouiyekh

    Thread problem with pixel 2 file transfer

    hello friends, my pixel 2 won't connect with my computer (windows10) to transfer files, it only appears to be charging, there is no USB Preferences on status bar to change between file transfer, usb tethering or MIDI ... ect ! i tried a trick on developer options to change the "default USB...
  46. Mysterio33

    Thread Can't share Data from Android device using bluetooth tethering

    Hi folks, I've got my Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (Global Version) two weeks ago, and I'm very happy with it. There is only one problem: I can't share my Data Connection via Bluetooth! .. Neither with my car and its bluetooth speakerphone, nor with my Smartwatch, I can't get managed to share the...
  47. E

    Thread Huawei Health sync account problem

    Hello, I bought a p30 pro, but huawei health didn't login and download previous data and profile, I come from a p10. I cannot find anyway to login into the health app with my huawei account, other huawei apps are correctly logged in to my account. My partner with exactly same upgrade didn't...
  48. D

    Thread Internet only available through samsung browser?

    Hello everyone i had something strange happen to me yesterday. out of the blue, i came to my s8 (G950F) saying internet is not available on my home wifi. i suspected that it's my networks's problem but it was not. everyone in my house had internet on his/her phone w/o a problem. the strange...
  49. X

    Thread [INFO REQUEST] Mobile Data dialogue pop-up

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here in a long time, but my friend is in trouble! I'm usually the tech expert, as I've rooted many phones in the past, so he came to me for a solution on an annoying pop-up. However, I couldn't find one anywhere! So now I'm posting a bounty here for any and all...
  50. L

    Thread SIM & Network Solution | Alternatively Downgrading

    This guide was originally written by chief_os from 4PDA.ru on how to roll back to Oreo, but my network issues wasn't caused by downgrading and still this helped me out so big thanks to the guy from the beautiful Lviv. I alter this guide a bit, according to what I've done to get my network to...