1. FakeShell

    Thread [ROM][LINUX][LAVENDER] Droidian Bookworm

    Droidian is a GNU/Linux distribution based on top of Mobian, a Debian-based distribution for mobile devices. The goal of Droidian is to be able to run Mobian on Android phones. This is accomplished by using well-known technologies such as libhybris and Halium. Requirements Android 9 firmware...
  2. Rohaaq

    Thread Running Debian (natively) on Android TV Box (Jadoo 4)

    (I apologize if this is in the wrong forum - I wasn't sure where exactly this should go) Hey, so I'm looking to natively run Debian for ARM on the Jadoo 4 android TV Box. From some googling, it seems that if I want to do something like that, I need to find an OS image that's optimized for the...
  3. baba_yeaga

    Thread linux os in victus

  4. D

    Thread [LINUX] Debian/Ubuntu for ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C(X))

    Hello, I not familiar with Arch, so I will try Debian or Ubuntu in the MeMO Pad. I have setup Ubuntu 21.04 in another computer on the SD card and put it in the tab. I have put the vmlinuz and initrd.img on the adp partition. With the config file ubuntu.conf in /esp/loader/entries (on the esp...
  5. khalid2220014

    Thread The easiest way to run the Debian system on your Android phone ( without root or vnc )

    here is the way to run Debian on your Android phone without need to VNC or Terminal code 1-Go to play store and download Debian no root****ubuntu&hl=en&gl=US 2-then open the app and waiting to finish installing 3-then congrats your Debian is...
  6. Archtects

    Thread GNURoot Debian Terminal View Android Files?

    I've been digging around on the Linux terminal for a bit. Using vim is tricky but actually quite usable with some awesome plugins. Like it :D regardless, I been trying to find where the Android system files are. I.e data/misc/wifi Has anyone managed to find the actual Android home root? Or is it...
  7. A

    Thread Install dual boot with native Linux

    It's possible to have native Linux with a grub like menu to choose to boot Android or Linux in Zenfone? I've tested Linux Deploy with VNC and framebuffer, but i would prefer native linux with touch capabilities, it's important for developing some software.
  8. A

    Thread Best way to install dual boot with native Linux

    I've tested Linux Deploy with VNC, but i would prefer native linux with touch capabilities (i really don't care about multitouch), what is the best way to do it? Like a grub menu when i boot to choose Android or Linux (Debian/Ubuntu). The model is the p8 lite 2017. I'm thinking on buying a Asus...
  9. L

    Thread [Dev] Porting maru os to Sony Xperia ZR?

    Dear developers, first of all I would like to thank you all for your great work and keeping our Sony Xperia ZR alive. A few weeks ago I came across the terrific project maru os. So far it only exist for a few devices but it looks very promising. It literally turns the phone into a desktop PC...
  10. S

    Thread Linux on S8

    Did anybody try to run Debian noroot****ubuntu or some other way how to run desctop linux with gui, or full windows on S8/S8+? It could be powerful alternative to DEX
  11. K

    Thread [GUIDE] how to install Linux for newbs

    Hi all-- As the posting suggests I am going to write a tutorial on how to install Linux on your OPO I scoured the internet and (albeit my scouring sucks) could find very little in regards to installing Linux on the OPO (though multirom may have support for it some day, it currently does not)...
  12. M

    Thread Chroot. Running Debian 7.8 on Chromecast

    How to install chrooted Debian 7.8 on a Chromecast (Debcast?) English are not my native language but I will try answer any questions Step 1 – 5 was made on a Debian 7.8 computer (raspbian) Step 6 – 12 was made in Chromecast shell 1. Install debootstrap su apt-get install debootstrap 2...
  13. P

    Thread [Q] Native Linux on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

    Is there a possibility to run native Linux (for example Debian) on rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4? It comes with bluetooth keyboard so it's ideal for Linux.
  14. C

    Thread [GUIDE] [POGOPLUG] $20 Cheaper than Pi NAS

    Problem: I wanted a NAS server (with data redundancy) at my house without having to run a whole PC. I bought a Pogoplug Series 4 (<$20 on, set it up, and moved everything. In the process, I found that the pogoplug (with its default firmware) did not play well with moving my pictures...
  15. C

    Thread [DEV/WIP] Kexecboot Bootloader for Galaxy Note 3 N900T - Boot Multiple Kernels

    This is a development thread at the moment. I'm going to start working on porting the kexec-hardboot patches to the N900T (actually CyanogenMod hlte) kernel. With the kexec-hardboot patch applied, the kernel will be able to act as a second stage bootloader and boot other kernels. Combined...
  16. M

    Thread [Q] [HELP] Running Debian on top and Android chrooted

    Hello! I'm trying to run debian on P500, but not chrooted below android. I want the reverse. I followed this guide strictly: Everything went well, no apparent errors. The only trouble is: the system doesn't boot :) I can't explain why. I'll write...
  17. C

    Thread DebiAndroid [WIP] - Debian native/chroot for datamedia Android installations

    Debian for the HP TouchPad Downloads: todo: add pics and binary links, for now there's!xZ81iKoK!Xio5bV9yjBRPTIzjLhCX3A Source: Kernel Builder: I put together this kernel builder repository that contains the...
  18. Hazem442

    Thread [Q] Linux on galaxy y duos s6102

    Hello guys I was wondering Can we use Linux on our galaxy y duos ? If yes what Linux can I install Debian I heared it supports our armv6 Or Kali , Ubuntu, backtrack, .... Which Linux version can I have on my galaxy y duos Thanks all
  19. A

    Thread Running Linux and want a subdomain?

    I created the domain and I am looking to share it with others who are interested in a project of turning Android devices into a Linux "server". See the link below, for example. If anyone wants a subdomain, there is no charge, I would just like to share. Mods, if there is a better...
  20. T

    Thread [Linux] [IMG] [Dev] [WIP] Debian Unstable for Rootbind [TF101 / TF101G(?)]

    Updated 2014-05-11! Well, well, what do we have here? This is a full Debian Unstable installation with the relatively new MATE Desktop Environment, which has finally made it's way to the Debian Unstable. MATE is essentially a continuation of the Gnome 2 desktop, and...
  21. aikeru

    Thread Debian Kit ash error

    Hey, I am trying to get debian kit working on my Samsung Galaxy S4 that is rooted and running stock. It gives 'OK' for all the MD5 sum checks and then spits out this error: ash: id: Permission denied Any ideas or can someone please point me in the right direction? EDIT: Seems to have...
  22. Mysticales

    Thread [Q] Will we have Play Store access? Also Debian install maybe?

    2 questions I have been wondering about since they claim its fully open, hackable etc. 1: Ever since Android came out with the G1, we had the ability to run Debian. Now I would wonder if we could somehow get the Ouya to also run some sorta distro. I mean imagine if we gain Raspberry Pi +...
  23. R

    Thread SSHFS on Android - Extend Android features with Debian KIT

    HI, I would like to share the way how I mounted my NAS folders with SSHFS based on Debian KIT. SSH-FS is ssh based mountable file system. If you have SSH account you can mount and access that server like a windows share. Forewords: Debian KIT is free! and it is _NOT_ yet another chroot...
  24. M

    Thread [Q] Debian Squeeze vs Windows 8

    I know a few people have made threads like this before, but those were all before Windows 8 was released in its final version. Now that Windows 8 has been out for a while, how do you think it compares to Debian? The gestures and apps are cool ideas, but I don't think they were implemented as...
  25. A

    Thread [APP] Linux Deploy

    Smooth debian linux with and without GUI. I am not linked in any way to this App or its developer. But I have been searching for an out of the box linux that works on the SGS3. Out of the several I tried this was the only functioning one, called Linux Deploy (playstore link here). Its...
  26. R

    Thread [ Tutorial ] How to Install Debian Linux on Your Samsung Galaxy Fit

    This is a Tutorial to install Ubuntu/Debian in any Android mobile. * Installing Ubuntu or Debian Linux does not format your Android OS or change anything to your phone. The Operating Systems run over the underlying Android OS which continues to function as normal :) Choosing your Linux OS...
  27. M

    Thread [DEV]Chroot-Linux on Xperia Devices Locked/Unlocked Bootloaders(Debian,Ubuntu,BT5up)

    Hi, I have just bought a new Xperia Pro and Here is My first Contribution.Hope you guys like it. I have tested it personally on the Unoffical MIUI port for PRO.But it should work on other Kernels and Xperia Devices as well. I am posting a few Screens for you guys and as you can see lxde is...
  28. Ekril

    Thread Odin Alternative for GNU/Linux (cross platform) "Heimdall"

    I am using Linux Mint and i would love to try some stock roms. so i searched for an alternative and found Heimdall. I haven't used it yet cause i didn't understand the system. I see that there are some ops files used with roms. but in Heimdall ui i haven't seen any place to use it. maybe...
  29. MoltenMotherBoard

    Thread [ROM] CyanogenMod 10 | MoltenMotherBoard

    FEEL FREE TO DONATE US FOR ALL WE'RE DOING FOR YOU! For general discussions, bug reports and FAQ, write HERE! Credits: Jellaxy Team (in particular erikcas for CM10 / JB sources) MoltenMotherBoard team! Downloads: MoltenMotherBoard mirror | Code.Google Full sources: MoltenMotherBoard...
  30. fotak-x

    Thread [Guide] How to run Linux Debian on Xperia X8

    This is full tutorial how to run Linux debian CREDITS to zacthespack And DEBIAN INSTALLER APP, ON PLAY STORE Requirements: Rooted Xperia X8 Eclair + Stock Kernel working just like custom...
  31. banes

    Thread [Q] New Poll: What is your favorite WebTop OS?

    With all the price drops in LapDocks, it seems there will be a lot of people trying out the three different WebDocks that are available to Flash. So for those of you have tried the various WebTops, for speed, functionality, and reliability, what is your favorite OS and why? Full Linux (Debian)...
  32. M

    Thread Using Debian binaries instead of busybox (Yes you can!)

    Yes, it is possible to use Debian (or any other ARM based distribution) binaries instead of busybox. These devices have plenty of horsepower, and a fair amount of space on them. There should be enough room to get proper versions of command line apps baked in :) NOTE: This is a PROOF OF CONCEPT...
  33. shaola

    Thread [Q&A] How to build/modify your own linux image for eMMC install Debian sample inside

    [Q&A] How to build/modify your own linux image for eMMC install Debian sample inside This thread is for help and support with all linux distributions instalable in eeepad asus transformer. I will explain how to build your own image file or modify existing one in order to use lilstive OLife...
  34. L

    Thread Wishnu: Debian on android one-click launcher and more (now with TV!)

    *YO! New version can connect to a TV via HDMI. If you have a USB-host, you can also connect a keyboard and a mouse!* Hi. I want to introduce you Wishnu. The essence of our project is the launch of computer OS Linux Debian inside an Android mobile device. Then this device connects to a computer...
  35. S

    Thread Linux Working on Android

    (I'm reposting this under a different title so web searches will bring it up) I can get Ubuntu 11.04, 11.10 & Debian 6 to mount repeatedly in all sorts of ui updatable configurations using this information: It's a friggin Christmas...
  36. I

    Thread [Q] [WebTop]Install Debian disk on locked Atrix

    Hi folks. I'm trying to install the full debian disk for WebTop on my locked, (obviously) stock GB 2.3.4 rooted Orange UK Atrix. Instructions say rooted is enough, but to install easy-*.zip on Rom Manager you need to boot on recovery, and CWM recovery won't boot on locked (boot error 2). Is...
  37. J

    Thread Ubuntu On Mytouch 4g

    this is interesting to have ubuntu in ours MT4G imagine how many apps can we run in ubuntu usin ours MT4G. Sources:
  38. discourse

    Thread Dual Boot/Chroot Galaxy Note

    This thread will be for discussing getting Ubuntu/Debian/Xubuntu either in chroot or dual boot on the Galaxy Note. The excellent stylus support should make it much easier to use instead of fingers. I don't have my hands on one yet but those who do can try it out and report back ;)
  39. S

    Thread mobile view on webtop

    ok as you are aware motorola have a closed source app called mobile view, My aim is to reverse engineer it to see if we can port it to other distros i.e like gentop / debian. PROGRESS: i have already somewhat worked out and have (with errors) a fully working debian wheezy running with some...
  40. I

    Thread [Q] Debian initial installation

    Hello! I have a Linux Ubuntu on my home PC. I want to install Debian ARM on my FlyTouch 3 device but not on the Android, on a blank device. I searched for instructions, but I found only the 'Installing Debian on device with Android'. Please, help me with this. Is it real? The mounted Debian...
  41. A

    Thread [Q] Software on ubuntu Defy

    I installed Ubuntu in my Defy But how can I install software in it???
  42. M

    Thread [DEV]Various Linux Distros for chroot**Update:BT5 up**

    Hi, After a long time we finally have a working chroot for debian on our Optimus 2x. it took me longer than expected to get it to work.Hope you guys like it. I have tested it personally on Cm7-R.C1 and on the FR17 Rom.but there is no reason why it should not work on other Kernels as well. I am...
  43. L

    Thread Got My Xoom running Debain native (without chroot)

    Hey all, I've installed Debian on my Xoom with the help of a few kernel patches applied to the Tiamat Sources and thought I'd share. I can't post in the development section because I don't have enough posts. (Admin edit: Now in Development!) lKLLZaEeGEk I've got a full writeup of the...
  44. D

    Thread [Q] Synergy in Debian WebTop Environment

    Has anyone gotten Synergy to work on SystemR89's Debian WebTopMod? I have managed to install using apt-get, but i do not know the proper command to launch Synergy.
  45. JeffHoogland

    Thread Dual Booting the Transformer Pad with Other Linux

    Anyone out there gotten an actual Linux distro (aside from Android) running on one of these yet? I'm thinking of picking one up if I know I can get debian running on it for development purposes. I found a few threads here:
  46. T

    Thread [Q] ext2.ko & unionfs.ko please?

    i'm looking for an ext2.ko and a unionfs.ko file that is specifically for Android 2.2/2.3 i'm trying to set up Debian on my G2 using the following tutorial: However, they require two files that are for extremely dated firmwares for the Grandfather of all Android...
  47. T

    Thread [Guide] How to get Karmic Koala on your HTC Vision

    So, for all of you guys down here that are Debian junkies, then you're gonna love this. I managed to get Ubuntu Karmic Koala on my G2 after a bit of messing around with adb. This is my first tutorial on xda-developers, so please tell me how I'm doing. Remember to hit the Thanks button at the...
  48. T

    Thread [Q] Ubuntu on my G2?

    Before I begin, let me explain. I checked links in the sticky in the Dev thread, but the links are all broken, and multiple issues have been reported. When I still had my G1, I made it the ultimate nerd machine. I was able to get Debian on it, including AndroidVNC and LXDE, all thanks to...
  49. D

    Thread NATIVE Debian (Linux) on the Droid!

    I got myself a Motorola Droid and I've been playing with the kernel quite a bit - it didn't take long to get Debian to boot from the SD card! Necessary kernel modifications: CONFIG_CMDLINE_FORCE=y Motorola must have stealthily removed this from the kernel :P To re-enable it, add an #ifdef in...
  50. R

    Thread How to Run(Chroot) Linux(Ubuntu/Debian,etc.) in your Milestone 2

    Chrooting Linux on Android is a very popular topic, and you can find many tutorials online. I am not going to post a detailed how to here.. but, I will explain the generalized steps for the process! If anyone have any questions or need help, feel free to ask! Get Root Access on your phone...