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  1. M

    Thread Privacy Cookbook Chapter 20 Samsung Tab S4

    Hi everyone, I debloated my Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 using this guide right after a fresh install of Android 10. Unfortunately, I cannot find the APN settings anymore. Could anyone help me out which package I need to reactivate to find these settings again? Thank you.
  2. RMX3370

    Thread How To Guide Debloat Guide for RUI 2.0 and RUI 3.0 | Free System Resources by removing bloatware using ADB

    WARNING You might loose functionality provided by an app if it is removed . Also neither I nor XDA will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to your device . Overview A safer approach to remove resource hogging bloatwares preinstalled by our dear Realme , all removed apps can...
  3. 1

    Thread Does A Validated Debloat List Exist

    Hi All, I have gone through 4 factory resets already because I keep messing up on what Samsung apps I need to leave alone, disable or uninstall in an effort to debloat my Note20 of all the bloatware Samsung installs. Long story short, has anybody in this forum posted a validated debloat list...
  4. Cyber.Cat

    Thread [TOOL] ADB AppControl 1.8.0 🚀 Ultimate App Manager & Debloat Tool + Tweaks

    ADB AppControl 🚀 Root is not required. Works with any Android device. Can do almost everything you dreamed about with applications. ADB AppControl - the desktop program, that will allow you to easily manage applications on your android device. You can disable unwanted pre-installed system apps...
  5. RedSkull23

    Thread [TWRP]extractTarFork() process ended with ERROR: 255

    Hi, 2 days ago with the help of App Inspector and MiXplorer i was debloating my phone from all those useless apps like Huawei ID, HiCare, Swiftkey, ecc. and while I was doing it i took the chance to remove some other service packages that I'm sure I'd never used in future, like Geofence, Mapcon...
  6. famewolf

    Thread Want to disable your bloatware even without root?

    Check out the XDA utility Debloater which allows you to disable apps even without root: Good for folks trying to keep their phone close to stock but still want to free up resources.